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September 13, 2017 

Dear Friends,  

Miracles are born of Love. As an Awake Son of Love, Jesus could perform limitless miracles. At the end of a day healing untold numbers of sick and diseased people who came to him for help, rather than being fatigued, he was energised; his Life Force was strengthened, increased. This is because Love is the same as Life, and he was a mechanism through which Love/Life could freely flow. Somewhat different from a day at the office for most of us! J. The Source of Love/Life (which is also Light) is, it hardly needs stating, the Creator Spirit, God, ‘Papa’, and giving Himself endlessly is the nature of His Being. But we can only receive that giving by extending it outwardly, beyond ourself.

In the illusion of time and place, this Principle of Life of the Father still applies, even though all such Principles are eternal and unchangeable. It just adapts to meet the circumstances to which It is being applied. So, in the dream world of separate bodies, the more we give of It (Love/Life/wholeness of Being), the more It increases in us. That is the fundamental difference between reality (God, Heaven, eternity, Love) and unreality: fantasy, illusion, time and place – and all that appears to be in that state, such as bodies, and their occupants who believe they are a body. It is this mistaken belief that establishes the apparent state of perception. Hence, in unreality, giving means loss. 

Giving of ‘our’ energy, or self-limited (almost down to zero – well, it would be in a dream of ‘death’, wouldn’t it?) life force means it becomes depleted. ‘A hard day at the office’ will inevitably leave us feeling enervated. That is because we are not giving what Jesus was giving. When we give what he gave – Love/Life/Light/Truth/Wholeness – we become uplifted, buoyed, exalted, peaceful, joyful, carefree, Loving. Anyone who shares even a modicum of the Truth of eternal Love/Life with a brother who is ready to receive that sharing, for their own restoration to wholeness of Being, will feel uplifted, joyful, invigorated: ready to give more to more – all who come to us to willingly receive of it. 

This giving is not in words, preaching, proselytising. It is Love, Life, Light, wholeness of Mind, extended to the healee. Not a word need be spoken, other perhaps, than good cheer, encouragement and blessing. Those of us who are encumbered by false beliefs still believe in limits – because false beliefs are limits, placing a block against our inexhaustible, God-given empowerment – so we experience seeming to be limited as to how much we can accomplish. And most of our endeavours are thus not directed toward freedom but further debilitation and imprisonment. We believe we need ‘security’ of money, and all the things that bring us no Light of Life. Of all this Jesus counsels us: 

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matt. 6:19-21). 

The ego will respond, saying, ‘In this world we have no choice but to provide for ourself and our dependents with material things, food, shelter … so what Jesus says can only ever be a pipe-dream.’ This does not make the spirit – the Principle – of what he says wrong. He goes on to say: 

… for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matt. 6:32,33). 

If we stick with, stay focused upon, the Principles of Life of the Father all the details fall effortlessly into place. The pivotal point lies in what we desire. During a December 2011 communing, Holy Spirit said: “… all is according to your desire, not your concern.” The ego’s script is all about concerns – details. The Holy Spirit is ‘concerned’ only about our heart’s desire. The first four words Jesus spoke to me, in October 1966, were: “What is your desire?” Desire is of the heart – the dwelling place of Papa, of Jesus and the Spirit of Truth. Concerns, details, are of the head-mind; the intellect; the spirit of reckoning; of calculating the risk, the danger of loss in what we want to do.  

A mind that desires to choose miracles – not just to receive them but also to perform them, or be a clear, unsullied, purified channel for them to flow through effortlessly from the Source of Love/Life – must be open to Love. We do not have to accomplish the purification of ourself: how could we, when we have abandoned all Knowledge? (and if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t need purification J). We merely have to desire it. Our true, whole, Holy Spirit-Self, Who we have chosen to abandon, but Who has not, ever, abandoned us, will accomplish our purification for us – and here comes that word effortlessly again. Effortlessly because we have given up resisting His purifying Help.  

Contra to the ego’s script, purification is entirely painless, unburdening, uplifting, and entails no loss, no sacrifice and no financial or material outlay. The purification is of the blocks we have placed before our sight to Love’s awareness. The primary block is guilt-induced fear. So a mind that desires to be open to miracles – i.e., to be miracle-minded, or miracle-ready – must repudiate fear. ‘Impossible’ says the ego, ‘in this dangerous world.’ But there is an indirect route to repudiating fear, and that is to repudiate the cause of fear: guilt. To do that we must be willing to recognise that time and place – separation from our true Home in the Heaven of eternity – are illusory: we made them up. 

Until we can accept that not just as the Truth, but as our Truth, unconscious guilt – at the idea of separation from our Source as One in Papa – will remain in our split-off-from-Truth mind, and therefore, its effect, fear, will be unavoidable because its cause has not been dispelled. All this we can only achieve with full commitment to asking for and accepting the Help that is freely available, every moment, from our true, whole, all-Knowing, all-empowered-by Love Self. We ask for that Help just once, Knowing He receives our request-from-the-heart and responds immediately. Why would He delay? To keep asking is to affirm that we don’t have His help, so that will remain our experience. 

That is, of course, rendering His Help unavailable to us, from our choice for believing we don’t have it. Instead, having asked once – with heartfelt sincerity – we give thanks for His Help daily, because that is an affirmation to ourself that we have It, and are keeping ourself open to receive it open-endedly, until He has removed, with our now-engaged co-operation, all the unconscious guilt, and thus, the cause of our fear. During that removal process – which can take an indeterminate ‘time’ depending on our readiness/willingness to release it to Him, restoring us to fear-free innocence – we will still experience fear. HOWEVER, that fear is not OUR fear. It is the ego-interloper’s fear. 

We experience it as ours and have, until we change our mind, accepted it as our fear because we believed it was ours. Now, we can say, to ourself, to our whole, Holy Spirit-Self, as a reminder to self, “This fear I am experiencing is not my fear, because, as Papa’s One, beloved Son, I am innocent, so it has no cause in me. Therefore I can KNOW, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that I no longer accept it as mine. So, I can merely observe it as NOT mine, surrender it to Self and let it go.” That actually WORKS, instantly, and will strengthen our acceptance that we truly ARE innocent, and therefore not guilty – because separation never actually happened.  

If separation never happened, we MUST be at Home, safe in Papa. That understanding, discernment, belief will be strengthened by these affirmations until, in due season, it will have become, again, our experience, our reality, our Truth – the eternal, unassailable nature of our Being: Love. 

Love, Light, Life are ours, right now, merely awaiting our acceptance. Will we freely claim them? 

Brian Longhurst


Please note that we will be away week, so there will be no Message of Encouragement then


All in the Realms of Light are true, faithful and constant: utterly trustworthy and straightforward. You may be sure that this power for good, united in one desire and one leader, which is the Living Word of Truth, shall prevail and shine away the darkness.

~ Jesus, February 7, 1988 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

A.M. January 30, 2009

As we become more Loving, selfless, compassionate, understanding, patient … we hold fewer grievances for shorter durations; become less irritated by the foibles of others; more forgiving. And increasingly peaceful within. Until there is no more fear. When there is no more fear, then are we truly Awake. Alleluia! J

Although most of the time I feel as if persona Brian (pB) – which I have been assuming is ego because I have not been perceiving pB as Self – is the focal point of my conscious awareness,  I have been unsure of what will take place as the focal point shifts up to Self. However, as I consider this, I realise it must be true that Jesus was Self, but functioned as Jesus, a persona, but in whom ego had no part. So pB will not, while still with a body, cease to ‘exist’, but simply have fewer and fewer ‘ego moments’, until only Self is functioning in and through the vehicle, or persona, known as Brian.

So pB can and will (as long as he so desires) become more focussed on, or in, Papa and the Kingdom – just like Jesus, and as is the destiny of us all. Thus, as we become more Loving, selfless, compassionate, understanding, patient … we hold fewer and fewer grievances for shorter and shorter durations; become less and less irritated by the foibles of others; more and more forgiving. And, almost constantly noticeable, increasingly peaceful within. Until there is no more fear. When there is no more fear, then are we truly Awake. Alleluia! J


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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