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July 26, 2017 

Dear Friends, 

When Papa’s One beloved Son had a momentary thought about doing his own thing, away from Home in the Heart-Mind of his Father, he found that, in his mind, he had gone from the eternal reality of Love, Light, Life, Truth, peace, joy, unassailability, immortality and limitless Power for and Control of his Love-engendered creative thoughts … to the reverse of all those things. He had, in that instant lost, thrown away, abandoned his heritage, his inheritance: everything, including Life its very Self. All that could only happen in a momentary idea, a fantasy. But there arose from that idea a seeming split in his mind, where that choice – for separation from the Source of All – seemed real


The idea was over in the same instant it emerged because it was an idea of unreality, and unreality has no meaning or existence in reality. Eternity – and all its attributes, as touched on above – was not interrupted at all. In his Whole, Christ Mind the Son remained still in perfect Oneness in his Father, Power and Control intact and continuing unabatedly. But the illusorily-split-off-from-Truth part of his mind appeared to remain in the void of nothingness that is the effect of the idea of separation, even though no such void actually occurred in reality. This could only seem to happen by a process of continual reviewing of that moment, using a device made in that unholy instant called linear time. 


Like every aspect of the idea for separation, linear time does not exist because time and eternity are irreconcilable. If eternity is real, time cannot be because it contradicts eternity. And if time cannot be real, neither can any other aspect of separation. This means that the fragmented appearance of the Sonship has no reality, and thus has no Power or Control in its myriad broken, separated parts. Creative Power and Control can only function within the reality of Oneness. Power and Control are absolute; ‘a little’ Power and Control has no meaning in Truth.


In our Lifeless fantasy in the valley of the shadow of death we like to think, or believe, or hope that we have some power and control. But in this dream of death, what we mistakenly believe are power and control are transitory, ego manipulated to distract us from eternity, always ending with the inescapable demise of the body. And of that we also have no power or control to avert, even though we may believe we can delay it. But delaying illusion from within illusion means nothing. In contrast, Power and Control – each initially capitalised, are eternal because they were given by Papa to His Son at his creation – are of the One, Universal, Unified Mind, of which we are an extension.


Extensions are not separate from their Source; they remain integral within the Whole, retaining all the Power and Control of their Source, having been lovingly, freely shared, not just undiminished but actually increased, strengthened by His sharing with His creation, His extension, and further by His creation’s sharing with, extending to, his creations. But this does not, cannot apply within the dream of separation because the choice was for dissociation from everything, which cannot but include Power and Control; for power and control are meaningless, shabby, powerless and uncontrolled substitutes. They are meaningless because they are temporal and time does not exist.


The self-denial, deprivation, of Creative Power and Control will remain our choice until we change our mind and choose anew, however many further, illusory turns of the carousel that entails. We continue, like a ship without a chart, compass, rudder, sails or tiller, powerless to control whether – or when – we are smashed on the rocks or sucked into the maelstrom. Either way, our illusory fate is sealed, inevitable without that change of mind. But the very instant we choose anew – for the Care, Guidance and Protection of Jesus/Holy Spirit – everything changes. It may not be immediately perceived, externally, but the changes begin forthwith – in and from the within.


Prior to that change of mind we are like marionettes – puppets on a string – and that string is being manipulated, invisibly to our bodily senses and our horizontal-axis-consciousness, by the ego; will it direct our ship onto the rocks or into the maelstrom? Time will tell. But the choice for a new and trustworthy Guide Who Loves us totally, perfectly, unconditionally, emPowers Him to take over Control of the strings. If, when we remain sincerely, humbly, unequivocally steadfast in that new choice – to follow the lead, the Control of our holy Guide – the direction of our journey in the valley of the shadow of death begins to change, and in due course the changes will become discernible to us.


He can only direct us onto and along the Spirit-illuminated Path by our willingness to be directed thus, and our subsequent co-operation. The moment we allow our mind, our focus, to be distracted by ego-devised illusions, He relinquishes Control because He never interferes with our free will choices. And when we have seen through the distraction as the illusion it always was, we can choose to place ourself back in His Control. As we resume our progress under His Control and Power to lead us Home, so does the journey become more peaceful, less stressful, less rocky and thorny, and we find fewer obstacles to our advance; that seeming impediments disappear as we approach them.


They disappear from our sight since in Truth, in reality, they were never there, and we are starting to see clearly because our Guide, our Puppeteer, is illuminating the Path before us, showing us that what we thought were solid obstructions were mere shadows, now shone away by the Light. The journey becomes ever more effortless, when under the ego’s treacherous guidance we had believed it was fraught with twists and turns, deadly hazards and pitfalls. We become more and more willing to be manipulated by this Puppeteer because His manipulation is not just for our benefit but for all the ‘marionettes’, the fragments of the Sonship on this fantasy stage of time and place.


Then we begin to notice that, by our faith, trust, steadfastness, we are actually gaining Power and Control because our will is becoming at-One with that of the Puppeteer. Our own hands are beginning to manipulate the strings in perfect harmony with His Hands. We are no longer merely down on the stage but are also above the stage, with Him. He is behind us, His hands on ours as, together, as One, we are jointly directing the journey. It is like learning to drive. At first, even though we are at the steering wheel, the Instructor is beside us, with dual controls, to ensure we come to no harm, and redirects us when we inadvertently take a wrong turning.


And when He Knows we are ready, He releases the controls entirely to us. Just like He did with Jesus, because He Knew that that student had Awakened to complete remembrance that he, too, was now fully ready to be in Control of all his creative Power.


On Easter Day 2009 I had an experience of being with Jesus and a number of others from the Realms of Light. We were all above the stage, the ego-manipulated battleground, looking down on the scene unfolding in the world below. The scene was the crucifixion of Jesus’ body. His body was animated, and to onlookers he appeared to be there, in it. But in Truth he was above the setting, and had been manipulating the whole staged performance, as his final demonstration to his beloved brethren – all of us – that Papa’s son is unassailable, and what our body’s senses show us is nothing but an acted-out event to demonstrate that we are separate from Papa, our Self and our brothers.


The whole experience is recorded in chapter 51 of Finding the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality, but here is an extract of a long message he spoke to me on that occasion: 

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of awakening ... My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers … 

“The Dawn Chorus of ministering Angels calls to them deep in their unconscious minds, ensuring that Awaken they shall, and rejoice at their remembering all once more. So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their command and then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE – from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality can be gently made …”  

I have emboldened the above words because that is exactly what Jesus was doing during his earthly activities, crucifixion and resurrection. And this same Power and Control for manipulation of the illusory, shadowy stuff of dreams is freely available to all of us also. If only we can, like him, believe.


This is because all creative Power in Heaven and on Earth (Matt. 28:18) is God-given, not just to Jesus but to us all, his beloved brothers in the Sonship, for us to regain Control of that Power. Now is the time to freely reclaim It by aligning our will with Papa’s, with the unfailing Help of Jesus/Holy Spirit. With a little willingness to place our journey and its direction in Their trustworthy Care, Guidance and Protection, it is certain that we will arrive safely and peacefully at our Destination – eternity. In A Course in Miracles Jesus tells us:


If you would remember eternity, you must [choose to] look only on the eternal. If you allow yourself to become preoccupied with the temporal, you are living in time. As always, your choice is determined by what you value. Time and eternity cannot both be real, because they contradict each other. If you will accept only what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours. (T-10.V.14:5-9).




Every healing thought that you accept, either from your brother or in your own mind, teaches you that you are God’s Son. In every hurtful thought you hold, wherever you perceive it, lies the denial of God’s Fatherhood and of your Sonship. (T-11.II.2:5,6).


We hand over the reins, the marionette strings, in Trust, and when we have been made ready, Control of our God-given Power of creation is restored to us. This happens spontaneously because we have been brought, voluntarily, back into Oneness with the Source of all Power and Control, through the all-Loving Help of our ‘Master-Puppeteers’ – Jesus and Holy Spirit-Self.


In Christ Love and with boundless blessings for trusting the entirely Trustworthy,


Brian Longhurst



You will be guided and directed fully, according to your degree of readiness and one-pointedness, and also by your willingness to let go and be led.

Jesus, November 8, 1987



Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. December 26, 2008 

As we move toward our Awakening, so will the intrusive black noise of fear disperse and be replaced with the white sound, the harmony, of Heaven’s joy, until it occupies all our attention, and nothing of the world of illusions will catch or hold our interest or attention. 

My communing with Jesus yesterday [see Diary entry following Message of Encouragement dated July 12, 2012] has me filled with a deep, inner joy. It is, like ‘white sound’, the background of a hi-fi sound system, all-pervasive, all-encompassing. I know intuitively, as a remembrance of Heaven, that this is a taste of the joy, peace and Love that we Are in our true state as Papa’s beloved Son.   

As we move deeper into our Awakening, so does the intrusive black noise of fear disperse and become replaced with the white sound, the harmony, of Heaven’s joy, until it occupies all our attention, and nothing of the world of illusions will catch or hold our interest or attention. Is this not sufficient to draw us toward one-pointed, steadfast commitment to, and focus upon, the Great Rescue Programme and the Kingdom?  

Even if we don’t have awareness or understanding of – which in our nascent stage of remembrance we do not – either what is entailed or the magnificence, the grandeur, the ecstasy beyond imagining, of our Goal, we can readily surmise that its promise is immeasurably more desirable than this dream of deception and ‘death’. Let us not be lulled into the misperception that all this glory and joy will be ours when we lay aside our temporal vehicle, so all we have to do here is ‘be good’ and follow a flawed doctrine. That will but bring us a return ticket to time and place; another circuit of the carousel.    

The Kingdom of Heaven is here, now, in our midst, and waiting is nothing but a ploy of the ego. The Keys to the Kingdom are true forgiveness, unconditional Love, compassion, trust, relinquishing the leasehold on our life into the care – completely – of One Who Knows all that littleness has forgotten. That One is our Holy Spirit-Self.  

Relinquishing is our first step into the Kingdom because it enables us to let go of the tension of fear that drives us relentlessly in the dream. When we release our white-knuckle hold on fear it loses its tenure over us, and peace – the white sound, the harmony, the pure joy, of the Kingdom – can and will take its place. Healing of mind – restoration to unified, Christ Mind – is the dividend as we move, one imperceptible step after another deeper into (remembrance of) the Kingdom, our true and only Home.


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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