Part Two






*Word Power Dictionary (Copyright Readers Digest Association, 2001) Vignette: a brief, evocative description, account or episode.


There have been many experiences and awarenesses over the years that do not necessarily fit the narrative in any either chronological or other sequential manner in Part One yet do augment and complement it. They are offered here to provide further insight into and understanding of the Universal, Loving, Creative Intelligent Force called Life, Love, God, Papa — or whatever resonates for you — and the process of our emerging remembrance of the truth of our eternal, spiritual reality. May these vignettes be beneficial in assisting our restoration to Oneness in the Creator for all Eternity — our true and only Home, which we know as Heaven.

There are twenty-seven Vignettes, as follows:



1.    “Stand in the Holy Place; stand in the Lowly Place”

2.    Hal/Sitting Bull

3.    Buffalo Bill

4.    First Encounter with the Holy Spirit

5.    The Free Gift of Forgiveness

6.    Goddess Theresa

7.    Broken ankle at Crickley

8.    Seeds of Redemption; Charles

9.    Fleas; don’t give up!

10.   An Open Letter

11.   The Crucifixion: “I did it to get your attention”

12.  The False Doctrine of Sacrifice as the Path to Salvation 

13.  A Mass Rescue and Healing

14.  “There is no light of discernment

15.  Animals and eternity

16.  Peter: “I came to clear the way for her”

17.  Religious Mythology

18.  The Not-so-Distant Shore

19.  Ted’s passing, rescue and going forward

20.  From breaking rocks to breaking bread

21.  Laser: amplifying the Light for the Kingdom

22.  Jim, ship’s doctor

23.  Exorcising possessing spirits

24.  Religious misperceptions of Duty

25.  The Gathering of the Clans

26.  Tyndale the Translator

27.  Jesus in bedrock hell fastening the escape ladder to the floor





1.    “Stand in the Holy Place; stand in the Lowly Place”


In the early hours one night in October 1997 I had awareness of Papa; how beneficial it is to our spiritual growth to focus, focus, focus on Him, honour Him, love Him, give thanks to Him, rejoice in Him, TRUST Him, immerse ourselves in, give ourselves to, Him, allow this focus to be the Light. Or rather, be aware that this activity amplifies the Light which fills us, stimulates the radiance within us until we cannot contain it any more and it bursts forth in/as a mighty laser beam upon the world (of un-God-aware humanity) around us. This brings blessing, transformation, God Power to make new, whether by uplifting or disintegrating and re-creating (as in the metamorphosis of caterpillar into butterfly).

Papa spoke in the midst of all this: Stand in the Holy Place. Then I was suddenly aware of myself, as it were, in the form of a lowly invertebrate, like an inchworm, down on the ground, crawling across the debris of a woodland floor, in the darkness of the night, but illuminated by a full moon. As I wondered why I was experiencing this, Papa spoke again: I AM in this (and all such lowly creatures). Do thou stand in the Lowly Place.

This was the end of the experience, but while the first admonition had no meaning for me on its own (other than the obvious), when both statements are considered in relation to each other, the implications were exponentially greater.

The fact that this scene was at night symbolises spiritual darkness, or absence of the light of spiritual discernment for humanity in the time and place consciousness. The inchworm symbolises the low level of existence to which the Son of God is subjecting himself in his self-inflicted game of seeming separation from his Father. And the moonlight symbolises the psychic consciousness, as distinct from spiritual awareness and knowledge, which always, without the fire of spirit to empower, uplift and direct it toward the Light of Eternal Truth, follows the path of least resistance, and sinks lower and lower, or further and further from the Light.

Nevertheless, the perfect Love of Papa is boundless, and reaches down to us in the lowly place, irrespective of whether we have conscious awareness of it, and however low we allow ourself to fall.

For many years I had been trying to reconcile in my mind that on the one hand we are taught to perceive God, the Most High, as pure, unsullied by anything ‘unclean’; to wear our best suit to church; to avoid the things one did not discuss in ‘polite company’, whilst on the other hand, that nature (which from the dawn of human consciousness has been seen as God in diversity) includes slugs, excrement, bacteria, malaria-carrying mosquitoes, thistles, vultures, stinging nettles, rattlesnakes, animals eating each other alive, parasites, famines, and untold other aspects that are not the ‘Sunday best’ face of God. If God is Life, and that Life is everywhere, indeed, in everything, He must be in the Life that is in all the ‘unsavoury’ parts also, even when there is no awareness of His Presence.


by being disdainful (or fearful) of what we perceive as ‘the Lowly Place’ we make ourselves lowly (spiritually) and by willingness to stand in the Lowly Place, in spiritual humility (as Jesus did),  immediately restores us to holiness.


What I immediately realised Papa was telling me by this message is that He is the All-Knowingness in all these things; that it is the All-Knowingness in all these things that is Holy, and that standing in the lowly place in perfect, unconditional love, blessing, acceptance, joy, thanksgiving — all the characteristics that we can readily identify as being Godly — is the humility that is an indivisible aspect of the Holy One, and that transforms a lowly place into a Holy Place. This experience was reminding me that by being disdainful (or fearful) of what we perceive as the lowly place we make ourselves lowly (spiritually). Conversely, our willingness to stand in the lowly place, in spiritual humility (as Jesus did) immediately restores us to holiness. Jesus demonstrated this by words and actions:

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. (Mt. 11:29)

When thou art bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest a more honourable man than thou be bidden of him; And he that bade thee and him come and say to thee, Give this man place; and thou begin with shame to take the lowest room. But when thou art bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room; that when he that bade thee cometh, he may say unto thee, Friend, go up higher: then shalt thou have worship (i.e. honour, respect) in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee. For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. (Lk. 14:8-11).

He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel, and girded himself. After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet? Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. (Jn. 13:4-8).








2.    Hal/Sitting Bull


In a 1990 Communion, as I held the bread aloft during the consecration, Steve said he could see it shining as bright as a magnesium flare and that he had become aware of a group of Native American chieftains, sitting in a tepee around a fire. At the same moment that Steve had seen the shining bread, so had it equally attracted their attention. Steve realised that one of these was Sitting Bull, who was deeply bewildered by this sudden awareness. We explained to him and his friends what was happening, that there was nothing to fear and that he was welcome to join us if he desired.

Clearly, he did desire and we have had many encounters with him over the years. In one such, Steve and I were having a pub lunch after he had helped me clear out our old offices when we moved the business back to the house. As Steve and I sat in the pub enjoying the convivial atmosphere and I lit a post-prandial cigar, Sitting Bull suddenly stuck his head over a room-divider screen right beside us and, beaming genially said, ‘I will smoke the pipe of peace with you!.




In November 1996 I was brought into the presence of Henry VIII. He had been stuck in a time warp for about four hundred and fifty years in Earth timing. He was wandering the wood-panelled corridors at Penshurst Place, still dressed as he did in the 16th century, with a glowering look on his face. He emitted a vibration of sullenness, rather like a petulant schoolboy. I asked him why he was so unhappy. He said he was sick of being surrounded by fawning, toadying sycophants, who he knew did not respect or like him and were afraid of him, when all he really wanted was a true friend, who would speak as he found. He said that his entourage were yes-men but did not do as he really wished.

I told him I was not afraid of him, would speak as I found and would be a true friend if he so wished. He was noticeably surprised at my candour but even so, this did not satisfy him because he was disgruntled that I did not show him all the appropriate courtly respect that he felt he should be accorded as King. Nevertheless, it was obvious that he secretly and begrudgingly was glad to be spoken to in such a forthright manner, which he never got from those around him. He also indicated that he felt trapped in this place. I told him that it was his negative attitude that was actually entrapping him.

Although our discussion had discernibly made an impact upon him, he was not ready to outwardly budge from his obdurate posture and I realised it would be best to leave him to reflect upon our encounter and visit with him again later.

When we met the next time, a few days later, it was clear he was pleased to see me, and his demeanour had lightened significantly. He was still rooted in his earlier opinions of his courtiers and the lack of real freedom and power, to which he felt he was entitled as King. We chatted, and I debated with him the unserviceableness of his attitude. By the end of that meeting he was less rigid than at the beginning in his adopted stance on how life had dealt him a poor hand, but it was nevertheless clear that he was not yet ready to go forward into the Light of spiritual freedom, so I decided to leave him to consider these things in his own time again.

At a third meeting, just before the start of a Communion service, we had a long heart to heart. He was now truly oscillating between wanting to let go of, and being rigidly stuck in, his long-held views, of which he had been so certain he was right, and therefore, why should he change? After all, he was the King (damnit!).

But here was this stranger who actually spoke to him straightthe impudent whelp! — and made a lot of sense, and to whom he was drawn as someone he could trust, and, in spite of himself, he actually could not help liking; and by unequivocal talking was causing him to perceive things in a way that for centuries he had been unable, but more, unwilling, to see. Yet every time he came within a whisker of relenting and giving up his four-hundred-and-fifty-year old charade, he drew back again.

I am the King! he proclaimed. I will be respected and why should I give up my rightful position?

Nevertheless, he accepted me as a true (not sycophantic) friend now, and I told him he is no longer King. He said if he gave up all this he would have nothing; he was fearful at this. I told him that outwardly, Jesus had nothing in this life but he was the only true King of this world. I told him we must be prepared to give up everything, in accord with the Lord’s teaching. I invited him to stay for our service. At that moment I became aware of the Master Jesus and Sir Thomas More being with us, although Hal (as Henry VIII is widely and affectionately known) had no such awareness at that moment. Thomas spoke to Hal through me.

Hal, there is only one true King and that is Jesus of Nazareth. Until you can acknowledge him not just as ‘the Lord’ but Lord of your life, in all sincerity, you cannot go forward.

As the impact of these words sunk in, Hal suddenly became aware of the Master and immediately, spontaneously, fell to his knees and bowed his head in allegiance.

My liege, he said, in deep humility.

The Master, radiating joy, peace and love, stepped forward and reached out his arms to Hal, saying, Arise, Sir Hal. He took the Master’s proffered hands and stood. As he did so his raiment was transformed to a simple white robe, except he still had on his hat.

Hal, I said, you still have on your old hat!

He became aware of it, and pulling it off his head he threw it over his shoulder.

I don’t need that any more! he exclaimed in a loud voice, filled with great joy.

At last he has gone forward and accepted the Lord’s reality, and perhaps even more important, his own true reality.




At a subsequent Communion after the rescue of Hal, he and Sitting Bull encountered each other. They stood face to face, a little less than an arm’s length apart in the middle of the floor, where there was a clearing about the size of a boxing ring, with everyone else seated around them. It was a very dramatic moment. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation.


the issues outstanding between them could not be set at rest, and reconciliation established until the relationship between them was brought back into fair and equitable balance.



They looked deeply into each other’s eyes for several minutes. Both are big men, well over six feet tall, and both, in their different ways, very impressive figures, with a natural nobility emanating from them. During this time, not a word was spoken, but the exchange of information that took place between them, through their eyes, into their minds, was that of centuries of each other’s peoples’ histories, and how European Man, represented here by Hal, had so dreadfully impacted upon the lives of the Native American peoples, represented here by Sitting Bull.

This mind-to-mind exchange of information was like two computers downloading data to each other, and was happening at least at the same rate as today’s high-speed microprocessors work. I could sense, if not actually hear, the exchange taking place. Sitting Bull was imparting to Hal the actual experience of the events that had taken place ― how his people had been so ill-used by European colonists ― and how this situation clearly called for redress. The issues between them could not rest, nor could reconciliation and fair and equitable balance be restored and established in their relationship without full understanding and true forgiveness; for to understand all is to forgive all. Only then could both races move forward together, freely, unencumbered, into the light of the third — fulfilment — measure of meal, the Kingdom Age, now dawning on planet Earth.

For his part, Hal would have had no awareness of the genocide that had taken place west of the Atlantic Ocean — after the end of his incarnation, by colonists from Europe — and this was therefore an update for his record. At the soul level these two men and the peoples they represented are One, as are we all.

Culture, skin colour and any other illusory, outward differences are things to be accepted and honoured rather than feared and attacked. All these things and the implications of them for their respective peoples and what to do about them, to bring about that redress and restore peace, harmony and balance between these two races, so long at odds with each other, were exchanged between them.

There was no enmity, no animosity between these men. They were simply being provided, at last, with an opportunity to come to a place of meeting on equal terms, to exchange information, views and commitments to each other, on behalf of their respective peoples.

After their information exchange was completed, there was a sudden change of mood. Each turned slightly to his left and, still without a single word being spoken, they raised and linked their right hands at eye level, with inner wrists touching, and performed an on-the-spot, rotating ritual dance, eyes interlocked, gaze never breaking. It was a curious dance, with only legs moving, slightly reminiscent of Irish dancing, but with a very different style of leg movement. In Irish dancing only the legs move, from the hips down; in this dance, the only parts of their bodies that moved were their feet, from the ankles, and for much of it they were on their toes, almost like ballet.

It seemed incongruous for two such big, noble-looking, powerful men to be moving so easily in this unusual manner; bodies and heads remained in a fixed position in relation to each other, simply rotating as their feet moved. After several clockwise turns they stopped, switched hands and reversed the dance, anticlockwise. This was done several times. They moved in perfect synchrony even though there was no rehearsal and nothing spoken. I knew this was an act, a symbol of reconciliation between them and their peoples and the sealing of their respective commitment to work together for the establishing of a kingdomly relationship between those they represent.

Truly, we had been witness to as momentous an occasion of healing and restoration of relationships as anyone might be blessed to see. I give thanks that this Communion ritual was the instrument by which it was able to be brought about. What is now the significant issue is how each individual member of these races, incarnate and discarnate, desires, chooses, implements such a state in his own heart, mind, soul and actions toward his fellows of that other race (and indeed, all other races).

At a later encounter with Sitting Bull I said to him, only half joking, I now wish to know you as ‘Standing Bull’, because you have increased in stature by such a quantum leap that I can only envision you as standing, tall and proud. He was greatly appreciative of these words of commendation.







3.    Buffalo Bill


Not long after the experience with Hal and Sitting Bull, one Sunday morning before Communion, as I got into the shower, I suddenly saw William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill). His face was at an angle to me and I could tell he had no awareness of me. It was like a life-size cameo image of his head and shoulders. He was looking away into the distance. I knew who it was immediately because I had been an avid reader of the Buffalo Bill annuals as a boy, and also visited the Buffalo Bill Museum at Boulder, Colorado in 1967. Further, when he had toured the UK with his Wild West Show in 1904 he had given a scouting knife to my grandmother (then nineteen years old), who immigrated to Canada approximately eight years later. I still have that knife today. 

Having recently been considering the awful acts against the Native Americans by European colonists and the role of WF Cody in those events, I blurted out, before thinking about it, How could you have done that? Instantly he was gone, blown away by my indignant outburst. Although he had not seen me, the force of psychic energy directed at him had severed the connection. I believe that if I had thought more carefully and been empathetic, accepting and non-judgemental, a link could have been established that could have created huge opportunities for further progress in the reconciliation process between the Native American and European races.

Nevertheless, with the resourcefulness of the Lord and all the other Beings of Light working with him for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — to which such reconciliation, along with reconciliations between all the other broken relationships that cover planet Earth, will contribute so greatly and so invaluably — other opportunities will, assuredly, abound.








4.   First encounter with the Holy Spirit



By the late 1990s I had been on my journey back to God, with Jesus leading me (how else would I have known the Way!?), for more than thirty years — during this ‘act’, or incarnation —and by now had also started to become consciously aware of Papa’s speaking to me. But so far, the Holy Spirit, to Whom Jesus refers three times in John’s Gospel as the Spirit of Truth and also the Comforter, was still a completely unknown quantity to me.

Yet, Jesus’ speaking of ‘Him’ is highly significant. He said to the disciples at the Last Supper:

I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. (Jn. 14:16,17)

But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me (Jn. 15:26)

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. (Jn. 16:12,13)

These statements could easily be classified as ‘very important’, yet as far as I was aware, the world at large knew nothing of Him, and I certainly was completely unable to get a handle on Him, in spite of having a high level of interest in so doing.

However, it was obvious that He knew of my desire, and He made himself known to me for the first time in a very mundane and unlikely situation, as this entry from Diary of a Christ Communicant records shows:

Late October 1997

Susie (our rescued Lhasa Apso dog) was suffering badly from back trouble, and as I asked Papa’s guidance on whether to take her to the vet I became aware of what seemed to be ‘Spirit Wind’. I had a sense of it swirling round like a spiralling cloud, with a human-type face, radiating peace, joy and love. It was reminiscent of an illustration in a child’s story book of a benign, westerly breeze, blowing in a cloud. There was no sign of physical disturbance — I felt only an absolute stillness and inward tranquillity, serenity, peace; a considerable contrast to the way in which the metaphysical wind appeared to be swirling. I asked what this was and the Voice spoke, from the face in the cloud; it was somehow not Papa or the Master Jesus, yet had Their same authority:

I AM the Spirit of Truth, and after a slight pause, the Holy Breath. The rest of the communication was telepathic (or, Mind-to-mind communing), explaining that the visitation was to bring a message of positive assurance from Papa, in response to my asking, to leave Susie in His loving hands; not to expect an instant fix but to leave it with Him and be constant in faith; not to be concerned if she didn’t eat for a few days.

This experience was, in my heart and the inner discernment of my mind, completely and utterly real, and it gave me a new sensation of awareness, of faith, trust and the ensuing willingness to be obedient to this Inner Awareness.

From that moment, Susie went into the dog’s bed under my desk. She never went there before; it had been our previous dog’s bed and Susie instinctively honoured that and kept out of it, even after Muffy had come to the end of her sojourn with us. Susie stayed in that bed for four days without moving except to do her business, eat (not much) and come into the house with us at the end of each day.

From that time on, her back gave her no further trouble.

I was reminded afterwards of how the disciples first encountered the Comforter, or Holy Spirit, as described in Acts 2:2: suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. I can make no claim to there being a ‘sound as of a mighty, rushing wind’, but for just one person, perhaps my attention was easier to attract, and It, or He, was most certainly from Heaven, and appearing as a rushing wind.

What, then, of His words, ‘the Holy Breath’?

Let us turn to John’s Gospel again, chapter 20, in which it says, on the day of Jesus’ resurrection:

... the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you: And when he had so said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord: Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you: And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:

Assuredly, this record from John’s Gospel affirms the meaning and His Identity in this, my first encounter with Him, the Spirit of Truth. Since then my awakening has progressed to the place of understanding, greatly helped by A Course in Miracles, that the Holy Spirit is our connection with Papa and with our true Being while we are in the illusion of time and place. This is confirmed by His explaining to me that that visitation was to bring a message of positive assurance from Papa, in response to my asking. A Course in Miracles also explains that the Holy Spirit is identical to our true Being, or  Self, dwells within our mind, and is the connection with our true Whole (Holy)  Self, or Christ, Papa’s Son, until we are restored to remembrance of our true Being.

How characteristic of Papa’s Voice to make Himself first known to me in such a mundane, yet close-to-my-heart matter as a wellbeing issue with our beloved, precious Susie.







 5.    The Free Gift of Forgiveness


This event took place during a Communion Service in 1998. The Diary entry for the date describes the event:

Holy Communion September 13, 1998

As I knelt to make my dedication I felt Papa above and around me. He held me in the stillness and said, My son, draw closer to Me. Open yourself to receive My love more. I realised that we have been led to believe that we must spend so much time in service to others that we don’t allow enough focus on receiving Papa’s love and blessing for ourselves, to accept the wholeness that is His eternal free gift to us, and that He longs for us to receive. This erroneous belief is ‘the lie of Satan’.


He was holding a bolt of lightning. It was pure living gold, radiant and bright as the sun. He swooped His hand down with it and placed it in my spine.


At the Kingdom prayer, as I spoke the words to Papa ‘… forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors…’ He jumped in and instantly, emphatically said, I forgive you! He was holding in His right hand what looked like a bolt of lightning, about sixty centimetres (two feet) long. It was jagged, rather reminiscent of stylised illustrations of such. It was pure living gold, radiant and bright as the sun. He swooped His hand down with it and placed it in my spine. I felt the restorative power with which it filled me.

I realised that forgiveness — and the wholeness into which it releases us — is ours because He has given it to us, and He longs for us to receive it. But we cannot receive it until we ‘repent’. Forgiveness is integral with repentance, which simply means turning round and being restored to full, loving, eternally-living relationship with Him. Until we ‘come to ourselves’ and turn around 180 degrees from facing the darkness, and face toward the Light, which is Papa, how can the free gift of forgiveness (and with it the restoration to wholeness and Life) that He constantly proffers be ours until we are willing to gladly receive and accept it unto ourself?

Beloved Papa, truly wholeness, restoration, life itself, is Your gift of the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit, the Holy Breath, the wondrous Comforter. I thank You for Your revelation today, and joyfully open myself, the door of my life, to receive Your love more. Thank You for giving me Your forgiveness. It is, I now know, the real experience, and does transform our lives from within. I feel freed from the burdens of unforgiveness that have been ebbing and flowing around and within me.

My son, rightfully you say that this is My free gift to all who desire, earnestly, to receive it and hold fast in faith, trust, obedience+ and commitment to my Word. It is not possible for you to forgive* others, only to desire to forgive others. By so desiring, I give you the gift of forgiveness and then you truly have forgiveness. It flows out from you, through you. In Truth, it is not yours to give. All things come of Me and are My free gift to all who will receive freely. Thus can these good gifts not be abused or manipulated by distorted desires.

Eternal life is My free gift also to all who desire to receive it. Let your desire be pure in all things, My son. I empowered My beloved Firstborn for forgiveness of ‘sins’ on Earth because it is My gift to give to whomsoever I choose. This was befitting of his status and his mission, so that as many as I gave to him should recognise him as My Anointed Messenger. To you I say, pray for your fellows as many and as often as you are able. So shall the incense rise up to Me as a pleasant aroma and enable the outpouring of My love and wholeness to be received, to enter in whereunto I send it.

Peace be with you; all is well.

+ This means obedience to our own, inner Self, shining the Light of eternal truth into our mind.

* This refers to ‘false forgiveness’. As stated on page 638 in the Text of A Course in Miracles: “It  pardons ‘sinners’ sometimes, but remains aware that they have sinned. And so they do not merit the forgiveness that it gives. This is the false forgiveness which the world employs to keep the sense of sin alive.”

False forgiveness, then, is where the ‘sin’ is acknowledged and then ‘forgiven’. However, the flaw in this misperception is that by acknowledging the sin, we give it reality. This is a ploy of ego mind, which wants us to remain bogged-down in a false world of sin.

This communion was seven years before I came to A Course in Miracles and the above quote about false forgiveness. When Papa says that it is not possible for me to forgive others, only to desire to forgive, but that He had empowered Jesus in this, I interpret this as meaning that all the while the fragmented Sonship perceives sin as real, we are unable, of our limited, persona self, to truly forgive, but when we desire to forgive, we begin on the path back to wakefulness, remembrance of our true Being as His one Son, Christ. Then, like Jesus, we come to realise that there is no actual sin, only a dream of sin, so true forgiveness becomes possible for us because, as Jesus states in A Course in Miracles, page 401 of the Workbook for Students:

Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and (thus) make them real (‘false’ forgiveness). It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven. What is sin, except a false idea about God's Son? Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God.




6.    Goddess Theresa

In a dream experience, I had returned to the house from walking the dog, to find that the kitchen had been stripped of all its fixtures and fittings. The walls and floor were bare, looking as it did when we ripped-out the entire old kitchen a few years before, prior to refitting it. Even some of the rotted flooring was removed. Since I knew this work had been done before, I was considerably puzzled that this had been done again, obviously by Theresa (I ‘knew’ this was who had done it, though in the physical world she could not have done it by herself). To my surprise I was not upset, just puzzled! As Susie (the dog) and I stood there, metaphorically scratching our heads and wondering what this was all about, I heard Theresa come in the front door. I waited for her to cross the hall and enter the kitchen.

To my amazement and delight, when she entered the room she was absolutely radiant. She was full-figured but not over-weight, beautiful as she had always been, but now looking in her prime of life, the pinnacle of womanhood, again. At the time of this experience she was over fifty, had put on weight from hormone imbalance resulting from menopause and HRT that had been wrongly prescribed, and was experiencing post-viral fatigue syndrome and psoriasis.

Why have you done this? I enquired, indicating the shell of a kitchen around us.

She beamed broadly but with a conspiratorial twinkle in her eyes.

Aaah, that remains to be seen; I have a surprise for you.

She was radiantly beautiful. The awesome attraction to all the senses of the male by all the emanations of the female of the species exuded from every cell and fibre of her being; from her very soul, in fact. After more than thirty years of our Companionship of the Way, I was drawn like a moth to a lamp. The receptiveness that is the essential nature of womanhood invited, awakened, aroused the expressing, giving nature of my maleness. Every aspect and facet of her being impelled me toward her.

She was irresistible. We embraced, melded into each other; I the giver, the male, entered into her the receiver, the female and we became merged, yet remained our respective selves, so that the rapture of experiencing each other was possible. It was a moment outside time, of experiencing all the energy that is the pure essence of male beingness becoming as one with all the essence that is femaleness. Yin and Yang. Together. Entwined, fitting perfectly together, soul to soul, body to body, life to life.

I found that if I adjusted the focus of my vision slightly in one direction I had awareness of the soul aspect of her being and the physical ceased to be perceptible to me; if adjusted in the other direction, the physical body came into focus and ‘soul Theresa’ slipped just out of focus. By careful adjustment of the balance I could have awareness of both. It was somewhat like the special effects of recent sci-fi films where the body of a person is fleetingly shown in computer-graphic representation so that the inside of the person is also visible; only this was a living, dynamic, pulsing experience, and the soul dimension of Theresa was a great deal more than a computer graphic! It was light-energy, not defined by the sharp outline that our physical body presents.


It was a moment of sensual ecstasy that at the same time was a mystical, spiritual, soul experience.


It was a moment of sensual ecstasy that at the same time was a mystical, spiritual, soul experience.

It was in itself a moment to savour, but there was much more to it than that. It was a magnificent reminder to me of who we really are. So readily are we persuaded that what we experience with our bodily senses is the only reality, but this is not so at all. For too many centuries we have been told, conditioned, brainwashed that we are conceived, born, live and die in sin and unworthiness; that there is ‘no health in us’, and this perception has become so ingrained in our psyche that our true, Self-awareness has been blinded by it. In reality we are created in the likeness of the Creator Spirit; His glorious, magnificent, eternal, innocent, perfect Son. Perceptions to the contrary are ego-constructed religious mythology, doctrine and dogma, not remotely supported by my own experiences of and communications from the living Jesus of Nazareth since 1967 and from Papa, the Creator since the 1990s.

The blight to our vision, caused by this ‘lie of Satan’ has inflicted incalculable damage and misery upon God’s Children for untold æons. Because the conditioning of negative self-perception has been passed down from one generation to the next, society continues to reel from the effects, even though the majority of today’s generation has seen through the sham and hypocrisy of ego’s construct: orthodox, institutionalised, Laodicean religion. This is not to say that every person who attends services conducted by such an institutionalised religion is a sham and a hypocrite, nor that those who lead such services are, either.

Of course vast numbers who attend and lead such events are as sincere as anyone else in what they believe and are doing. It is not the people but the institutions and their constructs, rules, limitations, doctrines, dogmas, exclusivist attitudes that are causing all the sincere, seeking souls to be yoked to unserviceable, negative self-perceptions and to hold such limiting understanding about the Creator, creation, Jesus, themselves and their fellows.

It is these mistaken, constricting perceptions that lead to antipathy, rejection, grievance against and judgement of any who do not/will not allow themselves to be thusly limited. These energies escalate one step at a time into superciliousness, hubris and rejection, excommunication, hatred, murder, genocide and many other levels of ungodly, unkingdomly attitudes and behaviours toward those who are not allied to their own unholy relationships, perceptions and beliefs.

Theresa has been a soul subject to such conditioning by the unwitting agency of her parents, and her self-perception was devastatingly distorted by an upbringing punctuated by physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse.

For many years we did not know how to deal with this, and it was the cause of much conflict between us. This was because, not having experienced it myself, I had no idea that a soul could have such a negative sense of self worth, such self doubt, especially when I saw Theresa as such a beautiful, giving, caring, compassionate, effulgent soul. She was having perceptions of her self that I could not imagine, and certainly were not part of my reality, and of course she did not verbalise this, so from my perspective all should have been well because, outwardly in our lives, all was well.

Typically what would happen is that I would say something straightforward, hard to be confused about (so I thought), but her perception of what was said would be something very different, usually something unfriendly, negative, demeaning or aggressive. This would lead to her responding as if what I had said was not what I actually said, or at least believed I said — it all became so confusing! This would cause me to wonder why her response was not relevant to what I had said and… well, you can see that we are already in a tangle.

It would usually get worse from there and I was not the most saintly person when it came to patience. Of course, I did not know she had heard something different from what I had heard myself say, so I was bewildered, frustrated, and after this happening innumerable times and a ‘domestic’ arising, I began to feel I was walking on eggs and had to think very carefully before saying anything. Theresa, also, was so intimidated by this that she was inhibited about speaking her thoughts too!

But now, in recent years we are moving together through this and she has come to see who she really is. I had seen her, experienced her as ‘Goddess’; female, radiant magnificence. It was a glorious encounter, a prophecy, a foretaste of the emerging, soaring Being of Light that she really is; that we all really are. And gradually Theresa has been moving through a metamorphosis, remembering that this is who she really is, and reminding herself (with some help and encouragement from me) that she is acceptable — first to herself and then to others. Self-acceptance, self love is the first step toward wholeness and being lovable and acceptable to, and accepting of, others. The more we crave it, (if we perceive ourselves as not having it), the more we push it — and our fellows — away.


by looking past the outward, temporal, illusory imperfections we will be able to have awareness of our true nature


When/if we are able/ready to choose a perspective on our Self that we are glorious, by looking past the outward, temporal, illusory imperfections to the eternal, magnificent reality of our true Self, then we will become aware of our authentic nature, so that craving will evaporate, because we will realise that we already are that which, in our misperceptions, we have craved. We cannot crave that which is already with us. As acceptance that we really are that inner, boundless Self becomes second nature to us, then the outward imperfections that we have previously perceived as being who and what we are will fall away.

The inner Self radiates out from us to our fellow travellers on the Path back to eternal reality, both here in the earthly life and in the etheric realms. This transformation will be gradual and almost imperceptible, just as every moment of every day we shed tiny particles of dead skin until, over time, we have a completely new skin. The difference is that from time to time we will actually become aware of changes that have taken place within us and these moments of new awareness will be as milestones, holy instants, on the Way. Ultimately, we will see only the face of who we really are, Christ, the One Son of the Father, reflected in our fellows, and they will see the face of Christ reflected in us.

It is said that when two people are in agreement on a given matter, they are of one mind. When all the fragments of the Sonship are in full agreement as to Who we all are, then will we be restored to our true, one-minded state of Being: God’s one, indivisible, beloved Son. Then will we have the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The kitchen, stripped back to the very shell of itself, is a symbol of Theresa, who for so many years had been encumbered with mistaken, outdated, unserviceable perceptions of herself by the conditioning of her abusive upbringing that her functionality as a ‘working kitchen’ was severely impaired. She had now arrived at the place where she had been able to remove all those old fixtures and fittings, taking her back to her essential self. From there, a complete ‘refit’ was now possible, renewing her serviceableness, both to herself and to all who came to her for sustenance and nourishment.







7.    Broken ankle at Crickley


One beautiful sunny day in the summer of 2000, as I walked our dog, Susie, at Crickley Hill Country Park, which straddles the Cotswold escarpment near Gloucester, I turned round to see if she was coming. Momentarily moving backwards, my left foot landed at the rim of a depression in the ground and I came down with all my weight on that foot, causing my ankle to give and my foot to bend in under me.

There was a loud ‘crack’ and I felt the break happen, right in the middle of the ankle joint. I went down as if pole-axed and instantly experienced agonising pain shooting up my leg and through my body in nauseating waves, bringing me within a whisker of passing out — which I really would not have minded doing at that moment!

A thousand thoughts flew through my mind in a micro-second: how will I get back to the car? How will I be able to get about and continue with all the business of work, gardening, walking Susie...? But the immediacy of the pain quickly regained my full attention. I knew I had to focus upon Papa and move into resonance with the wholeness and perfection of Eternity.

I had been reminded by Papa that what shows up heavily disguised as adversity is actually opportunity to transform the ‘stuff’, which we have initially perceived as adversity, into fulfilment. How could I use this understanding to receive healing and restoration to wholeness? I knew it was possible because we have the magnificent example of Jesus and the myriad miracles performed by him. And he reminded us that the things he did, we would do also and greater things than these — if only we can believe.

When Jesus healed someone he often told them Your faith has made you whole. Their faith, not his. Without their faith in him they could not have received the healing, the wholeness that was radiating out from him, freely, unconditionally lovingly, for all who are willing, (by faith) to receive and accept it unto ourselves. Their faith placed them on the same spiritual wavelength as his — or at least on the same waveband. Likewise, we open ourselves to a state of willingness, by faith, to believe, to receive, to be raised up in our spiritual vibratory rate so that wholeness, perfection, is the frequency on which we begin to vibrate until, in due course — which could be a moment, or a lifetime, or however long, according to how earnestly we desire it, and are willing to accept what is freely given — we become increasingly resonant and eventually we are completely in attunement (at-one-ment) with the Source and Giver of Eternal Life.


Faith is everything when it comes to attunement with the Spirit of Life.

Faith is everything when it comes to attunement with the Spirit of Life. Jesus said of the people of his era, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? (Mt. 17:17). Nothing has changed outwardly, but it is now the beginning of the Kingdom Age, and an awakening to oneness is beginning to take place within the hearts and minds of the people of Earth; a readiness for emerging from the chrysalis and beginning a newness of life at a higher level of awareness, drawn by the Universal Spirit of Life, as the Great Rescue Programme moves forward. The wonderful hymn by A. C. Ainger tells it inspirationally:

God is working his purpose out, as year succeeds to year:

God is working his purpose out, and the time is drawing near —

Nearer and nearer and draws the time — the time that shall surely be,

When the Earth shall be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.


From utmost East to utmost West, where’er Man’s foot hath trod,

By the mouth of many messengers goes forth the voice of God;

Give ear to me, ye continents — ye isles give ear to me,

That the Earth may be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.


What can we do to work God’s work, to prosper and increase

The brotherhood of all mankind — the reign of the Prince of Peace?

What can we do to hasten the time — the time that shall surely be,

When the Earth shall be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea?


All we can do is nothing worth, unless God blesses the deed,

Vainly we hope for the harvest-tide, till God gives life to the seed;

Yet nearer and nearer draws the time — the time that shall surely be,

When the Earth shall be filled with the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea.

The Purpose of God truly moves forward and nothing anybody thinks, says or does can hasten or stop it. However, by truly seeking and earnestly desiring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the individual can and does move into resonance with the Great Rescue Programme and in that sense, he can hasten it — for himself. Then, as he begins to radiate that new state of Kingdomliness from within himself outwardly — not by acts of proselytising but simply by living his new, emerging, growing state of beingness — so those around him who are, themselves, ready for a spiritual awakening will be affected by the change of vibration and begin, themselves, to seek. So does the Programme, the Purpose, which is always moving forward, ‘working out’, draw us into Itself. It is as Jesus explained to me in a January 1995 Communion:

...In your mind and heart you may wish to be operating at the highest level of aspiration and spiritual awareness. This is understandable when Earth is in darkness and you wish to be one, again, with the Light; and when you are passionate in your desire to let shine the Light of spiritual reality in the Earth-life affairs of man, to hasten an Awakening.

You also know, for I have assured you many times, this will not hasten the unfoldment of the programme for raising-up the children of Earth. Your prayers and love and attunement will help you, and will help all for whom you pray, and will add to the transforming Light. But the season is pre-determined, even as are the seasons of the year. All that you do in my name and with commitment to me and the Kingdom in your heart will contribute sunshine to the days, even though it will not change the seasons; therefore, keep on with goodwill.

Have no fear. Be of good cheer. Relax and enjoy each and every day. All is well. Walk with me. Talk with me. Breathe with me. Live with me. Let the Kingdom envelop and surround and permeate your being. I will expand your influence among the children of Earth. This is possible by your commitment.  It is like a dynamo generating Light energy, which draws the little ones to the Light. Joy be with you all.

As much intuitively as with thought, as I clutched my ankle I said to Papa, Thank you Papa, thank you Papa, thank you for giving me wholeness and restoration, multiple times, very rapidly, as the waves of nausea and dizziness swept through me, bringing me to the brink of blacking out. After about a minute of this, suddenly, in an instant, the pain was gone! Nothing. I stared in wonderment. I waited a few seconds to see if this was a momentary lapse in the pain before it set back in, perhaps at a new level? Still nothing. Alleluia. This was an instant healing, just as Jesus had demonstrated innumerable times to the multitudes. Glory be; thanks be; praise be!

Gingerly I moved my foot. Still nothing. Slowly I got up and put my foot to the ground, gradually increasing the weight to see if there was a point at which the damage done by the fall caused the pain to return. Still nothing. I took a step and then another and another and still there was nothing. I could walk just as I had walked five minutes previously. I completed the four-mile walk without a twinge of pain or even discomfort, and drove home. When I told Theresa and showed her the ankle, there was a barely detectable swelling over the ankle bone and no sign of bruising.







 8.    Seeds of Redemption; Charles


One Friday in February 1995 Theresa and I went to the pub after work for a meal. As we sat at our table with a drink, waiting for our food order to arrive, Theresa hesitantly told me she had had a strange dream earlier in the week. Would I like to hear it? Of course, go for it! In this dream she had experienced a whole drama, like watching a film, with characters, places, details all set out.

It is the story of a young woman, Beth, traumatised in childhood by the death of her parents in a plane crash and then starved of love in an uncaring adoptive home. She is sweet-talked into marriage into a brutal family and eventually saved from being beaten nearly to death by her brother-in-law. From there she is taken into hiding by two clerics with a heart for Christian spiritual healing ministry. After prayer counselling by these new, loving friends she is released from the stranglehold of fear, which has dominated her life, and healed by a mystical experience of the Holy Spirit.

There is, of course, much more to the story; indeed, it is a breathtaking drama and Theresa held me spellbound by her telling of it at the pub. When she had finished she diffidently said, I have been considering writing this story as a book. What do you think?

Needless to say, I enthusiastically encouraged her and the following week she began. At first she wrote in pencil on a ruled pad, later typing each day’s work onto a rather primitive word processor. It was a cumbersome procedure and after a few days I said we would purchase a laptop computer, so that she could write straight into it in a room undisturbed by the phone and other comings and goings. This would take a little while because I knew very little about laptops and wanted to ensure we got a unit serviceable to her requirements. Fortunately, we knew a young man, Tim, who was the IT manager at the county college of agriculture, and we asked him if he could help point us in the right direction.

Some days, maybe a couple of weeks, went by while we were waiting for all these events to unfold, and during this time Theresa told me she had a strong sense of there being someone from spirit with her, helping, inspiring in a consciously co-operative way, with the story, the details, the style and creativity of the writing. Naturally curious, I asked if she had any idea who this might be. She said she had a great sense of what he was like but had no idea who it was. This discussion began to get me in tune with the vibes until I also could sense the presence. Still there was no identity readily coming to light and we wondered about this for several days.

I believe this man is British, Theresa said to me, and that he was in the Earth-life until quite recently; certainly during our Earth lifetime; maybe until thirty or forty years ago. If only we could get some initials I feel sure we will be able to work out who it is.

As she said the bit about initials, instantly into my mind flew the initials ‘CS.’ Of course, there is only one British (I use the term ‘British’ in the sense of being a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) well-known author with the initials CS and that is, of course, CS Lewis. Suddenly, I ‘knew’, instantly, it was he.

Theresa and I did not know much about CS Lewis, even whether he was still in this world. I had read The Screwtape Letters as a boy and we both knew he was a well-respected author. Theresa had been aware of the girls watching TV dramatisations of The Narnia Chronicles back in the 1970s and 1980s but had caught only snippets of them because she was always in the kitchen preparing meals when they were on.

We got so excited about this, and wanting to be sure, that I immediately went to the library to look him up. Was I in for a surprise!? Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast on November 29th 1898 to Florence Augusta Lewis and Albert Lewis. Most of the action in Theresa’s book, Seeds of Redemption, is set in Belfast and the mother-in-law to Beth is Clementine Augusta Brady. At the time of Theresa’s ‘dream’ experience — the characters’ names had been made known to her as part of the event — she did not know that CS Lewis was ‘ghost-writing’ (if you will allow the pun) with her. Nor, until my visit to the library several weeks after Theresa began writing the book, did either of us know that he was from Belfast and that his mother had the middle name Augusta.

In the reference book at the library there was a picture of him taken in later years, in which his hair was very sparse. When Tim arrived to help us set-up the new laptop in readiness for use, he sat at the dining table installing the operating system and programming it for us. Theresa and I stood watching him without any idea what he was doing (such was our computer-illiteracy at that time). Suddenly, there was a man from spirit, in the prime of life, with a full head of dark hair, immaculately combed, with a straight parting down the left side of his scalp.

He was standing very close to Tim, hands on knees, straining forward to see everything Tim was doing and listening intently to every word he said, his head and eyes moving from the computer to Tim’s face every time he spoke. It was so comical I had to bite my tongue to stop from laughing out loud. Tim had no awareness of this other interested party watching and listening to him so raptly! After a few minutes the visitor turned his head sideways to me — still with hands on knees — and said emphatically, I like this young man!.

A few days later I bought a biography of CS Lewis, and lo and behold, there in the middle were some photographs of him at various stages of life, including one of him in early adulthood, with a full head of dark hair, immaculately combed, with a meticulously straight parting down the left side of his scalp. It was unmistakably the man I had seen watching Tim with the computer. Here was absolute verification that it was ‘CS’ who was helping Theresa with this writing.

The interesting thing was that, prior to knowing who it was, Theresa had said that she had a feeling she wished to refer to him as ‘Charles’ and that he was a rather rotund, cuddly, pipe-smoking, ‘favourite uncle’ type of person — very much how CS was in later life (he laid aside his body in 1963 aged sixty-five). We both still refer to him lovingly as Charles, and on one occasion, when he gave a message of love and encouragement to Theresa, which she wrote by hand as the message came into her mind, at the end he signed off with the name by which we referred to him, capitalising the first and last letters with a flourish, so that it was very obvious that this was CharleS.

Her writing progressed, and a close rapport developed between him and us. At Communion on June 25th 1995 the following exchange with him occurred:

“Dear Charles, we go forward together, as friends and brothers in Christ, upon the great adventure, into the Holy of Holies, into the presence of our Heavenly Father, who Loves us and is Love.”

“Brian and Tessa* – it is with joy in my heart that I receive your welcome as your friend and brother in Christ. Indeed, it is true that we share in common that one most precious commodity: desire; hungering and thirsting after truth and eternal righteousness. I also hungered and thirsted in my Earthly life, but, sad to say, I lacked the guiding Light which blessedly brought you onto the path of inner awareness. My world was awash with intellectual cleverness and self-seeking and though I desired to enter into my closet and be alone with my Creator, I did not know how to do this. Never mind, because all is for a purpose and I do now assure you that I have, by the grace of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, gone forward since the days of Earth life and have been relieved of much of its baggage.

“I wish also to assure you that a true heart, full of desire for the Kingdom of God, is a beacon of Light shining into the dark recesses of Earth-mind consciousness, especially in the etheric realms. Here are myriad souls lost on the fringes of eternity, knowing neither how to fully embark on its journey, nor how to disengage from that which restrains them. Your blessed Service ritual, in which your desire goes out, truly provides the bread and wine, the manna and rock-water of old, by which the wanderers of Sinai may be sustained and guided. A sincere heart cannot be hid. If we in the Inner Plane and you of the Earth plane can work together for the rescuing of many, then praise be to Almighty God; may it be to His Glory. I rejoice in the love and warmth of our fellowship. May all the richest blessings of the Lord be forever with you.

“Your friend in Christ service, CharleS.”


The book was finished on November 29th 1995 and Theresa and I went to the pub to celebrate its completion. Charles was with us in the car on the way there, enjoyed the convivial atmosphere of the pub, and walked arm in arm with us both back to the car as we left at the end of the evening, saying, This is my best work yet!. As we drove home, we realised that this was the 97th anniversary of his birth.


* Theresa adopted the nom de plume Tessa Charles as author of this book.





9.    Fleas; don’t give up!


When one has dogs and cats in the home there is always a possibility for those unwelcome little jumping visitors, which can make life miserable for their hosts. Being a person greatly aware of, and concerned about, the impact of man-made molecules on the environment, I have been reluctant to use insecticides to control fleas on our pets. So when they arrived in the home in the early summer of 1999 it didn’t take long before they had built up to the point where something drastic was called for to rid us of these little invaders.

I was on the point of succumbing to the use of insecticide when I thought, ‘Wait a minute, fleas are so far down the order of life and we, Papa’s children, are the culmination of His all-empowered, glorious creation; we have something out of perspective here when we allow ourselves to be placed ‘on the back foot’ by these creatures.’ Jesus would, assuredly, never have even considered using pesticides (were they to have been available during his time on Earth) but equally assuredly he would never have been left in a position of feeling helpless in the face of their onslaught. So, I asked myself, what would he have done? As I reflected on this, the remembrance came back to me that everything that ‘turns up’ presenting itself disguised as Adversity is really Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment (OTAF) and that this can only be done by faith, not by doubt or fear.

Jesus was able to demonstrate his perfect at-one-ment with the Father Creator throughout his three-year mission on Earth. This manifested itself in an array of ways: multiplying the molecular structure of a picnic lunch so that it was able to feed five thousand men, plus women and children, making a total of possibly double that number of people; walking on water; causing the boat in which the disciples were only about midway across Lake Galilee to instantly be at its destination, (Jn. 6:21), when rowing or sailing would have taken hours; calling souls back to the body from which they had departed (including his own tortured and mutilated body); releasing people from possession by earthbound souls; restoring mortal illness to health from a distance by saying the word — the list is endless.

Was there ever a moment in which he was fearful or doubtful? Just the one: his own imminent torture and death on the cross. Yet, he did not run from this, when assuredly he could have easily done so; and having faced his fear and come through it back to strength and faith, he prevailed in his objectives: to demonstrate to mankind the illusion of ‘death’, and to get our attention.

Clearly, Jesus saw things of which most of us have no awareness. But this is not because those things are withheld from our vision by a partial God. It is because we — ‘having eyes, see not; having ears, hear not’, as Jesus reminded us — are asleep, in terms of our spiritual awareness. All the things Jesus saw and did, we also have the potential to see and do. If we truly seek and earnestly desire, that potential will come to fruition, if only we can believe.

We do not have to wait for this to happen until either we have laid aside our body, or until a full, global manifestation of Jesus miraculously empowers us, because the Kingdom of God and the spiritual empowerment that our at-one-ment with it brings to us, is within. That ‘within-ness’ is in us — each and every one of us. There are, and can be, no exceptions. If we are lukewarm in our desire for, or fearful of, spiritual awakening, then we cannot become fully awake to that reality and our true nature as Papa’s one, beloved, ever-living Son, with all the power of Creation that is available to us by faith, by believing.

So, summoning my faith I said to Papa, We are empowered by faith to overcome all things, and so, by faith and trust in You, I command these fleas to be gone from this house, never to return.

As soon as I had spoken these words I saw columns of tiny fleas, following a human-size flea, walking out of the house, rather like the rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin. As the big flea got alongside me it scowled at me as if to say, ‘Bah, humbug, you have rumbled me and I have no power to resist your command.’ I considered the meaning of a ‘giant flea’ and eventually realised that this was ‘flea consciousness’ with which I had wrestled and, by faith, prevailed. The experience was so objectively real that I knew in my soul that the fleas would be, from that moment, gone — both from the animals and from the rest of the house. And indeed, that was the case. For several weeks there was no scratching from the pets and no flea presence anywhere else in the home.

However, as the weeks went by, my faith and trust in what had happened as a Principle of Life of the Father, in practice, began to flake, and doubts crept in. Not doubts that this was a Principle of Life of the Father, in practice; a real experience, and that the fleas had gone — which they definitely had — but doubts in my own ability to believe that I had been the agency through which this occurred. That was where the doubt lay.

Every day I started looking for them again. Would Jesus have done that? Of course not, is the answer, because that was doubt manifesting itself, and Jesus did not doubt. He knew with a total certainty that when he asked for/called upon the wholeness, the balance of perfection that is the free gift of the Creator, it was always there for him. That is the temporary difference between where Jesus was/is and where most of the rest of us, his brethren in the Sonship, perceive ourselves as being.

Indeed, it would never have occurred to him that what he called upon from the Universal Source, Papa, for the benefit of the ‘lost sheep of the house of Israel’ (or anywhere else!) would not be granted; not as a favour, as if either he or the Jews — or anyone else — were ‘special’, to be granted privileges or benefits that the Creator Spirit would withhold from others because He didn’t love them or see them in the same light. It never occurred to him, not because he had become arrogant or blasé, but because he could plainly see what others around him had withheld from their own discernment: that all creation is One; that all Life, in all its manifestations, is part of, indivisibly connected to, the Allness; for …he is not far from any one of us: for in him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17: 27, 28).

He knew that the Universal Life Force is one and the same within each and every one of us and every other living thing, from amœbæ to blades of grass to olive trees to orang-utans and everything in-between. Jesus saw this and saw that the souls of those around him were in an illusory state of imbalance, disharmony and dis-ease with themselves and with the Allness of which they were part, and that even in their apparently dissonant state they could not actually become separated from Him.

By the attunement of Jesus with the Oneness by his faith, trust, obedience and commitment to the great mission he had sought and to which he had been anointed — declaring and establishing the foundation for bringing into manifestation the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — he had become empowered to perform ‘signs and wonders’ by calling back into balance and harmony the discordant energies of his fellow-inhabitants of that strip of land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean.

These wondrous signs and miracles were an outflowing of the God-Power within him to those conflicting energies which manifested as various ailments in the mind and body of others, restoring them once more to oneness with Creation. Thus did he say to the paralytic he had healed at the pool of Bethesda, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee. (Jn.5:14).  What he was effectively saying was, Do not forget, again, Who you really are, or you will attract back into your presence some equally unserviceable condition.


we have power to prevail in the presence of adversity by transforming it, through faith, into fulfilment, ‘that the works of God should be made manifest’.


So, when the doubt — that great dismantler of faith — started to set in and I began looking for fleas again, sure enough, back they came — through the opening created conveniently for them by my own doubt. This was a big test of my faith. Was this — the reality of Eternity with which I had been walking for more than thirty years — nothing more than my imagination, a myth of my own creation? Was it that the Great Spirit did not exist after all? Or was it that He did exist but I had vainly imagined my at-one-ment with Him? Or was it that I had walked, albeit somewhat intermittently, in the reality but had ‘failed’ this ‘test’ of my faith? If this last possibility was the case, where did this leave me now? Surely, bereft, beset by uncertainty, about who I was, where I stood and where to go from here.

At that moment, Papa was right beside me and spoke into my right ear, Don’t give up!! His words were so positive, so encouraging, so reassuring, so exhorting. Instantly my spirits were restored and soared to the heights in reaffirmation that as I had perceived originally, so is it: we have power to prevail in the presence of adversity by transforming it, through faith, into fulfilment, ‘that the works of God should be made manifest’ (in any and all of us).

At this, I felt re-empowered to cast out the fleas again in like manner, and this I did forthwith, with my faith strengthened beyond where it had been on the first occasion. The fleas disappeared, and although from time to time one did show up, picked up inevitably by Susie when coming in close contact with other dogs on our walks, they never again took hold and became established as an infestation.




Footnote September 2011: August in southern England is an active time for fleas moving from one host to another. Although we no longer have dogs to exercise I still walk in the Cotswold Hills most days and there, encounter dogs and their keepers. In August 2011 I began to experience flea bites — for the first time since 1999.  I had no doubt ‘adopted’ a flea, or fleas, from one of the hill-walking dogs.  I thought, ‘It is time to re-engage my God-given empowerment to cast them out.’  But I found my mind was in a state of ‘empowerment limbo’ for this task.  I couldn’t think of anything to say, and neither spontaneously felt, nor could I summon, any focus or verve, any feeling of ability to perform this ‘exorcism’.

I re-read the record of the process that had taken place in 1999 (above), thinking that might get me ‘back on the wavelength’, but felt no enlivening of mind or spirit for the task.  However much I tried, I felt completely flat, and even though I went through the motions of casting them out — several times — I felt and knew that because I was unable to attune with the empowerment, it was not going to happen; a self-fulfilling prophesy, perhaps.

I knew that it is no use fighting what we cannot control with self-will or determination, so I did the only thing I could — place the entire matter in the care of the Holy Spirit, the higher, all-knowing, real Self of us all, and committed to leaving it There, knowing that by so doing the matter would be resolved in the perfect way at the perfect time, even though, at the moment of so doing, I hadn’t a clue how it might happen.  This didn’t bother me because I knew Self knew, and that was good enough for me.  I was facing another self-assessment opportunity, and resolved to pass the ‘test’, in the only way possible: by simply allowing the process to proceed and outwork under Holy Spirit control.  I recalled to my conscious mind that when what looks like adversity shows up, it is really opportunity, so I resolved to view it as such.

Probably three or four weeks elapsed since the first flea bite and more were appearing, although it had not reached calamitous, panic-inducing proportions.  Nevertheless, I could not help wondering, more or less daily, when or how the matter would be concluded.  Still, I held my nerve and left the Holy Spirit in no doubt as to my commitment of the situation into His care.

Then, out of the blue, it dawned on me that my understanding of reality had grown exponentially since 1999, and I now realised that everything about egoland is unreality, including, of course, the fleas.  If I tried to cast them out, this would be giving them reality in my own mind.  No wonder my mind had been ‘closed-down’ with regard to that initial intention.  This was Self, putting the lid on persona Brian’s seeking solutions in the past.  I had moved along and was ready to engage with Self at another, higher level of operation, even though it had taken me two or three weeks for the penny to drop.  As Olga Park used to lament, ‘Why are we so slow!?

Now, with right-mindedness re-engaged, I said to Self, Jesus, Papa — Whoever was listening — ‘Fleas don’t exist for me anymore because I am choosing steadfastly to Awaken to the truth of my Whole Being.  So rather than try to cast out what is not there, I now re-mind myself that they are not there for me.  The only reasonable thing to do with nothing is forget it, because it is impossible, in my right, or whole Mind, to be aware of anything but the truth of eternity, so that is what I now choose to do.’

Nothing outwardly dramatic happened, but I had an inner knowing that I had arrived at the answer to the situation, and that, now, the illusory fleas would be gone from my awareness and thus, from my experience.  This has indeed been the case.  As our beloved friend, the Teacher would say, ‘We go forward’.







10.    An Open Letter


In the small hours of one morning in October 1996 I was gradually brought to waking consciousness by a growing awareness that Papa was speaking. I was very drowsy and was more eager to get back to sleep in that state than I was for discussion with Him! I tried to ignore it, thinking, I can give this my attention in the morning. But the Voice continued, and it became clear to me after a while that this was not going to stop until I gave it my full focus. I forced myself into full wakefulness, put on the light and got my notebook and pen. All the while I was doing this the Voice never stopped speaking in my head. As I was becoming gradually more awake and better able to be aware of what was being said, it dawned on me that the message was being repeated over and over, as if to say, ‘I am going to keep repeating this until you take notice and record what I am saying’.

The message was actually not for me; I was to be the recorder and deliverer of it. I was instructed that this was an ‘Open Letter to George Carey’. George Carey was, at that time, the incumbent at Lambeth Palace: the Archbishop of Canterbury, the supreme cleric of the Anglican and Episcopal Communions.

Here it is:

An Open Letter to George Carey

You have assumed the office of My servant Aaron, whom I called to keep himself holy unto the Lord

Now I ask you, by whose authority is your office established — by the authority of Earth or of Heaven?

Have you not read My word; have you not listened to My messengers; have you not reverence for My beloved firstborn, in whose name you parade and strut so vainly?

Have you not recalled that I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also of a humble and contrite spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite ones?

Have you not held in the highest esteem My word through My beloved, that not all who say Lord, Lord shall enter the Kingdom, but he that does the will of the Father?

Have you not remembered his chastisement for righteousness’ sake? Have you not pondered in your heart his words and his actions, that his zeal for his Father’s house drove him to perform: ‘My Father’s house is a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves’, and he drove them out?

Have you not held sacred in your heart My warning by My anointed, that he who offends against children, it would be better for him to be cast into the sea, tied to a millstone?

And yet, have you not equivocated and havered concerning these very matters in the outer court of My temple, over which you preside? Whose sin do you believe is the lesser in My sight — that of traders in merchandise and changers of money or of pederasts and pædophiles?

Shall I spew you and yours out of My mouth, or shall I make you a pillar in My holy temple?

I say unto you, incline your ear unto Me and remember the fire that I placed in your heart.

My beloved messenger has opened the door to the Holy of Holies forever and no man shall shut it. Now goes out the cry, ‘the bridegroom comes’ and all are invited to the great banquet which it is My great joy to give to all who will enter in and receive of Me the unspotted garment.

Do you believe I am interested in the sullied sacrifices offered on the brazen altar of the outer court when all I crave from My little ones is their love and thanksgiving, offered upon the altar of their hearts?

It is my desire for all to enter the Holy of Holies, trusting as little children. For this reason have I sent messengers and My beloved and his beloved disciple to foretell of the things which are to be; how the great whore, drunk with the blood of the saints, falls because of her iniquity, and My angel calls out from her My people, that they be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues.

My word has gone out and shall accomplish that for which it has been sent; it shall return unto Me fulfilled. Will you be within it, rejoicing? Will you sing My new song? Will you cry out, with Jerusalem, ‘Baruch haba be’shem Adonai — Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’?

Think you that I rejoice in wrath? I draw My little ones to Me in Love, that I may embrace them and have with them joyful fellowship unto all eternity.

I AM the loving, eternal Papa of all the children of Earth.

In 1967 Olga wrote a treatise on the messages of the ascended Christ to the ‘seven churches of Asia’ (Revelation chapters 1, 2 & 3) in which she posits that these messages are not just to be perceived as to seven congregations dotted around what is now Turkey at the time that John wrote of these manifestations, but applicable also to seven phases of the church during the period from that time through the entire Christian Era, or second measure of meal. This treatise reasons that two of these churches, Philadelphia and Laodicea, are applicable simultaneously to these times (the changeover between the end of the second measure and the beginning of the third measure of meal), and actually describe two very different churches.

The one, Laodicea, believes itself to be rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, whereas it is in fact lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot; wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked, so the Lord counsels it to buy of me gold tried in the fire (of Eternal Spirit), that they may be rich; and white raiment, that they may be clothed, and that the shame of their nakedness do not appear; and anoint their eyes with eyesalve, that they may see. (Rev. 3:18) Further, Jesus says that because they are lukewarm he would spew them out of his mouth. (Rev. 3:16)

To the other, Philadelphia, Jesus says he has set before them an open door that no man can shut, for they have a little strength, and have kept his word, and have not denied his name. He says he will bring others who are false believers to learn of them, and also that he will keep them from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world. He counsels them to hold fast to that which they have, that no man take their crown; to those that ‘overcome’ he will make pillars in the temple of God, will write upon them the name of God, and the name of the city of God, and also his own, new name. (Rev. 3:8-12)

Clearly there is much symbolism here, but the differences are that Jesus has a diatribe against Laodicea, and praise and encouragement for Philadelphia.

It is obvious to the objective observer that the institutionalised church of today is perfectly described by Jesus as Laodicea, and that Philadelphia is those congregations and individuals who have kept their love for Jesus and their earnest desire for the Kingdom alive in their hearts, regardless of whatever is going on within the institutionalised, denominational churches; have not allowed themselves to become blinded with rules and regulations and petty, sidetracking, irrelevant, ego-engendered arguments; that where necessary, they have abandoned ‘Laodicea’ in favour of free churches/congregations and home worship (entering into their closets); kept their loyalty to Jesus first and refused resolutely to let Laodicea stand between them and Jesus.

If a person is a ‘citizen of Laodicea’ and decides that this is no longer where he desires to be, it is entirely possible to ‘emigrate to Philadelphia’ simply by the act of so choosing and making the ‘mental shift’. Jesus said to the Laodiceans:

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear... (Rev. 3:20-22)

There is a groundswell of ‘emigration’ from Laodicea actually taking place now, in these climactic times in the events of world spiritual awakening, encouraged by the Creator Spirit, Whose Angel says: Come out of her (Laodicea), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Rev. 18: 4)

Would-be émigrés will be enheartened by the knowledge that Philadelphia is a substantially plague-free zone.


the institutionalised church of today is perfectly described by Jesus as Laodicea: (spiritually) lukewarm; poor, blind, wretched, miserable and naked.


It is, of course, spiritually that the (Laodicean) church of today is lukewarm and it is spiritually that it is ‘wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked’. This has happened because the church has become institutionalised, and the purpose of an institution is to perpetuate itself. This is when the original objectives of its leaders have become lost in a mire of rules and regulations and administrators and petty politics and power struggles, and they now merely perpetuate the institution rather than being motivated by the fire of spiritual zeal for the great desire of Jesus: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is never mentioned in today’s institutionalised churches because issues such as the ordination of women, and homosexuality, have become the consuming concerns, bogging the institution down in sidetracking detail — a characteristic ploy of ego. Such would do well instead to maintain focus upon the PLFs, which will keep souls in the Earth life on the right path — the Path of Spiritual Progress — through the maze of detail (never was there a truer adage than ‘the devil’s in the detail’) and on course toward our destination: the Kingdom.

The same thing has happened with other institutions of today; government, education, the National Health Service, the judiciary, social services and a very substantial proportion of industry and commerce, including the financial services sector. Their objectives may not be overtly ‘the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’, but they have still lost their way in terms of their respective objectives. This because again, they have not remained focused on the Principles of Universal Life and have allowed their institutions and regulations to get in the way and cloud their vision. This is summed up well by Jesus’ statement to the Pharisees that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

The ever-increasing number of rules and regulations within all these institutions — and more — prevent those who have abdicated their God-given right to freedom of thought and creativity from expressing that freedom. This is what is meant by references in Revelation to being sealed on the forehead (their Earth-mind) with the mark of the beast (ego), blocking the awareness by those so marked of who they really are. They ‘must abide by the rules’ even where common sense and compassion — compassion is one of the great gifts of the Spirit in humanity — cry out for individual cases, situations and circumstances to be decided upon their individual merit. So, we are creating for ourselves a compassion-free society, at least in terms of the unwieldy institutions that hold sway over so much of life in the various cultures and nations of Earth.

Fortunately, compassion at the individual, personal level of the interrelationships of life can never become extinguished because each of us IS Love, and compassion is an inseparable facet of Love. To remember this, and allow it to hold greater — preferably, predominant — significance in our human relationships (including those relationships between individuals and groups brought into contact through the various institutions to which reference is made above) would be a giant step toward the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

One could imagine a scenario in which two Jesuses are travelling around Judæa, Samaria and Galilee teaching and healing. The first Jesus, seeing the multitude, was moved with compassion for them because they were sick and fainting and lost, as sheep without a shepherd; and he went amongst them and healed them of every sickness and disease. And after a long day, when his disciples wanted him to send them away so they could all get something to eat, he says No, I will feed them. And by faith, love and compassion, he transforms a picnic lunch into a banquet for more than five thousand souls, because he loves them all, unconditionally.

The second Jesus moves among the multitudes healing as many as come forward, and when hours have gone by, it’s getting late and he is eager to conclude this tiresome, enervating business, he tells the people they must now go home because he has finished for the day, since there is only so much one can do in a day.

The first scenario is a kingdomly scenario indeed. The second scenario is more in harmony with the society we are creating in today’s institutionalised world. Is the latter the society we really choose to create, in preference to the former? Many of us have read Jesus’ words (perhaps, for many of us, more times than we can remember): Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Mt. 25:40). But still we so often fail to see the connection between the opportunities in our daily lives to ‘do it unto these, our brethren’ yet haven’t the time, inclination, compassion, desire, heart, energy, will or whatever. This, while claiming to be his followers, going to church as regularly as clockwork but not applying our stated desire for Christ discipleship (or simply ‘good citizenship’) in the living of our daily lives amongst our fellows, many of whom are desperate for some reassurance, some encouragement, a friendly smile and caring word; even just to be noticed.

What has caused the institutionalised church to become confused is the fact that the purpose of God goes forward, continually, toward its conclusion. It is an evolutionary process, to do with the expanding, unfolding nature of awakening human spirituality, moved by the drawing power of the Creator Spirit. So, what was the perception of the Israelites under the spiritual leadership of Moses three thousand four hundred years ago as being suitable codes for life are not necessarily serviceable for humanity now, in the third millennium CE, because man, drawn forward by the Spirit of Life (God, if you prefer) has grown, and mankind’s perspective has become enlarged as an inevitable result.

This does not mean that the law and the prophets of the Old Testament are wrong; it means that the Purpose goes forward and so everything moves along; everything has to move along, toward its ultimate destiny. Lessons in third grade are for third graders, but as those same souls move on through the system there is no purpose to be served by continuing with the lessons of third grade when they are in sixth, ninth or twelfth grade.

Jesus said plainly that he had not come to destroy the law and the prophets but to fulfil them. That fulfilment has happened (he said on the cross, It is finished) in eternal reality but, like us being ‘now the sons of God but it doth not yet appear…’, the fulfilment has not yet fully and perfectly manifested itself at the Earth life level of apparent physical ‘reality’. It is happening now, just as described by the lead player of this three-act cosmic drama in the parable of the three measures of meal, with the proving activity of the leavening process taking place one step at a time, across a broad front.

And it will continue to happen because the structure has already been completed at the psycho-spiritual level of being, just as the oak tree is already grown in the etheric level of being at the germination of the acorn. Yes, a woodsman may come and chop down the oak when only part-grown at the physical level of manifestation, therefore thwarting the growth to physical fulfilment. The same thing could happen with the fulfilment of the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven (already completed in the etheric) on Earth if there is enough anti-Christ (ego) energy directed toward its destruction, or enough apathy amongst the children of Earth.

However, because Jesus has overcome the world (ego) we have all overcome the world in the only true reality — Eternity — because there is only one of us. All that was required was for ‘one’ to overcome and all have overcome. I have been told numerous times from the Realms of Light that the Great Rescue Programme is infallible and unstoppable. That is fairly convincing terminology, from any angle.

The bride of Christ (Rev. ch. 21), a vast multitude of souls, have, over the last twenty centuries, espoused their lives to Jesus and his great desire for the Kingdom on Earth. Acting in unison of purpose with him, they are similarly empowered with all power in Heaven and Earth as vested in Jesus. A portion of these is in the etheric envelope of Earth and a portion is incarnate at this time of writing, or is in the process of incarnating. They are a mighty spiritual powerhouse for truth, with all the resources of Eternity — Heaven — at their disposal.

This is an infallible, unstoppable, tireless, totally-committed-by-the-power-of-unconditional-love force for the fulfilment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth plan. This plan is fully and comprehensively understood by the bride of Christ in the etheric realms, but is not fully consciously understood by most of those souls in the Earth life who love the Lord Jesus, because they have been misled by the smokescreen of false dogmas and doctrines fabricated by the schismatic, ego-controlled, institutionalised churches.

So many of the leaders of those institutionalised denominational churches are lacking the light of spiritual discernment. They are therefore torn between trying to adhere to the scriptures written by and for peoples of very different times and cultures in order to be ‘seen to be faithful to the Letter of the (religious) Law’ on the one hand, and on the other to be seen to be ‘up to date’ with current social and cultural trends. They do this in order to try to hang on to the remnant of their congregations, to whom the Angel is calling, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (Rev. 18:4).

And the people, drawn inexorably by the power of Spirit, like iron filings to a magnet, are indeed coming out of her, in droves. They are leaving even though they have no discernment at the Earth-life level of consciousness of the fact that it is the outworking of the Great Purpose of the Holy One (of Which all are inextricably, at the soul level of their being, an indivisible part) in their lives.

This dichotomy of the church — trying to be all things to all people in order to hang onto its now almost exhausted power over the people — is actually accomplishing the very two things it is so anxious to avoid: driving away the congregants because of the havering, equivocation and hypocrisy, and tearing itself asunder because of the division within caused by what the conservatives see as giving way to liberalism and the liberals see as hanging on too hard to conservatism.

The dyed in the wool (religionist) conservatives are — especially in America — becoming more and more radical and right wing in their fundamentalist beliefs, engendering perceptions that adherents to other faiths, and even other denominations of the Christian church, are the ‘enemy’. This is at least in part because of the swing of others to liberalism. And the liberals are becoming more and more disenchanted with the institutionalised church, partly because of the shift to the right by the conservatives.

This is ever-further polarising the mass of humanity calling itself Christian and practising that belief system through any and all denominational churches that are, in actuality, Laodicean. This is because of their resolute adherence to ever greater numbers of rules and regulations which are holding them back instead of freeing them, as would be the case if they saw through the distracting detail and held fast to the Principles of Life of the Father. These Principles take care of the detail, if we are unequivocal, steadfast, in our focus upon them.

Many today believe the Roman Catholic Church is the great whore, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots, so colourfully described in Revelation chapters 17 and 18. The Roman Catholic Church fits the descriptions sufficiently to justify such perceptions; but such descriptions are not all exclusive to the Church of Rome. The Church of Canterbury, founded by Henry VIII as a breakaway from Rome, has been as full of intrigue, power-mongering, torture, mayhem and ‘living deliciously with the kings of the Earth’, albeit on a lesser scale, as Rome.

The message for George Carey (or whoever sits on that ‘throne’) is addressing the issue of pædophilia and pederasty. Acts of sexual indecency, especially unnatural acts such as pederasty (sodomy) committed by adults against children, is truly an abomination in the perception of all ‘civilised’ segments of society in virtually every race and culture on Earth. This is what Jesus had to say about it:

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones (children) which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! (Mt. 18:6,7)

These are issues confronting not only the Roman Catholic Church, with its unscripturally-founded enforcement of celibacy upon its clergy, so that the strongest urge of man (after survival) often finds an outlet in some ungodly behaviour, causing untold guilt, grief and misery upon the perpetrators of such acts as well as the choirboys, altar boys and whoever else are at the receiving end of such, when the clerics could be finding joy and fulfilment with a spouse and a family. There are plenty of acts of pædophilia and pederasty amongst clerics of the protestant churches also, even though in many cases the perpetrators may be married, with children of their own.

And when such acts come to public attention, the church (Protestant and Catholic) is so concerned with the perpetuation of the institution it has constructed around itself that it closes ranks and tries to cover it up. Instead it could do the kingdomly thing of being honest, openly acknowledging the issue and truly endeavouring to first redress it, and second, to work diligently to eliminate the causes of such behaviour, rather than simply sticking yet another finger in the dyke.


society at large becomes increasingly secular because of the hypocrisy of the church and the slippery slope down which it is heading.


Unless and until the church gets back to following the admonition of Jesus, to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and to be concerned about only two commandments (love God and love your neighbour as yourself) the petty squabbles, the divisions, the lapses in seemly behaviour by its clergy and other dignitaries will continue to tear it apart. This rendering is causing it to be marginalised, ridiculed and even despised by society at large, which becomes increasingly secular precisely because of the hypocrisy of the church and the slippery slope down which it is heading. Hardly the way to achieve its objective of ‘winning souls for Jesus’, but assuring the fulfilment of the call in Revelation 18:4: Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

I asked Papa what He wished me to do with this message and was sure that the answer was to send it to the Times newspaper. I was very trepidatious about this because I had no desire for the possibility of hordes of journalists at my door twisting my motives, trying to dismiss the nature of the origin of my communication(s) by some ‘rational, alternative explanation’, most of which, in a faithless and perverse generation and without the light of spiritual discernment, are much more bizarre and far-fetched (the elaborate theories of men) than the real truth.

Nevertheless, having been told by Jesus on many occasions over the years that the operation of hiddenness that had been the nature of our solitary or near-solitary mystical communing with Christ for decades would become an operation of openness when the time was right, and that circumstances would bring about the change, I emailed this message to the religious affairs correspondent of the Times Newspaper.

Nothing happened, so after some days I sent it again. Still nothing. Perhaps Papa had meant me to send it to the Church Times? There seemed to be some logic and reason to that so I faxed it to the editor. Nothing happened there either.

As I look back now, in the light of further understanding of the agendas of the various institutions (including the printed and electronic media), I see that it was inevitable that they would not respond; that they would do everything possible to pretend that no such communication could be authentic in its origins because ‘God does not talk to people today; and if He did, it would surely not be to a nobody, without great theological learning from some august institution’.

And if He actually did speak to a nobody, calling into question the state of the religious establishment, how could they acknowledge that the ‘nobody’ messenger was delivering a message suggesting something was wrong; how could they possibly admit it to the world at large, and thus lose face? Exactly that dilemma faced the religious leaders in Jerusalem when they asked Jesus by what authority he performed his acts of healing. He said to them, I will answer your question if first you answer my question: By what authority did John the Baptist baptise, that of Heaven or of men? They reasoned amongst themselves, ‘If we say of Heaven, he will say, Why then did you not believe him? And if we say, of men, the crowds will be upset with us because many of them believed John.’ So they said to Jesus, ‘We cannot tell’; just as Jesus knew they would have to. The religious (and all the other) establishment(s) of today ‘cannot tell’ whether any messenger today is delivering a bona fide message because it would question their position before the citizenry. So they must ignore it as long as they possibly can!

Olga Park received the following message on March 31st 1948:

 The Thirsting Christ

It is I, the Christ, who speak,

The Christ whom men undiscerningly worship,

I, the Christ upon the cross,

From out the three-hour darkness

Wherein I did suffer in my soul of the sin that had been,

The sin of Israel and of her priests

Against Moses, and against the prophets,

And the sin that should be, the sin of my Beloved

Against me, her Christ.


I had felt its beginnings in the strivings by the way

Of those, my stewards, unto whom I must entrust my all,

        my household, my sweet vineyard.

The spirit of the world was there already

        contending for my flesh:

So I took and stripped myself that they might know

        as indeed I had taught them often

That the body is more than raiment:


And I took a bason filled with water

Emblem of my own pure springs, my own essence of life

        and I washed away the soil from their feet

The uncleanness of their contentious self-desire

That so they might know to keep my household

       free and clean from the spirit of the world.


I had felt its threatenings

        in the judgement-spirit of John and James

Who desired that all who received me not

should be destroyed by fire.

I had sensed its flabbiness

        in the conforming spirit of Simon Peter,

Who would have had me refuse the cross:

The treachery of its cupidity in Judas,

Who desired to serve both God and Mammon.


I had taught them by precept and by example

And by the influence of my spirit: I had done all,

And I had kept them unto the last

        from the spirit of the world.


But there upon the cross I felt it enter in again -

The spirit that cried, It is necessary

        that one should die for the people:

Away with him! Crucify him!

And my spirit was driven forth into desert places.

Then I saw the spirit of reckoning standing in

        the place of faith;

And the spirit of the scribes had darkened the

        lamp of my truth;

And the meek and the poor in spirit,

The pure in heart and the peacemakers

Had their honour taken from them and given unto the

        rulers of Earthly kingdoms  

To the clever and the proud and the scornful,

And to mighty men of war:


And the stewards of my household did sell to the wealthy

Tablets of remembrance and windows of coloured crystal

        inscribed with their names;

And the light of Heavenly wisdom had gone out.


And an altar was set up, and on it

Stood the symbol of Israel's shame, and

        countless thousands

Worshipped the symbol without understanding:


And kings crowned me afresh with thorns,

And soldiers mocked and spat upon me;

And authorities of Church and State nailed my hands

That I could no more bless the humble;

And my feet, that I could no more hasten

        to the healing of the sick;

And the dew of my life-essences was dried up,

And the whole body of my Church was shrivelled:


The whole Earth is in darkness because of her

        and reels to and fro:

All her bones are broken! 

Let the sword pierce her heart

        until she cry with Israel

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani  My God, my God,

Why hast thou forsaken me? 

Olga was so profoundly shocked by the message of this lamentation that she hid it away for many years, showing it to no-one. I have contemplated the message and its multi-layered meanings since she first showed it to me in 1967. Undoubtedly it will say many things to any who read it, and the more contemplatively it is read and considered, the more meaningfulness it will have for each individual.

It says two main things to me. First is that the so-called Christian Church, at least in its main, institutionalised manifestations at this changeover time between the second and third measures of meal, has followed the same, ego-inspired pattern as the religious authorities of Jesus’ time on Earth. This has been extensively discussed above.

Second, and far more incisive for me has been the statement, Then I saw the spirit of reckoning standing in the place of faith.

This has much wider-reaching implications because it applies both to sectarian and  secular sections of today’s world. The dictionary defines ‘reckoning’ as the act of counting or calculating. Today’s secular, materialistic society discredits anything beyond what can be seen, touched, analysed in a laboratory or detected with a piece of electronic equipment. Further, it increasingly marginalises people who display faith in, or profess any experience of, eternal reality, always seeking an alternative explanation (the elaborate theories of men, as Jesus described this to me) to reports of happenings beyond the ‘known’ laws of physics (or chemistry or biology), based on cold, hard calculating.

This is not how Jesus operated his life on Earth and it does not have to be how we, the rest of the Sonship of God, operate ours. Of course most of us are not yet awake to the place where Jesus was in terms of our spiritual awareness, but we are always at free choice as to which way we are headed on the spectrum which has absolute reckoning at one end and absolute faith, trust, obedience and commitment at the other. Even if we are at the ‘reckoning end’ because that is where our conditioning has led us, we do not have to stay there. We can take a leap of faith.


We are loved, accepted, blessed, just as we are and for what we are, every moment, and we are not judged by the Creator Spirit


We are known in our entirety, in every moment. We are loved, accepted and blessed, just as we are and for what we are, and not judged by the Creator Spirit, because we are His beloved Son. All that appears, at the Earth-life level of experience is simply an illusion and is not who or where we really are at all. And because it is an illusion, a dream, it is not real; so our ‘sins’ are not real, but simply mistakes, errors or misperceptions. Jesus knew this (I and my Father are one). He came to remind us that we are too. This is the Good News.

He, the Creator Spirit, does not expect, demand or require of us that we somehow, miraculously, without His help, instantly arrive at the Faith end of the spectrum before He finds us ‘acceptable’ and starts working with us to get our life moving onwards and upwards. But if we awaken to the point where we begin to find in our heart a deep and true and earnest desire to move in that direction — perhaps because we are beginning to realise that the Reckoning end is two-dimensional, hollow, flat, unenlivening, cold, hard, calculating(!), ruthless, soulless, uninspiring, exhausting…. — and ask for help in making a leap of faith into Faith, we are always heard.

We don’t need to go to church to do this, or say a rosary, or confess to a priest, or invoke intercession of the Saints — although they will always be glad to assist! As we take that leap of faith we are always lovingly helped and guided. Believing this will be immeasurably beneficial in enabling that help to be received and experienced.

It will be serviceable if — when — we do make such a choice, to leave the calculator aside (metaphorically speaking) because a whole new dimension, or dynamic, of power starts to come into play that does not need or use a calculator. It is the power of the Spirit of Livingness. Calculators (including ready reckoners!) are not imbued with that Spirit.

All the calculations in this new dynamic are automatic, worked out for us by the benign Spirit of Life, which operates in and through us, enlarging our awareness, restoring us to remembrance that this is who we really are; drawing us back toward and into Itself. And there are no accidents, no coincidences. What may seem like an amazing chance happening is part of the synchronistic plan for us, and of which we are all inextricable parts.


Faith places us within the Living, loving, perfect, beneficent, caring dimension of Papa.


At first we will be functioning only partly in faith, but it is a start and is acceptable, placing us within help, not outside it, as is widely believed, due to some mistaken perceptions about worthiness. Faith places us within the living, loving, perfect, beneficent, caring, helping dimension of Papa. When we are wholly functioning from that place no calculator or spirit of reckoning will be required, but if we are not yet at that place it is not because the potential for us to be there does not already exist.

It is innately within us, as God, the Spirit of Creation and all life, is indivisibly within us, and we in Him. But He will never prod us or try to force us into that place, because He has given His Son free will. And He means it; the free will, that is. He never retracts that gift because He has given His word and His word is eternal, unchangeable and inviolable.

In one sense we have all eternity to awaken spiritually; there is no rush, unless we suddenly feel a sense of urgency to go forward — perhaps because we have just started to become aware of this reality and it somehow appears pressing because we feel we have fallen behind. However, a word of caution because the old adage, more haste, less speed applies.

Balance is an integral quality of Creation and of Creativity. If we try to rush along the Path back Home — a route that unfolds at our feet one step at a time, and is invisible to our Earthly senses — we will find ourselves out of balance in some aspect or aspects of our being, which is a multi-faceted phenomenon. Such imbalance will not be comfortable, profitable or healthy and will lead us into a place called bewilderment! Papa said to me in November 2008:

There is no rush to awaken. Eagerness, yes; but rushing is of ego, and engenders frustration, anxiety, turmoil. Remember, allow it to happen; do not attempt to rush it. Rushing is ego attempting to re-establish control.

As mentioned previously, the Creator Spirit is benign (why would the Creator be other to that which He has created?) and it is His job, His purpose, His desire, to strengthen and restore His ‘prodigal son’, not to break him. So, embarking upon such an adventure — which is likely to take half a lifetime and possibly much more, depending upon where on that Path one is at the time of awakening to awareness of it — is not as daunting as it may seem, in the context of Eternity, as one is about to take the first step!

If one decides to approach it as a grand adventure, to be enjoyed, knowing one will move a step at a time into more and more creative, spiritual empowerment, and will experience love, joy, wonders and fulfilment beyond all ‘spirit-of-reckoning consciousness’, it will be quickly found to have been boundlessly worthwhile. One’s perspective on Life will be utterly transformed.

This will not happen for those who are not ready for such a leap of faith, and the way to know if you are ready is just the same as knowing if you wish to marry that person to whom you are so attracted: if you know of a certainty that fulfilment of your heart’s desire cannot take place without that person, (or taking this leap of faith), then you are ready. Otherwise, you are not; and even if initial steps are taken, out of idle curiosity, it will not be long before the interest wanes and the attractions of time and place regain pole position in the attention stakes.






11.    The Crucifixion: “I did it to get your attention”


One of the factors that were so beneficial to Theresa’s healing from the trauma of her childhood, which caused her to have such a distorted self-perception, was counselling, lovingly given at a centre for Christian healing, to which she was introduced by a friendly soul from the office building where we had our business at that time. Over a period of about ten years Theresa regularly attended their Wednesday evening service of healing ministry, and perhaps once a year she stayed in-house for a week of intensive prayer-counselling. These sessions, the like of which are described in Seeds of Redemption, would bring enlightenment by the Spirit of Truth about the factors from her childhood that were still impacting her life and self-perception, enabling a releasing process to take place from the burdens of childhood conditioning.

This centre of Christian healing was of inestimable benefit to Theresa, and the counsellors and other volunteers and staff there had wonderful commitment to their calling and sincerity in carrying it out. However, in spite of their perceptions about spiritual healing (as distinct from spiritualist healing) being somewhat advanced compared with more conservative, orthodox Christian church-minded people, they had no awareness of those from the Realms of Light so closely attendant upon them ministering unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men. Indeed, were one to have mentioned such and one’s actual, conscious awareness of and intercourse with the same, one would have rapidly become persona non grata.

Nevertheless, because of their commitment and sincerity, much good work (aided and abetted from the Realms of Light in a much more palpable manner than they had any experiential awareness, even though they believed it as a matter of doctrine and faith) was accomplished, and Theresa was greatly helped by them over the years she attended.

From time to time I accompanied her to the Wednesday evening service. On one such occasion there was a talk given by the retired principal of a nearby Bible college. He spoke at length about the crucifixion, keeping well within the confines of orthodox Anglican perceptions of this pivotal historic event.

The Crucifixion — and, of course, the Resurrection — is, rightfully, a central aspect of all people professing the Christian faith, and I had thought about this momentous event countless times over the years since I had, as a young adult, given my life into the care, guiding and protection of Jesus. It had always seemed to me that there was something so deeply and profoundly mystical about it that it placed any comprehensive insight into the true depth of significance of the event for mankind well beyond the reach of Earth-mind perceptibility. This is fortified by the vast amount of ecclesiastical doctrine and mythology attached to the event and by which much of Western society is conditioned into limited and restrictive thought parameters.

I felt a longing to have a deeper insight into this crucial act in the purpose of Jesus’ incarnation, and this was brought into focus by the homily of that evening. I sat there, partly listening to the speaker, but more, directing my focus on the living Jesus, who had been so much a reality in my adult life, asking him for greater discernment on this, the most spiritually significant occurrence in the history of mankind. Instantly he spoke, taking me by surprise with the rapidity of the response and the casual manner in which the words were so immediately impressed into my mind, but massively more so by the impact of the words, so utterly different was his response from anything I could have begun to imagine:

I did it to get your attention.’

It was a throw-away line. He might as well have been speaking about doing something as (relatively!) mundane as a bungee jump in today’s world.

I sat there, stunned and yet also greatly excited. There was absolutely no doubt that this was the Master who had spoken, and it was further affirmed by the very characteristic nature of his response: designed to get my attention! Olga used to call him the Master of Surprises and I can attest to the validity of such a title.

This seven-word answer cut through all the mythology and doctrinal attachments of the institutionalised church. It brought the whole event down to Earth and made it something that anyone, regardless of their education, could accept, without any previous requirement to conform to any religious creed or doctrine. Jesus did not come to start a religion. He said, I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. (Jn. 10:10,11). He is speaking as the Good Shepherd of his flock —mankind, lost in deep spiritual wilderness. Here, he tells us that he has come that we might have LIFE, abundantly; not religion and mythology and dogma and rules and regulations and doctrines.


God is not preventing our entry into the Kingdom.  The only obstacle to our ‘entering in’ is our self.


Mankind was (still is) lost; we had (have) forgotten who we really are. He came to remind us and to lead us back to God in the eternity of Heaven, our true and only Home. In order to demonstrate his credentials that he was (is) the way, the truth and the life and therefore trustworthy to be followed, he had to do something that would grab our attention; not for a generation but for a full two millennia. This, so that he could, having got our attention, lead us, win our trust, our love, our willingness to follow so that he could show us that we are not just citizens of Eternity but citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven — because Eternity and the Kingdom of Heaven are one and the same. The Kingdom is a state of being one with Creation and of our Creator, to Whose wavelength we can attune here, now, in the illusory Earth life.

We don’t have to wait until we ‘die’ and go through some judgement process which will, according to some arbitrary set of rules (which vary according to the religion and the sect or denomination within each religion) determine our readiness/worthiness to become its citizens. God is not preventing our entry. The only obstacle to our ‘entering in’ is our self. We obstruct our entering in by not observing the Way to the Kingdom, or by observing it but choosing not to follow the Way.

There are those who say there are as many ways to the Kingdom (or nirvana or whatever one chooses to call it) as there are people. In the sense that we have all eternity in which to find it, that may be true because if we stumble around, spiritually blind, for long enough, the very fact that we, even in our blind state, are inextricably attached to, part of, one in the Creator Spirit, should indicate that we cannot but be drawn back to the Kingdom of which we are all citizens, however long that may take.

However, this does not take into account that ego is the antithesis of God and is therefore treacherous, lying and deceitful, and is deliberately using these negative, destructive qualities to keep us in the illusion of time and place, because ego’s time is up when we awaken to the reality of Eternity, and the remembrance that time and place is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. The ability of ego to mislead, confuse and shatter our confidence, trust, and one-pointed focus on eternal truth, should not be under-estimated; at least until we are totally certain — as Jesus was totally certain — of who we really are.

But in the Cosmic order of Life, those who are ahead on the Path of Progress back to Eternal Reality have an innate desire (not a wishy-washy, lukewarm, what’s-in-it-for-me desire but an absolute, unequivocal, totally committed, selfless desire) to help forward those further back on the path. Jesus is such a soul who has attained the state of full awakening to remembrance of and oneness with, God, the Creator Spirit. This desire to help is born of Love; spiritual Love, agapé, unconditional, Perfect Love; Love which sees through the illusions in which we have allowed ego to dupe us into believing ourselves as being: sinners, failures, unworthy, guilty, unlovable, limited, mortal etc., etc.

Jesus does not see us that way, and the reason he does not see us that way is because it is not the truth, and he sees only the truth. He sees us for who and what we really are: lost, mistaken, misled, confused, but his younger brothers and sisters nevertheless; all magnificent, innocent, guiltless Children of the Creator who are loved unconditionally, and beyond all Earth-mind imagining, by the Father from Whom he came because he loved us so totally, unconditionally, he simply could not stay away.

Nevertheless, the cosmic ‘rules of engagement’ stipulate that we do not, ever, force our true awareness of eternal reality on those who are not awake, or not ready to awaken to those realities. So Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and lives and knocks. If/when we hear him and invite him in, he will accept our invitation and come into our lives and fellowship with us (Rev. 3:20). He is the perfect gentleman. He longs to enter our lives and he knocks at the door and waits with infinite patience, knowing that when the time is right for us we will become aware of that knocking and open to him.

But he NEVER says, ‘Behold, I am charging at your door with a battering ram, so coming into your life, ready or not.’ And what would be the point? His agenda is God’s agenda and God’s agenda is our agenda. That agenda is that we are here (in the words of St. Paul, Acts ch. 17) to seek after God — even though He is not far from us — by our experiences in our earthly lives, until we find Him. Full stop. In reality, we will never find Him in the outer perceptions of Earth, because the physical universe is an ego-construct, all in the split-off-from-Truth part of the mind of God’s Son, not a creation of God at all, so He, God, is not here, in the without.

Ego will keep up the prestidigitation, to hoodwink us into believing this is reality and that God can be found here, if we look long and hard enough. But we can and do begin to realise, one step at a time, that God is not here, and that will get us beginning to look elsewhere than in the without of the Earth physical; namely, in the within. There are no conditions to our seeking except free will. Others, with a religious agenda, will try to say there are conditions, but this is not as stated by he who, assuredly, knows: Jesus of Nazareth.

This is not an attempt to proselytise citizens of Earth into becoming Christians, followers of Jesus of Nazareth, and away from some other persuasion (religious, agnostic or atheistic). It is simply setting out my understanding, born of my experiences since the 1960s, that regardless of how many ‘ways’ there are/may be to God, the way that I have found has been consistently trustworthy, reliable, loving and lovable, fun, joyful, rewarding, spiritually enlightening and illuminating, constant and steadfast, filled with life-transforming, empowering, spiritual, no-nonsense, take-it-or-leave-it truth.

It is not for me to try to persuade another free-spirit to follow the way I have followed. Indeed, first, each of us persuades our self which way to follow, led by an upwelling of desire from our own within; and second, anyone who wishes to try following the way described in this writing will find himself following a way which he will discover is uniquely his way, not mine. If he desires and chooses to ask Jesus to be his guide, the way along which Jesus will lead him and guide him will be the way Jesus knows is uniquely and perfectly right for him (the seeker), just as he did for me.

It cannot be otherwise, because each of us in time and place is unique, with our own individual potential to develop and fulfil. That is why we are here: to develop and fulfil the potential we have brought with us. That potential is, ultimately, spiritual, and is for the remembrance of who we really are, so that we can break the cycle of birth and death (what I call the carousel, or the not-so-merry-go-round) by forgiving ourself and our brethren, undoing ego and healing all the seemingly broken relationships that are keeping the karmic carousel going round and round, until at last all is restored to oneness in the Sonship. Then we will find ourselves as true Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Jesus knows this because he has remembered all this, and his job is to help us remember it also.


when an individual is ready to undergo an awakening experience, it will be in secret, with the ‘still, small voice’ speaking silently to and from his own within.


Congregational churches, with scores, hundreds or thousands of members can never be the mechanism by which we have awareness of, and communion with, the living Jesus, and the journey on which he will lead us ‘back to God’, to the Holy of Holies, to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is because the way, being mystical, is hidden from our earthly senses, and our journey is one-on-one with Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, not in a disparate crowd. Events proceeding in the without, with a congregation of people, will divert our focus from the within, where we have our meeting place with God.

Jesus’ admonition But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly (Mt 6:6) will be entirely more serviceable to the fulfilling of our awakening desire for communion with Him. If a person is at the place where such mass-fellowship in the without is adequate for his personal, spiritual seeking, so be it. But when an individual is ready to undergo an awakening experience, it will be in secret, with the ‘still, small voice’, the Voice for God, speaking silently to and from his own within.

It will not be dependent upon his regular or occasional attendance in a mass gathering of souls for organised worship, and if such a Damascene awakening event were to take place in such a mass gathering, he will ultimately be led by the Spirit away into a secret place, where, and only where, he will be able to open his heart and mind to the mystical experiences and revelations awaiting him. And it will be only when he enters into the closet, ‘alone’, and shuts the door, and there opens the door of his inner being in secret that the living Jesus will respond to his invitation to enter and engage with him in loving, spiritual, mystical, joyous, uplifting, exhilarating, enlightening fellowship.

Jesus, he will discover, is a one-on-one person. That one-on-one experience can then be shared with brothers of like-minded readiness for such sharing, such as was the case with Theresa, Steve and me, but our ultimate mystical encounters with the Holy One are, at this stage of our spiritual awakening, of necessity, ‘solitary’.

Meanwhile, in a mass-gathering of souls in a traditional church service, all the fellowship can and will be only in the without, ‘horizontally’, with the other congregants. Jesus, assuredly, will be there, in the midst, with them, loving, blessing and ministering to the sick and fainting spirits of men, but their focus will be too distracted by outer, horizontal-flowing energies to have vertical, mystical awareness of, and communion with, his living presence. Only those who are ready, spiritually, will be willing to hear and receive the blessing, new understanding and enlightenment that the sharing of such mystical awarenesses and experiences of his living presence in their midst brings.





12.  The False Doctrine of Sacrifice as the Path to Salvation


One of the most significant instances of scripture having the potential to turn the practice of Judaism and orthodox Christianity on their respective heads is to be found in Jeremiah 7:22, for which the 17th century translation into English, known as the King James, or Authorised, Version (KJV) reads:

For I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices.

This is an unequivocal statement by God to Jeremiah indicating that the very heart, the core, of Mosaic and Judaic religious tradition is founded on a false precept.  This is further supported in Psalm 51:16, which states:

For thou desirest not sacrifice... thou delightest not in burnt offering...

and vs. 17 says:

 The sacrifices (asked) of (by) God are a humble and contrite spirit.

Isaiah 57:15 supports this position by stating:

For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. 

King David further says:

I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving (Ps. 116:17)...

 ...clearly indicating that thanksgiving is entirely acceptable to God. If God required bloodletting to secure atonement, He would not countenance the dwelling with Him in the high and holy place those who ‘simply’ had a contrite and humble spirit.

It does not seem unreasonable to construe from these quotes that God does not require, and never has required, sacrifices or burnt offerings. It could not be stated plainer than this, from Jeremiah 6:20:

...your burnt offerings are not acceptable, nor your sacrifices sweet unto me.

The implications for orthodox Christian doctrine are staggering because this states that Jesus was/is the blood sacrifice, or atonement for all humanity, for all time, for their sins. This, as long as the sins are ‘confessed’ — thereby confirming those sins as ‘real’ — and forgiveness sought.  Further, that the penitent must state with his mouth and believe in his heart (Rom. 10:9) that Jesus is the one and only Son of God, the propitiator of our sins against the wrath of God.  

Unless these conditions are met, so says Church doctrine, God will judge us and condemn us to outer darkness at least, or eternal burning in the fires of hell. In other words, a very conditional arrangement for a God also doctrinally declared to be the God of unconditional love.  Orthodox Christian doctrine further states that this sacrifice of/by Jesus is the replacement, or substitute, for all the millions of Mosaic-tradition animal sacrifices that went before, and that subsequent to Jesus’ sacrifice, no further animal sacrifices are required by God.

Yet, as clearly shown by the Old Testament references, above, God never required sacrifices. Verse 23 of this seventh chapter of Jeremiah goes on to say:

But this thing commanded I them, saying, Obey my voice, and I will be your God, and ye shall be my people: and walk ye in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well unto you.

Hosea 6:6 states:

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

Jesus quotes this verse to the Pharisees in Mt. 9:13, suggesting to them that they go away and learn what it means! No doubt their egos were cut to the quick by this uneducated, bastard son (as they saw him) of an itinerant Galilean tradesman telling them where to get off.    


If Jesus had believed his crucifixion was intended to be a once-and-for-all blood sacrifice, he assuredly would have taught to that effect, but he gave no such teaching.


Would Jesus have quoted this word from the Old Testament prophet, clearly indicating his position — and its oneness with that of God — if it was intended that he, himself, would soon end up as the sacrifice that most manifestations of Christianity state as the fundamental tenet of their faith? If Jesus had believed his crucifixion was intended to be a once-and-for-all blood sacrifice, he assuredly would have taught to that effect, but he gave no such teaching.

This is not intended to repudiate that his crucifixion took place.  Instead, it is intended to indicate that his reasons for subjecting himself to this brutal form of execution were entirely different from the church doctrines about it, as discussed in Vignette 11, above, and as explained in great detail by Jesus himself in A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

Surely these scripture references indicate unequivocally God’s intentions for and toward His children.  If God is the God of unconditional Love, which religionists agree He is, and nothing of time and place — including sin — exists, because it is merely a dream, an illusion (which is the central theme of ACIM), there is nothing for God to renege on in respect of the unconditionality of His Love.  As there is no atonement for sins required by God, sacrifice cannot be on His agenda.  Indeed, the Old Testament contains literally hundreds of admonitions toward mercy (not sacrifice), most of which read, ‘His mercy endureth forever.’

So, after more than three centuries of unequivocal statement (in the KJV bible) that animal sacrifices/burnt offerings were not the intention of the God of mercy — which seemed to have escaped the attention of (or been conveniently overlooked by) both orthodox Jews and Christians — along come a raft of new translations. Most of these agree with the KJV version of the statement in Jeremiah 7:22 — but with two very notable exceptions: The New International Version (NIV), in which that pivotal verse has had one extra word added that causes the verse to imply the exact opposite meaning.  That word is ‘just’: 

For when I brought your forefathers out of Egypt and spoke to them, I did not just give them commands about burnt offerings and sacrifices.

The New Century translation adds the word only instead of just.   I have software with sixteen Bible translations, and all the others agree with the intent of the KJV wording. Some might say that the NIV and New Century wording is making change for change’s sake.  Others might ask if, perhaps, they were made to comply with and thus give (false) validation to Jewish and orthodox Christian doctrines held for millennia.

The term used by institutionalised religion for this doctrine of sacrifice is ‘Atonement’.  In religious circles it is pronounced ‘a-tone-ment’.  The actual, correct pronunciation is ‘at-one-ment,’ which derives not from Latin or Greek but from Anglo-Saxon, and literally means ‘making at one.’  This simple change of pronunciation helps to bring a totally different light of understanding to the whole confusion.

It is not the death of Jesus on the cross that ‘makes us at one’ with God but his life and his demonstration of Life’s indestructibleness by/through his resurrection and leading us back to God by reminding us who we really are: eternal, immortal Beings of Light, God’s perfect Son, all One within the Sonship.

As shown above, Bible scriptures completely negate the contrived, false, unauthorised-by-God-or-Jesus Christian Church doctrine that Jesus was sent by God (or volunteered) as a once and for all blood sacrifice to God to assuage His wrathful, vengeful frame of mind for the ‘sins of the world’.  This, and everything to do with sacrifice and suffering ‘for the good of the soul’ is not from the Voice for God, but from the voice of antiChrist, the ego.  This is made very comprehensively and unequivocally clear by Jesus (does anyone know better than he?) in ACIM. 

He chose to demonstrate the illusory nature of make-believe’s trump card — death — in a drama so intense that it would get our attention and hold it, for two thousand years, getting us to actually listen to him so that he could tell us the truth and we would have good reason to believe him.  The fact that ego-mindedness caused most of us to misconstrue his demonstration and interpret it as a God-intended sacrifice (just to continue the old, wrong pattern in a new form) was of no consequence to Jesus, who knew perfectly well that this would happen, because he knew that this is the nature of ego.

Here is what Jesus tells us in ACIM about the truth of our Being and the misperceptions we have made that got us into the spiritual darkness that hides this truth from our awareness:

Hear, then, the one answer of the Holy Spirit to all the questions the ego raises: You are a child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Him.  Nothing else exists and only this is real.  You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake.  There will be nothing left of your dream when you hear Him, because you will awaken.

Your dreams contain many of the ego’s symbols and they have confused you.  Yet that was only because you were asleep and did not know.  When you wake you will see the truth around you and in you, and you will no longer believe in dreams because they will have no reality for you.  Yet the Kingdom and all that you have created there will have great reality for you, because they are beautiful and true.

(ACIM, T-6.IV.6).






13.    A Mass Rescue and Healing.


Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world (Mt. 5:14). John states: Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he (Jesus) shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. (1Jn. 3:2).  We are now in the time of the fulfilment of John’s words.  We are awakening to the remembrance that we are like, or the same as, Jesus. 

Jesus is the saviour of the world and therefore, in truth, we also are, with him, the saviour of the world. He states plainly in A Course in Miracles that the world cannot be saved without our input, our involvement, because we are all, eternally, indivisibly, one.  And so, unless and until we choose to join with him, the Sonship is incomplete, and therefore, not saved, or saveable.

Ego would have us believe all this is arrogance in the extreme; a heresy, blasphemy, apostasy. But that is its effort to hide the Truth from us and keep us on the carousel of birth and death. Do we believe Jesus was/is arrogant?  There is no need of arrogance when one knows the Truth. Arrogance is bluster to cover fear and ignorance.

Ego is on very shaky ground because its foundation is built on a lie, an untruth, an unreality, and therefore has no substance to uphold it. So it is inevitable that the resistance of ego to this reality will fail and we shall remember the Truth of our Being, and our only purpose for appearing in time and place. This does not mean that any one of us must single-handedly take on the role of saviour, but when we begin to remember and accept our true, unlimited state of Being, we will actively want to participate in the saving process.  Only our belief in the illusion of limitation denies our acceptance of this truth.

Theresa and I attended a ‘Five-Day Intensive’ entitled Unconditional Love — the Place of Miracles by Michael Roads.  During this five-day event participants were led by Michael in a series of ‘Inner Experiences’ in which the attendant group is prompted to close their eyes, relax and enter into their own beautiful, landscaped valley, where all is peace, love and joy.  There, they can encounter whoever ‘shows up’.  This might be departed loved ones, or still-incarnate souls with whom we might have some outer conflict — major or minor.  We are invited to join with such visitors for a healing, loving, sharing, joining experience.

There is a pool, into which a waterfall flows, but the pool and waterfall is Love and Light, and when we enter the Love and Light wash away the cares, the hurts, the pain, the fear, the grievances, the unforgiveness and in their place inner peace, joy and unconditional love become the experience.  I had no-one particular in mind who I wanted to turn up.  Instead, to my surprise, I found myself in a sphere of Light, about the size of a small car, speeding through a large, dense forest at about the pace of a sprinting man.  This went on for quite a long time — maybe a minute or two; time is illusory, especially in a non-physical experience. 

I expected to arrive at a clearing in the forest, but this did not happen and the experience eventually faded out.  Then I found myself back in the lawned area of the valley, near the pool of Light.  A number of children — perhaps as many as twenty — appeared.  I opened my arms and my heart and they came racing to me, clambering right into me as my heart opened and expanded to receive them.  There was great love, joy and excitement.

Then, when it seemed all were ‘aboard’, a little boy of about three came stumbling/racing up, calling out, ‘Don’t forget me; don’t leave me out’, and into my heart he climbed with all the other children.  That little boy was me!  Then, as I pondered this later, I realised that all the other children also were ‘me’ from other incarnations.  They appeared as children because spiritually, that is what we, who are not yet conscious of being Awake, are.  This was a healing, rejoining, reunifying of aspects of Self that have been appearing as fragmented, broken ‘masquerade-costume’ personas, the ‘present’ one of which appears in form as ‘Brian’.

The scene then changed and these children/aspects of Self were playing joyfully in the pool and standing under the waterfall of Love and Light, immersing themselves in ‘Showers of Joy’ which were, at the same time, healing.  In due course Michael announced that it was now time for event participants to leave our valleys and return to our bodies in the event room.  As I began the return journey the children were a little reluctant to come with me because they were so happy playing in the pool.  However, as I reminded them that we were all now ‘re-joyned’ as one, they left the pool and came racing up to accompany me to the gate that led out of the valley.

As we walked toward the gate I became aware of untold numbers of African children amongst the trees that lined the edge of the valley.  These children — all boys as far as I could detect — have been killed/died in the multitudinous wars raging around Africa in recent times, and still continuing in many countries. It brings new meaning to the term ‘the dark continent’. 

The children — ranging from age about six to about twelve — have been forced into the fighting and killing.  The Love in that valley was so great that the fear and hatred that festers in their souls was sublimated by It and they were drawn to It.  They were still trepidatious about coming out from the woods and joining us because trust is still an issue in them after all they have experienced, but the look on their faces (seared into their souls — and mine!) was a combination of, ‘Please can we join you?  Will it really be safe to join you, as it appears to be?  We are so desperately in need of love, comfort, succour, nurturing, LOVING, and we can see the Love radiating from you and in this beautiful place.’

But they were still tinged with doubt, uncertainty.  I assured them they would be safe if they felt able to emerge from the dense woods, which was a place in which they believed they could hide, if need be, from more of what had been their wretched, terrified lives.  But I felt that remaining focused on the reunifying process with the aspects of Self was the priority of the moment, in order not to become distracted and somehow ‘lose contact with the process’. So I paused, looked deep into their souls and promised them I would not, could not, forget them; would be back for them very soon, and would bring help with me for them. 

The next morning I returned, to assure them I had not forgotten them and would never abandon them.  The following day, I went back and was aware that there were also thousands of girls there.  They had been hiding further back in the woods on the two previous occasions.  These girls, all also pre- or barely-adolescent, as far as I could see, had been brutally raped and otherwise abused, and murdered.

I had promised these children I would be back for them and would bring them help to take them to a safer place; a place of Light, Love, Peace, Joy and healing of the terror, hatred, killing, abuse, murder that was all they had known.  Yet the fact was, although I had total, unswerving commitment to help them, rescue them, bring them to Love, I had no idea whether I was empowered sufficiently for such a seemingly mammoth task, nor how to go about it. 

Indeed, I knew that of myself I definitely could not accomplish this.  Nevertheless, having made an absolute commitment to them, I had no intention of not going back.  As I returned to them that third morning, the relief on their faces — the dissolving of doubt into hope — that I had not abandoned them was enough to melt the hardest heart.  As I approached them to show them my love and benign intent, suddenly, Jesus was there, coming from behind me toward them.

As I became aware of this I realised that all that was needed of me was to reassure them, demonstrate to them that they are loved, unconditionally.  This placed them at ease and receptive to loving help; indeed, eager for it and aware that it was possible, available, whereas until these encounters they were unaware of any hope at all.  This establishes a preparedness in their hearts and minds (as is the case with any who are in desperate need of succour, or rescue from terrible experience) to receive the help.  Without that it would not have been possible for them to be aware of Jesus’ presence, because fear obscures the awareness of the Realms of Light.


He opened his arms, wide enough to enfold the world, and these blessed children came rushing into those all-loving, all-embracing arms and heart.


The previous two encounters with them had enabled that preparedness, and their becoming aware of Jesus.  Needless to say, I was profoundly grateful that he had come, because until that moment I hadn’t a clue how to proceed from there.  How characteristic of him to turn up at precisely the appointed moment!  He squatted — to be at eye level with the children — and opened his arms, wide enough to enfold the world, and these blessed children came rushing out from the woods, into those all-loving, all-embracing arms and heart.   They knew they were now safe and LOVED; that there would not, could not be any more terror, emptiness, abandonment, uncertainty. 

It was a priceless, precious moment which I will never forget.  To know there has now been established this ‘bridge’ between this dark place from where these precious souls have come, to the Light, to release, relief, and across which an indeterminate, limitless number of others will now be able to follow, is a great treasure, a ‘pearl of great price’.  Days later I realised that the journey through the forest in the sphere of Light was, in some way of which I was unaware at the time, to establish a connection with those African children who were hiding there.

I have a feeling that there must have been around half a million of these, our brothers in the Sonship of God.  There are untold millions more, from every continent, lost, terrified, hopeless, helpless.  Jesus would not leave one of us — you, me, them — without succour, help, rescue, healing, LOVE.  We do not have to be fully Awake, Self-realised, to offer our assistance and thus each be, along with him, saviours of the world. 

There are those who would say of themselves, ‘How can I be a saviour of the world?  I have not been authorised or empowered for such.’  The only authority and empowerment required are desire, willingness and love for our fellows, our brothers.  Jesus and/or the Spirit of Truth, our real Self, will accomplish all the rest for us.







14.    “There is no light of discernment


During the late 1980s and early 1990s Steve and I usually met mid-week at a local hostelry, often one called The Little Owl, for a glass of ale and kingdomly fellowship. We have had many amazing experiences and encounters on these occasions, and the Master Jesus was almost always present to one degree or another of our awareness of him.

On one occasion, at the Little Owl, Steve had taken a comfort break, and as I sat there awaiting his return and looking around the bar area, across the room I saw a group of about half a dozen young men, early thirties, standing and quaffing their drinks, enjoying a light-hearted time together. As I casually watched this happening, I saw the Master Jesus walk across the room toward them. He came right up to them, put his arms around the shoulders of two of the men in the group (I feel sure that with his heart he embraced them all equally) and stood there in easy togetherness with them.

Needless to say, none of these young men had any awareness of his presence in their midst. This did not distress the Master, of course, and he stayed with them for a few moments, radiating his unconditional love toward them. I feel certain that even if they had no conscious awareness of this, at the psychic level they will have felt it, and no doubt went home feeling that they had enjoyed precious, quality time together.

After maybe twenty or thirty seconds, Jesus turned his head toward me and said, indicating the young men, There is no light of discernment. There was no dismay, disappointment, judgement or any negative vibration in his observation. It was a simple statement of fact, with barely the tiniest tinge of sadness, and in no way lessened his love for them all. I do feel sure that he would dearly have loved them to have been aware of him, but if they had, and had realised who he was, it would have put them ill-at-ease; and of course, that is the last thing the Master wishes to do with any of his ‘little ones’.

On another occasion, Steve and I went to a hostelry at Tewkesbury, a charming, riverside town in north Gloucestershire with roots back to Roman times. There are many Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings in the town and it has a rather timeless aura about it.

As we sat enjoying our ale and fellowship Steve suddenly said, I have been aware of a man standing to my left and he seems to have been brought here by two angels. I didn’t like this intrusion so I said to him, I command you, in the name and by the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to go away and not to return."

What happened? I asked.

He took a big step backwards and had a rather shocked look on his face, Steve replied. But he didn’t go away and the angels are still standing either side of him, upholding him."

Do you believe this man to be evil?

No, he said, just an unwanted intruder. No doubt he has problems, but so have we all, and who needs this interruption?

I began to pick up on the vibes of what was going on and it became clear to me that this man had been brought to us for help, blessing and release from whatever condition was holding him back. There was no evil intent about him but he was clearly in distress.

I was well aware that in cosmic law, we go forward and are blessed ourselves by our acts of blessing and helping others to go forward, and I suggested to Steve that here was a soul  who had been brought to us for our help; that this is a kingdomly thing to do and a true Christ service. The light dawned in Steve and he realised that this was indeed the case. His whole attitude changed toward the visitor, and together we blessed him for the peace of Heaven and release from his distress and going forward into the Light.

Later, as we stepped outside to make our way home, Steve told me he could see the street packed with souls from Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Tudor and all ages, each going about his business, completely oblivious to the presence of the people from all the other eras, walking right through each other. He could see the present day events, with electric street lights, Tarmac road; cobble-stone paving and gas lamps; unpaved, unlit street, all superimposed upon each other.

Clearly, they were still acting out the conditions of their earthly lives many years and even centuries after they have departed their earthly bodies. This is so even for those whose end to their incarnation was not traumatic, but are not yet at the place of awakening whereby they realise they have laid aside their body.

It was not just the half-dozen young men at the Little Owl for whom there is ‘no light of discernment’. How needy the world is for a completely new understanding of who and where we all really are, and the spiritual source, origin and eternal, divine nature of our being. This will not just benefit the presently incarnate generation, but past and future generations also, because those from previous eras — who have, as the Master once said to me, …left their Earth bodies behind but not their Earth mind — can then be blessed for release from being stuck in their time-warp and go forward into a new phase of awakening on the path back to Eternity. Those of ‘future’ generations, meanwhile, will be able to receive more serviceable reminders from their elders about who they really are: citizens of Eternity, returning to Earth for another opportunity to resolve outstanding issues through the process of true forgiveness, and thus enable the hastening of their return Home, permanently, having dispelled ego and left behind any need for time and place in which to ‘hide’ from Papa.






15.    Animals and eternity


On our way back from one of our midweek evenings at the pub for spiritual fellowship, as we drove through the Gloucestershire countryside at about 11 pm, I saw, in the light from the car’s headlamps, a barn owl flying at tree-top height above us. Suddenly it swooped down at the car. Its head smashed into the windscreen right in front of my face and its eye burst on impact, spreading the vitreous humour over the glass, partially obscuring my vision.

The bird disappeared from view, presumably being tossed over the roof of the car. I stopped and Steve, very distressed — as was I also — by seeing this beautiful, (endangered species of) bird mortally wounded, said, "I must see if I can find it", and got out to look for it.

Steve, I said, the poor creature could not have survived that impact; it is dead.

Nevertheless, he could not give up without a look. But it was an impossible task, in the country, no street lights, a thick hedge obscuring the view into the neighbouring field, and after a few minutes he got back into the car. Neither of us knew why this bird should have apparently deliberately swooped down from sixty feet in the air straight into the car, as if attacking it. Years afterward I was told that barn owls are very territorial and will attack anything they perceive as a threatening intruder into their area.

Later, as I got into bed, the experience was deeply embedded into my mind and I said to Papa, I bless this beautiful creature for Your peace.

Instantly I saw Him, the owl cradled in His left arm and stroking it with His right hand, lovingly and tenderly. He said to me, Many of My creatures will return to Me this night. Then, after a slight pause, All are within My care.

Of course, at the intellectual level I knew this to be true but the experience of Papa showing me His precious love for this beautiful creature, nurtured in His arms like that and speaking those words, brought home to me in a very comforting and reassuring way, the actuality of His universal and yet always tender, caring, perfect LOVE.




Theresa and I had been visiting friends and family in Sussex one summer weekend in 2002. As we headed off for Gloucestershire through Ashdown Forest, where I had spent an idyllic childhood on the farm, we came round a bend and there, lying toward the side of the road was a deer. It had been hit by a car; there were bits of bumper and other vehicle debris in the road. This had happened only moments before our arrival on the scene. The driver had not stopped. The deer was mortally wounded but fully conscious, unable to move other than its head. There was blood and frothy sputum coming from its nose, and in its flank was a huge bulge, about the size of a rugby ball, and swelling visibly by the minute. My guess was that this was internal bleeding.

I felt absolutely helpless. Heart and soul overflowed with love and compassion for this beautiful creature, struck down in its prime, life ebbing swiftly away. After the experience with the barn owl a few years before, and remembering Papa’s words, I cradled its head, looking into its eyes. They were completely calm and accepting. I gave thanks for its life and blessed it over and over and over, committing it into Papa’s loving, precious care, all the while asking that He receive it quickly and bring a swift end to this distress. It seemed to take an interminable time, but after what was probably about five minutes it was gone, back to Papa. Alleluia.

The next morning, back at Gloucester, I sat at my desk attending to the day’s events when suddenly, there beside me at my left was the deer, large as life. I reached out to stroke it and it nuzzled my hand. We communed silently for a few, loving moments, soul to soul, two individuations of Life, unified in this moment of eternity in mutual recognition that we are each part of the Oneness that is the Source of All. Then, instantly, it was gone, running free in peace and joy.


When humanity has awakened to the place of Oneness, there will be no need for laws against activities that deprive any of the other life forms of their natural dignity and freedom.


Truly, not only are we humans all children of the One God, brothers and sisters one and all, but all living things, in all their diverse forms of manifestation, are of the same, One Life. To become aware of this and to experience its reality is a blessing beyond any experience of the ‘spirit of reckoning’ consciousness, which perceives separateness as its reality. When humanity has awakened to the place where the experience of the Oneness becomes its reality, there will be no need for laws against cruelty to animals, factory farming and all the other activities of man that deprive any of the other life forms of their natural dignity and freedom.







16.      Peter: “I came to clear the way for her”


In 1992 our older daughter went to Gloucestershire’s college of agriculture to take a three-year course in equine management. She had been in love with horses from the time she was a toddler. My grandfather, Poppa, had been a horse breeder and Pop was also a horse lover but whilst I can admire a fine looking horse from the other side of a fence, horses do not seem to recognise me as their friend! So horse whispering skipped a generation with me, but it came back with the next generation. She took to the course like a duck to water, but it was to be short-lived.

The phone rang one day at lunch time. I was out walking the dog when Theresa took the call. It was the college calling to say, ‘Just to tell you that the ambulance with your daughter on board has just left here on its way to the hospital’, and then hung up. You can imagine the goings on from that moment, but to cut to the chase, she had been thrown from a skittish horse that had been overworked and had had enough for the day, had landed flat on her back and fractured two lumbar vertebrae. The fact that she ended up neither dead nor paralysed is a blessed act of Providence if ever there was one!

The ambulance paramedics were fantastic in every possible way: professional, kind, caring, gentle, loving, kept her spirits up; even visited her in the ward days afterwards.

Theresa got to the hospital about the same time as the ambulance carrying our daughter. At the hospital they gave her opiates for the pain. Theresa and I took it in turns visiting her while she was there for about ten days. During that time she made a truly spectacular recovery. She had to give up the Equine Management idea as a career prospect, but her life is largely unaffected by this experience, as demonstrated by the fact that her main sporting love is snowboarding.

One evening when I was visiting her in hospital the conversation somehow got onto the subject of her siblings in spirit; especially Peter, with whom she has always had a very close bond, through innumerable incarnations. Mark, the boyfriend of the time, wanted to know about Peter so I started to explain how he was her big brother, who had not made it through into this world because of the problem Theresa had had with the car accident at age eighteen causing a rotated pelvis, resulting in the womb being distorted, and his fœtus not having room to develop fully, thus ending in deformation, death and miscarriage of his developing body at thirty weeks of gestation.

Mark sat there taking all this in and was understandably quiet for a while, as were we all. During that silence I heard Peter, who had doubtless been with us all along, suddenly say, I came to clear the way for her.

The impact of that statement was electrifying and we were instantly welled-up with its implications. This meant that he knew it would not be possible for Theresa to carry a baby to full term in the displaced uterus (her rotated pelvis was re-positioned by a chiropractor when Theresa was two months into her second pregnancy) and had deliberately decided to take what he knew would be a body that could never survive, in order that it would grow and gradually push the womb back into a correct position so that his sibling could come through after him into this life. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (Jn. 15:13). Theresa wept when I told her of this revelation later that evening.







17.    Religious Mythology


So much of biblical/religionist terminology is allegory, symbol and/or analogy. Jesus used symbols to create images so that the people of his time and these times could understand the Principles of Life of the Father. For example, use of the word ‘fallen’ to describe the state/condition of Earth-life humanity refers to a state of consciousness. Most of us in the Earth life are conscious at a very limited level compared with our true, eternal, all-knowing awareness (Now are we the sons of God but it doth not yet appear…), so in that sense we are ‘fallen’. It is nothing to do with fallen in the way it has been construed by mainstream Christian denominations, who perceive the word as meaning fallen into ‘sin’ — or ‘out of Grace’ with the Father Creator. That perception is religious mythology fabricated to obtain and maintain power over people by the consciousness of fear.

Similarly, the concepts of evil, the devil and hell are mythological/allegorical constructs to explain the ego, and project the guilt and fear away onto any person or thing outside the self.

Throughout most of my journey with Jesus he continued to use these symbols that he used during his Earth life — and that are part of biblical and religious terminology — in his leading me to a more spiritually awakened state of awareness. There is nothing wrong with the allegories; it is the limitation to growth of understanding that rigid maintenance of such terms as literal which is unserviceable to the spiritual awakening of humanity to the Truth of Eternity and our integral place in It.






18.    The Not-so-Distant Shore


This experience came in the form of a dream. It was very vivid, and I was both witnessing it and participating in it at the same time.

On a well-populated, sandy beach of the island there is frequent talk about a fabled land across the sea. Some are convinced of its reality, others are undecided, and yet others are completely unwilling to believe.

Many — most, even — would like to escape from the island to this idyllic, Elysian place, which offers so much more than the island on which the people appear to be marooned, living barely an existence. A legend has developed that the distant place is the true home of these people; that the island is a temporary habitation only and this is why so many crowd the beach, hoping for a glimpse of their true home, so far away across the sea. But fear of the unknown keeps the people indecisive about seeking ways to reach their heart’s desire, and so they remain wistfully on the beach, vainly hoping for a way to be opened for them.

From time to time someone ventures out into the sea, almost in desperation, as if to swim to their true home, unable to wait any longer. Many watch the venturer, with mixed emotions; some express great doubt and trepidation, and call him back, exhorting him to give up his hopeless quest. Others eagerly urge him on, willing him to succeed, perhaps against all reason or expectation, to reach the Promised Land, from whence he will, perhaps, return with great news of its reality and a safe passage there for the rest of the island dwellers.

Most who venture into the water turn back after a short distance, too unsure, discouraged by those on the beach calling to them that it is too hazardous, and they will never make it; and besides, who can be certain that the Elysian land is even there? Those venturers who are not tempted back by their fellow island dwellers and, out of unremitting hope, or perhaps, desperation, continue on their way, eventually disappear from view in the sea, and no-one knows if they have made a safe passage or have been lost forever. Sometimes a large wave appears to swamp the swimmer, and the watchers from the beach say, There, it is much too hazardous; we dare not risk it. It would be suicide. We’re better off staying here; at least it’s what we know.

Much of the time the view across the water is hazy, and visibility is limited to only a few miles. But occasionally the haze clears and people strain to see if the distant shore can be detected. Sometimes it seems as if it is just visible, far out at the horizon, and a great gasp goes out amongst the people. Some excitedly cry out, Look! There it is, there it is. Others, fearful, say, No, it’s a mirage; it’s too faint… we cannot be certain. Then the haze returns to obscure the view and any possibility is lost, again, of the certainty being established that their much hoped-for homeland is there. The people resign themselves once more to remaining on the island.

Then, down onto the beach from the hinterland comes one of their number, who has said little, but in his heart of hearts has a deep, unshakeable, inner knowing of the distant shore’s reality and that it is where he and his fellow island dwellers belong. He is determined to find a way to get there. He has long held this commitment but now, finally, it takes hold of his heart and mind, obscuring all thoughts to the contrary, and galvanises him into action that has brought him from inland to the beach. He looks around and there, part hidden in a cleft where the beach rises into steep, grassy banks, he spies a tiny, flimsy, pitch-covered coracle.

Without hesitation he picks up the coracle, walks out into the sea with it and clambers aboard. It is just big enough to hold him, seems barely seaworthy and entirely inadequate for a voyage of indeterminate duration into the unknown. But he has taken a leap of faith, and so one-pointed is his commitment that he is determined to reach his destination, come what may.

Outwardly, it seems foolhardy; certain to end in disaster, and such misgivings are loudly echoed by many of the onlookers on the beach, who call out, Come back, you’ll never make it; that thing is a death trap. It will be swamped by the first wave, before you get half a mile out. Besides, sharks will rip it to pieces and then you’ll be a goner.

But in his heart he has a knowing, a certainty that, flimsy, unsafe and inadequate as the coracle outwardly appears to be, in direct proportion to his holding fast in faith, trust and commitment, he will be upheld and protected by an invisible hand, the Hand of Providence, and guided safely, regardless of the apparent hazards of the journey.

As each danger arises — high waves, boisterous winds, sharks circling menacingly — he reaffirms his faith in himself and his trust in the Guiding Hand, and as each threat passes without disaster, he gives thanks, and his faith and trust grow until he feels as if he is not paddling a tiny coracle, but soaring over the water, above the dangers, causing him to sense that he is no longer within their reach.

He notices that the breezes and the currents are now carrying him further and further from the island. His fellows on the beach become smaller and smaller; their voices warning of disaster fade into the distance until they are nothing. Now he is at the point of no return, but he is looking ahead only, with no thought of fear, no hankering for what he has left behind. The warm sun shines on his back and a shiver of anticipation and excitement courses through him. Gradually, the haze ahead thins out before him and there, suddenly, so near and welcoming is the beautiful-beyond-description, not-so-distant shore.

Upon it, waiting eagerly and lovingly to greet and embrace him into their midst are his loved ones, whom he has always known in his heart and soul were there for him, caring, exhorting, encouraging, blessing him every moment, regardless of where he was and what he was doing, until at last, by faith, he found his way home, rejoicing.

I had this dream in the 1990s. It was only in late 2005 that I began reading A Course in Miracles, for the first time, and it was well into 2006 before I came to Workbook Lesson 182, the first paragraph of which reads:

This world you seem to live in is not home to you. And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true. A memory of home keeps haunting you, as if there were a place that called you to return, although you do not recognize the voice, nor what it is the voice reminds you of. Yet still you feel an alien here, from somewhere all unknown. Nothing so definite that you could say with certainty you are an exile here. Just a persistent feeling, sometimes not more than a tiny throb, at other times hardly remembered, actively dismissed, but surely to return to mind again.






19.    Ted’s passing, rescue and going forward

In March 1994 Theresa’s dad, Ted, laid aside his body. There had been bad feeling between him and us for years and he had disowned Theresa, the girls and me in 1988 after I had told him in a letter that his offensive behaviour toward us was unacceptable and it would no longer be convenient for him to visit us. We heard of his passing a few days after the event, by telephone.

Theresa and I stood in the kitchen discussing him and this event when I was suddenly aware of him standing two or three paces away, listening to what we were saying. He had his back toward us but his head was partly turned so he could hear us. It was clear from this body language that he was rejecting us, even though he was eager to hear what we were saying about him.

After a moment, during which I took in what was happening, I said to him, Peace be with you. I might as well have given him an electric shock! He spun around so quickly it was almost a blur, and the look on his face indicated at once profound astonishment and incredulity. It was clear that he thought my attitude toward him would be identical to his toward me and that he had anticipated that, should his presence come to my attention — which assuredly he hoped would not be the case — I would say to him, ‘Rot in hell’, or some equally unfriendly, dismissive term.

Yet he knew, because he could not deny the vibes that his soul picked-up from my words, and more importantly, the sincerity with which they were spoken, that I meant what had been said. Had he been in the Earth life he may have been able to deny the sincerity, but in the etheric/psychic body, the vibes are indisputable and he knew, unquestionably because he felt it, that this was spoken honestly — from the heart.

That moment was the beginning of the rescue of Ted from a dark and dismal place; a place of his own fabrication. Although we know practically no details, we understand that he had come from a dysfunctional childhood home and sadly, in spite of many lofty aspirations, his life had not worked out accordingly.

He had had grand ambitions for his offspring, but his controlling and brutal treatment of them drove them from his influence at the first opportunity. This had been obvious from the earliest visits to Theresa’s family home back in 1968. His passing had been alone and lonely, and now, in the spirit world he was still alone and lonely, in spite of many years of involvement with spiritualism and a number of other occult groups.

At Communion on March 20th I wrote:

I had a sense that Edward (Ted), newly passed over, was watching (having been welcomed if he so wished). Gradually he warmed to the service, and certain parts were helpful and had special meaning for his circumstances.

At the offering of the bread he fell to his knees, overcome by the meaningfulness of the occasion and its pertinence for his life. There was a true sense of penitence emerging. At the offering of thanks for the bread he collapsed, as at the steps leading to a temple or cathedral, and a great emotional release set in, with uncontrollable sobbing. I saw his lips tremble as he began to go down. I sensed it was right to leave him to release his feelings. At the offering of the Wine of Christ Love for all in need, sorrow, sickness or any adversity, he grasped the chalice as if crazed by thirst, and drank deeply for a long time, taking great gulps and swallowing noisily. At the offering of thanks for the wine that converts tears into joy, death into life, I heard the Teacher say, We go forward.

I told Ted that John was here and he was amazed, looking around to find him. John stepped forward from behind the altar. He threw his arms around his dad and gave him a great, long, enveloping hug. Ted stood there, his arms at his side, totally unresponsive to John’s embrace. It was clear that Ted had no awareness whatever of John’s presence.

I then told Ted that Thelma (Theresa’s mother, who had laid aside her body in 1987) was also present and the response was somewhat more reserved. I sensed that Thelma, John and the others were ‘tall’ and that Ted was ‘small’. No doubt he will go forward, rejoicing, in due course. I saw him with John’s arm around his shoulder, standing, with John smiling and Ted looking a little unsure but hopeful, still unaware of John’s presence.

Jesus, my blessed Lord and Master, thank you for the privilege of this joyous occasion and opportunity to serve the Kingdom purpose. Thank you also for what it teaches me — that forgiveness can and should be unreserved, and that time makes no difference.

My son, this is Unconditional Love and it is the stuff of which the Kingdom is made. It is the most abundant element in creation (manifest and unmanifest) so there is no shortage of it. Take freely of it and fill your heart, soul, life, that it occupy all parts of you, leaving space for no other, contrary, vibrations. It shall spontaneously combust the dross of ‘Satan's harvest’ and purify all your being, that life abundant shall be yours, and power anew to further perform the Will of the Father shall be yours also. Thus shall the little ones sullied by the way of the enemy be transformed. I say unto you, well done, thou good and faithful servant; power of many things shall be yours according to your diligent service, commitment and watching for the return of your Lord.

I say also unto you, love and bless unreservedly, that the Kingdom may flow unrestrictedly through you into the Earth. Nevertheless, watch and guard, that evildoers have not their way with you. All is well; I am with you and have set my seal upon you, and my strong angel to guard your door. Peace be with you.

At communion on April 17th:

Steve and I were both aware of Ted as if he was in a pit, but eager to rise up. At the offering of the bread and wine he came very close, gripped my forearm with both hands and said, Forgive me, Brian.

At the dedication hymn Ted said, God was not at my departing, but sorrow and bitterness. I want to pray.

I can’t help you but Jesus can, I replied.

Who’s he? he answered, sardonically. What’s he ever done for me?This indicates the degree of his problem.

You may think he’s never done anything for you, I said, but I can assure you, he has done everything for me.

It was clear Ted did not understand the Teacher’s blessing (‘So shall the Peace of Christ abide with us and Holy Spirit lead us in Eternal Truth’) but Steve saw the Teacher rolling up his sleeves and saying, I’ll help him.

On April 24th:

Ted came in early in the Service and was straining forward intently, trying to see what we were experiencing. I said it would benefit him to prayerfully and sincerely contemplate the words, and discernment would gradually come to him.

He said to Steve, I want to speak! Help me say the right things. I want to see the God I know exists in my heart, but why Jesus? What has he ever accomplished for me in my life? I had a life of heartache and sorrow and not once did he come to my help. So why do I need him now? Let him come and help me here, now, if he will. I have no need of anyone but God. Show me that I need this Jesus, and I will turn to him. Okay?

As I poured the grape juice onto the water in the chalice, in preparation for the consecration, I felt as if this was the Lord pouring his life and his love into the life of the children of Earth to blend with it and raise it up, quicken it, from within. I felt his tenderness toward his little ones in this, his act of selfless giving.

On May 1st:

Ted was here from the start, his door (to his inner being) ‘bricked-up’ and he is having difficulty letting go and opening the door. But his seeking and desiring eternal truth and reality is sincere; and the words of the Service are having a loosening effect on the mortar of the brickwork. He has committed to coming again and again. The going forward process is underway, slowly but surely.

I said to him:

Dear Ted, there has been a great deal of ill feeling and misunderstanding between us over the years and my attitude toward you has been negative, even as I know has yours to me. But you see and hear in the words of this Service that all in the sight of God is positive — building, freeing, making new, making whole. It is my desire above all for my life to be made whole by attuning and becoming one with that love and giving. I know that cannot be unless and until I can expunge all the vestiges of my feelings and attitude toward you from the past. This is my sincere desire, to hold goodwill toward you. You see also how Theresa feels the same. Can we all be good friends and forgive and release our feelings from the past? This way we can all go forward, unencumbered.

Ted responded:

Brian, I know you are a good person; I see your sincerity in what you are doing. It has helped me already and I want to experience much more. It is very satisfying. I know many of my attitudes have been self-centred but this was actually because I believed what I was doing was right and I wanted the others to do it because I thought they would benefit by it. You are helping me to see that this was wrong. I am very, very sorry. I feel as if I need your forgiveness, and all the others too, for being so unbending. I want us to get on well. I see that what you are doing is more valuable than the ways of the world. You are helping me and I want to continue with this. Please be my friend now.

Ted, I am glad we’ve had this healing chat. By the Lord’s grace the barriers between us shall evaporate. You are welcome here always.

Thank you; I see how much I need that.

On May 8th Ted said to Steve:

I wish to speak. It is with deep regret that I look back on my life and the fiasco I have made of it and the lives of those I was supposed to love. I have caused unimaginable hurt and distress to my family and wish to make recompense for this. Show me the way, dear friend, for I cant seem to release myself from this pit. I feel as if I am sinking lower and lower. Dear God, help me get out of this place that I may make right all the wrongness I have caused. Dear God, forgive me. Show me this Light of Christ Jesus that you spoke of in your Service, and I will be willing to do whatever I can to make things right.

I, also, saw him in the same, circular pit I had seen him in before. It was about five or six paces across and about as deep as his own height. He was rather pathetically trying to get out, but his efforts lacked commitment and determination, and his tone of voice as he said, I can’t seem to get out of here, however much I try, clearly affirmed his lack of resolve, his demoralisation. It was apparent that he felt overwhelmed by the inadequacy of his ability to prevail in this situation.

At this point, Steve saw Ted turn around sorrowfully, and walk into a public lavatory as if that was where he lived. Steve asked the Lord how he could help him. The immediate response was, He must help himself.

Ted visited several more times in the ensuing weekly communion services, and was up on some visits and down on others. Although he had ups and downs, there didn’t seem to be any real forward progress, and I eventually said to John, Your dad doesn’t seem to be going forward and I am fresh out of ideas what to do or where to go from here. All I can do is say, ‘over to you’.

I didn’t see or hear anything more of Ted for some weeks and rather wondered if there would ever be any further contact from him. Then, at communion on August 28th I wrote:

This has been a remarkable Communion. Ted knocked diffidently at the door, pushed it partly open and said he had found a new friend and would it be all right to bring him along to the service? I of course said yes, and Ted entered, closely followed by his new friend, who I instantly recognised as John. He (John) was wearing plastic spectacle frames with an attached plastic nose, eyebrows and moustache!

It was such a comical sight and it was so obvious to me who he was that I nearly burst out laughing, but he put his finger to his mouth in a gesture indicating to me that I should not give the game away. It was evident that Ted had no idea who this new friend really was. Assuredly John would have been properly disguised to the perception of his dad but this was neither required nor desired for me. The objective was to show me that he was disguised so that Ted would not know who he was — until the time was right to reveal it.

It was also evident that when I had said to John earlier in the year, Over to you, he had indeed taken over (thank goodness) and I realised that he had shortly afterwards gone to visit Ted — who I had seen was living alone, dejected and bereft of hope and ambition, in a hovel in a grey and dismal landscape — disguised so that Ted would not recognise him. He had befriended this lost and lonely, bewildered soul, and gradually, rather like Jesus speaking to the two travellers on the road to Emmaus (Lk. 24:13ff), had, over a number of visits and a number of weeks (of Earth time, anyway!) been leading Ted, one step at a time, through the process of opening his eyes to the realities of Jesus and Eternal Truth.

John was carrying a small, fold-up picnic table (miniature banquet feast for two) with a large, tall, white enamel jug of wine. He unfolded the table and set the jug on the ground beside him, inviting Ted to join him at the table, which immediately became filled with good things to eat. Ted saw this and looked at John in astonishment, inquiring how he had done this, but John dismissed the matter as being nothing out of the ordinary. They sat at the table during the proceedings of the service, in convivial good fellowship, partaking of the banquet of good food and wine, which John poured for Ted from the jug every time Ted’s glass got low.

At our October 2nd Service:

Near the beginning, Ted came rushing excitedly in, straight up to me, gripped my left sleeve tightly in both hands and said, I’ve found John! I have forgotten about all that nonsense (the past events), and I’m ready to go forward, unreservedly!

He was twirling and dancing spontaneously with sheer joy and uncontainable excitement. I was reminded of King David leaping and dancing as the Ark of the Covenant, recovered from the Philistines, was brought back into Jerusalem (2 Samuel: ch. 2). All those present in spirit clapped and cheered, and Betty, my mother, who had laid aside her earthly body in May the same year, welcomed him to join her in the attendant gathering. John resumed his customary role as an Inner-Plane Sanctuary server but the others present called three cheers for him and sang, ‘For he is a jolly good fellow’, causing embarrassed remonstrations from John, who blushed pink at being the focus of so much loving attention.

Master Jesus, my beloved Lord and friend, thanks be to you and our Almighty heavenly Father for the wonders of Heaven and for the joy of all the company of the Kingdom and these blessed rescue missions, which by your love, grace and power are able to be effected. I know this is the time of much rescuing and that there are still untold numbers of souls, incarnate and excarnate, who are not aware of the Kingdom reality but who, if they were, would desire to be one with its joy, fellowship and fulfilment.

My beloved son and friend, fear not; all is well. Think you that I would leave one single soul, a child of my Father, out of the celebration? I assure you that provision has been made that all shall receive an invitation and shall be proffered a garment fitting for the wedding banquet. Have no concern for the ways and means by which men of goodwill shall be awakened in time. Rather, pray and commit all such into the loving care of the Holy One, by Whom comes all grace, righteousness and wholeness. Ponder all things of the Kingdom in your heart and let wisdom bring silence and humility, save where my spirit moves you to speak. Then shall the eternal, living word be adequate for each occasion as it arises.

Go in peace and rejoice — now is the time.

October 9th was a Communion filled with joy.

I saw the Service structure as a vine that before my eyes sprouted new shoots in all directions, symbolising its value as the basis for spiritual awakening from which new growth is inevitable. Ted has been transformed and is unreserved in his new-found commitment to the Lord. He said:

Brian, I have been wrong about so much, and this has caused grave misunderstanding, hurt and abuse. I cannot tell you how much I regret all the wrong, but John — God bless him — has shown me that the best and the only way to make up for the wrong is to work for good, and the best and only way to do that is by an absolute commitment to Jesus. Well I can tell you that this was something I would have run a mile from before, but you all have helped me to see, by your sincerity, commitment and the love and power of this Communion that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Forget the baloney of the Earth church doctrine and dogma, which I rejected many years ago for its lack of humility, lack of practising what it preached, and on and on.

I realise I have a great deal to learn but I am now ready to start again from scratch. There’s plenty to do and I want to give my total commitment to making good all the wrong. Thank you all, each of you, for your understanding, your forgiving nature and your acceptance of me in this brotherhood of Christ attunement and celebration. I am whole-heartedly with it. I want to help all who are lost, or stuck, or hurting. I know I can do that with your help and that you are willing parties to it. We can work to the greater good as a team. John and Peter have been telling me about teamwork. I am willing to learn all about the ways of the Lord; I see he is the only way. God bless you, Brian and you, Theresa, for your love and understanding.

Your new friend, Ted. I had to get this off my chest.

On October 16th:

At the beginning, Ted stood up and sang the hymn, Alleluia, sing to Jesus… What a transformation!

Beloved Jesus, Lord and Master, this transformation of Ted is as great a wonder and joy as any I can recall.

My beloved friend, this is the power of love and commitment to Eternal Truth. It is all-encompassing and shall make all things new. It is in your life, one with you, part of you and you are part of it. It is all available to you for good, and by it shall be fulfilment of your heart’s desire. What you see and experience is but the beginning for you. It is a gift, given freely. It cannot be abused, only used, in love and the spirit of goodwill for good works in my name for our Father. All that you ask in my name, believing, our Father will give.

Have no fear, but be assured that all is well. Although the enemy is ever close, you are, by your commitment, within the aura of my protection. The enemy has no part in me, and you are protected absolutely by your oneness with me. Remember this as each opportunity to go forward arises, my son. You have entered in to the Inner Sanctuary, and from therein shall your service be rendered. Go not out, for the invitation is to all to enter in, and those who would do so shall receive of you the living word at the entranceway. Let the holy chalice also be offered, for you have seen how the wanderers in the wilderness crave its restoring liquid.

I am your guide, and lead you in every step. Remain until I shine the lamp of eternal illumination at your feet to make sure and clear the path before you. Thus shall no distress be rendered unto you. You have trodden the narrow and straight path of service, my son; all is well for you and your beloved Companion of the Way. Rejoice; the banquet feast awaits.

Ted continued to be present and actively involved in our weekly Services and there were many acts of rescue and succour for lost and bewildered souls, wandering in wilderness conditions, in which Ted played a vitally contributing role, showing much Christ-love, blessing and commitment.

Then, at communion on April 28th 1996:

 I was marvelling at the changes beginning to take place in the hearts, lives and conditions of Theresa’s sisters, and glory that this is the hand of the Lord, no doubt with committed input from John and Ted in spirit. John immediately spoke:

This shows the power of Almighty God and how it can work for good in the lives of those who commit themselves to Him.

I said, “John, my dear and beloved friend and brother in Jesus Christ, I have known you and Ted would be beavering away for rescue of Laura and Margaret, as well as others.

Too excited to contain himself, Ted jumped in. Brian, this service, your sincerity and commitment, have been the instruments of my rescue. Lord only knows how long I would have been in the pit of despair otherwise. Don’t you think I know how my own bull-headedness (Taurus!) caused this almighty mess in the first place? Nevertheless, I have, by the grace of God, put all that self-punishment behind me, with untold help from countless people.

And your and Theresa’s lives and commitment to Jesus has been true inspiration to me, strengthening my commitment and resolve to do everything for my beloved family, as well as all else who are brought to me for help by the Lord. Yes, I know him; yes, I love him; yes, he is my Lord; Lord of my life. Glory be to God for all His ways of love and perfection. Remember how I sought perfection, even demanded it? Well now I’ve truly found it and it’s all so much more relaxing. And I have John, my beloved son and friend. We are all — you and us — one great big happy family and we are overjoyed at your new status. (As grandparents).

John begins again:

Brian, Dad has, I think, stopped for breath, so I guess I can put in a word or two! It is not as hard over here to bring about changes in the lives of souls in the Earth as it is from within the Earth-life, at least not in the way of those who are outwardly in left field. This is immeasurably easier when we have the power and energy to help us, generated by the prayers of Earth-life souls such as you and Titch (Theresa). It is all, as Dad says, by the grace of God. Not one soul who can be rescued is to be left behind. This is the Word of Command from Papa, through our Lord Jesus, and is echoed, reverberating around all the halls of Heaven. It is accomplished by the gift, the life of Jesus, and can now be implemented by the co-operation of all who love him.


Papa wants us to respond to opportunities, not to try to create them.


In such opportunities as are being brought about shortly, all I ask is your awareness that it is God, our Father, who will perform the necessary transformation, and this can happen most readily by our willingness and commitment to allow Him to do it. It is such a strong temptation to jump in and take things head to head. Papa wants us to respond to opportunities, not to try to create them. He is the Creator and wants us to let Him attend to His work and for us to attend to ours. Watch this space for developments.

And as for Titch. She is some courageous lady. I take off my hat to her. You will see the metamorphosis and she will emerge in full flight.* You knew she could do it and your faith in her has stood her in good stead. What a team!

Peace and joy be with you all; remember, we are all one big family and family means commitment. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for everything.

God bless and keep you, John and Ted.

* Earlier this week I saw Theresa as a giant, human-size chrysalis sitting on the sofa. Before my eyes a huge — human-size — white, radiant butterfly emerged and flew, without a moment’s pausing, straight up, vertically, in the air. The emergence and taking of flight was a single, seamless movement, the folded wings as they emerged from the chrysalis case unfolding as the butterfly took off, and were fully extended by the time the first beat of the wings took place.






20.    From breaking rocks to breaking bread


During Communion one Sunday in November 1994, I recorded the following experience:

We suddenly were in a huge cavern about sixty or eighty metres high and disappearing out of sight into the distance in front of us, with many thousands of souls, lost and labouring, breaking rocks with sledge-hammers, piling them up, loading them into wheelbarrows, moving them to another part of the cavern, unloading them into other, new piles. They appeared to be doing this almost in a state of trance, aimlessly engaged and actually achieving nothing. I realised that this symbolised the Earth-life activities of the vast majority of humanity.

The cavern is rough-hewn out of light-coloured, rusty brown rock. I found myself standing on a ledge at the mouth of an opening that was about two or three metres high and roughly circular, about eight or ten metres above the cavern floor, speaking the invitation to Commune with Christ. My speaking was carried by good acoustics (and sincerity) throughout the cavern and those toiling monotonously below looked up, seeing this stranger with arms outstretched, welcoming them to partake of bread and wine of eternal life and truth/wisdom and love, in joyous fellowship with our beloved Lord Jesus.

I was aware of a pale, bluish-white light radiating outward into the cavern from behind me, and realised this would be from the mobile entrance — which is somewhat like a flexible, extendible, elevated tunnel that leads passengers to the doorway of an aircraft — (or ‘Open Door’) to the banquet chamber of the marriage feast to which all are invited. The marriage is, of course, between Heaven and Earth, or more precisely, the reunifying of the fragmented, self-limiting, time and place consciousness with the limitless, all-loving, all-knowing, eternal Christ Mind.

Some of those in the cavern responded eagerly, dropped their tools and came forward; others were more hesitant, while yet others indicated scepticism and returned to their labours.

At the offering of the bread and wine, my position had moved to one end, and at a level that appeared to be slightly below that of the main floor area of the cavern, so that those who came forward could look upon the events from a satisfactory vantage point. There was a chasm between their level and mine, preventing their crossing. Onto a huge screen was projected the image of the altar and the proceedings to those who were too far back to be able to look directly upon the scene.

As the offering was made to all who, in need, sorrow, sickness and any adversity, seek Christ help by this Sanctuary, some of those standing at the edge of the chasm, and who clearly were eager to partake, found themselves transported across the chasm as if by an unseen hand, where they were enthusiastically welcomed by the Inner Plane Sanctuary servers. These included Ted who, dressed in formal waiter’s attire, passed energetically among them, offering trays of food and drink and reassuring the newcomers that he, too, was but recently rescued from a dreary place by this same invitation. His enthusiasm for his work was joy and wonder to behold! He especially commended to them the wine because of its restorative and uplifting qualities.

Those left behind were astonished to see their erstwhile colleagues transported across the chasm. Some made as if to launch themselves into space but were fearful of the gap. I explained to them that if they desired to partake of the banquet, they would be transported across the gap by their own desire and need ‘do’ nothing more. Individuals began suddenly to be uplifted and found themselves in the midst of the growing gathering of Inner Plane Servers and newcomers — which was rapidly becoming a great and joyful celebration.

Others, still fearful, could not make the crossing but were being hailed by their former colleagues who had achieved the transition across the chasm, reassuring them that there was nothing to fear, and urging them to join them in this new and better place. So, more kept coming and this in itself helped to reassure those still left behind, so that they were able to gain confidence that desire alone would afford them safe passage.

Before this, at the contemplation of the symbols, as we sang one of the hymns, I saw about a dozen angels, flying around the walls of our, lower, approximately semi-circular end of the cavern, with the rough-hewn rock walls rising-up behind and to the sides of us. As the angels flew, they were gathering energies generated by the service, and fabricating gossamer curtains of living light, which rose up from the floor, covering the cavern walls, higher and higher, as the angels flew back and forth.

They appeared to have wands, or sticks, in their hands, which seemed to be the points at which the living curtains came into being. It reminded me of how candy floss/cotton candy is created and gathered on a stick, except this was coming from the stick. At the point at which the curtains came into being — the top end, from where they grew upwards — they were amethyst coloured, but below that they were a milky white.

As I made the offering of the wine for those in need, etc., I felt and heard (but did not see) a man standing right in front of me, very close — only inches away. He said, in an urgent, agitated, confused voice, I was a stock-broker, I don’t know why I should be here! (in the cavern, breaking rocks). It was clear from his tone of voice that he did not feel he should be reduced to such humble circumstances, but was totally powerless to effect his own release.

It was evident that this scene is symbolic of Earth-mind consciousness, where those who have not kept the lamp of their spiritual awareness lit and trimmed, who have been conscious only at the ‘mammon’ level, metaphorically breaking rocks (or making their ‘living’ only at the Adamic-consciousness or ‘red-Earth’ level of awareness), will remain conscious only at that level, including after they have passed over, continuing to go through an endless, monotonous, purposeless round of hacking and hewing, scrabbling and breaking, carrying from here to there and back again.* Such activity will continue from one incarnation through the next and indefinitely until they awaken, from their own within — but with help and encouragement ever present to those who seek it — and begin the journey Home to the joyous eternity of Heaven.

So, whether we are a stockbroker, a builder of skyscrapers, a seller of cars, a medical practitioner, a charity worker, a corporate-giant executive or digger of ditches, until we remember who we really are and why we are really here (and that the ‘outer labels’ we wear are not who we really are), we will continue the endless round symbolically represented here by the breaking and transporting of rocks. When we begin to remember who we really are, then we can begin to realise that breaking bread — sharing eternal, spiritual aspiration, values and truth — is of inestimably more value to ourself and to our fellows than breaking rocks.

Then will we realise that true forgiveness is not only possible but easy because we will have begun to see that all this is merely an illusion, a dream, and therefore none of the events for which we perceived forgiveness was necessary ever actually occurred. How easy it is to forgive what never happened in the first place! Nevertheless, forgiving enables us to receive the forgiveness that is rightfully ours and the absence of which has held us back from returning Home to Papa. The reason people feel unable to receive the forgiveness that is rightfully theirs is that, at a deep, unconscious level they believe they are guilty, sinners, and therefore, unworthy of forgiveness. Institutionalised religion has lost no opportunity to hammer home this misperception for many centuries, using the name of Jesus to give its spurious message counterfeit authenticity. Is it any wonder that people are fearful of Jesus and don’t want to hear about him?

The cave dwellers were dressed in animal skins, symbolising a much lower level of spiritual evolution than the ‘clever, the proud and the scornful’ might consider themselves to be, yet as they were transported to the ‘banquet reception’ their attire was transformed to such as befitted the occasion, i.e. white raiment.

At the hymn, Creator Spirit by whose word… I saw the Teacher sitting in his ‘chair of office’ rearward and to the left of the Sanctuary table. He was presenting himself as if all was ‘normal’ and outwardly dignified and ‘as befits a being of such exalted status’. But this could not be, nor was it, other than a scarcely veiled attempt at hiding what was all too easy to see — an excitement, bursting forth from within, that he could barely contain, and which he really had no desire to contain any longer than this humorous pretence at being seen as reserved and dignified inadequately portrayed. It was altogether an overwhelming, uplifting, exciting and enlightening experience.

I said to the Teacher, Beloved Teacher, I’m so excited and overjoyed at this, our work for the Kingdom, really getting underway.

He responded:

My dear friend Brian, you rightly observe the great excitement that I cannot, nor do I wish to, hide. I do assure you that we go forward apace, with much rescue work. Now is the time of readiness for this progress. I see you discern that the years of preparation have been necessary in order that your awareness of the reality of the eternal realms of spirit could grow in your Earth-life consciousness. There has been much for you to learn, to assimilate, in order that you could be brought to this place. It has been my joy to oversee your progress. Now do we all rejoice that the ‘serious’ work begins.

I know I do not need to caution you to be constantly on guard against the wiles of the enemy, or to maintain your armour of defence against the darts of destruction. You know that the cloak of the Lord’s protection — living in Him and always keeping your heart and life open to His presence — is the whole armour, and that no further contortions of mind or body are needful for such protection. The greatest threat of breach to such armour is complacency.

Thus shall the practise of this ritual serve you well in reminding, renewing and restoring you in Christ humility, love and desire to serve. And thus shall the desire of your heart be fulfilled in joyous fellowship of Heaven. And thus shall there continue to be much rejoicing in Heaven, echoing and reverberating in the ‘caverns’ of Earth, as such become illuminated with the Light of the Kingdom, banishing away the darkness forever.

Peace, joy and love be with you all, always.

* But such conditions can be transformed by the love of Jesus and those one-pointedly committed and espoused to him and the service of his Great Rescue Programme, and who live by and for his promise: Behold I make all things new.






21.    Laser: Amplifying the Light for the Kingdom


During Communion services in the summer of 1997 we became aware of vast multitudes of souls from all ages streaming toward Jerusalem — the City of Peace — from all directions, all corners of the world, as far as the eye could see. These included large numbers gathered at a very long, high railing fence to the east, pressing hard against it, trying to get through to where we were, on top of Mount Moriah, the ‘Hill of the Lord’ in the city, where the temples, first of Solomon and later, Herod, stood.

There was a turnstile in the fence and the people were crowding to get through. Steve saw a man, who was clearly in charge of the turnstile, walking amongst them, telling them of the need for orderliness and to attune with the aura of peace and tranquillity of the sanctuary in order to be permitted entry. This created, amongst those waiting to come through, a contemplative attitude as they walked past him, and they became focused upon the rarefied conditions created by our desire for, and attunement with, the Kingdom.

Then I suddenly realised this man, controlling the turnstile, was John the Baptist, and the turnstile/fence is symbolic of the River Jordan; that all who seek entry into the presence of the Lord on the Holy Hill must cross over the Jordan from east to west, and as they cross, to be baptised freely with the Waters of Life. The Teacher said, We go forward.

At the offering I felt as if John the Baptist (JB) was relaying the words I was speaking from the order of Service out ‘beyond the Jordan’, to all who dwell in the wilderness, as if he is accustomed to such conditions and can act as a channel for my speaking, as officiant of the words of the Communion Service and all the pure desire energy generated by that which we do. This seems to be necessary because Jesus has counselled me many times not to go out (into the wilderness) but to remain at the entranceway to the banquet chamber, to welcome in all who would enter.

I said to him, Beloved Lord, one step at a time our heart’s desire awakens within us — and in sync with this, the operation that you have in place — as it unfolds before us.

My son, your heart’s desire is not something that is becoming; a faltering, chance, haphazard development. It is a strong, well-established creation, as I have already said, forged in the fire of the Holy Spirit, in pure harmony with eternal reality. It is unfolding before you in your earthly life as you go forward upon the Path, led by me, your guide to Eternity, motivated from within by that strong desire. Therefore it is no coincidence that what you describe is so, for it is in fulfilment of your desire, harmonised aforetime with those of like desire, with whom you are in close association because of like desires.

This is how you are in close association with me. That is not a chance happening; why should association with JB or any other of my beloveds, including my beloved disciple (the Teacher), be surprising? My plan is all encompassing; every opportunity is catered for, according to the power of the Spirit of Truth. No event in my earthly life was ‘chance’ fulfilment of prophecy. So also is the fulfilment of your birth vision because you have committed your life into my care.

Let no one say to you there is no joy in such commitment of life, for I am the Lord of the Purple Ray — the perfect blend of Earth-life and fulfilment with eternal truth and reality. The joy of Heaven is thus yours in the Earth-life and by no other means is this possible. So is it with all who come to me.

Lord, it seems so impossible that it could be as you have described, not just for us who love you and have been brought into alignment with your power and activity, but for the billions of souls whose lives and karma are in such a horrendous snarl, like a mass of tangled cables or spaghetti.

This is not a problem because I am operating from the within of all my little ones; like fibre-optic cable, it can transmit the Light even round corners and entanglements.

On August 27, 1997 I wrote:

During recent months I have had a growing inner awareness that that which we do, that to which we espouse ourselves, our Service of Mystical Communion with Christ, is ‘a beacon of Light on the Hill of the Lord’, sending out the Light into wilderness places to draw all who will near to the Lord. Also, our prayers and blessings for all in need, I have felt, should be a receiving of Papa’s freely given love and blessing to us, amplified in our hearts and minds by our love for Him and for all His little ones, our desire for the Kingdom and His righteousness and justice for all, and sending out that amplified love and blessing to those for whom we pray.

As we focused on this during our morning time of attunement and Theresa said it was ‘like a lighthouse’, I suddenly knew that this was not just shining and reflecting light, but amplifying it. This is according, it all suddenly came in, to the same principle as the laser; Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This bounces, amplifies by stimulated emission of radiation, light inside a ruby (a jewel) until it bursts out, hugely powerful, focused and concentrated enough to cut through carbon steel.

Sir Oliver Lodge (the famous British physicist, 1851-1940), who I realised had come near and put this awareness into my mind, said, Much more powerful than that; powerful enough to penetrate the darkest hell. He also said our Communion is ‘The Light Factory’.

Then, at our Communion on August 31st I had the awareness that Oliver had brought in a giant, prototype laser, and people were crowding round to see it, with great excitement. It was about the size of a large car, or van. This event was atop Mount Moriah, the ‘Hill of the Lord’, the site of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. We were facing east, toward the River Jordan, the north end of the Dead Sea and beyond that, to the mountains east of the Jordan in which the Ammonites lived in Old Testament times. The Ammonites were descendants of Lot from an incestuously produced offspring, Ben-Ammi, with Lot’s younger daughter. The Old Testament describes how these people were a frequent thorn in the flesh of the Jews.

It became clear that the objective was to fire the laser at the mountains in which the Ammonites live(d) and that it would disintegrate them (the mountains, not the Ammonites!). Every valley shall be exalted and the mountains and hills laid low. (Isa. 40:4) came immediately to mind. Surely, by the laser of our desire for the Kingdom of love, righteousness and justice, the (self) exalted shall be abased and the (self) abased shall be exalted. Jesus said:

Well discerned, my son. As you naturally observed and as I subsequently taught you, all creation is according to principles, and all operate at different levels of manifestation. You rightly observe that the power of spiritual truth is the great leveller and will bring all things and all people to the place where they belong. This is inevitable and inexorable. It is Almighty God, so nothing can resist it indefinitely, though many try. All opposition is, by nature, of time and place operation only, so must come to an end. Papa does not intervene because it is His law not to, but also because He does not need to. What He does do and what I do with Him, coincidently, is to outwork the Great Rescue Programme.

Thus the little ones of Earth, with time and place perception, perceive the time and place operation, which is discord, disarray and destruction according to the disharmonious ray of the ‘Prince of time and place’. ‘He’ dresses things up in masquerade costume and my little ones perceive glister and glamour. This achieves its objective of deception. But my Father works, and I work, for the eternal objective of life abundant and life everlasting, filled with joy, full measure, pressed down. The oil shall never expire and the bread shall feed all my Fathers children. (See 1 Kings 17:14)

This is why I say, have no thought nor concern for the enemy’s plan; it is of none-effect save deception and corruption. Focus rather upon Eternity; there shall all your visions be fulfilled. I am able; all is accomplished.


The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His Temple.  Be thou always ready to receive Him, rejoicing.’


At the end of the dedication hymn, Papa said, The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His Temple. Be thou always ready to receive Him, rejoicing.

Oliver fired the laser and I saw it strike the mountains where the Ammonites lived, and they disintegrated, the landscape being levelled to that of the surrounding plain. After a few minutes, during which the dust settled, I saw the Ammonites come streaming in multiple columns, like ants, toward the Jordan, heading for Jerusalem — the City of Peace — to ascend the Hill of the Lord.  

As the multitude coming from east of Jordan gathered and increased in numbers I wondered how John the Baptist could cope, and he immediately said, I have the help of angels and of men, and I instantly saw Ted acting as one of his helpers.

I realised that we become living, human lasers. Jesus has often spoken of us, and all committed to kingdomly work, as jewels, and so this fits the analogy perfectly. Papa shines his light into us; we receive it into ourselves, and by the earnestness of our burning desire for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, that light bounces around inside us, being amplified by the stimulation of our emitting this great desire in the form of the Living Word (as expressed in or by the words of the Communion Service), love, blessing and all kingdomly radiations, until it cannot be contained any longer, and bursts from us hugely amplified, powerful, focused and concentrated, powerful enough to penetrate the darkest hell. Truly, a ‘light factory’ for the Kingdom.

Here, on the Temple Mount, we were beaming out our laser Light toward the wilderness, and on this occasion (with the help of Oliver), especially east of the Jordan and the Dead Sea, at the dwelling place of the Ammonites. I heard the Archangel Gabriel call out from the heights of Heaven, Let the sons of Ammon join the throng and enter in. Alleluia!

It is important in this parable-in-action to be aware of the importance of the symbolism involved, and its meaning. For example, if one takes the purpose of God in Israel as being the positive side of the polarity (PP) and those who are opposing it as the negative side of the polarity (NP), one can then readily see why the laser was directed at the Ammonites (NP), who were constantly having a go at the Israelites (PP).

In this parable, we, with Oliver Lodge, were located at the epicentre of the PP, being on the Temple Mount in the City of Peace, Jerusalem, the focal point of the purpose of the Israel people in the Great Rescue Programme. The laser represents the Light of that purpose, amplified by the stimulating power of our desire for the Kingdom on Earth, and fired — emitted, not in anger but in agapé Love — at the NP. That amplified, stimulated Light of kingdomly Love, strategically emitted and radiated toward the ‘power-base’ of the NP clearly exerted a transforming energy on the negative polarity, causing a turn-around and an attraction of its proponents, drawing them toward the positive polarity Light/Love source, into which they are openly welcomed.

This is truly a parable in action of how the Kingdom of Heaven is being and will be created and manifested on Earth: by the transforming power of agapé Love on all the negative polarity energies and activities that are present and pervasive in today’s world. Those negative polarities are not either side of a geographical, political or ideological divide; they are in our very own hearts and minds, manifesting themselves as fear, jealousy, greed, judgemental attitudes, grievances, separation consciousness (holding the illusion of the ‘them and us’ perception of our fellows and all other aspects of time and place). In other words, the works of ‘the enemy’: ego.

We are at freedom to choose, at any and every moment, to change those negative polarities into positive polarities by the transforming power of Love, true forgiveness and blessing. That may be difficult at first, if we have held negative attitudes or feelings toward another, perhaps for some hurt or slight, whether intentional or otherwise, but it becomes possible and easier if we are willing to make the commitment to true forgiveness and keep choosing that commitment to transforming NPs into PPs.

I said to the Master, Beloved Lord Jesus, the Glory of all this is yours, according to the prophecies of the long ago.

My son, the Glory is Papas, and we all are illuminated and radiate His light according to our desire for His good and perfect Will, and our attunement with Him by FTOC (Faith, Trust, Obedience* and Commitment). He gives us, freely, lovingly, the gift of His Glory and so, in that sense, it is mine, as it is yours also, according to His eternal principles.

Let neither false humility cloud the reality, for nothing can progress in such due to loss of sight of the Path (home to Eternity), nor let pride (ego) overtake you, for of yourself none of these things can be. I tell you truly therefore, let true humility and thanksgiving be in your heart, for Papa loves you so, and it is His great, good desire and pleasure to bestow upon you more wondrous and awesome gifts than you can receive or comprehend at this time.

However, be thou faithful, as you have been faithful, and keep on in this way, and He shall reveal to you, as He grows you in your ability to receive, all that He has in store for you. And this is His plan for all His children. I tell you, my son, this is what you shall reveal to all your brethren, even as I reveal it to you, because it is your heart’s desire. Did I not promise you that in you would be fulfilled your heart’s desire? I know you do not doubt the word of your Lord, for I am your beloved friend also! Joy of Heaven be yours, now and eternally.

* This means obedience to our own, inner Self, shining the Light of eternal truth into our mind.






22.    Jim, ship’s doctor 


One of the Inner Plane servers who watched lovingly and caringly over Olga was, according to her description of him, a ship’s doctor in the days of wooden sailing ships. In fact we believe he served with Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. He was, so said Olga, Scottish and she usually referred to him, when speaking of him to Theresa and me, as the Scottish Doctor or the Ship’s Doctor. He would say to her if she was trying to rush at getting something done, One step at a time, Lassie, or, Tak’ it easy, Lassie, in his lilting Scottish brogue. We now have come to know that his name is Hamish (Scottish form of James), though he is most often referred to as Jim.

After we returned to England and our lives here continued to unfold and progress spiritually as well as materially, we had occasional awarenesses of him, with his famous catchphrases. Although he is clearly an unassuming soul who, by natural inclination, speaks fewer words rather than more, he is utterly genuine and sincere, with a total commitment for Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Various encounters we have had with him tell of his steadfastness and readiness to help anyone in distress.

One, in 1994, was when my brother Mike, Theresa and I had taken Pop, who was in a residential care home for the elderly (Ma had laid aside her body not long previously), for a pint and some lunch at a hostelry near Pop’s care-home. As we sat there enjoying our drink and good familial fellowship, Mike suddenly let out a yell and grabbed his foot, clearly in agony. We asked what was the matter, and between gasps of pain he told us that occasionally his big toe suddenly dislocated, for no apparent reason; that often it would take him considerable time to get it back in joint and other times it went back in with little difficulty.

He was in great distress and we all looked on, feeling helpless. Then I thought about Jim and, silently in my head called out to him, asking his help for Mike. In a flash he was there. This was only the second time I had seen him, although I had been aware of his presence and heard him speaking his admonitions to Tak’ it easy or One step at a time, Laddie on numerous previous occasions. He showed himself as he no doubt would have been in his earthly life. He looked about mid forties, bald on top with a rim of short, grey hair round the back and sides, wore circular-lens steel-rimmed glasses, was about five feet six inches tall and of a wiry build. He had a black leather doctor’s bag with him.

He quickly got down on one knee on the floor in front of Mike and took his foot in his hand. Mike, meantime, was in excruciating pain, not daring to move for it, and had no idea that he was receiving skilled medical assistance at that very moment! I could see Jim gingerly feeling Mike’s foot and toe for a few moments, then manipulating it deftly. Suddenly, Mike let out another yell, swiftly followed by Ooh! That’s better!

What’s happened? I asked him.

It’s gone back in suddenly, he said, quite astonished. It usually takes a lot longer than that.

I said nothing to Mike about Jim because Mike is not outwardly a believer in the realms of life beyond this one, but acknowledging Jim, I silently said to him as he stood up and picked up his black bag, Thank you for your help Jim; God bless you. As he turned to walk away he inclined his head toward me in acknowledgement of my thanks, grinned broadly and was gone. There have been no further dislocations since.

On another encounter with him, Theresa and I had arranged a dinner engagement with Steve and Sara, who was to become Steve’s wife in a few months. The venue was a country pub about twenty minutes’ drive from Gloucester. We arrived about 7.00 pm and saw Steve and Sara through the window as we walked toward the entrance. However, no sooner had we got inside than they — who are both qualified hospital nurses — went rushing out! As they went by they hurriedly explained that they had heard from another person who had just arrived at the pub that there had been a terrible car crash a few hundred yards down the country road and they were going to see if there was anything they could do to help before the ambulance arrived. They said, Wait here and we’ll be back — whenever!


the blessing force began to emerge from us and quick as lightning Jim grabbed it and was gone, straight out through the wall — which was at least two feet thick!


We got a drink and sat at the table wondering how bad the accident was. Suddenly I became aware of Jim standing near our table, looking agitated, black bag in hand. I wondered what he was doing and why he was waiting here when his help could have been used down the road. Then it dawned upon me what he was after. He was seeking our love and blessing, our heartfelt outpouring of help for those hurt in the accident. This engenders an emission of ectoplasm, or psychic life force that is part way between physical and spirit substance.

I told Theresa what was happening and together we silently and earnestly prayed for the souls in the accident, blessing them and committing them into the care of the Almighty. As we did this, I saw the blessing force begin to emerge from us, and quick as lightning Jim grabbed it and was gone, straight out through the wall — which was at least two feet thick! I could see the blessing force going from us through the wall, like a white, spirit-substance rope, with Jim at one end and us at the other. This acted as a line of blessing-power between us and Jim, who would be able to call upon it as he worked with the injured at the accident.

What a joy it was that we were able to help in such a palpable way, even though we had no medical training, and never even left the pub! No wonder Scripture exhorts us so frequently to bless and curse not, for blessing is a healing, renewing, constructive, life-affirming energy, and cursing is a destructive, dishonouring energy.

At Communion a day or two later Jim came in and said:

Brian, my friend, you have been aware of my presence twice now, these last few days. My desire for the Lord’s perfect plan and wisdom to be outworked in the Earth is unflinching, although you have perhaps thought of me more as a pragmatist. This is, of course, true and I am one for getting on with the task at hand and then moving on to whatever next can use some assistance. But I see also that this is the modus operandi of our Lord Jesus and my respect, admiration, commitment to and love for him is equal to any. Indeed, all who know him — and it is a great and joyful blessing — cannot help but love him with a great and abiding love.

So, I bring to you this greeting of joy and fellowship in his blessed name. Any time you need help with matters to do with health, for yourself or any other soul, send out a prayer of commitment to the Master and think of me. I will be there in a trice, even as you have seen. Never doubt that it is in the Master's name and by his authority that I come; for my commitment is absolute and total. I have seen your commitment and the desire of your heart, and believe me, this conviction is a great influence for the going forward to similar commitment in the hearts and lives of sincere seekers this side of the ‘veil’.

For they can see the radiating energy of your aura, and it attracts souls of a sincere and honourable disposition. In fact many who would not have thought themselves such have discovered it within after coming close in Communion, or at other times, attracted by the light and uplifting power created by your desire and sincerity. It was ever thus with your beloved godmother, Olga, years ago, and I know the impact she made on you. Was it not her sincerity and commitment which drew you again and again? And so is it with all who desire Truth.

Normally I am a man of few words, but a kindred spirit draws openness from even us more circumspect souls. So, God bless you, you band of troops for the Lord. Keep on keeping on, one step at a time. You are greatly loved, blessed and watched over. And I am never more than a cry for help away. In Jesus’ name I am your friend and helper.







23.    Exorcising possessing spirits


One weekend in 1999 while Theresa was away on a weekend course on Healing Ministry at the Christian Healing Centre, someone well known to us for many years (no names will be mentioned here to respect privacy) who had been travelling, came to stay at our house. This person knew about our Communion practice, albeit not in much detail. On the Sunday morning, she was in a highly agitated state and asked if she could attend the Service with me. I was not eager for this because she would be coming to it ‘cold’ in the sense that there would be no time to explain, in sufficient depth, the background to it. She would be unfamiliar with the procedure and this would not be helpful to her or the vibrations of the Service. Further, because I knew she was psychic and surrounded by a lot of negative psychic energy, I felt very uneasy about her involvement.

Nevertheless, she was in such a distressed state and had such an obvious desire, verging on desperation, for spiritual support and fellowship that I felt great compassion for her and remained with her, talking for several hours about kingdomly matters and her problems. She eventually asked if we could pray together.

We prayed for some time and after a while she said to me, I feel as if there is something stuck in my gullet. I feel as if I want to vomit it up and get rid of it, but it seems to be resisting. She was greatly agitated, like someone who is violently ill and about to throw up. I got a bowl for her and she sat there retching for a few minutes, but nothing came out. She then told me that she felt that what was there and resisting coming out was a possessing spirit.

I already realised this because I had seen the symptoms before and they were well represented in the film The Exorcist. However, I felt strongly that it was not for me to tell her that this is what I believed because, if she was not ready to hear what for most people would be such a shocking and frightening thing, it could distress her very much more and perhaps cause some even deeper emotional difficulties. Having her tell me that she believed this is what it was, however, created the opportunity to proceed with an exorcism without causing her panic (any more than might have already been the case!).

I held up a Bible and began to command this spirit in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come out of her and to go to the place prepared for him, and never to return to her. There was a great choking, growling, gurgling, sub-human noise, augmented by the characteristic sounds of a person retching, emanating from her throat. She told me between gasps for air that it felt as if there was something stuck in her solar plexus that was triangular-shaped.

I prayed more and repeated the command, in the most authoritative tone I could muster, for him to come out of her, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Then, amidst much choking and retching and clasping at her throat, there was a rushing sound and the throwing up of sputum into the bowl, followed by a great calm and a return very quickly to normal colour. There was no doubt in my mind that the possessing spirit had been ejected.

We sat there giving thanks and discussing this for a while, but gradually she began to get distressed again. She told me she felt as if there was another possessing spirit welling-up in her and that she wanted to expel it, but it was, as before, resisting. I took the Bible in my hand again and spoke to this second spirit, telling it that her body was sacred to her exclusively and that he had no right to take habitation of it surreptitiously and without permission; that he belonged elsewhere and that again, in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, which he was powerless to resist, I commanded him to come out of her. The same process of retching and growling and choking took place and shortly, this second spirit came out.

Again we sat there giving thanks and rejoicing at the power and authority of Jesus’ name and that this was a great purging of her; that she could now go forward freely in spiritual growth, released from such insidious interference. But this was once more to be short-lived because the presence of yet a third inhabiting spirit soon began to rise to the surface of her awareness, just as had been the case with the previous two. I began to wonder if this was going to become a ‘Legion’ experience, like Jesus’ exorcising of the man at Gadara: And Jesus asked (the spirit), saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him (the Gadarene). (Lk. 8:17).

We went through the same process a third time and the third spirit came out in like manner. A third time we gave thanks and blessed the departing spirit as we sent it on its way.

That seemed to be all there were in the offing and so we carried on with our spiritual fellowship, and after lunch Theresa arrived back. We shared the news with her and all of us rejoiced and celebrated again at the exorcising and the release it had brought. But then, with Theresa present, lo and behold, there was yet another earthbound soul rising to the surface from somewhere deep within her. I thought, with Theresa here adding power and light to the mix this should be much easier to exorcise but in fact it was much harder, took much longer and was a real struggle.

Nevertheless, following the procedure described above but with the additional presence of Theresa, this soul finally was ejected. Much further rejoicing and thanksgiving ensued, but again that was short-lived because there was still a fifth presence in our guest! This time a real tug of war began and we were a whisker from success, but eventually this soul refused to come out of her. There were all the noises and gurgling — louder and more violent than the other four — and in spite of invoking the name, power and authority of Jesus, he hung on and remained in place.

So, Theresa, inspired, stood over our guest with Bible aloft and prayed that this soul be bound within her and held powerless until more resources could be engaged in the exorcising, at a later date. It seemed clear to me that the four who had been removed were, in order of ejection, easiest first, and each being harder to remove until this last soul. I had the impression that he was the ringleader.

It is worth considering the words of Jesus on this matter:

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry (i.e., desert, or wilderness) places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation. (Mt. 12:43-45).

The inference that can be drawn from this is that we will do well to be aware of the process and guard ourselves against such re-possession by earthbound (‘unclean’) spirits. How, one may enquire, can one do this? The answer is that like attracts like, and life is a matter of vibrations or frequencies or wavelengths. If one is on the wavelength of iniquity and intemperance,* that signal will involuntarily and unwittingly be transmitted out into the ether, and iniquity and intemperance will be attracted.

The person emitting such signals may not be aware that a spirit stuck on such a wavelength has arrived in response to the signals he has sent out — indeed, most souls possessed by an ‘unclean’ or earthbound spirit have no conscious awareness that they are possessed. The phenomenon of possession was not restricted to New Testament times; it is massively widespread today and is a significant contributor to such social and medical malaises as road rage, drug abuse, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder and all sorts of emotional, mental and physical conditions.

This is possible because the society we have collectively created over centuries, grossly influenced and impacted by religious persuasion that we are all ‘sinners, there is no health in us (actual words from the Anglican Church’s Book of Common Prayer, Morning Service), unworthy, destined for eternal hellfire’, etc., has significantly contributed to a calamitously low level of self-esteem and self-worth; a calumny of catastrophic proportions.

It is only by a mass transformation of self-perception by mankind back to the awareness that we are all citizens of Eternity, created by the Creator in His likeness; His beloved Son; God incarnate, capable of manifesting magnificence to unlimited potential; the light of the world, (all things we are told by Holy Scripture but conveniently ignored by religious teachers, who would be out of a job if they told the truth); that vast multitudes of incarnate souls can create, each one for himself, not only a ‘house that is empty, swept and garnished’ but a house into which no earthbound spirit, stuck on a wavelength of iniquity and intemperance will be attracted.

And, blessedly and ultimately, when we have collectively (albeit, individually) achieved such a mass transformation (by the help and drawing power of the overshadowing spirit of the Holy One), there will be so many incarnate souls aware of the etheric realms to which we are so closely and inextricably linked, with a truly enlightened attitude toward our fellows (like Hugh Dowding), that any souls left in despair and darkness in the etheric realms will be helped, released from their fear and mistaken perceptions, just as was Rachel, the Dutch Jewess in 1969, and find themselves instantly transported, and, indeed, transformed, into the Realms of Light where we all, of course, truly belong, because we are the Light.


The emanations of love for all creation from such souls will be picked up by the other creatures that share our temporary, illusory home — Earth — and they will lose their conditioned fear of mankind


Love, blessing, goodwill, doing unto others as we would be done by (the Golden Rule that Jesus emphasised) will send out such vibrations into the ether and will assuredly attract like vibrations back, both in the form of other souls of like desire and commitment, and simply positive and uplifting energies and events. Rather than such attracted souls and energies being a curse, they will be a blessed enrichment of one’s life and wellbeing, just as all our loved ones in spirit, with whom Theresa and I have enjoyed such wondrous intercourse, have been in our lives.

The emanations of love for all creation from such souls will be picked up by the other life-forms that share our present, temporary, illusory home — Earth — and they will lose their conditioned fear of mankind, and will no longer run or fly away when a human appears, because there will no longer be anything to fear. This will not happen overnight but it will happen, gradually. It is already happening for those who are at — or are consciously choosing to move into — that place of enlightenment, here, in the Earth-life, now.

Such enlightened souls visiting from spirit will never take possession of an incarnate soul’s body without permission, other than in a situation of dire emergency, and then only for good, altruistic things to be accomplished. A classic example of this was the case when a man accidentally ran over a child who dashed in front of his car. He made an emergency stop but the vehicle came to rest with the rear wheels on the child’s body. The driver was so deeply shocked that he literally froze and remained rigid, his hands clenching the steering wheel immovably and his foot pressed hard on the brake pedal.

A passing nurse (female) saw this happen and when she could not get the deeply shocked driver to move the car, she went to the back and single-handedly lifted up the rear of the car by the bumper so that other passers-by arriving at the scene could remove the badly injured but still living boy from under the wheels. Clearly, there are very few men who could do this, let alone women. Assuredly, she ‘found’ super-human strength because she was helped from spirit by loving, caring, kingdomly souls.

Had the passerby been someone on the wavelength of iniquity and intemperance there would have been little inclination by such a one to help, and any spirit entities close to that wavelength would be similarly disinclined. This event is a real experience, fully documented and witnessed by many non- collaborating observers. There are countless others displaying the same process in multifarious circumstances.

As with all things, we are always at free choice about whether we attune to the light, love, goodwill, the positive end of the spectrum of life, or to darkness, fear, self-centredness, the negative, ego end of the spectrum of time and place. Jesus has said to me many times over the decades since the 1960s, Espouse good, eschew evil. Such counsel is highly serviceable to us all if we desire a life filled with love, peace, joy, altruism, good health and freedom from fear.

Theresa, our guest and I sat talking of matters spiritual and discussing how this possession might have taken place. As we prayed about this and our visitor became more at peace within herself again she began to cast her mind back to childhood. There had been many dark activities involving so-called ‘friends’ of her parents, and she began to recall one such man who had engaged her — aged no more than eight — in pædophilic activities. It was all very distressing.

Later she went to the Christian Healing Centre where exorcism is a well-established practice, and this possessing spirit was finally removed. They had talked to this soul and enquired of his name. He said he was Basil and that our visitor ‘belonged’ to him because, during the pædophile incidents which had occurred with him when she was eight he had claimed her as his possession.

The Healing Centre counsellors explained to him how inappropriate this perception was and this helped in enabling them to cast him out. Clearly this was why we had not found it possible to expel Basil at our home; he felt the body of the little eight-year old girl he had abused all those years ago belonged to him, so why should he give up what was ‘rightfully’ his now? When it was explained to him that this was a mistaken perception, he was more amenable to departing.

What this — along with all the other experiences of possession I have encountered over the years — tells me is that there is no such thing as an ‘evil spirit’, or a ‘demon’. Rather, there are souls who have departed this life in various states of unawareness or forgetfulness about who they really are, which is the pinnacle of God’s creative glory — His beloved Son — created in His likeness, who have forgotten this during one (or more) sojourn in time, and become misled, mistaken about many of the truths and Principles of Life of the Father; become deeply lost in the spiritual wilderness — like the rest of us to a greater or lesser degree — and unable to find the way out.


the more people wander, looking for a way out, the deeper they get into the wilderness and the more they become lost.


As with most people lost in the wilderness, the more they wander, looking for a way out, the deeper they get into the wilderness and the more they become lost. And, of course, in a world where there is no light of spiritual discernment or leadership from church or state, there are plenty who will give false directions along the way of their meanderings. So, they come to the point where their vehicle of expression at the physical level — their body — is worn out and they leave it behind, or they are separated from it by getting killed. They find themselves in a place where they are bewildered about their true estate and wander about the etheric envelope of the Earth, in the lower astral planes.

Those who, in their earthly lives, have been caught up in addictions to such things as pornography, pædophilia, alcohol, cocaine, gambling etc. — iniquity and intemperance — are not magically released from such by the act of departing from their earthly bodies. They no longer have a ‘vehicle’ through which to find temporary gratification for their lusts and addictions, so in their wanderings in the lower astral plane wilderness they come upon souls still incarnate but whose psychic door is open, enabling them to latch-on to such hapless, incarnate souls.

In most instances such ‘latchees’ are completely unaware that this has taken place. They will find themselves being drawn into a state of consciousness, and what the church calls ‘sins of the flesh’, resonant with the possessing spirit because that is the state of consciousness of the interloper, who is overshadowing the psyche of the possessed person in order to find vicarious satiation of his unenlightened desires.

There will be some sort of affinity between the possessor and the possessed before possession takes place and it is that resonance which draws the would-be possessor to the unwitting possessee. It may not necessarily be that the possessee is consciously afflicted with the same addiction(s) but to use the example of child molesting, you might have the molester, let us call him character A and the child who is molested, character B.

The two characters might be of the same gender, as with pederasty, or of opposite genders. So A has been a molester for much of his life and then ‘died’, remaining in his lustful desires after his demise. Then, character B is a soul who has been molested in childhood, perhaps multiple times, perhaps by the same molester — even a parent. B has grown up utterly bereft of self worth, believing — wrongly — that he was at fault in the molestation events of his childhood, feeling morbid, haunting, overwhelming guilt and shame for the dreadful experiences and being unable to tell anyone — due to a deep (but misplaced) sense of shame and guilt — of this awful burden.

The psyche of B will be — invisibly to his Earth-sense perceptions and those of others around him — radiating energy on that frequency out into the ether around himself. He has no conscious awareness that this is what he is doing, but it is happening all the same. A, meanwhile, wandering, lost in the lower astral planes, still clasped in the vise of his self-allowed lusts and obsessions, will be drawn to the vibrations emitted by B, like a vulture drawn from miles away to the emanations of a corpse, or a shark to a drop of blood in the water, from similar distances.

The very last thing B believes he wants is the attentions of another molester. He believes, in his Earth-mind perceptions, that at least all that is behind him physically, even if the terrible guilt and shame continue to plague his every moment. In that sense B is also obsessed and it is this condition that is transmitting its signal out into the cosmos and has attracted discarnate A to him, resulting in possession.

Of course this becomes a self-perpetuating cycle, from generation to generation. It can be broken by first desiring it to be so, then by understanding the process, and then by having the insight into how to break it. Remembering who we really are, and reclaiming our spiritual empowerment through that process of remembering, will make this possible. Meanwhile, placing our lives within the loving, trustworthy protection of another who has remembered who he is — Jesus of Nazareth is the most loving and trustworthy such, and his credentials are impeccable — and is thus spiritually empowered to help others, will be immeasurably helpful.

It should be borne in mind that such empowered souls will never give that help except in response to a genuine and sincere desire, and asking for it. So, if a soul obsessed by lusts which cause him to feel ill-at-ease with himself (‘unclean’) asks for and receives help from such a Being of the Light and then chooses to return to his obsessive condition, the Enlightened One will allow him the freedom to so return. The Enlightened One has not abandoned him. He has, of his own free will, left the protective help of the Enlightened One. At such time as he chooses to return to the protective help, the Enlightened One will still be there and his help will still be available. That is what Unconditional Love means — unconditional. It is as Jesus reminds us, to forgive our fellows seventy times seven.

*The dictionary definition of ‘intemperate’ is: Lacking self-control characterised by excessive indulgence, especially (but not exclusively) in alcohol. It is this broad definition that is intended here.






24.    Religious misperceptions of Duty


Many institutionalised religions inculcate a sense of ‘duty’ toward their religious sect into the minds of their followers. This can be an entrapment of those who feel a sense of religious commitment toward the God of their belief system, but if Love — unconditional, Perfect Love — is not the central, overriding factor in our motivation toward any sense of commitment or duty, then following such a path will become the slippery slope to spiritual darkness.

If religious fervour is not motivated by love, blessing, peace, goodwill, heartfelt joy, a willingness to accept and honour the differences of other races, cultures and belief systems, an awareness that in the sight of the Creator Spirit we are all One — created in His likeness — then we will end up being deceived into a state of ‘separation consciousness’, or the misperception that we are not all One.


Religious institutions that remain espoused to the separation consciousness, and insist that their followers adhere to that misperception, will wither and die


Religious institutions that remain espoused to the separation consciousness, and insist that their followers adhere to that misperception, will wither and die as we now move into the time when the Creator Spirit draws the hearts, minds and souls of the Created (humankind; the fragmented, one Son of God, appearing as many in time and place) ever forward and upward toward true and full, complete awareness, or realisation, of Self. Such revelations are from and through the Living Spirit within us, not from institutionalised structures, and will be personal to each who truly seeks and earnestly desires. As stated in the book of Joel:

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. (Joel 2: 28, 29.)

We are now, as we move deeper into the third millennium CE, in the time of fulfilment of Joel’s prophecy twenty-eight centuries ago. We are free to choose to be part of it and grow with it, become spiritually enlightened by it (‘it’ being the outpouring of God’s spirit). Or we can remain static within the strictures of religious structures that adhere to rules, regulations, doctrines and dogmas set out three thousand four hundred years ago (by Moses), nineteen centuries ago (by Paul), sixteen centuries ago (Council of Nicæa), fifteen centuries ago (Council of Constantinople), and five centuries ago (Council of Trent) — to name but a few of many such convocations.

Each of these, having been led by egoic control motivation, rather than the Spirit of Truth, distorted, removed and separated various aspects of the actual message of Jesus, replacing it with their own agendas and doctrines, which had no foundation in commitment to be inspired and led by the Light of spiritual discernment. But whatever our individual choice, it will make no difference to the outworking and fulfilment of that prophecy for humanity, which goes forward cosmically, unfolding from the within into the without, just as does all life in the physical universe.

Like a travelator, those who are on it will arrive at their destination with it, less fatigued, stressed, and more relaxed and comfortable. Those who choose not to be ‘aboard’ it and therefore not travelling with it, will still arrive, but more fatigued and by a more circuitous, less comfortable route. They will inevitably arrive because they are being drawn by the Spirit of the Holy One, in Whose likeness they are created, however vigorously their upside-down, ego-contorted mind may scream to the contrary. Ego is only of time and place; the Son of God is of Eternity, just like His Father.








25.  The Gathering of the Clans


During a Communion Service in August 1992, we were, in the dual consciousness, on Mount Moriah again, looking down across the Jordan Valley. Millions of fragments of the Sonship, from all races, colours and creeds were streaming toward the Hill of the Lord, where we were in the presence of individuals who seemed to symbolise spiritual, or some other form of natural  leadership of each respective group, or race. The Diary entry for this date describes the event:

Holy Communion, August 23, 1992

…give freely to all who are drawn – there is no difference in the soul of man; all are one, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord and children of one Father Creator.  All are here in the Earth conditions that they may come into oneness together in full and joyful brotherhood and go forward to the House of the Eternal Father.

Representatives of all the races have been here, drawn by the Light, and have joined in with the spirit of life and joy and upliftment that this Service brings. At the offering, the Life of the Father in the bread and wine radiated out to and through these peoples, stretching out and away into the distance behind them, as far as the eye could see. There were countless millions of souls.

The Jewish religious leaders have gone forward* somewhat; Chief Sitting Bull said a loud Amen at the asking of the Lord’s continual help that we may be faithful stewards. This was met with much enthusiasm from the Inner Plane Servers. Jack and Bobby Kennedy stood to one side, to my right, observing all these proceedings, and I heard Jack whisper to Bobby, This is what I have been praying for.

Winston Churchill was also there, along with Martin Luther King and many other leaders of different races and groups of peoples. At the offering of the wine, Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi came in. He is a great light, effulgent as the sun, and his power and love filled me to overflowing. He stood facing me, smiling a smile of indescribable, ineffable, rapturous joy and with great happiness at what is taking place. He was inches away from me and he stretched out his arms and touched his fingertips to mine. The surge of spiritual power — which is love, joy, peace and wisdom of Eternity — that flowed from his fingertips into mine and through me, was immense, overwhelming, as if I had been plugged into the National Grid. I will never forget the radiant, uplifting power, beauty and glory of his smile.

Beloved Teacher, this is indeed a universal wayside altar for all travellers to seek light, truth, peace, reconciliation, renewal and all the good gifts of the Father.

Brian, give freely to all who are drawn – there is no difference in the soul of man; all are one, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord, and children of one Father Creator. All are here in the Earth conditions that they may come into oneness together in full and joyful brotherhood, and go forward to the House of the Eternal Father. This is the beginning.

You also have gone forward this day. It is necessary for each one of you Earth-life servers and officiants of this Sanctuary to come to the place of spiritual growth whereby the desire of your hearts is that this, the Father’s Will, be done in the lives of all the children of Earth. Thus it is the spirit of your own awakened desire-thought and conscious awareness of His programme for His little ones that leads the Service ritual.

I am your appointed helper to guide you to that place, but ultimately the crown of authority and fulfilment shall be for each and all of you. This is my glory and fulfilment ? that it be so for you all. For this reason has the ritual Communion Service been devised and for this reason have you been chosen to serve. As your heart’s desire grows and awakens and strengthens, and your one-pointed commitment becomes united, so do we all become united in the fulfilling of our individual path of service by Jesus Christ, Lord of all mankind. We shall manifestly become brothers, equal in stature and Sonship.

Meanwhile you progress as officiant and the reins+ are gradually given into your hands. Have no fear; all is according to cosmic law and can only be according to the Will and Way of the Father.

Peace and joy be yours, that you may give freely to all who will receive of this precious gift of the Father. This is the path to eternal Life."

* This refers to recent awareness of a group of orthodox, Mosaic tradition, Jewish religious leaders who were focused upon their traditional doctrinal procedures. They suddenly became aware of us and our Service. They observed but were stuck in their perceptions and not willing to receive the Light that was emanating from the Mystical Christ Communion. Nevertheless, it was evident that it made an impact upon them and they no doubt had been pondering this and returned for further ‘inspection’.

+ Reins are symbols of empowerment, authority and control over life energies.

At the time of this event we had little or no awareness of how this was becoming manifest in the Earth, but now, as I write this comment, twenty years later, the signs of it are everywhere, and growing in strength, power, certainty of becoming the established order for life — the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — even though ego still appears to hold sway in so many arenas of life. Assuredly, the Great Rescue Programme is taking hold in time and place, providing encouragement — for all who truly seek and earnestly desire the Kingdom — that the whole is, now discernibly, leavening.







26.  Tyndale the Translator


During the early 1990s I became interested in William Tyndale, born around 1494 in Gloucestershire. He was the first to translate the Bible into English from the original Greek and Hebrew. He was murdered by the Roman Catholic Church, by papal decree, for so doing. In spite of the endeavours to suppress his work, it survived.

A modern printing of his translation had recently come available, and I was given a copy of the Tyndale New Testament for Christmas 1993. On Christmas Day, as I removed the wrapping paper and saw what it was, I made a huge, spontaneous, involuntary intake of breath and shuddered as Will (as I came to know him) came close and overshadowed me with his presence. There was great power, commitment, humility, wisdom and love in his vibration. At our first Communion after that, January 2nd 1994, I was immediately aware of his presence. The exchange between us is shown below as the Diary entry for that date.

Holy Communion January 2, 1994

I see also that your mind and mine do harmonise well, for you also see the importance of language and structure for building new understanding.

Dear William Tyndale, your New Testament translation has got me excited, and the Christmas Day experience has brought me the realisation that you are close, to help with inspiration on the Living Word. I see from your writing that you are of unquestionable sincerity in your commitment to our beloved Jesus, Spiritual Lord and Master of this planet. If you are able and willing to speak on this in his name and by his authority, I shall be overjoyed.

Will responded:

Dear Brian, fellow servant of Jesus Christ, I also perceive your sincerity and commitment and this, dear friend, I assure you, attracts many souls who desire something more than pleasantness. It does also, of course, attract many souls (this Service ritual of Christ commitment and communion) who are in dark and dreadful places. It is a power base in the Earth-life wherein those from on high and those in need of uplift who are ready to go forward can be brought together in a place and condition of harmonising of the life energies.

Because this is a good and desirable thing and is clearly a part of our Lord’s great and wonderful plan for the world, its progress and influence is needful of expansion. This can be accomplished by continuing growth of the Living Word in the fructifying soil of your conscious, dedicated life. I have been asked — and it is my desire also — to be an agent for expansion of the Truth in Scripture in your life, so that this that you do can continue to grow in serviceableness unto the Lord, our beloved Jesus. I see also that your mind and mine do harmonise well, for you also see the importance of language and structure for building new understanding.

So, I hereby make myself available for service in the name and by the authorising of our blessed Jesus Christ, who I do see is much beloved of you, as also of me. For I, along with many others, having been drawn by the light and joy of this ritual, have been observing its process for a goodly while.

And I will, while you are engaged in prayerful study and contemplation of the Living Word, if you accept my presence, bring such thoughts and inspiration as are serviceable and appropriate to illuminate your discernment, for the greater understanding. Thus shall all benefit by the going forward of that which we do in Christ’s blessed name.

Dear Will, I welcome you most warmly and enthusiastically into this new and inspiring experience and relationship. I thank you humbly for your commitment, and look forward to many uplifting and rewarding revelations that will be serviceable to the Lord and his purpose in our working together. God bless you and reward you richly.

Thank you, sir, for your blessing; my reward is rich indeed in fellowship of Christ service, for this is all I desire. I see this is your desire also and do give you my blessing in the name of God our Father, Jesus Christ his beloved Son and also the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.

It is clear now, eighteen years on, that Will has indeed been very close — even though my conscious awareness of him has been limited — because the understanding of many Old and New Testament scriptures have become clear during that interval, and still are becoming today, of which I had previously little or no illumination.

Another way I have of knowing his close proximity is how often a particular quote from the Bible will suddenly be presented in my thoughts during various writing activities which is entirely apposite to the subject matter, and adds substantially to the meaning and value of that writing.

A few weeks after this initial encounter with Will I was speaking on the phone with our friend Pauline, who lived with her husband, Bob, in British Columbia, and telling her of the event. She said, Bob told me a few minutes before you called that he has just finished reading an article about William Tyndale in the Anglican Journal, which is the newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada. I will cut it out and send it to you. Here is another example of how our loved ones in the Realms of Light can organise these wonderful synchronicities, to demonstrate how closely, lovingly, purposefully we are watched over and guided in the outworking of our birth vision.

  Here is the article:


Article on William Tyndale



















27.    Jesus in Bedrock Hell Fastening the Escape Ladder to the Floor


This wondrous experience/event can best be described by copying the record of it from two successive Communion services in early 1997: 

Holy Communion February 16, 1997  

At the beginning I saw a ladder/stairway stretching from highest Heaven to darkest, deepest ‘hell’.  It disappeared out of vision into the light above and the darkness below.  Our Communion Sanctuary was like a ‘staging post’ about halfway up the ladder.  I felt as if the words concerning the Lord’s eternalness and His great God-mission for all mankind were being broadcast down to all levels and we were an amplifying/relaying station, via what we do and our commitment, into the depths below. 


I could see him and what he was doing because he was radiating light from his own within.


Later I saw the Master, at ‘bedrock’ of Hades (after departing from his body on the Cross and descent into hell).  He had his right knee on the ground and the other knee up by his shoulder, in the absolute darkness of this place.  I could see him and what he was doing because he was radiating spirit light from his own within.  He looked just as he would have looked as the Galilean carpenter in the long ago.  There was no indication of any effects from the brutal torture and execution he had just experienced. 

He was securely fastening the base of the stairway to a solid, black-as-coal rock floor with large nuts threaded on to sturdy studs set into the floor.  It was clear that this fastening was intended to stay, and would be immovable by an enemy once he had completed his task.  It was also clear that this man knew exactly what he was doing and was working with the ease and accomplishment of great experience in his trade.

He looked up at me standing close by watching him in amazement, smiled quizzically as if to say, ‘Why are you looking puzzled to see me doing this?’ and then actually said,I was a carpenter!

Master, I love you and I rejoice at this revelation. 

My son, my friend, your heart's desire is known to me.  I am aware of your deep desire to serve in rescue work.  Yes, this is according to my parables of the lost sheep and invitation to the halt, maimed and blind  for all who will to be invited into the wedding banquet for a feast of joy for all the senses.  And he who follows me shall not walk in darkness.

I had to establish contact through all the ‘mansions’ so that, having prepared a place in my Father's House, I could return to receive my little ones, my lost sheep, from the darkest wilderness, and restore them to their rightful home.

Yes, there will be rebuking and chastening, pruning of unfruitful wood*.  This is not your work; leave it to those authorised by Papa.  All are assigned according to their various gifts.  You are assigned for door duty at the entrance to the banquet chamber.  It is needful that you ensure all who arrive are provided with suitable raiment.  Hold fast to that in which you have been tutored.  Let no false messengers turn you away from this duty.  All is well.  

*It is important to understand that this does not imply judgement or punishment, but correction of erroneous thinking, beliefs and perception, which in turn lead to erroneous understanding and actions, keeping us on the carousel of birth and death.  All such have to be ‘pruned’, or shone away by the Light of Eternal Truth. 


Holy Communion February 23, 1997

At the beginning I saw the ladder again, and multitudes of people were walking toward its base and beginning the long ascent.  Then I saw angels flying around, providing protection for all on the ladder.  Then I realised that the Lord is the ladder!

Lord and Master, you are all things for us, your little ones: the Good Shepherd, the banquet feast, the ladder upon which we ascend to the Father, and untold other mystical realities.  I love you for your all sufficiency Lord.


by your commitment and one-pointedness is your perception unfettered from the ‘bedrock’ of Earth life literal-mindedness.


My son, by your commitment and one-pointedness is your perception unfettered from the ‘bedrock’ of Earth life literal-mindedness.  The mammon consciousness, which is entrapped in fear, feels more secure in restricting itself to the belief that all that is is all it can understand.  The truth is that creation and creativity of the Mind of Papa has no bounds.  You begin to attune with that.

Your heart's sincere desire gives a surge of uplift to those on the path, even as my love for you gives you buoyancy.  My love lifts you up because I gather you into my arms and into my heart.  So does your love for those to whom you send blessings.  (I saw those on the ladder make a sudden and rapid move upward, as on an escalator, as my heart filled with love and blessing for them at the offering of the wine.)

Rejoice most of all that your names are written in Heaven rather than for anything that you see or hear or experience.  Let this always be the focus of your rejoicing.  Bless all your fellows that they may become aware that their names also are so written, from the least to the greatest among men.  This is the Law of the Lord and it is wondrous to behold. 

Needless to say, this event, unfolded over two successive weeks’ Communion services, was easy to discern as being of major significance, and has much more than is immediately to be observed by way of implication for humanity.  It was worthy of much pondering, and I have pondered it muchly.  


The Angels I saw were guarding or watching over the souls who were beginning the long ascent from the bottom of the ladder.


I was reminded of the Old Testament story of Jacob’s ladder (Gen. 28:12) but with a number of significant differences.  The ladder I saw went not just from Earth to Heaven but from ‘bedrock hell’ which  it could be argued lies, metaphorically at least, somewhere ‘below’ the Earth-life experience to Heaven.  Our sanctuary of Mystical Communion with Christ was placed on a circular platform through which the ladder passed on its way up to Heaven.  The angels I saw were not descending and ascending using the ladder (as in the Jacob’s ladder narrative) but were flying around it, guarding or watching over those who were, in response to our broadcast invitation (in the Lord’s name) from the staging post, beginning the long ascent from the bottom of the ladder.  It was one-way traffic only: up!

That Jesus was a carpenter and was crucified on a wooden cross are hugely significant in this allegory:  He used the wooden cross as his means of getting down to the ‘bedrock hell’ the lowest level of consciousness to which man can become degraded/have existence at the soul level in which such a vast number of souls are stuck, with no light of spiritual discernment.  Jesus came into the Earth life from a place of Great Light the Source of All.  Those from such a place of Spiritual Enlightenment are not visible to their brothers in ‘outer (or lower) darkness’.  He needed, as a deep-sea diver needs weighted boots, something to ‘weigh him down’ (spiritually) so that he could descend discernibly into the depths. 

This was the ‘sins of the world’ laid upon him (or, taken upon himself; a burden he was easily able to bear, and which, for him, were as nothing at all, because he knew the truth: that all of time and place is but a dream, from which he is here to waken us).  This is for ‘practical’ reasons, just as a diver puts-on weighted boots for practical reasons.  It has nothing to do with a ‘wrathful’ God insisting on a scapegoat or ‘once and for all blood sacrifice’ for the ‘sins’ of all humanity from ‘Adam and Eve’ through to the ‘end of the world’.  The only one, true God, the Creator Spirit, is Love; unconditional, Perfect Love.  The spirit of vengefulness and retribution has no place in the heart of the Holy One.  That is a contrivance of literal-minded, Earth-conscious, control-hungry, fear-driven, hidden-agenda, ego-misled man. 

Jesus used the cross for many reasons, symbolic and ‘practical’.  Practical is in quote marks because they are not necessarily all practical at the purely physical, Earth-mind level of perception, but more realistically at a mystical, spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric level of reality.  At a strictly Earth-mind level of perception it could be said that he used the cross like a fireman uses a pole: to convey himself rapidly from one level to a lower level. 

None of this is said with tongue in cheek or in an irreverent manner.  On the contrary, it is said in the utmost respect and in honour of Jesus the Christ, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One, who so loves us all of us without exception; that’s what unconditional love is that he descended from the utmost heights of spiritual awareness, reality and oneness with the Creator Spirit, into the Earth-life realm, to be with us and bring us back to the Truth of Eternal Reality. 

The Truth of Eternal Reality is that we are all eternal, living Spirit, coming from Eternity and returning to Eternity by the Path that unfolds at our feet, by faith, and is the free gift of The Creator Spirit, Papa.  We are at free choice at every moment of our lives to espouse good and eschew ‘evil’; or put another way, to seek/choose/espouse the Light and reject/turn away from/repudiate the darkness, or the absence of Light.  ‘Light’ has an initial capital because this is the Light of Spirit, and is indivisible from the Life and Love of the Creator Spirit. 

It helps in understanding all this if one can move back and forth between metaphor/symbol and ‘physical-world actualities’ in one’s perception of these explanations.  If the Creator Spirit is (the Source of all) Light and we are moving toward ‘Him’, then the place behind us away from which we are moving is darkness.  The closer we move toward the Light, the more ‘in the Light’, or ‘enlightened’, we become.  If we turn around 180 degrees and begin moving away from the Light toward the darkness, then we have the Light behind us and this will cause a shadow our own shadow to fall upon the path in front of us. 

This is why Jesus called upon the people to ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand’ (Mt. 4:17).  The word repent means, literally, Turn around, 180 degrees.  Jesus was saying, ‘You are going in the wrong direction; you are heading away from the Light and out into darkness (‘outer darkness’).  Turn around 180 degrees and follow me; I will lead you back to God/the Source of the Light.  This way you will become enlightened, see who you really are and choose the Light because the Light is who and what you really are (created in the likeness of God, the Source of all Light).’    

So, he incarnated and spent his three-year mission in three main Kingdomly activities: Healing the sick; casting-out possessing spirits; preaching the Good News ‘Gospel’ that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  The miracles and exorcisms were his ‘credentials’; evidence that he had, literally, overcome the ‘world’ (ego), and bore true witness to his teachings about God, himself and the Kingdom. Nevertheless, it should be understood that he did not perform miracles to induce belief; he knew that would happen anyway, and serve his overall objectives, but his motivation for performing them was unconditional, perfect Love.

However, none of these activities was the real, primary purpose for his incarnation.  That purpose was to bring down the Holy Spirit into the Earth-life consciousness of the seemingly separated, fragmented Sonship of God.  The Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost in KJV terminology) is the Voice for God, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath; our true, eternal, unlimited, all-empowered (just like Jesus) Higher Self.

How the rescue, the salvation, by but one Awakened Brother, of all the rest of his identity-confused brothers is possible — indeed, inevitable — is by calling down the Holy Spirit into the world. All else for which Jesus is renowned — the teaching (‘Never man spake like this man’. Jn. 7:46), the miracles, the crucifixion, the resurrection — were to get our attention; to demonstrate that he knew something the rest of us clearly did not; to indicate he was worthwhile listening to, so that we would take notice of him and at least some of us would aspire to follow him.

He said, in John 15:10,11:  ... if ye keep my commandments..., i.e. advice, spiritual counsel and guidance, and thus, become like him,ye shall abide in my love... and ...that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full (i.e. complete, constant, eternal).  It is noteworthy that by abiding in his Love our Joy is full.  When we ‘fall in love’ we experience great joy, but the joy of which Jesus speaks is of a dimension — spiritual, mystical — far, far beyond time and place, ‘Earth-mind’ comprehension or experience, although it can be experienced in time and place — by following, or keeping, his commandments.  Such mystical Love and Joy are hand-in-glove, along with Peace, and all indivisible from each other.

Jesus incarnated to be an embodiment, or manifestation, of the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of Truth, the Voice for God. In other words, to bring the Spirit of Truth into the dimension to which his slumbering brethren have limited themselves so that he could demonstrate Its Reality to us, right ‘here’ in unreality.

The confused, bewildered mind of the fragmented Sonship had closed itself off to the presence of the Holy One, symbolised by the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Jerusalem Temple.  The Holy of Holies, or Most Holy Place, and the Holy Place are adjoining chambers in the Temple, but separated, or divided off from each other by a veil.  This symbolises the veil we have drawn over our vision, causing us to believe we are separated, unaware of the Light that is our Father and by extension, our Self.  That veil only has as much reality, as much power to blind us, as we accord it.  But to Jesus it had no power at all, and its ‘rending in twain from the top to the bottom’ (Mt. 27:51) demonstrated this; whether physically or metaphorically makes no difference because all the events and objects were and are outer symbols of an immeasurably greater reality behind them all.

This Voice for God has always been with us, but because we have been listening to the voice that believes the separation is real — ego, the voice of judgement, grievance and unforgiveness — this has misled and confused us, and drowned-out from our awareness the still, small Voice for God within our mind. Jesus heard, listened to and followed this Voice, Which led him to the place of full Awakening to remembrance of his True being as Papa’s beloved, all-loving, all-empowered Son. And so he came at the start of the second measure of meal to manifest and anchor that Voice in time and place so that we could hear It also, if we are willing to listen

The first record we have of him activating this process is in Jn. 20:22, when he appeared to the disciples in the upper room during the evening of the day of his resurrection: ...he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.  

The next record is from Acts, chapter 1, also shortly after the resurrection, when the disciples were still in Jerusalem and he appeared to them again:

And, being assembled together with them, (he) commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me.  For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence ... ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you...  

This coming upon them took place at the event called Pentecost, fifty days after the resurrection, as described in Acts chapter 2. The disciples were greatly empowered by this wondrous experience, performed many miracles and spoke with the authority of the Spirit of Truth within them. In due course all this was lost to the awareness of subsequent generations of most of the followers of Jesus because an institution grew up following those early years, purporting to be established in his name and his representative on Earth.

But this institution became engulfed in distracting detail at the time and place level of consciousness.  This institution was taken over by ego, instead of remaining focused on the eternal Principles of Life of the Father.  Truly spoken are the words ‘The devil is in the detail.’ According to the internet there are approaching forty-thousand different so-called Christian sects in today’s world and this number is very far from static, as less than twenty years ago there were estimated to be around half that number.  Divide and subdivide is ego’s mantra.

The Son of God perceives himself separated from, blind to and bereft of God, but is actually as close to Papa as it is possible to be. It is impossible for the Son of God to not be the Son of God, regardless of his dream of separation from his Father and himself, broken into fragments of self-disempowered littleness; one, appearing as many in the valley of the shadow of death.  And the leavening, the uplifting, the healing of the split-off mind of the Son is taking place.  The ‘dead’ inhabitants of that valley are being resurrected, raised up, leavened, restored to Life, or Wholeness of Being. 

Thereafter, during the leavening process that is the Great Rescue Programme, it could extend, like ripples on a pond, until the whole fragmented Sonship is raised up to awareness of Its Wholeness (Holiness) within. 

Then each fragment can be led from his own within back to true Vision — as symbolised by the rending of the Temple veil, and the dispelling of the illusory separation of the Holy of Holies (Papa) from the Holy Place (the Sonship).

The path of incarnation from the ‘Highest Heaven’ to Earth was one step a considerable enough downward step at that.  But the advantage of having taken that giant step for mankind (with apologies to Neil Armstrong) was that it brought him, as it were, ‘halfway to Hades’. 

Knowing the Master Jesus and his love for mankind all mankind his commitment was to find every single ‘lost sheep’ and place it lovingly upon his shoulders and return it safely to the fold (Lk. 15: 5).  Why would this not include those who, at any time past, present or future, find themselves in ‘outer darkness’ or the lowest depths of Hades, the pit?  It assuredly does not apply only to those incarnate at the time of Jesus’ Earthly life, or to any other time before or since.  Therefore, it must apply to all his brethren in the Sonship, wherever they are incarnate or excarnate.    

If that is the case, he had to have access to the excarnate souls who were in places of darkness.  Why would Jesus, with his unconditional love for all humanity, individually, choose, in some arbitrary manner, to have some ‘cut-off point’ beyond which he would not go in terms of the degree of darkness/wilderness in which any soul/’lost sheep’ might find himself to search and rescue such a soul?  Rather, he would be seeking souls at the very lowest point of darkness possible, in accord with his own words: 

 They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.  (Mt. 9:12)

 and also:   

What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?  And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.  And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.  I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.  (Lk. 15: 3-7) 

Note that the record states: until he find it  It does not say: ‘until he has searched so far and no further’.  Jesus, the anointed messenger of the Holy One, does not give up on any of us.  Ever.  That is the way it is with the Holy One.  Commitment.  Total and absolute.  Is there one amongst us who would have it any other way?

Those who have sunk so low find it very hard impossible, actually to rise up on their own, and the selfless giving, outpouring of great love, blessing and practical help toward such are all of inestimable benefit.  It demonstrates in a practical, palpable way that they actually are ‘worthy’ of being loved.  The objective of Jesus at the end of his mission in the ‘halfway house of Earth-life habitation’ was to visit the ‘basement flats’ and construct an ‘escape ladder’ for those dwelling there. 

The cross was a highly serviceable mechanism, not only for getting him down there (using it as a fireman’s pole) it was the instrument of his separation from his physical body (a pre-requisite, one could argue, to such a journey!) and it was embedded in the ground, thus facilitating a ‘downward progression’ to the ‘basement’.  Once there he, being a carpenter, could readily transform the material of the wooden cross into a wooden ladder-cum-staircase. 

A pole is very difficult to ascend; a rigidly fastened, sturdy ladder with a deep tread that makes it more like a staircase is much easier.  Fastening the base of the ladder a single, seamless structure providing means of uninterrupted ascent from the basement of the Father’s House right to the very Top Floor, the penthouse suite, with its banquet chamber — immovably to the bedrock of the ‘basement’ was what he was engaged upon when I encountered him there.  

It does not matter to Jesus what depths or degree of darkness any of us appear to enter or descend into; to him there is no place from which we are irredeemable.  All that is required is desire our desire and willingness.  Until a messenger comes along and reminds us that we are heading in the wrong direction, many of us sojourning in the Earth life get on a path that has the Light shining at our back and casting our shadow on the path ahead of us. 

Some may say, for a span (which could be a few years, a lifetime or an indeterminate number of lifetimes), ‘That’s fine, I am happy exploring this path out into the wilderness.’  If so, they will continue and efforts by other well-meaning souls to persuade them otherwise will be to little avail.  The desire to change direction, to shrug off ego-mind and be restored to the One-Mindedness of Christ, Papa’s beloved Son, must come from the within of the individual.

When such souls have ventured far enough into the wilderness, and often when they have become lost and frightened of the dark, fearful shadows, they decide they have had enough and want out of there.  That is when the trouble becomes apparent, because there is no-one to tell them how to get out, how to turn back, how to turn around 180 degrees, or ‘repent’. 

Jesus came to do that, but the literal-mindedness of ego-controlled institutionalised religions, with their perceptions of a vengeful, wrathful God and their own (rather than God’s) agendas of power over (rather than power with) the people, has, over scores of generations, caused many to believe they will go to ‘hell’ so when they depart their Earthly bodies they go to such a place that their highly creative imaginations have fabricated for them.

Others didn’t believe the message from Jesus because the institutionalised religions distorted its unconditionally-loving, forgiving, original substance with all the literal-minded, mistakenly-perceived images of wrath, vengeance and eternal hell-fire and destruction which have taken precedence over the real message of love and forgiveness. Thus have untold numbers of fragments of the Sonship abandoned the message because of its inaccurate, distorted delivery, and find themselves without a true message with which they can resonate gladly, joyfully, upliftingly at a deep, heart-mind level. 

In the context of Eternity, all this is fine because the purpose of God moves inexorably along and we are in the time of the fulfilment of the prophecies, and harbingers, messengers, heralds of the Great Rescue Programme of Jesus are announcing this to the people of Earth, right now.  There are thousands of them, with more incarnating every day, each with their own facet of the message.  These facets, like the facets of a diamond, reflect the Light of Spiritual Truth in all directions and at all angles, to catch the eye of people of all persuasions if they are sincere in their desire for inner peace, goodwill, the brotherhood of man all the Kingdomly qualities of Eternity rather than temporal, expedient paths to material gain that are at the expense of their fellows.  For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?  (Mt. 16:26).

If we first, last and always choose to discern the message as having its foundation in eternal, unchangeable, unconditional, perfect Love thereby refusing to take any words or doctrines to the contrary at face value then we can start to separate the wheat of Eternal Truth in Holy Scriptures from the chaff placed there by mistaken perceptions or hidden agendas, of which there have been a lack of neither within the institutionalised religions established in the names of Messengers from the Holy One over the millennia.

Then will we be well on our Way Home.  That Journey starts with us here, on Earth — time and place — because it is of an existence on Earth that we are dreaming.  Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, all around us — though most of his brethren, then and now, were/still are, unaware of it.  We cannot be transformed into Kingdom-awareness in ‘Heaven’ from an ego-conditioned state of misperception (wrong-mindedness) without a total retraining of our minds to Kingdomly desire and understanding. 

That retraining will bring us to the place of awareness where we will be ready and willing to leave the Earth and its duality, separation-consciousness ways behind us.  This is a co-operative process between Jesus and/or Holy Spirit and us; it is not something to which They will help us awaken until and unless we ask and are willing to receive, and accept unto ourself, that Kingdom awareness.  That can only happen here, on Earth, so that we are prepared, made ready, for a smooth, joyful (unencumbered by fear or guilt) transition to full, eternal Kingdom reality — in Heaven. 

Ego, that split-off-from-Truth part of our mind of the Son of God, made the physical universe as a hiding place from God.  To return to the Light, we (the fragmented Sonship)  must be restored to at-one-ment in our true, unified reality as the Sonship, by a willingness   to allow, and co-operate with, the Spirit of Truth, our highest Self, in undoing, dispelling ego from our mind, so that it can be healed and restored to wholeness, then, and only then, will we no longer be on the ego-mind wavelength. Then we will have no awareness of ego or its construct, the physical universe. 

That construct will then cease to appear to have any existence, because we will be in our right mind, our Christ Mind, in which ego and its constructs have no part.  This means that the Great Rescue Programme will first restore us to Kingdom awareness here on Earth — the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — and then we will be ready, all of us, together as one, to be uplifted by God Himself to our final and permanent Home in Eternity, the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven; One, again, in Papa, the Creator Spirit, our eternal, perfectly-loving Heavenly Father.




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