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August 16, 2017 

Dear Friends,  

This split-mind, ego world of shadows, of guilt, fear and death drives us relentlessly with a need to be doing something, accomplishing something. This drivenness can only arise from a sense of incompleteness, of lack, of emptiness, of unfulfilment. This state is entirely alien to our true, One, whole, holy, all-Knowing, all-Loving Self. It characterises a mind in chaos, a mind that is lost, lonely, afraid. There is nothing we can do in this world that can, or will, dispel this pervasive – even if mostly subliminal, but sometimes, for some of us, all-consuming, overpowering, overwhelming – sense, other than temporarily. 

We can make a fortune, build an empire, raise a family, establish a charitable foundation … Yet with all of these, and myriad other activities on which we may set our sights, we will, sooner or later, encounter conflict, and realise that they did not bring lasting inner peace, joy, fulfilment, completion. This may seem unfair, untrue, unrealistic, but that depends on our perspective. Jesus did none of those things – though he easily could have, such was the power of his mind – yet he fulfilled his purpose for taking a body, without achieving any of the things that this world perceives as fulfilling. 

This does not mean we should not attempt any worldly ambitions. What it does mean is that if that is all we have in mind, we will ultimately ask ourself what that was all about. Arriving at that place of wondering may take a whole incarnation, or it may take an indeterminate number of incarnations of fruitless searching for lasting fulfilment. Eventually we will realise that there is nothing about time and place that has any real meaning, simply because time and place is unreal, so cannot mean anything. The sooner we become willing to accept that time and place is purposeless in itself, the sooner we can begin to seek the real purpose for dreaming of being embodied: to Wake from the dream.  

Let us consider what this means and how we can transform purposelessness into purposefulness. Jesus came to tell us the Truth, saying that if we believed his words and lived by them it would set us free. Free from what? From belief in illusions, such as: we are mortal; we are guilty; little; limited; sinners; unworthy … If we have made a fortune, how will that, in and of itself, liberate us from misperceptions of Self, our brothers, our Creator, eternity? It may set us free to choose which car to drive, which house to occupy … but how will we occupy ourself? Spinning our wheels; whiling away the days waiting for sickness and mortality to catch up with us? 

Worldly fortunes will not liberate us from such ‘inescapable eventualities’. Neither will raising a family, establishing a charitable foundation … But neither need they imprison us, prevent us from being set free by living the Truth. One of the primary aspects of, and mechanisms for, our Awakening is to be truly helpful. The way we can be most truly helpful is by assisting our brother to remember who he really is. The only way we can accomplish that is by Being who we really are. Who, then, are we? We really are Love, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, acceptance, patience … Have you noticed how none of these attributes requires of us one penny, let alone a worldly fortune? 

Nor do they require that we build an empire, raise a family, establish a charitable foundation … though being truly helpful does not preclude any of such ambitions – unless we allow them to. The choice is always ours. And making the right choice is becoming easier as the Great Awakening proceeds and gathers momentum. There are increasing numbers of those who have made worldly fortunes who are becoming aware that such an achievement has not brought them the inward fulfilment they thought it would. So now, they are seeking ways to use that fortune to be truly helpful to others. There are myriad ways this can be done, such as providing potable water where it is needed. 

All such horizontal axis ways of being truly helpful – whether to a stranger, a family, a charitable foundation – can only bring deep, lasting, heartfelt fulfilment when our true motivation is to transform all relationships: working, special, unholy, broken … into Holy Relationships. That is true healing of the fragmented, broken, conflicted Sonship. Providing potable water to destitute communities, shelter for the homeless, care for the sick and dying can be done with head-mind motivation – the spirit of reckoning – or with heart-mind motivation. Head-mind motivation knows nothing of Holy Relationships because it is the spirit of reckoning, which calculates the cost/benefit ratio before committing. 

Jesus did not calculate the cost/benefit ratio in worldly terms while he was healing the sick, raising the dead, demonstrating his – and thus also, our – immortality by moving through the process of crucifixion and resurrection. Yet he had considered the cost/benefit ratio from the perspective of Truth, reality, eternity: unconditional Love. From that perspective there was no cost, and all, complete, absolute, everlasting benefit – for all. In reality there is no cost involved in giving because giving and receiving are one; and the more we give – from the heart – the more we receive. That is the Law as created by Papa, functioning through the Principles of Life of the Father.  

We cannot know, understand or function from within the Principles of Life of the Father without first having a heart-centred devotion to the greater good of all, including, of course, ourself. This is not possible from an ego-mind perspective because that is a duality, or split view: ‘them or us’. Our true Self is Papa’s One, perfect, all-empowered-by-Love Son: Christ. In Christ Mind there is no ‘them or us’ because in Christ Mind – our own, true, whole, healed, One Mind – there is only Oneness. Then, our devotion is to ‘them and us’, which is, the One, Unified Self. We may perceive such a perspective as very far from where we ‘are’. But that would be an ego-tinged view, and it is not true. 

What is true is that we can start on the Road back to Self at any and every moment, and that journey will be as long or as short as we, each of us individually, choose for it to be. When we feel, inwardly believe, we are ready we will be drawn to go into our ‘closet’ – a place of quiet where no outward disruption or clamour will distract us, and enter into a state of devotional Communion with Christ Mind. This is easiest by attuning with Jesus. This is not a ‘once only’ endeavour but a lifelong commitment toward ending separation and restoration to our rightful place in eternal, all-Knowing, all-Loving Universal, Unified Mind.    

Setting aside a devotional time for Mystical Communion with Christ is designed to enable the communicant to gradually ascend to a place of refined, uplifted attunement, and then to enter into a period of silent communion (i.e., common, or shared, union) of heart and mind with the heart and mind of the living Jesus. This is possible only from a place of commitment to heart-centred Love for and devotion to following the lead of Jesus back to the Truth, not only of our Being but eventually, of all Being as we come to the remembrance that we are One with all Being. 

The purpose of setting aside a time of regular practice of devotional attunement is to develop the faculty – dormant in those who have become so engaged in the ‘sojourning in time’ part of their lives that their outer/physical and inner/spiritual worlds are not in a resonant state of peace, harmony and balance with each other – of entering into the WITHIN part of their mind, where they will have focused awareness of and fellowship with Jesus, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One.   

This will bring enlightenment, illumination of the eternal realities, of which Jesus is Master, for the uplifting of all who TRULY seek after God and EARNESTLY desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The communicant can attune, speak, commune with Jesus in their mind and have pen and paper ready for writing his response, which comes into their mind as objectively spoken words: a form of communication described as the silent voice, and which I have latterly come to term Mind-to-mind communing.  

Jesus has no expectations of us because he Knows who we really are and who and where we perceive ourself as being, so we will serve ourself well to hold no ‘expectations of ourself in terms of a result’ in this endeavour. It is a heart-centred devotional exercise, not an intellectual one. We speak with him from our heart – or, more meaningfully, we open our heart to him. As such, words are optional, though it can be helpful to write our heartfelt desires and feelings – not of worldly ambition but of our spiritual aspirations – as if we are writing him a letter. If we are not – especially in the early days – aware of his response that does not mean he has not responded. 

His purpose in communing with us is our Spiritual Awakening, and he always responds to our sincere approach to him, with Help, wise counsel, sharing our joys, our fears, our doubts … He already Knows them all, but sharing them with him is an exercise for us in opening – to ourself as well as to him – what we have been trying to hide from ourself. His response may be a feeling as much as, or instead of, words, especially in the nascent stages of our communing. It will prove to be of inestimable help to journal such words, thoughts and/or feelings. 

Ultimately, the only fulfilment and completion we can experience is the healing of the entire Sonship of Papa, and there is one place alone that we each must seek to start that process: ourself. That is Jesus’ purpose in entering in with us, to share, his Love, lightness of heart, wise counsel, joy, and good fellowship, of which this ego world knows nothing. Then will the Holy Spirit reconnect us with others of like mind, so that, eventually, all will be rejoined as the One we already are. 

Love and blessings for our completion, 

Brian Longhurst 


The Kingdom has always been; it is the Father’s estate and He desires His little ones, His Children, to be One with Him in that estate. I counsel you therefore, seek within, in the stillness and tranquillity of the innermost part of your being for the awareness of the Father’s Kingdom of Peace and Love.

~ Jesus, December 6, 1987


Diary of a Christ Communicant  

P.M. January 17, 2009 

By steadfastly choosing to see in others only the face of Christ (in spite of any outward appearances to the contrary, all of which are illusions, and therefore, cannot be true), we can Know that what we have chosen to behold is a reflection of our true Self. 

Jesus is the ‘firstborn’1 – born again, of the Spirit – because he is the first to remember who he is. This remembrance has accorded him ‘all power in Heaven and Earth’. That power is the creation-right of us all, and will be ours again as soon as we Waken to the awareness that it is already ours, and always has been, thus enabling us to receive it again unto ourself, so we may become, once more, our true Self.

It is the Power – all Power in Heaven and Earth – that enables the statement that the Great Rescue Programme (GRP)  is infallible and unstoppable. Think about it for a moment. If we were able to develop a wonderful, brilliant plan that would bring incalculable benefit to all, what two qualities about it would be most desirable and reassuring? Assuredly, that it be 1) infallible and 2) unstoppable. These two qualities mean that the outcome is unquestionable; certain; guaranteed. Not a politician’s guarantee, but a true, absolute, incontrovertible, axiomatic, incontestable, God-guaranteed certainty

This is how we can Know, and be totally, unequivocally, unhesitatingly sure that the GRP is a done deal! The fact that in the only true reality – Eternity – it has already happened, helps considerably. Well, more than just helps; puts the seal of God on it. There are plenty who, lacking, for the moment, the Light of Spiritual Discernment, will have no awareness of the GRP or its infallibility and unstoppability, so would be in no position to see it as such. But that makes not one scrap of difference to its reality, and ‘the clever, the proud and the scornful’ (cps) will, one day, remember the Truth and will change from cps to ‘meek, lowly and humble’ (mlh), just like Jesus (Matt. 11:29; 18:4; 23:12). 

We can help the cps to become mlh, and help ourself at the same time, by PCB-ing2 them, truly forgiving them and ourself for what they and we have never really done, and remembering that as we see others, so are we also.  Thus, by steadfastly choosing to see in others only the face of Christ (in spite of any outward appearances to the contrary, all of which are illusions, and therefore, cannot be true), we can Know that what we have chosen to behold is a reflection of our true Self. 

All this is certainty because regardless of how many failed attempts at the redemption of humanity there may have been in pre-history, such as the fabled Atlantis, there has never before been a leader, redeemer who remembered fully and completely who he is, and therefore was/is all-empowered in Heaven and Earth. 

That is the difference. That is what makes it an infallible and unstoppable certainty this time. 


1 ... he is the head of the body ..: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence [because he is the first] (Col 1:18). 

2 PCB: Pray (for), Commit (into the care of Jesus/Holy Spirit), and Bless (our brethren and/or ourself).


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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