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June 21, 2017 

Dear Friends, 

All thought is energy. When any thought – or, Thought – arises within the Universal, Unified Mind that is the Creator Spirit and His One Son, it is Love-engendered. Such Thoughts are Creative because Love – perfect, unconditional Love, the only Love there is – is the Power of Creation. That Power is emotion, which is an abbreviation of energy-in-motion, or Love extending Itself in creative activity. The Source of All – perfect Love – is the Prime Cause of all creation, and the effects of that Cause are peace and joy. These are qualities, like their Cause, that cannot be changed, diminished in any way by anything real because Love, peace and joy are real, and are indivisibly One. 

As Jesus states in the Introduction to A Course in Miracles

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists. 

Herein lies the peace of God. 

What is this telling us? That only Love – and Its effects, peace and joy – is real, and anything that seems to threaten It simply does not exist in the reality of eternity. There seem, to our sensory perception, to be myriad things that appear to threaten It – destroy It – just about every minute of every day for many of us. This is where another emotion comes into play: fear. Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that there are only two emotions: Love and fear, and that only one of them is real. The other we have made up as a response to the mistaken belief that we are separated from our Father Creator – ‘Papa’ – and from our true Self, which is Papa’s One, whole, complete, perfect Son. 

Believing we are separate, split-off from our Source and from our true, One (undivided) Self, is sufficient to engender fear because our Source is Love, Life, Light, Truth, peace, joy – and therefore, unthreatenable safety – all in abundance far beyond human experience or understanding. In that state of Being – reality – how can there can be any sense, any thought, of threat? But believing, and thus experiencing, that we are separated from perfect Love and complete, unassailable safety is a ready cause for fear because fear arises spontaneously in the perceived absence of Love and its attendant safety.  


Papa created His One, indivisible Son in His own likeness, and shared with him all His attributes, so the Son has all the qualities of His Father Creator. This includes free will, which is inviolable – because it is God-given. The Son, therefore, is forever free to choose whatever he desires, and not even the Father can – or would – prevent that. If He did, it would not be free will. It is that free will that enabled the Son to momentarily wonder what it would be like to be separate from the Oneness in his Father that ensured perfect Love, Light, Life, freedom and all power of creation-by-Love. 


That momentary wondering instantly gave him the experience of separation from eternal, perfect Love (because all is immediate in eternity; how could it be other when linear time is an illusion?) into all that is counter to eternity: time and place. But separation is not possible in reality, where there is, and can only ever be, Oneness. Yet his free will enabled him to experience the idea of separation as if it was real – in the form of a fantasy, or dream. However, that dream was over in the same instant the idea arose because unreality can have no existence in reality. It is like the spark from a flint in a lighter with no fuel. The spark appears and is instantly gone.


And however many times that flint is sparked, it is always, instantly, gone again. The only way it can be perceived as seeming to have any ‘reality’ is by choosing to continually keep re-viewing it. But the re-viewing is reviewing unreality and the desire, the choice for reviewing, is what keeps the illusorily separated, divided Son – us – in the separation consciousness; the consciousness of fear. This may not seem to be our choice because the world of time and place appears to be something external to ourself that is happening to us, and we just keep on experiencing it, without any seeming choice – including our own ‘mortality’.


It seems like a conspiracy against us, and since we could readily ask who would conspire against himself, we project the blame for this conspiracy against us onto God (if He exists at all); or the devil (if it exists at all); or those we have chosen to act out the role of being our enemy: the government, bankers, religionists following a belief system other than our own … But they, and all others we perceive as separate bodies, are not out there; they are, like everything in the illusion of time and place, projections from our split-off-from-reality mind, reflecting back into our made-up body’s sensory perception.


All this that appears to our awareness in time and place is what we have imagined separation from our Creator – the Source of Love, Life, Light, Truth, peace, joy, ecstasy unending – is like: a terrible nightmare of our own conjecturing. It can only be imagined because separation from Truth, Love, Life, reality is impossible. In reality there is God and His One Son, who He created as an Idea, in His Mind, an extension of His Self: Love. There is nothing else. His Son is forever One in Him because ideas never leave their source, even when extended outwardly. Separation was the Son’s momentary idea, which, in a state of confusion, became his choice.


Until we choose anew that remains our default choice.


Separation, like Oneness, cannot be partial, so the corollary of separation from God is separation from Self, because our true Self – Papa’s One, perfect Son – is exactly like his Father. That likeness is, of course, Love, Light, Life, Truth, peace, joy, all-Knowing, all power of creation by extension of that same likeness … – all perfect, eternal, complete, indivisible. So, separation could only be the opposite of all those qualities. Separation from Self could only seem to incur loss of awareness of all his true qualities through the process of forgetting the Truth of eternity, including Who we, the seemingly-fragmented, divided Sonship, really ARE.


Having forgotten Who we really Are, we have also forgotten that separation – which means division, which means conflict – was our free choice. Free because Papa did not make that choice for His Son; and we are His Son. Having made that choice and then forgotten we did so, it remains our choice until we choose anew. It has to be our choice – either to remain in the consciousness of fear, revolving on the carousel of birth and death, or to Awaken from the dream back to the Truth, the reality of our Oneness as Papa’s Son, in Him, in ineffable joy. Forever.


This is actually an easy choice but we will be unable to make it all the while we perceive ourself as a temporal, mortal body. We must choose to see past, beyond that illusion to seeing ourself as decision-making Mind, independent of time and place and all other limitations. Just like Jesus, with whom we are blessed to share the same Pedigree of One, Universal, Unified Mind and Spirit. We can – must – change, repudiate our negative thoughts (guilt, judgements, grievances, hate, attack, death …), which engender negative emotions (energy in motion, remember): fear, anger, envy, loneliness, depression, despair, hopelessness … it’s a l-o-n-g list!


All those negative thoughts, and the negative emotions they induce, are not ours at all. They are unreal, arising from an unreal source that merely seems to be in our mind: the ego. We chose for the ego’s script – which arose in our confused mind from the idea of separation. Now is the moment for us to choose anew: for the Script that is already in our Mind because Papa put it there at the creation of His Son, by sharing it with him. That Script is acceptance that we are like our Creator: Love, Light, Life, peace, joy … endlessly. In the illusion of time and place these engender compassion, empathy, tolerance, acceptance, generous-heartedness, selflessness …


There are two seeming blocks to our making that 180° switch: Unbelief and unforgiveness. Neither of those attitudes, which seem so deeply entrenched in our mind, are actually in our mind at all. They are in the broken, fractured, upside-down intent of an interloper – the ego – we have allowed to enter our thinking, masquerading as ourself. That is not Who or What we are, and by a little willingness to ask for Help from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit we will be enabled to choose anew and escape the ego’s clutches.  


Our Awakening to the Truth of our eternal Being is inevitable. Only the timing of that Awakening remains within our freedom to choose. We can choose for it to be with minimal delay by asking forthwith for that Help, or, through succumbing to the ego’s fear-induced unbelief, we can allow our Awakening to be delayed for as long as we choose, and continue our walk in the valley of the shadow of death.


Love and blessings for Help in choosing anew,


Brian Longhurst



Let the focus remain ever upon Jesus and his perfect plan. He is bringing you, and all who will, into perfect Oneness with it, one step at a time. Not one step is left to chance, to some haphazard lottery. So it is my friend, with all who will receive his good gifts of perfect, eternal life.

John of Zion, June 21, 1998  


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. December 19, 2008 

As you Know, when We have something wondrous, We just can’t help wanting to share it, extend it, spread it around. That’s the thing about abundance; it just wants to abound. 

Papa, I rejoice in US. 

Oh, and so do I! 

You are just an old softy J 

Like Father, like Son. Good, eh? I hope you will tell everyone the Truth about Me. I have had such a bad rap and this is causing My beloveds to fear Me. 

Papa, You Know better than any how strong is the desire in my heart and mind to share with all my brothers in the Sonship the indescribable joy of Your Love, Your Being, Your perfection, Your gentle, tender, caring ways. 

Wonderful!!  Of course I Knew, but I just wanted to give you the opportunity to express it. As you Know, when We have something wondrous, We just can’t help wanting to share it, extend it, spread it around. That’s the thing about abundance; it just wants to abound. 

So, I take it I have your approval for HTG*; for sharing, extending the Truth that the awareness of You and Your Kingdom is unfolding in my remembrance. 

Freely have you received; freely give. How could I stop you when your heart is bursting with it? Just let it all flow out, as you feel moved by the Spirit within. 



Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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