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Mystic sunlight through treesThe Message of Encouragement (MoE) for each current week is posted here, along with the Diary of a Christ Communicant (DCC) entry accompanying it. When the next MoE is available it will replace its predecessor here, which will be archived in date sequence on the MoE page for the current year. The DCC entry will be posted on the Diary of a Christ communicant,  post-2000 page.


November 22, 2017 

Dear Friends,  

Lies are darkness; Truth is Light. The ego promulgates lies – spiritual darkness – and the Holy Spirit promulgates, extends, shares, expresses Truth by letting the Light shine into our mind, in response to our asking, seeking, to illuminate it by shining away the darkness for which Papa’s Son opted by choosing separation from the Source of Light, Love, Life, and, of course, Truth, all of which are the qualities of His Creation because He shared Them when He created, or begot, His Son. We all are that One Son, hiding from the Truth of our Being – Light – in the darkness of lies: unreality. But, to repeat, the Holy Spirit can only illuminate our mind when we are willing to allow Him to. 

That sounds like no contest: do we allow the Light in, bringing with It inner peace, joy, abundant Life, fulfilment of our heart’s loftiest desires, the dispelling of fear … or do we continue to hide from our Source and our Self in the darkness of lies, false doctrines, self-abasing, confusion, forgetfulness of our ineffable, effulgent Being? It seems a straightforward choice, and in Truth, it is. However, the ego’s script for darkness is ingenious and cunning. It hijacked the name of the real, all-Loving, non-judgemental, all-forgiving Jesus with a device called religion, and, using his name, has sown false doctrines of guilt, sacrifice, judgement, horrific punishment in the fires of hell as retribution for ‘sin’. 

This has caused the already confused, lost, bewildered, fragmented Sonship to become a) stuck in a halfway house between accepting (the real) Jesus as our friend, brother, Guide to Eternity, saviour – not from the vengeance of God but from our own ignorance and misperceptions of him, God and our true Self – and b) being too fearful of him, who, we are falsely told, is ‘coming again to judge the quick and the dead’. What is anyone – confused by conflicting stories of sacrifice, saving, condemning … – going to want to do about some all-powerful judge who we are told will find us ‘guilty’ of all manner of sins, which we are enjoined we must ‘confess’, and thus, make ‘real’ in our mind? 

There will be mixed reactions to this storyline, simply because the fragmented Sonship is mixed up about what is true and what is designed to put the ‘fear of God’ into us. Some will adopt the complex, labyrinthine, contradictory doctrines and mythologies, offering confessions of their worthlessness and begging, pleading, entreating, supplicating for mercy. Others will enter into a state of absolute denial about religion and the object of its focus, saying God, Jesus, Heaven is all a man-made story to effect control through fear over the masses of hapless, languishing souls. Thus do we appear to have a division between ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’, and a third, ‘undecided’ segment. 

Division engenders conflict. Just what the ego wants. Keep the pot boiling, causing turmoil, warfare, bloodshed. Religion has been the apparent cause of more conflict, hatred, enmity, judgement, murder than all other misperceptions. Is this by chance? Hardly. But hijacking Jesus’ name and attempting to smother it with darkness, where in Truth it opens our mind to Light, has played right into his hands, his Great Rescue Programme. He, of course, Knew the illusory power of darkness would do this, but he has used it instead to keep the spark alive in the hearts of those who saw the Light inspite of the destroyer’s attempts to douse it. That has kept his name alive for two millennia. 

Without the ego’s artifice – fear-based religion – the name of Jesus would, assuredly have faded from the conscious awareness of the sojourners in the valley of the shadow of death within a few generations. But thanks to the ego’s attempts at besmirching the name of the Light-bringer in a mistaken, futile effort at killing it off, it remains – as we move now into the leavening of the third, Kingdom, measure of meal – the most famous name ever to have been, and continue, on the lips of the fragmented Sonship. It is also the most Loved and honoured name, and has engendered the most devotion and following. And we have ‘seen nothing yet’, compared with what is emerging now. 

Jesus has set the example for unconditional Love. The only way the rest of us can follow that example and actually live it is through true, complete, unconditional forgiveness. Unforgiveness means holding a grudge, a grievance, making a judgement against whatever we perceive a brother has thought, said or done against us. Why, then, should true forgiveness seem a big mountain to climb if we really want to be like him – free? The ingeniousness, cunning, deception of the ego causes an upside-down mind to want to attack and destroy what we don’t agree with. For many, this misperception continues, often surreptitiously, even when we have decided we DO want to be like Jesus. 

Love never attacks, judges, condemns, bears a grudge, a grievance. Allowing the ego to promulgate its lies about him and do nothing to stop it served his agenda perfectly. There is a lesson of incalculable value for us all in that. If we can accept unto ourself that lies are darkness but that there IS no darkness, that will clear the Way for us to remember that we are the Light. Light Knows nothing of darkness because darkness is nothing, and Light, arising from, having Its inextinguishable Being in, Its very nature as Love, is everything. Where Light shines, darkness cannot be. Light, identical to Love, Life and Truth, being everything and everywhere means darkness, lies, are nothing, nowhere. 

For some, discerning the lies, aka darkness, in the false doctrine of salvation (Awakening to Oneness) through sacrifice can cause a desire to expose the lies and stamp them out. This can be a major distraction away from the Light. What can that do except exacerbate conflict? How can that help our search for inner peace? It is a misperception to believe we can promulgate Light by exposing, uncovering darkness. The lies expose themselves by having no Light, and therefore, no Truth or Life, so must vanish whenever and wherever the Light shines. If we, therefore, have as our objective being like our Guide to Eternity, Jesus (1 John 3:2), we can do no better than to ignore lies. 

There is a good example of how to apply this in chapter 15 of Matthew’s Gospel. The religious authorities of the day – the Pharisees – were profoundly disturbed by Jesus’ Light shining amongst the people, and thus, threatening to expose their false doctrines (darkness), losing them their power over the people. His disciples were concerned about this, fearing Jesus’ liberty – or even his life – was in danger. They tried to warn him. Who knows, perhaps they even hoped he would bring down fire and brimstone from Heaven to destroy his ‘enemy’? Instead, Jesus responded, no doubt unconcernedly: Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. (Matt. 15:14). 

Who, today, has any idea what happened to the Pharisees?  

Brian Longhurst 


It is only by allowing the Father within to expand His dwelling place by inviting Him to take control of your life and giving up your own leasehold on your life, that He can begin to grow and fulfil your inner being.

~ Jesus, July 31, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. March 13, 2009 

Keep in mind that teaching is not doing, it is Being: Being Who you Are. Doing must become subordinate to Being, or doing (ego) takes over and Being (Self) seems to assume the quiescent state, waiting with infinite patience in the Holy Place: within. 

Whole Self, Holy Self; this is Who I Am. Peaceful, Joyful, Love-full, wonder-full. Self is a state of Being, of Knowing, and has nothing to do. Little self, persona self, split-minded self seems to have things to do, to accomplish, in order to return to the place of awareness, remembrance, of simply being Self.  

Striving to clear the Path of all the rubble, the clutter that ego-mind has placed in the Way to distract us – causing us to believe is real – is fruitless, because the attention to the rubble, clutter, the distractions, gives them ‘reality’. Ultimately, simply Being accomplishes our purpose by using, enabling, inspiring persona-self to teach, and by teaching, learn of Self, of Oneness.    

Keep in mind that teaching is not doing, it is Being: Being Who you Are. Doing must become subordinate to Being, or doing (ego) takes over and Being (Self) seems to assume the quiescent state, waiting with infinite patience in the Holy Place always, the Place constantly occupied by Holy Self: within. It is the focus of awareness that has simply slipped, distracted by doing, which, as already indicated, is an ego thing. This is why attunement, setting aside ‘time’ to re-focus on Being, is so important. 

The characteristics, or qualities, of Self, Being, are Loving, accepting, re-cognising the Truth of Being of all brethren; honouring their choices; ‘resisting not evil’; allowing Love and Light from within to irradiate them, with no concern for, or attachment to, outcomes, because the outcome, the final, inevitable, irrevocable outcome  for ALL is Oneness. To want that outcome to be in terms of time and place is the stumbling block, because time and place do not exist in Reality. By looking for outcomes, self gives ‘reality’ to unreality; an impossibility which can but therefore, ultimately, prove fruitless, by denying, and therefore, delaying awareness of Reality. 

Giving, releasing, relinquishing outcomes to Papa/Holy Self frees persona-self to Be Who he really Is: Self. J


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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