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On a regular basis entries from Diary of a Christ Communicant are sent by e-mail to friends on the HTG mailing list,  accompanied by a Message of Encouragement, or ‘MoE’.  Each successive MoE is then posted on this page, along with the Diary entry. MoEs from previous years are archived on their respective pages.


The intent of these MoEs is to examine and illuminate various aspects of the portentous events unfolding in the spiritual transformation that is taking place in us – each and all the living souls who appear as individual humans – the seemingly fragmented, conflicted Sonship of God.   


This transformation is the Awakening from a dream, an illusion, of separation from God – Papa – back to the truth of our Oneness as His beloved, innocent (guiltless) Son, the Christ, and our restoration to fullness of remembrance of our endless, perfect Love, peace and joy in our true and eternal Home in the Heart-Mind of God. 


All these events are integral aspects of the Great Rescue Programme, or GRP, that is taking place right now, with all humanity though most are, as yet, not consciously aware of these transforming events – under the leadership of he who incarnated and we all know as Jesus of Nazareth. He is empowered and authorised by our Heavenly Father, the  Creator Spirit, for leading this great spiritual awakening back to full enlightenment, or Self-realisation, because he is the first amongst the fragments to remember the true nature of his – and all – Being.


As Jesus reminds us in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), his handbook to assist, guide, lead us in this great metamorphosis, raising-up, or resurrection, of our seemingly separate minds, back to their re-unified state, or Christ Mind:


Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. . .

The Peace Of God Is Shining IN you/AS you Now

(A Course in Miracles, Workbook for Students, Lesson188)


Because these MoEs are written on an impromptu basis, as moved by inspiration from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit, no particular order of subject matter is given, and instead, they are shown according to the date on which originally posted, starting at the top and  proceeding in chronological order thereafter.


You may notice that certain aspects are repeated at various places in one week or another and in one way or another. Because of the enormity of the subject involved, repetition can be most serviceable in the assimilation of such important matters back into our comprehension, or reCognition. Thus are removed the self-imposed blocks to our awareness of the Oneness in God that is, in Truth, already fully and rightfully our eternal state of Being.


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May you be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by what you find here,

Brian Longhurst



January 3, 2018  

Dear Friends,  

Would a sane mind, we might ask ourself, want to shut itself off from awareness of its Self? Assuredly it would not if it understood that self and Self are not one and the same. Far from it; the two are mutually exclusive, irreconcilable, and choosing awareness of one obscures our awareness of the other. This obfuscation is not done to us: it is self-applied. So, what is the difference between the ‘two’? One is real, eternal, limitless, all-Knowing, never doubting, and above all is all-Loving. The other has none of those qualities, and is in opposition to them all. It could be said, to simplify, or qualify the differences, that One is Light and the other is the absence of Light, i.e., darkness. 

And ‘we’, who believe we are, and thus perceive ourselves as ‘human beings’, hover, oscillate between turning to the Light and being oh-so-readily drawn, tempted back toward the dream, the illusion, the unreality of outer darkness. This is duality consciousness. The only way to escape from the Jekyll and Hyde of duality is to choose non-duality. That means eschewing darkness in favour of the Light. ‘Easier said than done’, prompts the ego – the symbol of the darkness that splits our mind, causing us to experience self instead of Self. But we could only experience self by first believing that we are self, because what we chose to believe is what became our experience.  

Our confused mind sees that the other way around, so that what we experience is what we believe is actually happening. That is how it seems because that is how we present it to ourself. That can only seem possible to a fantasising mind by projecting outward what arises within it, from where it is reflected back to senses we have devised to demonstrate that events beyond our control, or even our seeming will, desire, intent … are occurring externally. The ego will protest at the absurdity of such a suggestion, yet that is our exact experience when, during the night, in a darkened room, we dream of events and encounters with others, none of which is there when we wake in the morning. 

None was ever there in reality, though it seemed so in the dream. From where have these events and encounters arisen, that appeared so real – and so external, so objective to ourself – if not from within our mind? Within the dream that certainly does not appear to be the case. And some events and encounters will seem pleasant, some unpleasant. Assuredly, it is reasonable to fantasise about pleasant experiences, but who wants to fantasise nightmares? From where else but in our mind can such arise, since we are sleeping in bed with eyes shut, so they cannot be external? The only possible source is our own mind. This indicates the insanity of choosing duality in place of Oneness.  

‘How’, will argue the ego, in an attempt at glossing over the question it does not want us to ask, ‘can night-time dreams – even nightmares – have any relevance to our daytime, waking, bodily experiences, encounters, awarenesses? The one is, obviously, only a dream, but the other is real life experience.’ And yet – for example – when 20 people witness a single event, 20 differing accounts of the event will be given. Clearly, the event has not occurred externally, but within the split, separated, conflicted minds of the observers, and projected from there, appearing in form as external, reflected back to their bodily senses, and ‘witnessed’ as group-consciousness consensus reality.  

This appears as real, conscious and external to each of the witnesses, but is actually occurring in, arising from the group, ego-driven, confused, misperceiving, unconscious mind. Just as every occurrence that seems to have happened, be happening and ‘yet to happen’ throughout the illusion of linear time and its concomitant counterpart: place. It then seems to be witnessed as myriad – ‘billions’, though the numbers are meaningless because there is but One of us in reality – individual bodies, each having their own, separate, divided, and all too frequently conflicted, experiences.  

This mass phantasm is of the non-dual, One Mind of the created offspring of the Creator Spirit momentarily choosing to experience the idea of duality, division, separation from Its Source in the Mind of the Creator. But One is the nature of creation and the Creator. If the Creator is everything and everywhere – which assuredly He Is – it cannot be possible to separate from Him in reality because in reality there is nowhere and no thing He is not. And His Creation, His Son, being an extension of Himself, and thus being real – i.e., eternal, complete, perfect, unassailable – also is in indivisible, unchangeable Oneness, within the Mind of the Creator. 

Yet the idea of separation, though impossible in Truth, seems – to the now-divided, confused mind of the Son – to exist, though only in the unreality of a dream, a fantasy. This can only be perceived by re-viewing the infinitesimal fantasy-instant over and over, thereby giving it a spurious reality, just as re-viewing a movie can – if we are willing to allow it to – seem to still be happening, even though the making of the film was in the past, played out by actors pretending to be who they portrayed. This re-viewing – of the horror-fantasy movie called A Walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death – will continue as long as we are willing to allow it.  

So long has this been appearing to happen that we have forgotten it has no reality, so have no idea that we can leave the valley of the shadow of death and return Home – rejoicing and free – to our true state as Papa’s One Son. But we must be willing to let go of the fantasy in order to be aware of eternal reality. Most of the fragments of the Sonship still seem to be deeply slumbering, but the Clarion Call to Wakefulness from the dream of mortality and restoration to eternal, abundant, peaceful, blissful Life continues uninterruptedly, and so it is inevitable that the Call will be heard and responded to. Now is that process proceeding to its joyous, inevitable conclusion.  

Jesus, our older brother, is leading us in this, and is ever-willing and eager to Help us. Here is what he tells us about how he can Help us – if only we are willing to ASK for and accept his Help – in A Course in Miracles

When you unite with me you are uniting without the ego, because I have renounced the ego in myself and therefore cannot unite with yours. Our union is therefore the way to renounce the ego in you. The truth in both of us is beyond the ego. Our success in transcending the ego is guaranteed by God, and I share this confidence for both of us and all of us. I bring God’s peace back to all His children because I received it of Him for us all. Nothing can prevail against our united wills because nothing can prevail against God’s. (T-8.V.4, my italic and emboldening, for emphasis.) 

We can accelerate our liberation, our Awakening, by co-operating with him in our daily life by steadfastly committing to follow him, the Messenger of Truth from Its Source. One crucial way to co-operate is to abandon our adherence to false mythologies, dogmas and doctrines about guilt, sin, sacrifice, fear, judgement, retribution … all of which are keeping us stuck in the dream of time – the consciousness of fear. Here is what Jesus said to Helen Schucman during the scribing of A Course in Miracles (as reported by Ken Wapnick in his book Absence from Felicity, page 215): 

It is just because you are not [yet] ready to do what you should that time exists at all. 

Is this not applicable to us all – or at least, the vast majority of ‘humanity’? Let us join – actually, rejoin – and become as of One Mind, with Jesus, and accept our function as the Light of the world. Then our sole purpose for appearing in time – to be the saviour of the world – can be effortlessly fulfilled. 

Brian Longhurst



I serve the command I have received of my Father, to lead my ‘flock’ forward unto the Kingdom of His Eternalness. This service is possible because I am authorised by the Father. Those I authorise are able to serve also because the authorisation gives power to accomplish.

~ Jesus, October 9, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

A.M. February 20, 2009 

Release to Me all fear, the great dismantler of peace, and give thanks that, having placed all the affairs of your life in My care, you can Know of a certainty that everything that appears before you is, and can only be, the perfect thing. 

Beloved Papa, I give thanks for our brother, Jesus, sent by You to remind us of and restore us to eternal Truth, so that we can, again, have true vision of Your Kingdom of Love, Peace and Joy. To this, the Great Rescue Programme, I have committed myself one-pointedly, for the glorification of Your Name in us, Your beloved Son. 

This is the end of dis-ease, fear, dissonance, the dispelling of time and all other illusions, and your return to Oneness in Me eternally, My Son. Release to Me all fear, the great dismantler of peace, and give thanks that, having placed all the affairs of your life in My care. Then will your eyes be opened, to see and Know of a certainty that everything that appears before you is, and can only be, the perfect thing. Therefore, by accepting it as such – a gift – it is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment; temporal illusion into eternal reality.

January 10, 2018 

Dear Friends,  

I have written about this on previous occasions and in different ways, but the content remains unchanged: there is no such thing as death. I have been aware of this as incontrovertible Truth from childhood, and have been blessed throughout this embodiment with communion with the minds, the lives of innumerable souls who have laid aside their bodies and so ‘reside’ in what many refer to as the spirit world. In reality, there is only the spirit world, though to refer to it as a ‘world’ is a misnomer; rather, it is a state of Being that is eternal and without limits of any kind, other than what we, in error, self-apply. And these totally unnecessary limits are legion. 

The ‘physical world’ as we perceive and experience it does not exist, bodies do not exist, time and place do not exist: we have dreamt them all up as an insane self-limiting and fear-instilling fantasy of separation, division, conflict, sickness, scarcity and – impossibly – ‘death’. Anyone who has ever experienced communion with a no-longer-embodied soul or souls cannot meaningfully accept the concept of ‘death’. Acceptance of the continuity of being beyond departure from the little pile of clay we refer to as the body is greatly facilitated by abandoning the myth that we are a body. But there is an inestimably greater reason for accepting this than the ego wants us to know and understand. 

The domain of the ego is founded in separation, or division, widely termed duality. The Domain, or State of Being of God and His One Son is Oneness, or Singularity. Duality and singularity are, it hardly needs saying, incompatible, irreconcilable. We are playing a game of pretend at duality, or division; we are dreaming of being many individual, different entities. The only way that can seem possible is to believe we are a body, different from all other bodies. By so believing do we then appear, because what we believe becomes what we perceive. But separation means division, and division means conflict. This is inevitable. The only escape from this is by joining again, as One. 

This has a modicum of plausibility, of workability, except that the upside-down concept of separation has put in place seemingly endless obstacles to joining – actually, rejoining. For example: fear, forgetfulness, guilt, unforgiveness, religions, politics, cultures, languages, proclivities … These may seem more than enough to block our (re)joining in what we see as the physical world, let alone the great question mark of what lies beyond – the ultimate obstacle, the clincher in the game of separation – death: ‘the great divide’. And to counter the idea of communion with the departed we insert clauses into religion about eschewing the unseen realm of ‘the departed’.  

These prohibitions threaten us with dire consequences for any such endeavours. And with fear being among the prime effects of the idea of separation and its continuance, dispelling fear has to be a prime objective in expanding or extending our vision beyond the limits of the external world of form to the limitless Domain of the within. But we cannot dispel fear by vigilance against it, for that gives ‘reality’ to what has no reality in Truth. Rather, we need to be vigilant in our choice for focusing steadfastly on the Truth of our Being – Love, Light, peace, joy unassailable and unending – as the One Son of the Father Creator. That focus precludes the darkness of unreality from our awareness. 

Consulting with ‘familiar spirits’ (departed family members, or forebears) or ‘necromancers’ (spiritualist mediums, clairvoyants etc.) (Deut. 18:11) instead, or ahead of communing with/ASKING God, or the Spirit of Truth, or Jesus – and therefore precluding Them (the Source, the Light and the Way of all Being) as foremost in terms of our Care, Guidance and Protection – will not get us Home. Rather, it will continue to keep us riding the carousel of birth and death. Although numerous Old Testament characters were in communion with God and angels, there is no mention of the Holy Spirit before Jesus spoke – in the New Testament – of the Comforter, and called Him down into the world.  

This demonstrates Jesus having been given – or, restored to, by his commitment to God, Truth and his devotion to saving his brothers in the Sonship from their (our) dream of death – ‘all power in Heaven and in Earth’ (Matt. 28:18). His incarnation and his calling down the Spirit of Truth into the Earth (see John 20:19-22 and Acts, chs 1 and 2) has made inestimably more accessible to us the celestial Care, Guidance and Protection and (two-way) communion with reality. As already stated, fear of Life, Light, Love, Truth, eternity – which causes us to invoke the insane defence of doubt/unbelief – is all that keeps us from the reality that is ours, again, just for the asking. 

The guidelines set out in Deuteronomy were recorded about 33 centuries ago, a few centuries into the first measure of meal. We are now in the third measure of meal, in which the Great Rescue Programme is moving us along toward its completion in our Awakening to full Knowledge, in complete equality with Jesus. Here is what he tells us now, about communion, or shared spiritual union, as communicated to Paul Tuttle and disseminated by the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles:  

One of the most significant aspects of Awakening is letting down your defences enough to find out that you are not alone, that you are accompanied by those who are Awake. But of course as long as it is important to be a self-made man, or a self-responsible emancipated woman, you will block yourself from the deep experience of unity with your brother and sister, both seen and unseen [i.e., embodied and disembodied]. It is especially important for you to be able to have the experience of communion with those who are not seen [disembodied], because it helps confirm for you the actuality of God. 

It cannot be overemphasised how important it is to place ourself within the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus/Holy Spirit when engaging – or attempting to engage – in Communion with the ‘unseen’. This is because in duality consciousness – embodied and disembodied – there are souls in spiritual darkness whose misplaced motives are far from benign and Selfless. If we do not place ourself in Their Protection – simply by ASKing Them for it – that is the same as saying we don’t want Their Protection, so They cannot give It. That leaves us open to incursion – which can readily lead to undesirable possession – by unfriendly visitors from the lower astral realms.  

But when we sincerely ask for Their Protection (as well as Their Care and Guidance, of course), it is always freely given, thus keeping us safe from unwanted intruders. Then, safe, unassailable within Their Care, Guidance and Protection we can Pray (for), Commit (into Their care), and Bless any and all such misguided souls. Why would we want to do that? Because they are all, without exception, our co-equal brethren in the Sonship of God, momentarily lost in the wilderness of forgetfulness of the Truth of the Oneness of Being – just as are we all, if to a slightly lesser degree. This is a quantum step toward the healing and rejoining of the fragmented, conflicted Sonship. 

Steps forward toward healing and rejoining the fragmented, conflicted Sonship are steps to confirming for us the actuality of God, our true and only Home. Just as Jesus reminds us, above. 

Brian Longhurst 


If you would serve, and desire to bring Light, be still, experience the Love and Peace and tranquillity and Joy within and all shall be fulfilled in you, my son. It shall not be of yourself, by your own power, but by your willingness to let the Power of the Father accomplish it in you and through you.

~ Jesus, October 30, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. February 23, 2009 

All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. 

I realise that we are at a cross-road where we can choose to enlarge/accelerate our progress toward Self-Realisation, or continue to move along at our present, stop-start rate. This is regulated by whether, or how, we choose to engage with events that appear to be happening around/to us, or simply to be observers, passersby, knowing it is not our reality, and ‘bless and allow’.  

I have been aware for some years that the collapse of the old, ego-divisive order of money control over our lives – which is latterly taking such rapid and traumatic lurches forward – is a key ingredient of the Great Rescue Programme (GRP). The GRP is designed to bring about an awakening from an ego-contrived unreality, devised to control, confuse, imprison us in the time and place, scarcity consciousness. 

The collapse of what Jesus called ‘the mammon of unrighteousness’ has always been inevitable, for in a three-dimensional realm – from which the separated-from-eternal-Truth, fragmented Sonship seeks to exclude the Light – cause and effect still must prevail. Fear is the controlling energy of time and place – ‘egoland’. Fear begets selfishness, greed, conflict – about as far as we can remove ourself from the beneficence of Truth.  

Thirty or so years ago Jesus told me the world needs a jolt; that when people are ready, but unwilling, to Awaken, a jolt will do the job. His words slightly scared me at the time because fear still had such a hold on me, and I was concerned that some terrible physical cataclysm was going to happen – like a meteor causing a mass-extinction event. I did not realise at the time he said that to me that we are all the author of our own experience; that nothing outside ourself causes whatever effects we experience. Now I Know this is how the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs) work. 

We have called into our presence a great, mighty gift; a great and mighty opportunity. The collapse of the ‘old order’ (fear) mammon (money) system is a global Opportunity to Transform Adversity into Fulfilment (OTAF). I have had an inner Knowing for many years that a redirection of humanity, from its self-formed ‘consensus reality’, was inescapable, unavoidable, though I had no idea how or when it would be, or the form it would take.  

The sense of vulnerability is merely illusion about what is reality; a fantasised misperception of self. By giving it to Me illusions are surrendered and freedom restored to remembrance of the reality of Self. 

All the while the fragmented Sonship chooses not to Waken to the awareness of opportunity instead of adversity, and use it to transform motivation from fear to Love, then, unavoidably, further opportunities, self-jolts, will continue to present themselves. For transformation – Awakening – is inevitable and unstoppable. Have no fear; all is accommodated within the Great Rescue Programme.

January 17, 2018 

Dear Friends, 

On Maundy Thursday 1976 Olga Park – who became my spiritual mentor in 1965 – received a message from the living Master Jesus. Of the experience she wrote: 

The method by which the Master gave the message was a new experience to me. It is a transliteration of his Eternal, Living Word (as recorded in John chapter 14). The speaking style and form is not of the exquisite beauty and simplicity of the KJV bible but the content is the same, and is expanded upon from that record. 

Olga preceded her sharing of his message with a hymn, given here as she wrote and formatted its presentation.

O Christ of Love Divine

Who hast a table spread

Furnished with Living Wine

And Everlasting Bread

Renew the Life




And feed and

Train us up for Heaven 

The Master gives his learners at the end of the [Piscean] age the same message that he gave to his learners at the beginning of the age. The Passover Supper was finished and Judas Iscariot had left. The disciples were still seated around the table with the Master as he spoke, saying:  

“I am going away and where I shall be you cannot come. In the Father’s House are many mansions and I am going to another mansion – the mansion where I was before I was born into this life. [This mansion is, of course, Heaven, eternity, the Home of us all when Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme is completed by the restoration to remembrance of the Oneness, with him, in Papa, of all the separated, split minds of the fragmented Sonship]. I shall not then be able to communicate with you, to teach or to answer your questions, except by special arrangement, because you will not be able to hear my speaking. 

“It is important for you that I go away because if I stay here you will never learn to communicate with that realm [Heaven, eternity], and at the end of your life here you will not [be ready, or able to] come to be with me.  

“Meanwhile, you will need a Teacher to be with you here, to give you what I am saying that you are not yet ready to hear. The Teacher is here with you now but he is not speaking with you – while you are still listening to me with your earthly hearing. 

“In the mansion to which I am going I shall be with my Father and I shall ask Him to arrange for the Teacher to be with you and speak with you from within you. 

“There is much that you need to know about the Great Purpose of God for men and of His Kingdom of Heaven, that I have not been able to tell you because you were not ready; neither are you ready now! 

“But the Teacher will be with you always. He will not be going away, and there will be time for him to bring you to more complete understanding. He will speak only that which he hears me saying to you. He is the Spirit of Truth, who speaks the Word of the Father to me while I am in this life. In that other mansion to which I am going I shall not need his speaking because I will be with the Father. 

“He will speak that which is new to you but which in reality is very old … from Eternity to Eternity, ever the same. 

“All things that I have said to you are of this Eternal Truth, and the Teacher will bring it into your mind as you have need of it. 

“This is my Living Word, the Word of Life: it is the Bread of Heaven; it is my life, my soul. Even as I break this bread to give you all a portion, yet each portion remains part of the one loaf, representing the One Life of me, and all, in our Father. Take and eat of this bread, symbolising receiving into yourselves my Living Word, to remain with you and nourish and enliven your souls.  

“This night you have drunk of wine from one cup – signifying your Oneness of brotherhood in Christ Life and Love. I am the vine and you are my branches. The branches of a vine draw their life from the vine. As long as you live in me, my life flows in you. Drink of this wine, signifying imbibing into yourselves the Love of Christ. 

“I am the vine, my Father is the husbandman. He will purge [purify] and prune the vine [specifically, the vine’s branches], as need arises, so that it will put forth more and more branches, and bear much fruit. 

“This, then, I give you as a memorial of me until I come again to receive you into the mansion that I go to prepare … 

“Eat of my Living Bread

and drink the wine of my Love

in token of eternal Life and Love.” 

Jesus says that where he will be the disciples could not come because they were not yet made ready; their understanding had not reached the place where they could have conscious awareness of such an exalted-vibration state of Being. Neither, of course, are most of us on Earth today – or we would not seem to be here. J.  

He further says because the disciples – and by extension into the present time, we: all of us, ‘now’ – had not developed their soul senses/awareness to the point where they were able to communicate with that Realm, they therefore would not be able to be with him later if they did not learn to do so. He goes on to say that there was not time for all this while he was with them but that he had to go back to the Father so that he could send the Spirit of Truth to convey the things we must come to understand in order to be made ready to be received into that place.  

The Spirit of Truth is the communication mediator or mechanism between the Realms of Light (Heaven, eternity, the mansion to which Jesus returned to be with the Father) and us in the Earth life consciousness. While Jesus was here, the Spirit of Truth gave him what the Father was saying for him, and now Jesus is with the Father, the Spirit of Truth is here, with us, giving us the words Jesus – and/or the Father – gives/speaks to us now. Only a tiny percentage of embodied souls still, today, are anywhere near that Place, but now we are in the third measure of meal all that is changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matt. 13:9). 

That Place awaits our decision, our free choice for this now, as does Jesus, as does the Holy Spirit, as does Papa. Are we ready to join Them? Assuredly we cannot go alone – i.e., in the separation consciousness – but only as All One. We cannot Know and Be the All One of our unified wholeness in Christ Life that is the Truth of our Being all the while we are unwilling to acknowledge, accept and reclaim that as our Truth. Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that the Holy Spirit asks of us all:  

“Are you ready yet to help Me save the world?” (C-2.9:1) 

The ego wants us to answer, unequivocally, a loud ‘NO’. Will that answer get us Home? The ego is the consciousness of fear, and only fear will want to answer No, because answering Yes will be the end of the non-existent ego in our split mind, and thus, the end of fear. ‘Ready’ does not refer to preparedness as the world interprets the word, but to willingness. That is all He asks of us. He will prepare us, but only can He do that when we are willing. And He will accomplish the saving for us and through us. Until we are ready – in the sense of willingness to help Him – we are denying ourself our freedom and God-empowerment for limitless creation. Is that what we really want? 

Jesus/Holy Spirit are within our mind right now. All we need is to accept and open to Their Presence. We don’t need to lift a finger to save the world – we only need to lift our mind – and They will accomplish for us our helping Them save the world, right along with us. How long will we continue denying ourself the joy, the glory, the ecstasy of Oneness with Them? 

Brian Longhurst 


As your awareness increases by the illumination of your heart and mind, so does your Light shine ever-brighter. This is much needed for the gathering-in of the harvest, and the time is now.

~ Jesus, November 13, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 12, 2009 

Think as Self; imagine from Self perspective; be Self-aware. This is how Jesus functioned. His body was a vehicle for Self to function through, and he did that, he allowed it. This is the blueprint for all who will to work to, to Awaken from the dream of bodies. 

‘I’ am one who, like most, am often confused about who, or what, that ‘one’ is. Seeming to be a body, persona Brian (pB) is beguiled into basing ‘reality’ on ‘past’ experiences and consensus illusions, yet seeks to remember – and become again – the Truth of One. One Creator, one created. Father and Son; the Son like the Father Creator, created in the Mind of the One Creator. Forever in the Mind, just as created, yet, forever like Papa creating. pB is seeking and is, one step at a time, remembering his true reality as Self.  

All this remembering is Mind activity. ‘Body’ persona Brian is an illusion, a distraction from One-Mindedness, save when Self is allowed primacy in the process. Self already IS and always has been, so KNOWS. This is why pB can only be helped to remember by choosing, freely, to place himself within the leading, guiding, directing of benign, all-Knowing Self. The two are One, yet pB will be subsumed into Self and be truly One only by allowing, not resisting. This enables Self to illuminate the forgetful, confused, separated part of the mind that sees double and believes in littleness and limitation. 

The process is advancing well, and big progress has already been made. This is possible because of willingness to remember Self. Think as Self; imagine from Self perspective; be Self-aware. This is how Jesus functioned. His body was a vehicle for Self to function through, and he did that, he allowed it. This is the blueprint for all who will to work to, to Awaken from the dream of bodies. Forget the illusory separateness expressed in bodies; it is One Mind back toward which all must work, to escape the valley of the shadow of death. 

Mind is the operating mechanism, and is gathering the fragments together, drawn by the Spirit of Oneness – Papa – back into One Mind Reality. Trying to force it, out of a sense of urgency, has the opposite effect. Accept, allow and it happens effortlessly, unaided by self, who cannot actively help because self has forgotten, and therefore does not Know.

January 24, 2018 


The Kingdom of God is open to “all who will” to enter in. That is, to those who earnestly desire and are willing to be made new, made whole spiritually.

~ Holy Communion, December 11, 1988

Dear Friends, 

In the eternity that is Heaven, there is no communication as we experience it ‘here’ in the dream of separation. There, there are no words, no language. Communication (here) is between one individual, or group, and another – separate entities who perceive themselves as apart from each other, either physically and/or mentally. The perceived gap may be small, physically or mentally, but there is sensed a need to share, teach or learn ideas, beliefs, understanding. The mechanism developed for such communication is, of course, language, spoken and/or written. This is a very inefficient device because a given word may mean one thing to one party and another to the other. 

Many words have more than one definition, and further, different nuances of meaning. Also, words are often inadequate to convey the depth and breadth of intent in the mind of the communicator. Words are symbols, devices to impart the intended meaning. This means they are separate from the actual idea. Then, the recipient must reinterpret the symbol in his separate, individual mind and give it the meaning the symbol represents to his interpretation of it. Words, it could be said, are a cumbersome, primitive, communication-limiting facility. But we have available to us an inestimably better, more efficient mode of connecting seemingly-separated minds: mind-to-mind communion.

‘Communion’ means, as stated on numerous occasions, common, i.e., shared, union. Mind-to-mind communion means the joining of what, externally, appear to be two – or more – separate, or individual minds. Such union, or joining, can only occur when the two or more minds are in agreement, or accord, in the subject matter. There is, in Truth, only one subject that matters, or has any real, lasting value, and that is Oneness. Attempts at communion, or mind-to-mind communing, or joining of minds that seem to have been separate, can only be successful to any extent when there is a shared desire or intent. Without that there is no common point for joining.  

Because the whole idea of separation – i.e., time and place, appearing to be split-off from eternity – is about division, common union is by no means as common as reason would suggest it should be, and a reasoning, right-thinking mind would want it to be. This is because separation and division mean conflict. Without conflict, division, separation, time and place have no meaning and do not exist. Of course time and place, aka separation consciousness, does not exist at all in Truth, but only in a fantasy occupying – or seeming to occupy – a mind that momentarily dreamt the impossible was possible; the unbelievable believable; the valueless valuable, the meaningless meaningful. 

Nevertheless, reason cannot ever be completely abandoned, and moments of sound reason arise in the separated minds of the fragmented Sonship with great frequency. But the conflicted, divided separation consciousness, or ego, has set in place multiple mechanisms to counter reason, and disrupt the joining of minds within the dream of bodies. This is inevitable because separation also means duality. By way of just two examples therefore, amongst these mechanisms, one is gender. Here is a sure-fire battleground in the making. And such battles – ‘wars’ even – rage on every street and every court of law in every jurisdiction.  

The other example given here is the parliamentary system of government in so-called democracies. The British parliament is structured so that one political party is voted into office as the governing party, but other parties are actually paid, by the tax-payer, to OPPOSE the incumbent governing party, and does so at every turn, very often raucously, scornfully, childishly, unmindfully (is that not another word for mindlessly!?), and also often, irrelevantly. Parliamentary debate, and political debate generally, functions on the basis of clamour, or, who shouts loudest hopes to be heard; and, bizarrely, believed. This model is operational in just about every ‘democratic’ sovereign nation. 

Less scorn is displayed in communication between nations, but only publicly. This is called ‘diplomacy’. It is a sham, along with all the rest of split, separated minds that believe they are separate bodies and attempt communication through words. But there are two categories of words: words that portray illusion and those that portray Truth. Words that convey, promulgate illusion – including, and particularly, the false religious doctrine of sacrifice as the path to salvation – are devised by ego-engrossed split minds to be divisive, confusing, guilt- doubt- and fear-engendering in an ego-contrived attempt at gaining/maintaining power over, rather than power with, others. 

Will this get us Home? Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matt. 5:5). And he goes on, in A Course in Miracles, to say of the meek: “It is hard to believe a defense that cannot attack is the best defense. This is what is meant by ‘the meek shall inherit the earth.’ They will literally take it over because of their strength.” (T-2.II.7:3-5). This is the real world, or Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, already in our midst, awaiting our discernment. He then says, “The meek shall inherit the earth because their egos are humble, and this gives them truer perception.” (T-4.I.12:4). The ego uses bluff, bluster and clamour to hide its doubt, confusion, lack of Knowledge, wisdom, understanding.

There is no Life in words devised to perpetuate the acceptance of unreality as real. Ultimately, all such attempts at Life in the dream of death, and constructs, such as treaties, inevitably fail, however ‘long’ it seems to take, because they are based on false, lifeless, ‘legal’ premises documented and signed on pieces of paper by people claiming to represent the rest of the fragmented Sonship. And even when that seems ‘true’, ‘today’, those signatories fall out of favour in due season and are consigned to history, along with the meaning and supposed value of the treaties. 

Words that represent Truth, in complete contrast, are aLive; they are the Living Word, the Word of Life and they enLiven us when we hear them or speak them mindfully. That is to say, with our heart-mind, not our head-mind. They are aLive because Truth is of the Spirit and Spirit IS Life; eternal Life because Spirit is eternal. God, so Jesus tells us in John 4:24, is a Spirit, and if we would engage in Holy Communion with Him we must commune with Him in Spirit and in Truth. Communing with Him is enLivening because He is the very Source of all Life. As Paul tells us: … in Him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts, 17:28). ‘Separate’ from Him, then, we are not alive. 

Of course, in reality we are not separate from Him, but we are dreaming, fantasising of being separate from Him. It is only possible for that to be our experience because we mistakenly believe it to be so. How can that be other than a dream of what is in opposition to Life: ‘death’? Awakening from the dream of death can only be possible by attuning/communing with Life. That cannot happen without repudiating our default belief in separation. Separation is a judgement we have made against ourself. God has not judged us and neither has Jesus because They Know we are innocent. They Know this because in Truth separation is impossible. 

For a judgement of guilt to be overturned, forgiveness, or pardon, for what never happened is called for. There is only one who can forgive, or pardon, us for what never happened in Truth. That one is ourself. But because we have projected our presumed, believed, perceived guilt outwards, away from ourself, into the without, onto imagined, separate brothers, forgiving, pardoning ourself must include forgiving, pardoning our brothers for what ‘they’ also, have never done. It is the presumed guilt that causes us fear of communing in Spirit and in Truth with Papa and His One Son. When we forgive/pardon ourself, the cause of guilt is gone, so we are free to commune with Papa and Self. 

Initially, words are necessary for communion because that is the only mechanism we are aware of for commun(icat)ing, so long have we been inured to words for our fumbling, stumbling, cumbersome, flawed attempts at commun(icat)ion. But when our heart is sincere and humble in its desire for communion with the Source of Life, Love, Light, Truth, we will instinctively, intuitively choose words that portray, convey, harmonise with Truth. That seems alien, difficult at first, but commitment will enable us to prevail because Truth, along with Love, Light and (eternal) Life is the nature of our Being. Therefore it is inevitable that communing will become natural, effortless to us. 

True communion is from the heart, and from there, with commitment and devotion we become aware that words – even the enLivening, Living Words of Love, Life and Truth – are formless. This becomes manifest in our communion with, our awareness of, our Oneness with/in Papa, and ‘even’ with brothers in the Sonship who are brought to us to engage in holy relationship. It is all about resonance. There can only be complete resonance where there is an inner desire for and re-cognition of Oneness. This is our one and only purpose for seeming to be ‘here’, and is the mechanism of our return Home. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

December 11, 1988 

Those who have placed themselves outside God’s Grace need a guide, a Light, to attract their attention in the fog of confused thinking, believing, perceiving. 

The Kingdom of God is open to all who will to enter in. That is, to those who earnestly desire and are willing to be made new, made whole spiritually. It is not available to those who do not want the Light of God’s Love, Truth, joy, peace, tranquillity; not because God is unwilling to give it, but because they are unwilling to receive it. They have placed themselves outside His Grace. We therefore concentrate on those who are willing. Many do not know how or where to find or enter the Kingdom. 

They need a guide, a Light, to attract their attention in the fog of confused thinking, believing, perceiving. They are not looking for piety or sack cloth; they rejected that with the various ages of the church. They are looking for sincerity, a believable message, to encourage, to explain, to illuminate the dark corridors of their minds; to open doors in their understanding, so they may say to themselves, “I see" – the Way forward, the next step on their journey Home. 

It is all part of the Great Plan – the Great Rescue Programme. It is not complex, it is not too high and exalted for man to believe, see, understand, follow. It is perfectly obvious to he who is willing for his eyes to be opened! This is why Jesus spoke in parables; because all life is analogous, ordered by Principles of Life of the Father, the rules of His Creation, the Laws by which Creation functions. And the key is Love. 

It is ‘mind blowing’ in its simplicity, is it not? J By your grasp you can explain it to others. Not all others – only those who are ready. You will be directed, given opportunity to practise. Practise away from the contrary vibrations of Earth activity. Practise with any true seeker who comes – in Earth or etheric clothing. And remember, you are never, ever alone. One step at a time is all you need to concern yourself with. Otherwise you will become unbalanced in the growth toward your Destination. Equilibrium is essential. Peace and Joy be with you.

January 31, 2018 

Continue to speak, communicate, open your heart to me; have no need of caution – all is well between us and I shall never betray your trust. I shall continue always to give you my Love, my strength, my peace, my Life; to share with you my Joy, tranquillity, dignity, and to reveal to you the innermost Truths of our Father’s Creation.

~ Jesus, January 8, 1989

Dear Friends, 

There is but One Reality, which is Love. Divine, perfect, unconditional Love, being real, Is, can only Be eternal, all-encompassing, unchangeable and inextinguishable. The Cause, the Source of Love, is, of course, the Creator Spirit: God; Papa; our heavenly Father. The experience of Love cannot but engender peace and joy entirely beyond anything unreal, i.e., in a dream, a fantasy. Any and all appearances that are not begotten of Love, are unreal so do not, cannot exist in Reality, or Truth. Therefore, anything that is not eternal, unchangeable, all-encompassing and inextinguishable can only be made up. What is made up is not true, not real, so does not exist at all; ever. 

These qualities that define Love meet the condition of Love. Anything that does not meet the condition of Love, it hardly needs saying, cannot be Love, so cannot be real, and therefore does not exist. Time, which we experience linearly, seeming to move through past, into present and on to future, does not meet the condition of Love, because time changes and all that appears in time also changes and disappears. How can what disappears be real? Perfect Love, in contrast, does not change, has no illusions of past or future, being forever present, forever Now. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus speaks of the forever present Now as the holy instant

Here is what he says about it:  

In the holy instant the condition of Love is met, for minds are joined without the body’s interference, and where there is [mind-to-mind] communication there is peace. The Prince of Peace was born to re-establish the condition of Love by teaching that communication remains unbroken even if the body is destroyed, provided that you see not the body as the necessary means of communication. (T-15.XI.7:1,2) 

Whether destroyed by crucifixion or simply by time – bodies, being unreal, are subject to the condition of time (unreality) – makes no difference. Unless we willingly choose to meet the condition of Love we cannot experience Love – in the forever present Now – because the condition of Love IS the holy instant. The ego will say it is impossible to experience the holy instant because – if it exists – it is outside, beyond time and only time can be experienced in time. This is actually a correct statement – but only to a mind that has limited its awareness to time, by the obfuscation of the eternity that is the Truth of our Being, experiencable only in the holy instant. 

Communication can only become restored to its true condition – unbroken – by choosing, being willing, to join with Jesus (and all our brothers in the illusorily-fragmented Sonship), truly and earnestly desiring healing, Awakening from, and thereby dispelling, the dream of brokenness. Choosing that willingness for Awakening, and committing it into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit, is all that is required because that is our authorising Them to accomplish our rejoining – and thereby our restoration to mind-to-mind commun(icat)ion, or whole-mindedness, with our brothers in the Sonship, including, of course, Jesus, and with Papa. 

It will not work if we ‘make the choice’ but then revert to our old-order decision – by not living our new choice – for separation-mindedness. We must be committed to ongoing co-operation with Their endeavours on our behalf, otherwise, we are withdrawing our authorisation from Them. Such a withdrawal may seem an insane thing to do, but the separation consciousness is an insane state of mind. It is insane because it opposes, denies Truth. Since Truth is Love, that which opposes It can only be fear. The split, ego-enthralled mind remains in the consciousness of fear, i.e., belief in and thus, experience of time and place and all that appears in time and place.  

The conscious of fear is not just fear of some things – spiders, pain, scarcity, etc. – but fear of everything … fear of Papa, of Jesus, of self, of Self, of Light, of dark, of Life, of ‘death’, of time, of eternity, of forgetting, of remembering, of peace, of war, of sickness (of mind and of body) … In the same way as Love is not selective, but inclusive, fear, also is not selective. Even those who have accepted the ego’s counterfeit version of Jesus – who, according to church canon, was sent by God as a blood sacrifice for our sins, and will come again to judge the quick and the dead – are fearful of Jesus because of their mistaken, ego-inculcated belief of ‘living in the fear of the Lord’. 

One of the great fears is of disease. Disease is inevitable in the consciousness of fear (time and place); the word itself means being ill-at-ease. Disease is a state of mind, frequently projected onto the body, but remaining in the mind – its source – whilst assailing the body. How can this not cause dementia? And then we add to our demented state by applying aluminium to our armpits daily for decades, flooding our environment with microwaves, poisons – actually adding poisons to our food – I could go on! But none of this can alter the unassailable nature of our mind and soul. I had an enlightening confirmation of this recently, when I received an email from my friend, Elizabeth. 

She told me her 91-years-old mother was in late-stage Alzheimer’s, was near the end of her embodiment and not at peace. I told her I was feeling prompted to send Love and blessings to her Mum for inner peace and joy in her transition and her onward progress from there. It has been my experience for decades that knowing the given name of the person helps with getting attuned to them. She told me her Mum’s name is Claire. She also said, “I think she has one foot here and one foot on the other side. Not sure, but thought to tell you about this since you have mentioned your tuning in with her.” 

When I opened Elizabeth’s email I immediately decided, still at my desk, to attune with Claire. I was instantaneously taken completely by surprise, as, the very moment I started to direct my mind toward her, Claire was actually waiting for me!! Instead of me seeking to ‘open a door’ into her mind, she opened it for me. She clearly knew, from my exchanges with Elizabeth what was my intention. She was fully compos mentis, peaceful, at ease, knew who I was and my association with Elizabeth. She spoke softly but surely, was completely calm, serene and lucid. There was no distress at all. I was aware of her being in the Light, and that she is elegant, cultured, caring and Loving.

She told me she was waiting (with complete patience) for her vestiges of attachment to her body to be released. She asked me to tell her daughter not to be concerned/upset at her outer, bodily appearance; that that is not who or where she is. She was ‘above the battleground’, simply, calmly observing the transitioning process. As soon as I went to share this with Theresa that morning, before I could say anything about what had occurred, she instantly became aware of Claire also, and described to me exactly what I had experienced.  

I emailed Elizabeth a description of the events and had this reply: 

Thank you again for all your prayers and blessings. It was a tough journey for my mother, but she left peacefully in the end. She said the following (the day that I received your description of the encounter with her): First she said, clearly and distinctly, “I know”. Later she said just once, “Brian”, also clearly and distinctly. She was mostly out of it, but definitely looked right at me both times and was lucid in those moments. 

Claire was making a focused endeavour at letting her daughter know that she was aware of events, and managed to get this through inspite of her imminent withdrawal from her bodily communication mechanism. The split mind of the fragmented Sonship is fearful of dementia, perceiving it as ‘losing our mind’. But losing our mind is impossible, as this experience clearly demonstrates. We do not, ever, lose our mind, but we do lose our connection to the external world as we withdraw our focus from it. I share this, with Elizabeth’s permission, to help allay the fear, uncertainty, blinding of self to our higher mind, with which we can never lose connection because that is who and what we are. 

The world is deeply fearful of ‘death’, dementia and the ‘unknown’, having shut itself off from spiritual/eternal reality. It is my heart’s desire to help all who are ready and willing to hear, that there is no death and there really is nothing to fear – which Jesus has been telling the world for two millennia. As he tells us over and over, “Freely have you received, freely give”.  

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. April 20, 2009. 

If ego baulks at the concept of ‘I and my Father are One’, you can still enter the within and Know, commune with ‘Higher Mind’; experience illuminated, expanded awareness, spiritual upliftment, Awakening. 

Persona Brian is aware of the fear of going within to commune with Self, even though he Knows that therein is peace, joy, new awareness and understanding of eternal Truth. It is doubt – an ego construct – that tries to block the door that is the portal to our own within, wherein we find our true Self, our eternal Being. 

That is an accurate assessment. 

Decades of practising going within may not have fully dispelled that doubt; but you do see that it has helped far more than you had previously been aware. This is because it has enabled you to get past, or through, that doubt barrier by one-pointed commitment to entering into the within. By this you Know at a level and in a way that is certainty, that once past that illusory ego barrier, inspiration and enlightenment from Papa, Jesus and/or Self, the Spirit of Truth, is freely, lovingly, immediately available to you. Trust will take you past that non-existent barrier in unexpected moments, and you will find yourself joyfully, comfortably, effortlessly within, experiencing illumination and peace. 

Papa, Jesus and Self are all One – of One Mind – because Papa gave to, shared with His Son His Mind at his creation, and the Son therefore remains forever within the freedom of All that IS His Mind. So, if ego baulks at the concept of ‘I and my Father are One’, you can still enter the within and Know, commune with ‘Higher Mind’; experience illuminated, expanded awareness, spiritual upliftment, Awakening

Persona Brian (pB), like all the fragments of the Sonship, had allowed his ego to confuse him into being fearful of going within because in his seemingly split-off, upside-down mind he perceives darkness, causing him to believe anything can happen and – based on ‘past experience’ – probably will. Therefore, if he goes within, so says ego, how does he know he won’t inadvertently – because in the darkness, he cannot be sure – go through the door invisibly marked ‘fear, confusion, bewilderment’ instead of ‘Light, Joy, Peace, Love, Freedom’? 

This, little persona self cannot know of itself. But happily, there is One Who does Know, and is God-empowered to guide and protect him, if he is willing to place himself in His care, trusting like a child in His ability to direct him toward the Light of eternal Truth. ‘Aah’, says ego, ‘but how do you know He’s there? Better to stay without. You know that; and better the devil you know than one you don’t know.’ 

Fine, if that is fulfilling, satisfying, comfortable. But sooner or later, however many more embodiments it may take, all the fragments will inevitably become aware of their true, inner Self, gently, lovingly nudging them to the feeling that ego-self is no longer capable of meeting their hungering and thirsting for reality, Truth, inner peace, Home. Then will they be willing to abandon their false guide in favour of the True Guide to Eternity. 

“Let us ascend unto the hill of the Lord, and let us rise up unto His Holy Place.”


February 7, 2018 

There are vast legions in the Realms of Light whose combined, unified Power is such as Earth-minded power complexes have never imagined. And multitudes of these devoted souls are in the midst of the darkness of Earth also, sharing the Light for all who will to receive of It.

~ Jesus, January 29, 1989 

Dear Friends, 

Now, it will come as no surprise, is the season of the Great Awakening of the fragmented Sonship from its ego-controlled split-off-from-Truth dream of death and the hell of separation from the Source of all Being. As students of A Course in Miracles will be well aware, in our mind there seem to be two guides we are at free will to choose on our walk in the valley of the shadow of death: one is the ego, an imaginary, false guide, that has already led us into outer (spiritual) darkness, and will continue all the while we accept it as our guide. This means the accruing of pain, suffering, judgement, grievance and ‘death’ … until we choose to follow the other, God-sent Guide: the Holy Spirit. 

We cannot follow both. Choosing one guide veils our awareness of the other, so we will serve ourself very well to recognise that swapping back and to between them, according to the whim, the feeling of the moment, will fail to lead us anywhere save into deep(er) confusion as to our identity, what is reality and our place within it. Many may have a simplistic perception that choosing the Holy Spirit as our Guide will mean our so-called embodied life will immediately become a bed of roses, a cake-walk; no more pain and suffering. So, having a deeper understanding of what takes place, first by looking at the illusion and then at the Truth, will help clarify some misperceptions. 

Jesus tells us that we must look at illusion so that we can see it for what it is, and choose anew. The ego wants us to not look too closely at illusion because if we do, we will see through it to the Truth that illusion attempts – and so frequently succeeds – to conceal from us. When we ask Jesus/Holy Spirit to share with us the clarity of Their whole, Light-filled, Universal, Unified Mind as we make the committed choice to look at illusion, we are consciously joining with Them, and this has the inestimable benefit of blocking our awareness of ego-induced confusion and fear. Fear prevents us from seeing and thinking clearly. Joining our sight with Theirs facilitates inner peace and clarity of vision. 

That is Their objective for us, so co-operating with Them will Awaken us from the dream of separation, liberating us from imprisonment on the carousel of birth and death and restoring us to unified bliss in peace, joy, Love and limitless Power of Creation. Just like Jesus. J Let us now look at what actually happens when we remain with the ego as our guide. The ego’s intent is our ‘death’ – quickly or slowly, it makes no difference because time is an illusion. It uses our pliancy to cause us to choose judgement, grievance, conflict, division, misperception – all of which, and more, ensure continuing absence in our awareness and experience of perfect, uninterruptible Love, peace and joy. 

Before/until we choose anew – for the Holy Spirit to be our Guide to our Awakening – the continuing, surreptitious presence of the ego in our split mind continues causing us to have distorted, upside-down perceptions of ourself, our brothers, God and ‘truth’. These misperceptions trigger judgements based on incomplete, imperfect – false, in fact – evidence, so our judgements on all counts are likely to be mistaken, negative, accusational, leading to division, grievance, conflict and ‘pestilence and every form of ill’ (A Course in Miracles T-28.III.4:3). Truly we can label this False Evidence Appearing Real: F.E.A.R. Cosmologists are looking for dark matter. Here it is. 

And all this accumulates in our unconscious, split mind, accruing karmic consequences from one embodiment to the next. None is ever expunged without true forgiveness, so the burden continues inexorably to grow. It cannot simply be ignored, ‘stored’ inconsequentially in our unconscious mind because peace, harmony and balance are our true nature as God’s creation. So opportunities for (true) forgiveness – the restoration of balance – rise from our unconscious mind to our conscious awareness in the form of recurrence of the negative, illusory events from the ‘past’, so that we can, by the mechanism of true forgiveness, restore the balance.  

But our forgetfulness and confusion – being in self-selected spiritual darkness – cause us, over and over, to miss the opportunities to heal, furthering, instead, the burgeoning burden of brokenness, from one momentary incarnation through the next. The experience that this effects is more and more pain and suffering, conflict, fear, hate, fragmentation. This, one might say, by way of analogy, is like the Earth – volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, pyroclastic and giant magma flows: they can arise from a hidden depth, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly, sometimes with symptoms building over time, heralding such an event, but when and to what extent being indeterminate. 

This means that choosing the wrong guide ensures a continuing, increasing, upwelling, outpouring of (metaphysically) dark matter, manifesting, inevitably, sooner or later, physically in our conscious experience. That happens individually, interpersonally, tribally, nationally, racially, internationally, globally … and it’s ALL nowhere save in our split, separated, conflicted minds. None of it is real, ‘out there’, happening; only in our minds. This unrelenting hell, interspersed with moments when things don’t outwardly appear too bad – for some, anyway, though not for most – will continue until we change our mind and choose as our Guide the Voice for God, to lead us out of our dream of death. 

When we do, finally, eventually, inescapably make that choice, a complete change of direction begins. The Holy Spirit – our Higher, all-Knowing, all-Loving, all-empowered Self – now authorised by us to be in charge of our life, metaphysically, mentally, spiritually, turns us around from heading into outer darkness back toward the Light, Love, peace, union that is the Truth of our Being as Papa’s One Son. He says to us what Jesus told me in 1977: I can be staff and compass to you, to assist you in the steep and treacherous places, but I cannot be your feet. It is your journey and you must take the steps. There is no substitute for taking the steps; it is the only way the journey upon which you have embarked can be completed. 

Here is the contrast: the ego, leading us since the dawn of time into outer darkness and increasing the burden of pain, suffering, conflict, confusion … and the Holy Spirit, now (we having chosen anew) being our staff and compass – Guide – turning our direction back toward the Light. But He has taken on the task of releasing us from our legacy of dark matter, which He can and gladly will Help us to undo – unburden us from – one karmic item at a time, until there is no ego-dark matter left in us. He cannot simply ‘magic’ them away. We made them; we must unmake them. Blessedly, there is a VERY easy way to unmake all karmic issues, all dark matter: forgive them.  

That opens the door of unforgiveness, judgement, grievance – that we have kept shut and barred – thereby allowing the Light that we truly ARE, to shine away the dark matter. However, as Jesus tells us in the Course, we must bring our illusions to the Truth. Here is where Holy Spirit Helps us. He brings the illusions, the dark matter, the karmic entanglements, the brokenness from the basement of our unconscious mind to our conscious awareness, so we can look at them clearly – with the aid of His true perception – see them for the illusions they are, and bring them to the Light by true forgiveness, and they are then shone away by our re-emergent Light. 

What is this telling us, that we might serve ourself well by keeping uppermost in our mind? That when we choose the true Guide to lead us Home, things do not instantly get ‘better’ to our outward discernment. Indeed, to the undiscerning mind they may seem to get worse. This is because a whole lot of karmic stuff is now arising in our life – perhaps, seemingly, more than before. But there is a difference of inestimable magnitude: With our true Guide, this is for clearing out, dispelling, shining away through the mechanism of true forgiveness. That means each issue truly forgiven will never again darken our mind. The basement (our unconscious mind) is being cleared out, emptied

The counterfeit guide we mistakenly chose was intent on the opposite: filling it with ever more burdens of guilt and fear, grievance, hate, attack, dis-ease … Now, with our True Guide – Holy Spirit-SELF – the burden becomes Lighter and Lighter, until there is no more ‘burden’ save Love, Light, peace and joy. This, we will gladly share with all who will to receive of it, thereby increasing the Light, Love, peace and joy. Forever. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. April 25, 2009.  

Walking a fine line between spiritual focus and the ties and trammels of the world is never easy, and is only achievable if the desire uppermost is spiritual clarity and Awakening. All the rest then simply falls into place and becomes automatic. 

I am ready, or feel ready – and willing – to identify solely with and as Self. Yet if I am here to work with my brothers in time and place I have to remain as, or at least with, persona Brian (pB), so that we have a point of focus, or contact with each other. Jesus was with a body for that same purpose, and remained one with Self, or Christ, at the same time, so we can Know it is achievable, though until now few indeed have succeeded. But now is the time of change, of transformation, of becoming like him, for we begin to see him as he is (Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1John 3:2). Joyously, he has appeared and will not be ‘going away’ again. Ever. 

You have said many times, “It is not enough to be ‘Christian’; we need to become Christlike.” This is a correct observation. Keep it at the forefront of your thinking; and also, that it is not pB who must accomplish this of himself, for he is but the vehicle for this intent. Precipitate action separates pB from Self. His job is to be a receptor for that which is brought to him, and to share it freely with all who are ready to receive of it. It is, and need be, of no concern to pB who is ready, or to what degree they are ready. 

Self/Christ, the All-seeing One, Knows the degree of readiness of each and every fragment. Keep on keeping on meanwhile, in like manner; one day, one step at a time, in the certainty of Knowing that pB is watched over, guided, inspired – enabled by his willingness for it to be so – and so-minded to co-operate. These are qualities of the true disciple – the student who earnestly desires to become as one with the Master. 

Let there be no concern for any matter at the material level of being; you have seen how your requirements and wellbeing are being provided for. Walking a fine line between spiritual focus and the ties and trammels of the world is never easy, and is only achievable if the desire uppermost is spiritual clarity and Awakening. All the rest then simply falls into place and becomes automatic. 

February 14, 2018 


By faith, trust and steadfast commitment your heart and mind, life and soul shall be uplifted to the greater awareness of God’s living Truth, and this shall make you free.

~ Holy Communion, February 19, 1989

Dear Friends,  

We are all familiar with the saying that we are not a body but a soul having a bodily experience. This implies that our soul has chosen this: that it is its preference. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Our soul is complete, eternal and perfect just like its Creator having no need whatsoever for the experience of being a finite, limited, fallible, fearful, guilty, mortal body … Separation from Source, from all-Knowing, all-Loving Self, with limitless power of creation – just like the Creator – is an error of mind, not of soul. Our soul cannot be separate from its Source, and knows nothing of separation or limit. The idea for separation arose in the Mind of the One created Son. 

Because separation is impossible in the Oneness, the union, of Creator and created, the Mind – not the soul – of the created seemed to undergo a split, in which the split-off mind engaged in a fantasy, or dream of separation. This had no effect on the whole, complete, Awake Mind, which remained – and will forever remain – unified with Universal Mind. This may seem a contradiction: how can Mind be complete if part is split off? This is only a conundrum to a self-limited, finite mind, which cannot conceive of the infinite. The split was an infinitesimal instant, over in the same moment it seemed to occur, so could only appear to continue by re-viewing the instant. 

It is the re-viewing that seems to keep it alive, ‘present’, though because the instant passed, it can only be perceived by ‘endlessly’ reviewing the past – i.e., that which has passed – and therefore, gone from the reality that is the present, the eternal moment, the Holy Instant that is forever NOW. So, how does this affect the soul – or, speaking universally, spirit – that is the very Life Force of all Being? Are not mind and soul irreversibly connected – Universal, Unified Mind and Soul; the Life Force, or Spirit, creatively activated by whole, undivided Mind, with which soul is ceaselessly engaged in creating. The Life Force, or soul/spirit, is Love, so its creative activity is solely Loving. 

The illusorily split-off part of mind has dissociated, or separated, itself from Love – which is the same as Life, and is eternal and unchanging – so has no power for creating. It has placed itself in a state of consciousness that is aware only of (the spiritual darkness of) time and place, that constantly changes, withers and disintegrates, having no Light of Life or Love to give it constancy, radiance, ecstasy. Love, Light and Life – soul, or spirit – are in eternal, joyous union, so Their absence from our awareness can only mean conflict, division, loneliness … To a finite, doubt-filled, confused, forgetful, split mind – that has no awareness of soul – the very word itself seems vague, uncertain.  

Soul, to an exoterically-focused mind, seems to somehow have a connotation of myth, judgement, the unknown – even ‘the unknowable’ – and perhaps also, of condemnation by a vengeful deity, for our ‘sins’ … ‘So let us not dwell on it because we have no way of ever finding the truth – and if the truth is judgement and eternal punishment, it is too horrific to contemplate.’ So says the ego. Let us, then consider some alternative terminology, to give it a more comprehensible, comfortable idea of what soul actually is, and how we can connect – actually, re-connect – with it to our inestimable benefit, and that of all: every living thing, irrespective of form. 

The Life, the soul, the spirit that we really are can be thought of as an Energy Force Field. Like electricity, an energy force field is not visible to bodily senses. This is because what we might call ‘primary energy’ – Life its very Self – is real, eternal, unchangeable, perfect, and bodies have none of those qualities. How can the unreal discern the real?  There is but One Energy Force Field in all creation, and this we refer to as God, Papa, the Creator Spirit Himself. This, or He, being Life/Love/Light itself, is the Source of all Being, so it is impossible to not be part – or an extension – of the whole. Except in an insane, momentary fantasy of separation. 

How can pretending to be little, limited, separate, lonely, fearful, guilty, conflicted, assailable, mortal … when we are none of those things, but in fact, the exact opposite of each of them, be other than insane? Of course, to support this insanity we have made up stories – more fantasies, with no foundation in, only the reversal of, Truth – about being sinners, guilty, cast from God’s presence for our wickedness, and only sacrifice will save us. The sooner we abandon such counter-productive, nonsensical baggage, binding us to the past, the quicker we will be able to focus on the present – the Holy Instant that is the portal to the eternal, Love-, peace- and joy-filled NOW. 

An energy force field (or soul, remember), unless misperceived as contained, confined, restricted – by a thought of a confused, upside-down mind – has no limits, no boundaries. In Truth, it is uncontainable, universal, eternal. Its power, being perfect Love – the only power there is, being eternally without limit – is united, is One, is ALL in all. But the tiny, mad idea of separation – impossible in reality – caused the appearance of containment, confinement, limitation. The effect of that cause is form: bodies, all separate, in accord with the insane wish. The split mind – ego – tells us the soul (if we believe there is such a thing) is confined within, or at least, chained, harnessed to, our body. 

This, again is, of course, completely wrong, without meaning or Love-centred purpose. What might we expect from an insane, malicious guide? The energy force field that is our true nature is entirely unencumbered, though free will means we can choose to be unaware, unbelieving, in denial of, blind ourself to, reality. So, as we are now in the season of the Great Awakening to remembrance of the Truth of ALL Being – including all who are as yet persuaded of their littleness, sinfulness, unworthiness – how do we escape from the fantasy that we walk in, are stuck in, the valley of the shadow of death, back to perfect Love, Life, wholeness, Oneness, limitlessness and all Power of creativeness?  

A good start is to recognise, accept that bodies – limitation, confinement, imprisonment – are made-up; a masquerade costume, donned to convince ourself of our little, separate, special, mortal identity. In reality they are not, of course, our true, One, undivided Identity. This can enable us to more meaningfully, believably, persuasively repudiate, absolutely, that we are flesh, blood and bones, ‘here’ – actually, nowhere – an instant and then gone, to oblivion. Here is where focusing on, attuning with, our all-Loving, all-Knowing elder brother, Jesus, is of inestimable Help because he exemplified the Truth of limitlessness while appearing to be with/in a body. 

Without his example all this would be, could only seem to be, mere supposition, when the overwhelming weight of evidence to our devised-to-deceive bodily senses affirms our limitation and mortality as form: a body. We can think in terms of shrugging-off the attachment to form, the conviction of body-identification, setting us free of its limits – which are nothing more than a mistaken belief system. This does not mean we must lay aside the body we have identified with in order to be free. It is not the body but the belief we are a body that imprisons us. That is the difference – the only difference – between Jesus and most of the rest of the illusorily-fragmented Sonship. 

When we retrain our mind to shed that false belief – imprisonment in a masquerade costume – we can then begin to accept that the energy force field, that in Truth we are, is all One; that there IS, truly, no division, no gap, no division between us and all our brothers. This is the Awakening from the dream of separation, of death, and the seeming impediment of the body will no longer obstruct us in any way. How can no-thing obstruct us when we choose to remember Who we really ARE: free of all limit, just like Jesus? Now that we are beginning to hear and respond to the Call to ‘Waken and be glad’, we begin to find there is no longer need for a care in the world – because there is no world. 

Only by re-joining our minds in complete accord, as One in Love, peace and joy can the creative fulness of the One, unified energy force field that we all really ARE be restored. This is possible, nay inevitable, through the process of true forgiveness.  

Brian Longhurst 

Some years ago Theresa and I were inwardly prompted to put together and practise a True Forgiveness exercise, using some input from A Course in Miracles, some from Gary Renards book, The Disappearance of the Universe, and some under inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It was instrumental in bringing completely life-transforming liberation from karmic entanglements, with limitless effects and benefits. We have since shared this exercise with many, who have expressed deep gratitude for the help it has been to them. I have now uploaded this onto the Honest2goodness website. For all who might feel a draw to involve themselves deeper into true forgiveness, here is a link to the page:


Diary of a Christ Communicant

 A.M. April 26, 2009.  

Choose to be, every moment, Loving, blessing, the Light, peaceful, joy-filled, radiant. Ask for, and be glad of, the Help of Self in dispelling, unburdening issues that block awareness, realisation, expression of true Being, that you may give, share, extend that reality to our brethren. 

Papa, I re-mind myself that I am as You created me. All that is Yours You have given me, Your beloved Son. I give thanks for all Your unspeakable Love, blessing, beneficence. Only upon You do I choose to be dependent, to be focused and attuned. Yet I do look continually also to Jesus, my beloved brother, as my example for living, being, Loving, becoming. All that you, Jesus, demonstrated and teach us reminds us that this is Who and What we really are. 

This, Beloved, is wholeness, Oneness; bringing an end to the dream of littleness, separateness, fear. Choose to be, every moment, Loving, blessing, the Light, peaceful, joy-filled, radiant. Ask for, and be glad of, open to receive, the Help of Self in dispelling, unburdening issues that block awareness, realisation, expression of true Being, that you may give, share, extend that reality to our brethren. 

Give thanks continually also, for the certainty of Knowing that the Truth is available, freely, lovingly, immediately. Give, and you shall receive in like manner, full measure, pressed down. 

I feel I am becoming more Loving and giving, less judgemental, more caring, more aware, more sensitive to the condition of others. 

With more openness, receptiveness to, acceptance of, Self you shall continue to grow in the unfoldment of what you Know is the Truth of your Inner Being. 


Truly, alleluia! J Peace, be still, Beloved. All really IS well.


February 21, 2018 

The Truth, the reality, is at hand, all around and within you, all around and within your fellow sojourners in time, freely available for all to see and experience and be part of.

~ Jesus, February 26, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

Contra to the ego/world perception, it is actually impossible to be alone. But we perceive ourself as being alone, separate from everything we see with our bodily faculties, because – and only because – we believe, and therefore perceive, and therefore experience ourself as a body. All the while we remain in the default choice for the guide that will never shine the Light of Spiritual Truth into our mind, that will remain the purpose of bodies: to deceive ourself into believing – ‘prove’ to ourself – that we are separate. Separate from the Source of all Life, Love, Truth and our whole, unified One Self as Papa’s One Son – ALL of which is Light. In Truth, therefore, we also are the Light.

Jesus told us this long ago (Matt. 5:14) but we still continue to veil ourself, and the world at large, from the Light that we are. Let us make no ego-style misinterpretation of what that Light is, first by defining what it is not. It is nothing to do with being gifted in science, engineering, sport, the arts … or anything in which the focus is on the body. The Light that we are arises, has its Source, its nature, in eternal, spiritual reality, and shines when we share the Truth of that reality with our brothers. It is that very sharing, which IS shining – not from the head-mind, or intellect, but from the heart-mind, the source of the Light that we are – that is discernible to all who are ready to see it. 

There is no worldly ‘test’ to discern that readiness because it is a heart-mind centred readiness, and any amount of intellectual examining will not reveal it because the intellect knows not of the heart-mind. If, when, we are ready to begin our Awakening to the Light, the Holy Spirit will send to us a brother, a teacher, whose Light is already shining – not fully, as with Jesus, but brightly enough that the nascent seeker will recognise it. He will inwardly recognise a kindred spirit. This has nothing to do with bodies, social or material standing, age, culture, nationality – nothing, in fact, of form. This will occur because the Holy Spirit within the mind of the learner and the teacher will connect them. 

Both will instantly recognise that inner connection, that resonance, though it will not be definable by any outward, worldly indicators. All worldly ‘barriers’ – age differences, marital status, class … are seen through as irrelevant. How could they have any relevance, when all worldly factors are made up, so have no reality? So far beyond illusion that there is no point of connection is our true joining as the unified One Son of the Father Creator. At the moment of contact between those brothers there stirs within both an awareness of that Light. It was always there, inextinguishable by the unrealities of time and place because it is an indivisible part of the One Light, forever connecting all. 

That spark will never be obliterated by temporal matters, however distracting they may seem to be to a confused, forgetful, bewildered, seemingly-split mind. But for the spark to be re-ignited, there has to be a connection with a brother at the level of Light. This is not just ‘two individuals’ connecting; it is, at a mystical level, the whole Sonship re-connecting. How can that not cause a spark to become a Light so bright that all darkness of illusion is shone away, forever? Of course, the magnitude, the luminosity, the grandeur of the Light is beyond the sensory discernment of nascent – even seasoned – travellers on the homeward journey. But inwardly, it begins to become apparent. 

This is the only purpose that has any meaning or value during our separated, lonely, fearful, dream-walk in the valley of the shadow of death, and it is the only way out: rejoining. The vast mass of the fragments like to join in some way, as an endeavour to escape the sense of loneliness. But joining at the horizontal axis level of engaging with others will not get us Home, because the horizontal axis is a distraction from the vertical – spiritual – axis. This is not to say any such joining is wrong, and we should abandon all such activities. But when we are seeking the reality that is spiritual Truth, and ASK for a brother to join with us in our seeking, the asking effects the connecting.

Once the connection is made, the sense of loneliness begins to diminish exponentially, and the need to find ‘company’ externally, horizontally, to assuage the loneliness, diminishes proportionally. Gender is irrelevant to spiritual joining in a holy relationship, and depends on the aforetime-agreed objectives of the joining – actually, re-joining. These objectives unfold to our conscious awareness later – perhaps years or even decades later – but the joy in the joining holds primacy over the unfolding objectives of the joining. I can explain this with the example of Theresa’s and my joining. In November 1967 I said to Jesus:


 “I am willing to remain celibate in my life on the path of spiritual progress with you if that is serviceable. However, you well know that there are as many red corpuscles flowing through my veins as the next man, so if celibacy is not serviceable, please bring me into contact with the right life-partner for this journey.”  

Less than four months later, an ocean and a continent away, Theresa and I met, in the unlikeliest of circumstances. We inwardly recognised each other immediately – though we had never seen each other before, during this embodiment – and Knew we belonged together. A few nights later, as I was getting into bed, Jesus came to me and said, “I have brought the Little One to you to be your Companion of the Way.” This was possible because I ASKed. The purpose of our (re)joining has become clear only during the last few years. That we were of complementary gender served the further purpose of bringing children into this world, to effect healing of some karmic issues. 

That is still ongoing, though time, being an illusion, is irrelevant to the certainty of the outcome. The primary objective in our joining is to allow the Light that we – along with the entire Sonship – are, to shine. Its shining is increased through joining, thereby attracting others who are ready for joining, so we can journey Home together in increasing numbers. This heightens, amplifies joyous spiritual fellowship, meaning yet more are drawn to It from their own within, each with the purpose of teaching and learning in holy relationship. This is the Principle of Life of the Father that drives – or draws – the reunifying of the fragmented Sonship. Here is how Jesus explains it in A Course in Miracles: 

You are not yet awake, but you can learn how to awaken. Very simply, the Holy Spirit teaches you to awaken others. As you see them waken you will learn what waking means and because you have chosen to wake them, their gratitude and their appreciation of what you have given them will teach you its value. They will become the witnesses to your reality, as you were created witness to God’s. Yet when the Sonship comes together and accepts its Oneness it will be known by its creations, who witness to its reality as the Son does to the Father. (T-9.VI.5). 

We cannot Awaken to Self alone because Self is not alone or lonely. Self is in the Heart-Mind of his Father, where loneliness – separation – is impossible. The choice for separation effected loneliness. Only by choosing to rejoin – ‘come together’ again – and accept Oneness as the Truth of our Being … of all Being, will we Know, again, our One Identity. Rejoining is impossible while guilt, fear, judgement, grievances … karmic brokenness, remain – however deeply embedded in our conscious or unconscious mind. Only our willingness for true, unconditional, quantum forgiveness will enable Holy Spirit-Self to bring them to our awareness so we can choose to relinquish them and be free. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 2, 2009 

Be comfortable, relaxed, inwardly peaceful. This is how Oneness is: joyful, heavenly peace and comfort is all there is, because that is what Love is, what Papa is, what Self is. 

Self; my true Being: I begin at last (!) to have a sense of more palpable awareness of ‘our’ connection, within. These words tend to signify duality, but I am one-pointedly focused upon the Oneness that ‘Self’/‘You’/‘Big Me’ – what I have been experiencing as ‘I’ – actually am

If it helps to express in words what persona Brian (pB) is feeling, becoming aware of, then use them. At this stage in the unfoldment, the rejoining, it can be serviceable, just as pB’s dialogues with Jesus over the decades have been. 

Okay; thanks for this. 

This is a growth process, and you are in the early stages of the remembrance, the awareness, of Oneness with Higher Self. It is ‘new’ for pB, so let him be comfortable, relaxed, inwardly peaceful. This is how Oneness is: joyful, heavenly peace and comfort is all there is, because that is what Love is, what Papa is, what Self is. 

Do you, or pB, begin to see what persona – separated from Self – has been missing all these æons? Well, now is the beginning of the end of the dream of separation – if pB chooses it to be so for him. PB can begin to think, write, express as Self, switching the point of view, the perspective, from littleness to true vision, to allness. That opens the floodgates to allow awareness of Allness to enter in, to come into focus, into the Presence. 

It is only ‘littleness’, the masquerade costume of persona – B, or any other – that withholds self from Allness. There is nothing to fear – unless pB is afraid of Love? 

No, pB is not afraid of Love; more of the unknown ... getting zapped by the overawing power of Love in his unpreparedness for It.  

But with Self, just as with Jesus, pB Knows he is safe, because the trust in Jesus – and thus, now, Self, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Breath, the Voice for Papa – has long been completely won.   

PB has no fear of Jesus or Papa, or ‘You’; he has only absolute Love, trust, gratitude, honouring. PB still has a fairly liberal sprinkling of awe for Jesus, but knows he – as Big Me – is like Jesus, and destined, inescapably, inevitably, to come to full remembrance of that Truth, that reality.   

So, being in awe of one’s own likeness is, pB now recognises, unserviceable; inappropriate. But honouring one’s true Self is not unserviceable. In fact, to not honour one’s Self is highly unserviceable, and is what keeps oneself trapped in the littleness of persona, over and over. Until one changes one’s mind.

February 28, 2018 

I am the good shepherd, but the shepherd is the keeper and protector of the sheep; he is not the Lord of the sheep. So it is my command to care for the Father’s flock and bring them, safe and well, restored to abundance of Life, back Home to Him.

~ Jesus, July 30, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

Unless and until we are willing to choose communion with Spirit, we will continue to languish in doubt, ignorance, fear, loneliness, variable states of mood, mind and fortune, perceiving around us only increasing turmoil, conflict, the blame game … Spirit is not just God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or even disembodied others in the Realms of Light. Every brother we contact during our day however casual or brief the contact may be – is also Spirit, and that Spirit IS Holy, regardless of outward, contra appearances that our bodily senses show us. Each and every one is the Light and saviour of the world. To see any as other than that is to keep ourself blinded to our own Truth of Being. 

Each and every brother is, right along with us and Jesus Holy, and therefore, can truly be recognised, accepted and Known as Holy Spirit. Allowing our eyes and ears to convince us otherwise is to remain in self-deception, prolonging – entirely unnecessarily – our walk in the valley of the shadow of death, the dream of hell. Here is how Jesus says it in A Course in Miracles, from T-9.IV.1:  

Accept as true only what your brother [really] is, if you would know yourself [as you really are]. Perceive what he is not [i.e. the false image our body’s senses and judgemental intellect, or head-mind – ego-devised to deceive – tell us] and you cannot know what you are, because you see him falsely. Remember always that your [true, One, Holy] Identity is shared and that [only by accepting and allowing] Its sharing is Its reality [discernible to us]. 

Communicating can be positive or negative but communing can only be holy because it is a common, or shared, union. We cannot unite, or share, or enter into communion with a brother with whom we have nothing in common. The ego would say, ‘What do we have in common with the postman, or that suicide bomber, or that paedophile …?’ The answer, or, more meaningfully, the Answer, is everything. Everything real. We may perceive ourself as having – or wanting to have – nothing in common with them. That is why we continue to believe, perceive and experience ourself as separate, allowing a gap between us, which holds the seeds of pestilence and every form of ill. 

The ego, which wants us to focus only upon distracting, illusory details, would say, ‘We don’t have time to commune (holy or otherwise) with the postman, and we certainly want to distance ourself from the suicide bomber and the paedophile, lest we become embroiled in, or a victim of, their evil doings.’ However, the Holy Spirit would say, “By extending Love, Light, blessing, (all of which are healing energy) to them – all of which need entail no proximity – you are Helping a brother in need of Help, and by so doing, are also receiving the Help that you are freely giving.” This means that by denying our brother that healing Help we are denying it to ourself, keeping them and us in hell. 

To move beyond that ego-intended stalemate we need to LOOK beyond it. But without divine Help we cannot see beyond it. Hence our seeming continuance in the dream of death and hell. J But this need not be; we have the power, within, to break that cycle, and that Power is Known as the Holy Spirit. He abides – always, whether we know it or not, want it or not, like it or not – in our mind, and is therefore always freely accessible to Guide us. I say freely, but there is one price: willingness to repudiate the other lodger in our mind: the guide into outer darkness we dub the ego. We cannot dislodge the ego alone, but we can, easily, with Holy Spirit’s all-empowered-by-Love Help. 

Those of us who labour and are heavy-laden under the ego’s burden of guilt, fear, judgement, grievance, loneliness, scarcity … wondering how we – wandering lost in self-elected darkness, believing ourselves bereft of help – might avail ourselves of deliverance, could direct our mind to the benign Guide within. We can all do this by affirming to ourself that this Help IS freely available and is always freely given in response to our desiring It and ASKing for It. We cannot receive that Help without asking because NOT asking means we don’t want It. We affirm Its Presence by expressing gratitude that It has been given in response to our request. We could say to the Holy Spirit: 

Dear, Beloved and ever-Loving Holy Spirit-Self: Thank You for Guiding me in the darkness, the wilderness of separation, by Your Living, Illuminating Word. I gladly open myself to receive and accept It unto myself, so that, as I am freely given, I may freely share of It with as many of my brethren in the Sonship as You send to me for joining on our journey together Home to Papa. 

Many may feel they are not being Guided – or are guided by dark and fearful, even evil, thoughts – and are heading deeper into the outer darkness that depicts separation from the Love and Light that is our Source and also our true nature. This state of profoundly distressed mind, with its overwhelming sense of abandonment and desolation can seem impossible to escape, and that asking Holy Spirit for Help is a fruitless, hopeless, fool’s errand. That is just what the ego wants us to feel. Great determination is called for to escape this vice-like grip. But it is absolute Truth that we are never, even for a single second, alone, abandoned. Help is always, immediately given the instant it is sought. 

Believing this is the key to receiving, experiencing it. That key – belief/faith/trust – opens the door that we have shut and locked against the Light, the Love, the inner peace and joy that the Holy Spirit brings to us from Papa. He cannot open that door because it is we who have locked it against Him. But we can be safe in willingness to trust that we do have the Power to open it – inspite of any outer appearances, thoughts, beliefs to the contrary – because that Power is God-given, so cannot be lost to us, even though we may think it is lost. Jesus teaches us in the Course that our mind is as powerful as Papa’s, because He shared equally His Mind with His Son at his creation. 

These snippets from the Course, Workbook for Students, Lesson 16, spell this out incontrovertibly (if only we can believe!):  

Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak. They are merely true or false. Those that are true create their own likeness [Love and Light, peace and joy]. Those that are false make theirs [guilt and fear, judgement, scarcity, abandonment and ‘death’]. 

Every thought you have contributes to truth or to illusion; either it extends the truth or it multiplies illusions. 

Salvation [or Awakening from the dream of guilt, fear and ‘death’] requires that you also recognize that every thought you have brings either peace or war; either love or fear. 

There is such a temptation [the ego being the tempter] to dismiss fear thoughts as unimportant, trivial and not worth bothering about that it is essential you recognize them all as equally [self] destructive, but equally unreal. 

Fear thoughts seem excruciatingly real when we are caught up in them. Yet, just a moment’s seizing the faith and trust to reach out our hand to the Hand of God (Jesus and/or Holy Spirit) that is always proffered – by choosing a Thought of Truth: Love – will bring Help, succour, comfort, rescue. Doubt will dismantle the faith and trust that ensures – guarantees – the connection. It is always our free choice, with no limit on how many times we can choose Love when the ego distracts us. As Jesus reminds us in the Course (T-11.V.2:4): You are also learning [by the self-elected mechanism of choosing separation] that its [fear’s] effects can be dispelled merely by denying their [illusions’] reality. 

Fear has been dogging Papa’s slumbering Son since the dawn of time. Now is the moment, the season, when we can meaningfully, once and for all, surrender it into Helping Hands and rejoice and be glad that none of it was ever real. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 3, 2009 

Love does not, ever, abandon, but always accepts, embraces, gives, extends freely and unconditionally. This enables all to become and remain unconditionally trusting, responsive, eager for the uplifting, refining, transforming, Awakening process to proceed toward its completion. 

So, persona Brian (pB) appears, as far as I am consciously aware, ready and willing to embrace, become One with, Whole/Holy Self; become freed, cleared from the limitations of persona, of time and place – all that is synonymous with littleness and limitation. 

They are synonymous, but that does not mean abandoning pB, for he is an opportunity, a mechanism for transforming, uplifting. This is an embracing, accepting, inclusive process, just as it was with Jesus. It is not an eschewing process. PB has come from a place of unawareness, forgetfulness, to one of emerging awareness, remembrance. To abandon him now would be perceived as an act of betrayal, giving just cause for doubt and fear.  

Love does not, ever, abandon, but always accepts, embraces, gives, extends freely and unconditionally. This enables pB – and in like manner, all other personas, or fragments – to become and remain unconditionally trusting, responsive, eager for the uplifting, refining, transforming, Awakening process to proceed toward its completion. This process concludes in the joyous willingness for the Self within to gradually take over from the misperceiving ‘little self’, with no reticence or fear on the part of the latter.   

In Papa’s eternity of Heaven is no compulsion. This is why the Awakening is a gradual, gentle, one-step-at-a-time process, that all who desire it from a persona, or littleness, perspective can truly have nothing to fear, but actually come to the place of realisation that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 


Alleluia indeed. Here is an opportunity for sharing; and sharing is learning, and learning is growing, becoming, remembering. The becoming is a restoration to Who you are; who all the fragments are: One. For there is only One; but One is All. And Papa is All. Full circle; completion. Again. The end of the dream of separation.

March 7, 2018 

The old order, the Earth-mind consciousness, is blind obedience, blind following; unseeing, unknowing. The New Order New Heaven and New Earth, Unified is created by Love lifting the cataracts from the eyes and revealing the Truth of eternity, making all things Known, and giving abundant Life to all who will receive of it.

~ Jesus, August 13, 1989 

Dear Friends,  

Duality inevitably means conflict. Only complete non-duality – Oneness – can bring the peace of God, which is beyond the ken of minds that believe they are a body, for the incontrovertible reason that bodies symbolise, represent, the separation consciousness: the consciousness of fear. When we, inevitably, use our bodily senses as we go about our daily activities, we perceive other bodies, and engage with them. This, of course, was so, even with Jesus. There, the similarity ends, because the ‘physical’ is all, for most of us, we are aware of. But he tells us in A Course in Miracles that this world of time and place is not physical at all, and like him we can choose to see through it to reality. 

It all depends on our choice, and our choice will always depend on our desire – for no-one chooses what they do not desire. When we desire the Truth of eternity enough – enough being nothing less than totally – then will our choice be totally for Truth, and Truth will become our total experience, just as it was with Jesus during his embodied world-saving mission. This is possible only by seeming to be in this world but Knowing we are not actually of it, which was his exact position. Accepting that the dream world of bodies is unreal, it becomes easy to choose to not be of it. If, nevertheless, we still seem to be in it, it can only be because we have a world-saving purpose for being here.  

This occurs, naturally, effortlessly, spontaneously when the beguilements of this world – e.g., power over rather than with our brothers (in human and non-human form), money/stuff, adulation … – no longer have any meaning or value for us; no longer distract us. Truth is nothing to do with time and place because that is all made up – a momentary dream. Accepting it as such liberates us from restriction by time and place to recognition – the certainty of Knowing beyond all doubt – of its unreality. We all know dreams can seem very real, very solid while we are dreaming. But when we wake up, they are gone and we then realise that the dream was never real, never solid.  

We cannot choose Truth and illusion. That is an ego ploy that can never succeed because Truth and illusion, being opposites, are entirely incompatible. Truth is wholly holy; illusion, being Truth’s reversal, can only be wholly unholy. Attempting to choose holiness and unholiness can only mean confusion and loss of differentiation between the two. This is the state of mind of most of embodied humanity, in which unreality is believed – and thus, perceived – as reality. While that perception remains our choice, so will it be our experience. It is, by definition, an unholy experience because it is an unholy belief. This ego script of separation from our Source does not want us to choose holiness. 

To do so would be the ego’s undoing and our release from its thrall. It derides, shuns, persecutes, any it perceives as holy, though it has no idea what holy actually means. Holy simply means whole, complete, undivided, and thus, perfect. Jesus is our exemplar for this, demonstrating perfectly that holiness has nothing to do with displays of false, religious piety and sanctimoniousness. There are many today – and increasing in numbers daily – who are in direct, heart-mind to Heart-Mind communion with the real Jesus, and this is evinced by the straight-talking, gentle, reasoned, Loving, no-nonsense way he explains reality and how to understand it and demonstrate it by living it.  

We all want to be whole, complete, perfect, because those terms imply well-being, happiness, contentment, peacefulness … but who wants to be ‘holy’ in the world’s interpretation of the word? Holiness occurs when mind and soul are functioning in unison. It requires no proclamations. Humility is one of its qualities. Jesus said to me, “Where there is wisdom there is silence and humility.” He wants to teach us how to become – or, more accurately, remember that we are already, always have been and always will be – holy (whole, complete, One …) again. In the Course he reminds us that our mind is part of God’s, and we are, therefore, in Truth, very holy (W-35). 

He goes on to say although this is not the way we see ourself outwardly, it does describe what (true, inner) vision will show us. Outwardly, with our self-elected double vision (devised to deceive us into believing we are what we are not), this appears to us very far from the case, and that is why we have convinced ourself we are not holy – i.e., not whole, complete, One … Yet this is so vital an aspect of his devotion to us, his beloved brothers, and his unswerving commitment to Helping us Awaken from the dream of unholiness (i.e., brokenness – the reversal of wholeness), that he develops this theme further, saying we are holy (whole) because our mind is, in reality, part of God’s.  

He continues in the next Lesson by assuring us that because our (heart-)mind is part of God’s, our true (inner) vision is related to His holiness, so cannot be related to – or dictated by the ego (or head-mind) – our body’s sight. The body, with its double vision, is illusory, arising from ego-led belief in separation, so can have nothing to do with our God-connected, eternally, unchangeably true vision. True vision sees nothing of illusion, and thus nothing external, since all that appears externally is temporal so cannot be real. As the word holiness has some very mixed, and therefore some potentially misleading inferences, it will serve us well to think of it as meaning wholeness

This thread extends further in W-37, in which Jesus assures us that our holiness, completeness, perfect Being blesses the world, and that our purpose, therefore is to see the world through our own holiness. We cannot do this if we do not accept our own holiness. This means we can only continue in separation, division, conflict, brokenness. Is this what we really want? Now is the season, the moment of our readiness to Awaken to the Truth of our eternal, limitless, ineffable Being. Just like our brother, Jesus, who says to us:  

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of Awakening. My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to Awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers …” 

However unlikely – unreal, impossible, even, this may all seem to a mind oscillating between Truth and illusion, here are more of his powerful, empowering, sight-opening words on this theme from W-38. He starts by telling us there is NOTHING our holiness cannot do, and continues:  

Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world [as he demonstrated]. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator. Through your holiness the power of God is made manifest. Through your holiness the power of God is made available. And there is nothing the power of God cannot do. Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else.

Carrying this to a practical, easy-to-apply level, we can bless ourself, any of our brothers in particular and the world in general. When we bless, it is helpful to accept, of a certainty, that the Holy Spirit will take the power we generate by our blessings, and direct it to, use it for the best outcome, according to all factors – of most of which we have no awareness. It is also helpful to remember that giving and receiving are one and the same. So as we bless another, therefore is it returned, amplified, to us. This is how the Law of One works. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. May 4, 2009 

Heart-mind lacks resistance, allows acceptance. Head-mind reckons, resists the myriad opportunities for Self-awareness that present themselves daily. Self-awareness is Love, and all know Love is of the heart. Head-mind rationalises, and Love cannot be rationalised. Love can only Be.  So, Be it. 

The language of a three-dimensional realm is devised to describe duality, or separation. Everyone is looking for meaning in their lives, but if they are looking for it in a three-dimensional world, they are looking in the wrong place, because we are not a 3-d creation. We are a One-dimensional creation, and that One dimension is omni-dimensional – or All That Is – because we are created in the likeness of the Creator, Who Is One, and His Son is One in Him. 

The symbols that have been constructed to communicate, to express, to describe, illusory experience have been contrived to keep the fragmented Sonship in a seemingly three-dimensional state of separation. ‘I/we here, you/they there.’ It is not easy to describe reality using symbols of unreality. But the Truth is, you have an ‘Otherness’ which is so close to you that you are not, cannot be, separate from It. It is your real Self, your higher, true Being; your real, eternal nature. 

If you are thinking, experiencing, sharing, expressing from your 3-d perspective, or persona, or ‘little self’, there are only word-symbols to describe the ‘Otherness’, which is actually first-person singular pronoun – ‘I’ – not a separate being; not a second or third person pronoun, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘they’. As you begin to recognise Higher Self as your true Identity, so the remembrance grows in you of the awareness, the inward experience that this is true, all-encompassing Being. Higher Self is not ‘another’ because there is no other; there is but One, and all are One. But one cannot say all are One, because One is singular; so all IS One. J 

Here is exemplified how 3-d language is unserviceable for describing, expressing this emerging awareness of Oneness. So, do not settle for words; look to feeling, to resonance, which is heart-mind, not head-mind. Heart-mind lacks resistance, allows acceptance. Head-mind reckons, resists the unknown, diminishing, slowing, denying recognition of the myriad opportunities for Self-awareness that present themselves daily. Self-awareness is Love, blessing, forgiveness, peace, joy, compassion … and all know Love is of the heart. Head mind rationalises, and Love cannot be rationalised. Love can only Be. So, Be it.


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube. For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2. Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.   



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