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This page is to help prospective readers of “Seek ye First the Kingdom...” (SYFK) to gain some insight into the book byFront cover of "Seek ye First the Kingdom..."  One man's journey with the living Jesus asking its author some candid, forthright questions about it and his motivation and objectives for writing it, and providing him opportunity to give some candid and forthright answers.  Anyone who has further questions to which they may like answers are welcome to write.

Q:    The cover of this book could cause some to perceive it as just another boring book on religion’.

A:    Many years ago I realised that religion and spirituality are actually diametric opposites. Institutionalised religion is a man-made artifice operating on the premise of control through fear. Spirituality is a state of being that is our true, eternal, unencumbered nature, functioning from the God-given premise of freedom through perfect, unconditional Love. Religion does engage in much charitable activity, but the key question is, Will it lead us back to our true and only Home in the Eternity of Heaven?  God, Heaven, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and spirituality are all mystical, and orthodox religion is fearful of engaging with mysticism. 

To get back Home to Eternity – the Kingdom of Heaven within us – we need to learn about It. Most religions know nothing about Eternity, and prohibit anything to do with mysticism or any form of contact with the Realms of Light (an alternative term for the enlightened spirit realms), or Self realisation. This quote by Jesus says it all:

But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. (Mt. 23:13).

The present day, institutionalised church, is repeating the pattern of the Pharisees, and is described perfectly by the ascended Jesus in Revelation chapter 3 as the church of Laodicea:

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.  Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art (spiritually) wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:  I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

Todays Laodicean church has all but lost its power of control-through-fear over the masses as the global shift to the spiritual awakening of humanity moves increasingly to the fore of the world at large.

SYFK is about that awakening as it has been taking place in me, in an endeavour to help others who are feeling that same inner call to wakefulness.  God, our Heavenly Father, Papa, is calling us Home.  To respond to His Call we need to raise our mind to awareness of our true, eternal, mystical Being as His beloved Son.  Jesus is our template, our example for this.Back cover of "Seek ye First the Kingdom..."  One man's journey with the living Jesus


Q:    What prompted or inspired you to write SYFK?

A:    From earliest adulthood I have been profoundly aware of the pervading injustice, inequality, unfairness, imbalance, callousness, cruelty in this world.  This is endemic in all countries, races, belief systems, cultures.  Something deep within me found this utterly abhorrent – not just that it is so, but that those in power and authority seem to lack the intent to do anything much about it.  Of course there are sporadic programmes enacted by various governments so they can say they are doing something, and progress has been and is being made here and there.  But the will must be strong, steadfast, ubiquitous and unequivocal for real change to happen.  At present it is lukewarm, and despots continue to plunder their people of their liberty, lives and untold billions of their national wealth...

This deep abhorrence was not a passing fad or sentiment but something I felt total commitment toward.  I knew at a soul level, intuitively, that the way things were – and are – is not the way it should be or has to be. Yet outwardly there was nothing I could do. However, I now realise this was a desire and an intent that my soul was radiating out into the cosmos, and was being answered in a way that was, one step at a time, over decades, providing me with the wherewithal that would enable me to do something immeasurably more than money and government programmes could ever do.  That something is to share the truth of our Being with my fellow travellers on ‘spaceship Earth’: that we are all Citizens of Eternity, sojourning in time.

The spiritual journey on which I have been led during this incarnation – or ‘act’ as I call it, based on Shakespeare’s words from As You Like It: ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players...’ – was in response to that desire and intent, and all that has been happening in my life has been a preparation for enabling me to fulfil that desire and intent.  All the blessed experiences over many decades have had a purpose driven by, and in response to, that desire and intent.  That purpose has been to provide me with the authority that experience brings. When one has experienced mystical reality, it no longer remains a belief, but an inner Knowing, of a certainty beyond all doubt.

Jesus has told me a number of times over the decades that all that I was experiencing was merely preparation for what lay ahead, and that all this was agreed between him and me ‘aforetime’, which was his way of saying before I incarnated.  By the late 1990s and early noughties (the first decade of the new century) I was beginning to realise that if I did not write this story, when I arrived at the end of this sojourn in time I would be left with an overwhelming sense of regret at a lost opportunity to share the priceless treasures with which my life has been blessed, and which, in truth, are available to all.


Q:    How have you managed to recall all that has taken place so you could accurately record it in the book?  After all, these are events that you have experienced over more than half a lifetime.

A:    I took a leaf out of Olga Park’s book (she was my spiritual mentor from 1965 until 1970, about whom you can read in SYFK) and kept faithful written records of most of these events.  However, there is much more to it than that.  When one has an experience, or contact, at the soul level of awareness which brings about a change, or expansion, of awareness of one’s inner being – and one is deeply interested in and committed to such expansion, or awakening – a level of remembrance is engaged that far exceeds what the world perceives as ‘normal’, memory capability.  Such memories are recalled at will, even when ordinary memory function starts to diminish with ageing processes.


Q:    You describe how Jesus appeared to you.  Can you tell us a bit more about this?

A:    Most people believe they are a body with a soul, but the reverse is actually the case.  We are a soul appearing to be with a body; as already explained, Citizens of Eternity, sojourning in time.  The body is temporal but the soul is eternal, therefore we cannot be a body, but we are a soul.  The bodily senses, including eyes, are devised solely to detect temporal appearances, and have no capacity for discernment of spiritual, eternal reality. Our soul faculties are immeasurably more refined and developed than our bodily senses, but because we are so engaged with the temporal, self-limiting aspect of our experience, our soul faculties remain quiescent for the most part.  This is not because the soul desires to be quiescent.  In fact, it is not actually quiet, and speaks with us all the while; it is fear, doubt, unbelief that cause us to choose not to listen, and therefore not to hear.

But for a person eager to experience awareness of ‘something beyond’, the soul faculties begin to become discernible at the Earth-life conscious level of awareness.  The development of this awareness is not able to be controlled by an act of ego self will or intellect, because it is of the Life Force, which is pure Spirit.  All that is required of us is willingness for it to happen.  Allow it, co-operate with it, accept it, welcome it; but never try to force it, because that pushes it away.  It requires our alignment with it, not the other way around.  The soul, our true Self, or Being, is immeasurably more knowledgeable – all-knowing, in fact – than we might think our persona-self is.

Those who have a propensity, or readiness, for soul-awareness bring that with them into this temporal realm.  If we have, pre-incarnation – ‘aforetime’ – determined to activate that potential, we call into our presence the circumstances that will facilitate that development.  This is what happened in my life.  I prefer to use the term awareness rather than see, because seeing is usually associated with ocular sight, whereas we discern, or have awareness of things of the eternal, spiritual reality with our soul-sight. This operates at a much higher vibration and can be all-encompassing, and is simply aware of incoming events, people/souls, experiences that are directed to the recipient, knowing he is open, receptive, willing for them.

Jesus was responding to my desire, and that desire made me open to receiving palpable awareness of him, not via bodily senses, but with my soul receptors.  The experience was so powerful – intended by him to have a lasting, permanent in fact, effect upon me – that it extended throughout my being, including my bodily faculties.


Q:  Why the title, “Seek ye First the Kingdom...” (SYFK)

A:    God is not a god of fear, of man-made rules and regulations, doctrines and dogmas, but of perfect Love, Peace and infinite, unending, exquisite, rapturous Joy.  Jesus didn’t speak those words – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Mt 6:33) – because if we don’t we are placing ourselves in danger of unspeakable punishment by a wrathful, vengeful, bloodthirsty God.  He spoke them because he knew what we were – are – missing, have forgotten.

He had remembered the truth of this and was living in at-one-ment with it – ‘it’ being perfect Love, Peace and Joy – experiencing it every moment, uninterruptibly.  He knew that we, his brothers in the Sonship of God, were, and are, bereft of this, and he came to restore us to oneness with himself in this ineffable state of Being.  This is our rightful destiny and inheritance because God gave it to us at our creation.

This state of Being is who and what God is and it is who and what we are because we are created in His likeness.  Jesus spoke those words, Seek ye first the Kingdom..., as a reminder and as an invitation to us all to join with him – actually, re-join – in that state of Being.  I am simply extending, sharing, expressing that invitation, to help restore to remembrance those within the fragmented Sonship who seem to have forgotten it.


Q:    You speak extensively about the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ and how it helped in getting you on the Christ Mind wavelength.  Is this literally for anyone and everyone?

A:    Of course, in principle.  None is excluded from the Kingdom of Heaven, other than self-exclusion caused by a mistaken, unwarranted fear of the Light.  In practice, the vast majority of the fragmented Sonship of God is not yet ready, but the Communion Service is designed to help ‘all who will’ to attune – commune – with Christ Mind, which is Loving, gentle, tender, caring, compassionate, forgiving, understanding, all-Knowing, wise and full of fun, with an unsurpassed sense of humour. 

The Service is a stepping stone in preparation for the spiritual awakening of any and all who truly seek and earnestly desire to remember who they really are.  That desire and intent is either within each one or it is not.  For those in whom it is not consciously present it is because they are still deeply asleep, spiritually, so it remains dormant.  But it is there in us all, however dormant.   

Jesus (and/or the Spirit of Truth, or Holy Spirit), speaks, to us within our mind.  The Communion Service is for those in whom there is a nascent desire and intent for this. They have – as we all have – the latent capacity for hearing his speaking, and if they are listening carefully, sincerely, committedly enough, It will be heard by them and they will respond.  For those still not yet ready, they are not, ever, excluded, but it may take another sojourn in time – or several more – before their slumber becomes sufficiently lighter that they will start to be able to hear the Call.


Q:    You write of allegory as if it is reality.  How does allegory and reality interrelate?

A:    Quantum physicists now know that what has thus far been perceived as reality is not reality at all.  The search is now on for reality!  But reality is nothing to do with physics, because reality is spirit, and its creativity is activated by mind, motivated by intent.  In this context, reality is abstract, though mind is capable of making what appears to be concrete. But concrete is actually self-delusion, as particle physicists now know.  Reality is nothing to do with time and place, which is all made up and is the opposite of reality, because reality is eternal and unchangeable.  Reality is eternal truth and is perfect.  That is why it is unchangeable, because if perfection could be changed it would become imperfect and would no longer be true because it would no longer be eternal.

Allegory, or parable, or parable-in-action, is a mechanism for describing, explaining or showing truth by symbols – words, images, actions – that represent truth but are not truth in themselves, in just the way that the word ‘apple’ is a symbol used to represent apple but is not actually apple.

In the limited consciousness of 3-dimensions it is not possible to know (absolute) truth because truth is eternal and unlimited.  To know it we have to extend our mind beyond those 3-dimensional limits.  This is easily possible for those of us who are willing, because mind is abstract.  But mind is also capable of limiting its awareness to 3-dimensions and the illusion of linear time, because we have free will.  Those who are willing to see beyond time and place, 3-dimensional perception of the illusion of the concrete, find it easier to apprehend reality because they are less self-limiting in their thinking.

Allegory, or parable, enables mind to understand the reality behind the imagery of the parable to varying degrees, according to the willingness of the mind to surrender its grip on what it has previously limited itself to perceiving as reality – such as time and place, a ‘physical’ universe of galaxies, solar systems, bodies etc.  Jesus knew all this and used parables to teach because he knew listeners would each be able to grasp some understanding according to their degree of freedom of mind or otherwise.  So, a given person will grasp an understanding of a parable or allegory at one level at one stage of their spiritual awakening, and as they progress, so will their understanding of that allegory take on a greater meaning.

The allegory in Vignette 27 (at the end of the book), of Jesus in ‘bedrock hell’ fastening the escape ladder to the floor, will have great meaning even for a person with limited understanding of eternal truth, whose background may have been orthodox Christianity, but who is moving to a place of readiness for something beyond those confines.


Q:    A significant aspect of your book is what you call ‘the rescue work’, in which you describe helping people who have died in fearful circumstances and are stuck in that fear in the afterlife, not knowing what to do about it.  A lot of people will have a struggle getting their head around that.  What can you tell us to assist?

A:    In spite of appearances to the contrary, we are not a body, but pure spirit, and as such we are eternal, indestructible, invulnerable.  Jesus stuck his neck out telling the people there was no such thing as death.  It was a tough job but someone had to do it.  Few believed him then and so far, few believe him – or rather, understand what he meant – today, though the numbers are rapidly increasing as the Awakening gathers momentum.  That’s what the crucifixion was all about: a dramatic way of proving his point that would get our attention.  Getting the attention of people walking around with a sack over their head (metaphorically) takes some doing, especially with a message as revolutionary as his, but he was up for it.  Thank goodness, or we would all be much longer waking up.

Because people believe they are a body they believe they will die, and what they believe is what they see – or experience.  Jesus knew he was not a body and was invulnerable, and he came to demonstrate that so the rest of us could eventually grasp this truth about ourself – and each other. This is where the resurrection comes in; the ultimate demonstration of the unreality of death, along with all our other false beliefs.

Even when people lay aside their bodies and find themselves in an etheric, or non-‘physical’ place, so ingrained are these false beliefs that many remain in a mental state of denial about reality – Eternity, or Heaven.  So, they stay with what they believe is their reality, even if it is torture, accident, or just a mundane existence, and that just carries on after they have laid aside their body.  And until someone comes along to disabuse them of this misperception – or they wake up to something beyond of their own accord, which does not happen as often as might be thought – they remain indefinitely in that experience.

I have no idea how many souls there are in the etheric realms beyond the earthly life in this limbo state, but I have no doubt it is millions; possibly hundreds of millions, or even more.  The world at large is oblivious to this, and even if they knew about it, most would not know what to do about it, and actually believe there is nothing they can or could do about it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Jesus has counselled me on a number of occasions to Pray (for), Commit (into his or the Holy Spirit’s care) and Bless (‘PCB’) all in need, sorrow, sickness or other adversity. 

PCB’ing will provide immediate Help, relief and release for any such lost souls.  The stronger our belief, the more effective will be the Help.  Although I have seen many wonderful, heart- and faith-lifting results, it is not necessary to see the results because we have committed the matter into the right, loving, caring, empowered Hands.  Those Hands always respond to our sincere PCB’ing.  But that help cannot be given unless it is asked (and given thanks) for, because free will (not to ask) is our God-given right.   

It can, of course, be asked for by the intended beneficiary, but if the beneficiary has no understanding that help is available, others who do understand this can intercede on their behalf.  This is possible because by asking on behalf of another, we join, and become as one with that other.  Such is the Love of God.

There is rescue work going on all the time, of which few, or perhaps none of us, have any awareness, but we can all help beyond measure by changing our focus from left-brain, fear and self-centredness to right-brain, heart-centred PCB’ing.  It is the rescue of the entire Sonship of God with whom Jesus is concerned, and nothing less.  If we desire to become like him, it will serve us well to start thinking like him.


Q:    You write of contact with what most people would call the dead in a matter-of-fact way.  This is a quantum leap from everyday life in this world.  Do you believe the world is ready for this?

A:    We are in the most exciting time in the history of humanity, when a spiritual awakening is taking place.  This is being directed not from Earth-life conscious sources, any more than the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into its true being as a butterfly is directed from its own conscious resources; nor is it a programme of government or international organisations, who know nothing of its reality.  It is coming from the Source of all life, and Beings of the Light in the spirit realms who are in a state of at-one-ment with the Source.  Jesus presides over this event, but this does not imply it is connected to institutionalised religion.  It is organised and empowered, and I have been told many times that it is infallible and unstoppable, with all the resources of Eternity at its disposal. 

When a person is asleep he has no awareness of what is going on around him.  But when he starts to wake up, all that begins to change.  So far, most of us have believed we are a body, but the realisation that our awareness is of our being as mind and spirit is growing exponentially, and quantum physicists are coming into line with this understanding.  Bodies do not communicate with other bodies; it is mind that communicates, and I have used the term mind-to-mind communing to describe this.  For mind to mind communing bodies are not essential, and since mind and spirit survive what we mistakenly call death, the only hindrance to such commun(icat)ing is our unwillingness to believe in it as a possibility. 

There will be a hard core of people who will remain in that state of mind for generations to come, but acceptance of eternity, and our being an integral part of it, is becoming more widespread at an exponential rate.  It is the destiny of humanity to return to its original estate of eternal, effulgent, all-empowered Being –  not restricted to appearing to be limited to time and place – in the likeness of the Creator Spirit, in and of Whom we are an indivisible aspect. 

We are eternal beings functioning through temporal apparatus.  When that apparatus is worn out, our eternal being continues.  Now is the time to realign our thought processes with our eternal reality because doing this will prepare us for the new awareness into which we are emerging.


Q:  There are so many books, websites, ‘gurus’ promoting metaphysical, mystical paths to the truth, most of which are not in accord with each other.  How do we know what you are sharing through “Seek ye First the Kingdom...” is any more reliable or trustworthy?

A:    I am simply sharing my experiences.  It is, as always, up to the reader to decide if it resonates for him or her.  If it does, great; if not, great too.  Jesus told me many years ago to be concerned only with delivering the message, not with how, or when – or by whom – it is received; that that was his concern.

If a reader asks for guidance as to whether this book is ‘right’ for them, and they resonate with what they read in it, that is their soul providing affirmation.  They will serve themselves well to take note of those feelings, or resonance.


Q:    What is the single most salient point you want to put across in SYFK?

A:    That we are One, and remembrance, awareness, experience of our Oneness and the empowerment Oneness restores to us is available to us all, here and now.  We do not have to wait until we ‘die’.  That is a misperception that will keep us trapped in the illusion of time and place.  We will never get that all the while we perceive with our bodily senses alone, because bodies bear false witness to the mistaken belief that we are separate.  We are not a body.  We are a soul, and we will only truly understand and experience that when we steadfastly choose to see with our soul vision, which is nothing to do with time and place – what is ‘out there’ – but everything to do with our true Being, which is within.  Just as Jesus told us in the long ago: 

The kingdom of God cometh not with (outward) observation:  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20, 21)

Now is the time when the truth of Eternity is beginning to be remembered and understood, and thus experienced by ever more people the fragmented Sonship of God – who are increasingly truly seeking and earnestly desiring the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  There is but one word that comes to mind in response to this good, nay, magnificent news: Alleluia! J


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