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November 14, 2018 

You now glimpse the magnitude of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme, and also his Love. This Love is the power to transform and uplift all mankind. It shall be from the within of each one individually – that is the only way it can happen.

~ Holy Communion, February 18, 1990

Dear Friends 

There are numerous ways in which the differences between Heaven/eternity and the hell that is the belief in separation from Heaven to time and place can be expressed. One such way is to observe that in the Heaven of eternity Truth, reality, Knowledge … is clear, uncomplicated, straightforward; free of obfuscation. In time and place – separation from eternity, the consciousness of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) – reality/Truth is obscure. The dictionary defines obscure as: unclear, indistinct, inconspicuous, hidden, covered ... That just about covers it. Jesus uses the word obscure and its etymological derivatives – obscures, obscuring, etc. – 115 times in A Course in Miracles

For separation to seem to have any prospect of believability there must be complete forgetfulness of Truth, and to prevent remembrance of it, there must be comprehensive obscuring of it. To bewildered, split, forgetful minds that obscuring has been highly successful, to the point where such minds are in denial of any possibility for, or awareness of, reality. Denial of reality requires a closed mind. A closed mind means closed vision. A closed mind is unwilling to accept what its bodily senses and head-mind do not discern. A closed mind is devoted to remaining in forgetfulness of reality. An open mind remains willing to consider what it does not, yet, discern.  

Without that willingness growth is impossible. Only a tiny amount of willingness is required for a tiny ray of Light to penetrate, enabling the germination, the commencement of the growth of remembrance. That is all that is needed to make the difference between stasis and progress. Time is not of the essence regarding our spiritual Awakening to the Truth of eternity; willingness is, even in the smallest amount. A single drop of water is sufficient to initiate the germination of a dormant seed. That moment is what Jesus calls the holy instant. It applies to the moment a closed, dormant mind responds to a ray of Light, and the journey Home to remembrance of Truth begins to take place.  

Truth is Knowledge – Knowing that Love is real, is Light, is Life Itself, and therefore is empowerment for creating in its own likeness. Jesus knocks unceasingly at the door of our closed mind, and eventually – however ‘long’ it may seem to take – that knocking will be heard and the door opened, even if only the smallest crack at first. That will be enough to allow a minuscule ray of the all-encompassing Light that he is (and that in Truth we all are also) to enter even the most intransigently-closed mind. And that Light, just like that single drop of water, is, to a deeply-slumbering mind, sufficient to commence the one step at a time journey Home. That is the holy instant at work. 

His knocking at the closed door of a spiritually slumbering mind – a mind that is, perhaps, resolute in its rejection of him and anything to do with eternity – is by no means limited to the literal perception of the image it might summon to our inner eye. He is without limit, and as he said to Olga Park in August 1956: “I am the guide of many. Let no man confuse you saying, ‘He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men.’ For though I [may choose to] speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I [may choose to] write through the hand of a messenger, it is I … So, a mind closed to, in conscious rejection of, Jesus can still be reached by him by vicarious means. 

He counsels us – exhorts us – to practise attuning with/moving into the holy instant. The holy instant could be considered as the door to Wakefulness, remembering, BEING what we really are. But that door is shut to us – by ourself – never by Papa, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. He says it this way: As long as you desire it (the holy instant) not and cherish littleness instead, by so much is it far from you. This is telling us that following the ego’s script by choosing to continue believing time and place is reality, we are excluding ourself from awareness of, Awakening to the holy instant – our open door to Papa and to Self. Yet: By so much as you want it will you bring it nearer.   

He goes on to say (A Course in Miracles, T-15.IV):  

Value no plan of the ego before the plan of God. For you leave empty your place in His plan, which you must fill if you would join with me, by your decision to join in any plan but His. I call you to fulfill your holy part in the plan that He has given to the world for its [i.e., our] release  from littleness. God would have His host [that’s us; all of us, without a single exception, ever] abide in perfect freedom. Every allegiance to a plan of salvation apart from Him diminishes the value of His Will for you in your own mind. And yet it is your mind that is the host to Him. 

I stand within the holy instant, as clear as you would have me. And the extent to which you learn to accept me is the measure of the time in which the holy instant will be yours. I call to you to make the holy instant yours at once, for the release from littleness in the mind of the host of God depends on willingness, and not on time … The holy instant … is the recognition that all minds are in communication [or, communion].  It therefore seeks to change nothing, but merely to accept everything [everything real]. 

How can you do this when you would prefer to have private thoughts and keep them? The only way you could do that would be to deny the perfect [Universal, limitless] communication that makes the holy instant what it is.    

Every thought you would keep hidden shuts communication off, because you would have it so. It is impossible to recognize perfect commun[icat]ion while breaking communication [any limit is a breach] holds value to you. Ask yourself honestly, “Would I want to have perfect commun[icat]ion, and am I wholly willing to let everything that interferes with it go forever?” If the answer is no, then the Holy Spirit’s readiness to give it to you is not enough to make it yours, for you are not [yet] ready to share it with Him. And it cannot come into a mind that has decided to oppose it. For the holy instant is given and received with equal willingness, being the acceptance of the single Will that governs all [true] thought.      

The necessary condition for the holy instant does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep [i.e., be unwilling to let go]. Innocence is not of your making. It is given you the instant you would have it. You will not be able to accept perfect commun[icat]ion as long as you would hide it from yourself. For what you would hide is hidden from you. In your practice, then, try only to be vigilant against deception, and seek not to protect the thoughts you would keep to yourself. Let the Holy Spirit’s purity shine them away, and bring all your awareness to the readiness for purity He offers you.  

The holy instant is the Holy Spirit’s most useful learning device for teaching you Love’s meaning. For its purpose is to suspend judgment entirely. Judgment always rests on the past, for past experience is the basis on which you judge. Judgment becomes impossible without the past, for without it you do not understand anything. You would make no attempt to judge, because it would be quite apparent to you that you do not understand what anything [in this dream world] means. You are afraid of this because you believe that without the ego, all would be chaos. Yet I assure you that without the ego, all would be Love. 

Brian Longhurst 


For any interested to see it, here are the links to my interview by Gabriel Jimenez on YouTube: 

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Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 10, 2009 

Don’t try to force anything. Oneness – our Oneness, all Oneness – IS. That cannot be changed. It was, is and will always be, irreversibly, so. The key to awareness of that is acceptance.  

Those amongst us who have a greater awareness of the Eternal Realities can help in the leavening of the third measure of meal – indeed, it is we, all, who are the leaven – by irradiating the world, human consciousness, with Peace, Joy, Love, and the transforming blessing of true forgiveness. In this way we join our minds, dispelling the illusion of separation back to the reality of our Oneness of Mind – Christ Mind – which is the all-empowered creative force for releasing us all from the ego-world of fear, doubt, conflict, destruction, to the Kingdom world of peace, harmony, balance.  

Dear Self: that greeting seems a rather formal – remote, even – way to commence a communing with ... er, Self. I still have a sense of ‘Self’ being other than who I am (or, appear to be), and much of the time think in terms of ‘You’, rather than ‘I’. 

Don’t try to force anything. Oneness – our Oneness, all Oneness – IS. That cannot be changed. It was, is and will always be, irreversibly, so. The key to awareness of that is acceptance. Persona Brian (pB) is accepting of that. That is good. It is all that is required. Awareness grows, one step at a time, until it is complete. Allow it to happen. Don’t dig up the seedlings. Like all things of Eternity, believing, having faith is the only way back to reality from the dream. 

It is because of your belief, your faith, your willingness to accept, that pB has made such progress in just a few months since the ‘Big Guy’ moment*. That moment happened because pB was ready for it to happen. PB is also strong in desire and willingness for remembrance. Maintaining steadfast focus on the Oneness of Self, in Papa – something about which pB knows and writes, often J – assuredly will bring the Oneness of Self that persona Brian sincerely, earnestly desires. 

* Please see MoE dated June 18, 2008 for explanation of this.


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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