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Over the last few years I have been interviewed a number of times about my encounters with Jesus since the 1960s, and the growth in awareness and understanding of spiritual reality and eternal truth that this journey with him has afforded me.

These interviews are enabling me to share this understanding with any who also desire to grow in these helpful-to-our-Awakening matters.

 I now have a dedicated YouTube channel, on which all these videos can be viewed. Please click here to take you to that channel, where all are displayed, each with its respective title.

More videos will be added from time to time.

May these be helpful, inspiring and uplifting.


NB: As of May 7th 2024 there is a written interview on MysticMag. Here is the link:


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The self-generating, self-perpetuating force of Creation is Love.  Let it be uppermost in your heart in all your activities and contacts and affairs so that the outworking of the Father’s good will may be made manifest for and through all that you do.

~ Jesus, December 13, 1987

Service of Mystical Communion with Christ


Part 1: Introductory comments


Part 2: Instructions and explanations


Part 3: The Service Procedure

Honest to Goodness



The objective of this site is to help all who are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life than is immediately apparent when we experience the world around us with our bodily senses.

This world of time and place is an illusory realm, occurring in our mind; a dream, just like a night-time dream. As Albert Einstein said, ‘A very realistic dream, but a dream nevertheless.’ We are now at the most crucial  and exciting time, or moment, in the history of humanity and of time: the moment of Awakening from that dream – a dream of separation from the Light of Creation, from the Creator Spirit Who is the very Source of that Light; from our true, undivided, One Self; a fantasy that has taken us into the perception of spiritual darkness, guilt, fear conflict and ‘death’ – to the ineffable reality of our eternal Life and Oneness in the Heart-Mind of the Creator Spirit, our heavenly Father: Papa God.


Conscious awareness of this unfolding, Awakening event began for me in January 1967, when Jesus manifested to me in his celestial glory, beginning a decades-long, still ongoing, journey with him, during which I have placed myself within his care, guidance and protection, and have (mostly!) been following his lead.





This illustration is entitled O Jerusalem, copyright Greg Olsen.

The words are part of a message from Jesus to Brian Longhurst on January 7, 1996



He told me he had come to lead me back to God, and that he was (is) my Guide to eternity. He won my absolute, undying trust and devoted Love for him from the beginning and ever since, revealing many proofs of the authenticity of his all-empowerment-by-perfect-Love.


In Truth he is – or would gladly be if/when we are willing to trust him enough to follow his leading – the Guide of us all, his brothers in the Sonship of God. His purpose is to lovingly, gently, caringly restore us all back to awareness, remembrance, of the unutterable bliss that is Oneness with him in the Father Creator … the fully Wakened eternal reality of our Being as the indivisible extension of God that we are.


There is a priceless ‘mechanism’ by which he can, and will, restore us to spiritual Wakefulness – in response to our desire. This mechanism is a devotional Service of Mystical Communion with Christ. It was brought into this world of time and place from the Realms of Light, under Christ authority, through Olga Park (1891–1985), who became my spiritual mentor in 1965. This Service helps us to focus our heart and mind on the eternity of Heaven that is our true and only Home, in the endless bliss of holy (i.e., whole, complete) communion with our Father Creator. Jesus was constantly in that state of awareness and communion during his earthly mission two millennia ago.


Heaven is a state of perfect Love, peace and joy – qualities so far beyond ‘human’, finite understanding that words cannot convey the meaning or experience of this state of Being. Only can It be experienced by first desiring It and then choosing to join, become – again – at One, unified with It.


When Jesus manifested to me (in response to the earnestness of my desire) in his glory on January 24, 1967 I espoused my life and entire being to him and his Great Rescue Programme. This espousal is a joining of minds that share a common desire, purpose and intent.


Minds can only join by communicating. True communication is solely Loving. All the rest of what is mistakenly perceived as communication, but is loveless, is a perverse, insane endeavour at disrupting communication. The six o’clock news will confirm this. The loftiest nature of communication is mind-to-mind communion, and when its sole, focused purpose is Loving, healing, joining, it is Holy Communion.



In 1967 I began practising this  Service of Mystical Communion with Christ. This has brought incalculable benefits in the form of miracles, astonishing synchronicities, blessings, wise counsel, teaching and explanations of esoteric, mystical, eternal reality, most of which is at variance with – the complete reversal, in fact, of – orthodox religious doctrines and dogmas about God, Jesus and Heaven, or eternity. All this was within a context of unconditional Love, infinite patience, gentleness, caring, lightness of heart and joyous, treasured humour. Many of these experiences of his visiting with me, and his words of guidance and explanation about eternal Truth and reality have been shared in the weekly Messages of Encouragement (MoEs) that I was inspired to begin writing in 2006, along with their accompanying Diary of a Christ Communicant (DCC) records.


Thirty eight years later I came to A Course in Miracles and instantly recognised that the same, real, living Jesus, of Love and Light, peace and joy, wisdom, gentleness, fun, caring, guidance and protection, with whom I had been in blessed, conscious fellowship and communion since 1967, was the author of the Course. The Service of Mystical Communion with Christ accords, harmonises entirely with A Course in Miracles. This is hardly surprising since both come under the same authorship: Jesus of Nazareth, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One.



During 2018 I was inwardly prompted to make some adjustments to this Service and share with, make available to, all who sincerely desire and have a yearning will to establish their own home sanctuary of Holy Communion with Christ, and participate in this devotional, Mystical Communion Service.  Here is what Jesus said to me about this in 1988:


Communion is more than an act of devotion; it is an act of At-One-ment with the Love, perfection and uplifting power of God, our Heavenly Father, so that you may both receive of its blessing and give out of that blessing and Light, focused and magnified in you, to all who desire and are in need of its blessedness.

~ Jesus, January 24, 1988


It has long been my heart’s desire to share this with, extend it to, all who desire, above all, to become like Jesus (1 John 3:2) … until the separation consciousness – of judgement, guilt, fear, conflict, sickness, pain-and-suffering and ‘death’ – is no more. 


I am very glad – overjoyed, in fact– to advise that these inwardly-inspired adjustments are now made, and the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ is uploaded onto this website, that all who so will are freely able to access, participate in and benefit from it in their own home, for their Help in spiritual Awakening to remembrance of the Oneness of all – with, and as guided, led, inspired, tutored by Jesus – as Papa’s one, beloved, reunified Son.


There are three sections to the presentation of the Communion devotions ritual, as follows:



Part I: Introductory Comments by Brian Longhurst



Part II:  Background Information, Service Instructions and Explanations



Part III:  The Service Procedure



In order to obtain optimal help in the understanding of, and resonance with, this devotional Communion ritual it is strongly recommended that these 3 sections be read through fully at least once before attempting to perform the Service and experience the fullness of its spiritual benefits.





Front cover of "Seek ye First the Kingdom..." One man's journey with the living JesusAs a result of my experiences from Jesus’ leading I was prompted to write my first book, “Seek ye First the Kingdom…”. It describes the relationship with him that he so lovingly cultivated between us – and to which I so gladly responded and reciprocated. This book can be considered as helping to open the door to acceptance of the reality and accessibility of the eternity that is Heaven, and the Loving, benign care, guidance and protection that is freely available to us all, here and now, from There.


Please click here for more details of this book.


Subsequently, the titles were given to me from Spirit of a further six books that it was intended for me to write. The total of seven volumes in this Kingdom’ series equate to seven progressive steps in the spiritual Awakening process from the dream of separation – the hell of time and place – to restoration to the eternity of Heaven. 


Here is a list of the titles thus far available, and links to more information about them, plus links to sources of supply:


“Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus (book 1 in the series)


Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity  (book 2 in the series)


Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality (book 3 in the series)


Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering Our One Identity (book 4 in the series)


Sharing the Kingdom Within ~ Ascending the Hill of the Lord (book 5 in the series)


Extending the Kingdom Within ~ None Shall Be Excluded (book 6 in the series)


BEING the Kingdom Within ~ Journey's End - And a New Beginning (book 7 in the series)



All are warmly invited to contact  me with any questions arising from what you find on this site, or to share any mystical experiences that are pertinent to the great desire and purpose of Jesus for the elevation of ‘all who will’ to the living awareness of what he calls ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’ – and especially the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


Boundless Love and blessings for inner peace, joy and fulfilment of your hearts desire for spiritual Awakening under the leadership of our beloved elder brother, Jesus,






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