There has been so much synchronicity involved in the events that have led to this writing coming before you, the reader, that I feel prompted to share some of it with you.

Throughout the decades of my journey with Jesus he has said to me many times, Freely have you received, freely give, and this has gladly been my approach to sharing the events, inspiration and revelations that this journey has brought to me. In the 1990s and early noughties (the first decade of the new century) I was acutely aware that there had been so many blessings that if I came to the end of my sojourn in time as Brian without at least making the effort to share some of them with my brothers in the Sonship, I would be left with an overriding sense of profound regret at a missed opportunity.

So, in the early noughties I began writing the story, and felt the title Synchronicity, for Goodness’ Sake (SFGS) was apposite, at least unless or until I was guided/inspired otherwise.  However, Jesus had also told me over the years that the devotional Service of Mystical Communion with Christ (SMCC) in which I had been instructed by Olga Park in 1967, and which Theresa and I, and others, had subsequently practised — and the enlightenment and guidance I (and others) received as a result of this practise — was ‘an operation of hiddenness’; that when the time was right it would become ‘an operation of openness’.

This is in accord with the principle that governs the emergence of new life from a seed.  In February 1992 the Teacher said to me:

The seed has fallen upon fructifying soil.  It has entered into the dark and secret place wherein it has imbibed of the waters of life. These waters have caused its own life to be stirred into an unfolding of its purpose from deep in its own within. Thus has the seed germinated and grown in the secret place.  In due time shall the seedling emerge from the secret place into the open and shall put forth branches and leaves and flowers and fruit. Therefore I counsel you, that your life be in harmony with the Spirit within, that you may be protected from those who would peck at the tender shoots and who would burrow within your structure and weaken and distort your growth. 

Jesus told me that the switch-over from hiddenness to openness would be by circumstances not of my choosing, and that when it happened, I would know of a certainty that it was the time.

In the small hours of June 5th 2005, my 61st birthday, I was wakened by the Inner Voice speaking to me what I later entitled ‘The Caterpillars and the Butterfly’ and subsequently subtitled ‘An allegory of human spiritual life’. This was so clearly and powerfully impressed into my mind that when I got up a few hours later I was able to type it out verbatim. I emailed it to a few people, including Owen Waters, who administers a website called Infinite Being, without any explanation about how it came to be written, or even who had written it. 

Within a few hours Owen emailed back saying how good it was, and could he please use it as one of his weekly articles that he emails to a sizeable mailing list. I had had no thought that he would respond in this manner, but as soon as I got his reply I ‘knew’ that this was the moment of the switch-over from hiddenness to openness. I of course said go ahead, and in the exchanges that followed I happened to mention I had written a manuscript of my experiences, and was intending to publish this on a website in due course (this happened about seven or eight months later, after I went to night-school to learn how to develop and install a website!).

To my amazement and delight Owen said he would gladly tell recipients of the allegory article that this was written by me and that I had also written a manuscript of the experiences of my journey with Jesus;  that I would happily email it free to anyone who was interested. During the days that followed Owen’s sending of the allegory to everyone on his mailing list I was inundated with messages saying how enlightening the allegory was, and how it had helped provide a much clearer understanding of who Jesus really is, and our relationship to him; and further, would I please send them the manuscript.

This I gladly did, and received numerous messages back expressing deep gratitude for it. Many shared mystical experiences they had had. Correspondence developed and I began sending occasional articles I was prompted from within to write, and accompanied by entries from the records of the messages from Jesus and others in the Realms of Light, which I dubbed Diary of a Christ Communicant (DCC). 

By the time I finally got the website up and running in early 2006, I was finding that the articles were flowing from within such that this became a weekly feature, even though I had never had such a conscious intention. By this time, I was realising that if the Spirit of Truth is in charge, it is best to go with the flow. Indeed, Jesus had warned me on a number of occasions over the years to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice, so if this was the way things were heading, who was I to stand in the way?

The website took shape and I uploaded the manuscript under the title initially selected. Things continued and progressed for several years and there were correspondence from people around the world. The web stats indicated that there were thousands of hits on the Honest2goodness (HTG) site each month from well over 100 countries.  Many hits were from countries that were unidentifiable by the stats compilers, so I assumed this would be countries such as China and Saudi Arabia.

I have long since realised that monitoring web stats was the Holy Spirit’s job, not mine, so have not checked them since. Jesus told me my job was to deliver the message and not to concern myself over how it is received; that this was his job, along with the Holy Spirit. I was entirely relieved at this; it took all responsibility for it and how it might increase out of my hands!

Over the years a number of people asked me if I had ever thought of having SFGS published, and I replied with what Jesus had told me about freely giving as I had freely received. Then, in June 2010, we had friends visiting from Vancouver. 

Peter knew all about my writing but when he indicated he didn’t know something that was in the book I was surprised and asked if he had read it. He said he had read snippets here and there, but reading off a website, or a computer monitor was not always convenient; he told me people like to hold a book in their hands, pick it up, read some, and later, read more, wherever they might be; that this is not possible online. His point came across loud and clear. I printed a copy for him to take back to Vancouver and he told me he read it on the plane, with great enthusiasm, and said I really needed a publisher.

I had assumed that the Holy Spirit would be firing people up to read it off the website or download it and print it out for reading elsewhere.

I had experienced how difficult it is to get a publisher to publish a book by an unknown author when we tried to get Theresa’s book Seeds of Redemption published, but it was becoming clear that the Holy Spirit was moving things along, and it now seemed the time was approaching for SFGS to be brought into print format.  So I said to the Holy Spirit, ‘Over to You. If You want this to get published, so be it. I leave it in Your hands.’ If His intent is there, it will happen, but as time is an illusion, I am content to leave the ‘when’ in His able care.

Money is not a primary motivation in this labour of love; it is an ego distraction, to keep us focused in the without. Jesus tells us: ...take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? ...for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (from Mt. 6), and in Mt.16: For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


 During 2011 I was prompted to add several new Vignettes in Part Two from the DCC records and to generally tidy up the manuscript and provide more details about some of the events recounted. It is not that the events changed, but one’s understanding of the meaning behind the events grows over time, and so I have been able to share some more of that enhanced, clarified understanding. 

One of the most synchronistic events that took place during 2011 is that the title changed. It emerged during discussions that practically everyone felt the title — Synchronicity, for Goodness’ Sake — was not ‘powerful enough’ and did not do justice to the message. No-one had wanted to tell me because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings! J. Meanwhile, my friend Michael Roads, author of Through the Eyes of Love (books one and two, plus a third on its way), who had read the manuscript, wrote so positively of his feeling about it:

An inspiring book. Brian is a living, dynamic challenge to the old, pre-digested version of Christianity. In his journey and dialogue with the real Jesus, he opens the door to a whole new way of resurrecting declining religious perceptions into vibrant, living spirituality. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, becomes truly meaningful as you follow Brian and Theresa on a journey taking them ever deeper into that very kingdom. Insightful, uplifting and profound, I thoroughly recommend this book. 

Well, as soon as we read what Michael said about ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom...’ it became immediately clear that this was the ‘right’ title for the book. So did it to everyone else to whom we mentioned this. All agreed it is the powerful title it needs. Michael also suggested the addition of the subtitle, ‘One man’s journey with the living Jesus’. Thank you, Michael, for your wise, incisive discernment. And when combined with the inspired cover design that goes with it, created by Lana Carolan, who is an inspiration in herself, it all just falls into place. I very much felt the Spirit of Truth has been in charge of all these activities. I certainly asked Him to be, and ultimately it will be the reader who perhaps can best decide for him- or herself.

Peace and joy be with us all as we travel the ‘journey without distance’ together back to the Kingdom of Heaven within us all.

Love and blessings, always,

Brian Longhurst



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