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This is the records of spoken messages from, and other experiences of, the living Master JesusWeigela blossom and other souls from the Realms of Light acting under Christ authority and empowerment.  Most have been recorded during the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ which I began to practise after he first manifested to me in January 1967 (see SYFK chapter 2).  Others have been recorded following dreams, or sudden moments of spiritual illumination from the Realms of Light during waking consciousness.  As you can imagine, there are many thousands of records, accumulated since 1967.  Many have now been committed to computer disk, starting at 1987 and up to the late 1990s.  Many more have been added since the turn of the century, here. More will be so committed to this website as time and opportunity permit.


The objective of sharing these records, many of them intensely personal and intimate, as might be expected between friends in such loving relationship (for Jesus is truly a loving, caring friend to us all), is to help ‘all who will’ to become acquainted with him and the love, help, guidance, uplift and fellowship that he longs to share with all of us, his brothers and sisters on the Path back Home to God and eternity in Heaven.  In truth, he is our elder brother, who has travelled the Path and is in complete spiritual At-One-Ment with the Creator Spirit, ‘God.’  His ‘job’ is to ‘lead us (all) back to God,’ as he said to me in 1996. 


Personal and intimate as many of these records might seem, there is nothing stated in any of these Diary entries that could not — does not — apply to all, for we are all the beloved creation of a loving Father Creator, all created equal in His sight; the only sight that is real, and therefore, matters.


To many, the idea of direct communing with Jesus, the ‘Christ,’ or ‘Anointed Messenger’ of the Holy One, God, is a cause for trepidation.  It is my profound hope (and his) that this sharing will help — whether quickly or slowly, it makes no difference to him — all such to become more relaxed and accepting that a) this really is Jesus of Nazareth and b) he is not to be feared, but welcomed lovingly, joyfully and unreservedly into our lives.


Although most people are unaware of it, we are all at different places on the Path.  A tiny percentage — probably far fewer than 0.0001% — of the 7+ billion souls appearing on Earth today — are anywhere near being spiritually awake.  A few more — perhaps 0.01% — are in the process of awakening but most have no leadership or guidance in this nascent and unfamiliar process.  More still — perhaps 0.1% — are ready to begin the awakening process but are not consciously aware of it, although with the right wake-up call, could be gently roused into the first stirrings of wakefulness.  A few more — perhaps 2-5% — are not far from that place but will require numerous, gentle calls, perhaps stirring a bit more at each but not fully rousing. 


Lastly (but never least in the sight of Papa God or our big brother Jesus) are the vast majority of souls, who are, spiritually, deeply asleep, fully engaged in the ‘sojourning in Time’ part of their consciousness and entirely unaware of the greater reality that they are in truth, Citizens of Eternity.  To try to rouse those last category of souls before the time of their readiness is contrary to cosmic law and can be harmful to such slumberers.  Simply Loving, blessing and accepting them for who, what and where they are is the best service that can be rendered to them.


The messages and experiences chronicled in these Diary records, are, broadly speaking, an  indicator of my own spiritual growing, journeying toward Wakefulness.  The early records indicate the early stages of that awakening, albeit that with the help afforded by Olga Park, who was some steps ahead of me on the Path, there were many blind-alleys and pitfalls avoided, which enabled the process to be greatly speeded-up.  Olga told me in the early days that her job was to get me ‘hooked-up with Jesus,’ and this was certainly the case.  It is my profound desire to help ‘all who will’ to similarly get ‘hooked up.’  I hope these records will assist greatly in that process.


For some, many of these records will be ‘old hat’ in that they may already be well ahead in their awakening and remembering.  For others, many of these records will be startling in their content. As the old adage says, ‘One can never please all of the people all of the time.’  Generally speaking, I hope and believe there will be something for everyone here in the first 2 or 3 and possibly even 4 categories of wakefulness described above. 


As explained in the Foreword to SYFK, it will be seen that many of these messages from the Master and those speaking under his authority from the Realms of Light tend to reflect a mode of speech similar to that of the King James (KJV) bible.  It is a way of speaking that has many qualities that are serviceable (at least to me!) to clarity of understanding, with careful use of words to convey concise and precise meaning.  I hope this will be the case for you, the reader, also.  My awareness of such communications has undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis in the last few years and the Tudor-style English has substantially diminished, save when sometimes employed to make a particular point or convey levity suitable for the moment.


I have chosen as the first message from the Master to be shown, below, one from September 1991 because it demonstrates his love and gentle, tender solicitousness toward us all and especially those of us who, for whatever reason, are hurting and fearful inside (is there one amongst us who isn’t!?)  As Jesus has always said, ‘The message is for him who receives it.’  Others will be prepared and posted a few at a time, starting with 1987, into segments each of 1 calendar year, although a full year will not be posted at any one time.  The date will be indicated at the beginning of each of posting, so that interested parties can keep track of where they are in following the process.


 Your comments, questions, sharing of your own mystical experiences, are welcome.  The Forum on this site has the objective of helping our fellow travellers to grow in understanding of what have historically been called the ‘Mysteries,’ so that all may take further forward steps into the Kingdom of Heaven, here, on Earth.  Any comments received that are helpful to the spiritual growing of us all will be used, identifying the sender by first name only, unless the sender specifically requests anonymity or the use of a nickname, pseudonym or other coded form of identification.


As the Master has said on so many occasions at the end of a message to me:


Peace and joy be with you; all is well,


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Brian Longhurst



The following Diary entry was posted on February 17th 2006.


Holy Communion September 8, 1991


...draw close to me, that I may put upon you the cloak of my Love and the crown of your glory, that the light within you may burst forth into the dark corners of your life and of your fellows and show to you there is truly nothing to fear.


Theresa had been in a state of distress, which the Master knew about and spoke the following message which, while ostensibly for her, was, in the broader sense for us all, especially those in need:


Little One(s): I would speak with you.  Be not afraid.  I am your friend.  I reach out my arms towards you in Love, in caring, in compassion, in understanding. I long for you to know me, to open your heart to my gentleness and to receive my blessing, that your lives may be uplifted and that joy may enter in and wash away your caring and your burden and, that you may have life, new and abundant.

I counsel you, in your heart draw close to me that I may put upon you the cloak of my Love and the crown of your glory, that the Light within you may burst forth into the dark corners of your life and of your fellows and show to you there is truly nothing to fear.  For we now enter the final phase of the banquet feast, wherein the New Heaven shall manifest itself into the New Earth.  I counsel you also, my beloveds, let not your vision be double, for that which you see with the earthly eye is confusion created by the disintegration of that which passes away; rather, focus with thy single eye upon that which is new, upon that which already is — My reality; that which shall not pass away; that which is here in the midst, more real, more tangible, more lasting, more fulfilling than all that the double-vision can encompass.  And all this is yours freely and gladly and joyfully.  It is your inheritance from the Father, which it is your birthright to receive, for you are all His Children.

I am the Way by which this joy, this wholeness, this fulfilment may be yours.  I am your friend.  Speak with me as such.  Walk with me, take my hand in yours.  I give it always for your reassurance, for your peace, for your strengthening, that we may be together, for I know that which is in your heart and that which is your desire and would release the chains, to unveil that which is truly you.

Ponder these things and speak with me, and in the stillness I will speak with you.  Peace, be still.  All is well.


Truly this is the Master Jesus as I have encountered and experienced him since our time with Olga: unconditional Love, tenderness, gentleness, trustworthiness.



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