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July 18, 2018 

All is well; we go forward together in joy of Life. Have no fear. Take one step at a time and be content in this pace of progress. In this way your heart’s desire shall be fulfilled.

~ Jesus, January 21, 1990 

Dear Friends, 

In August 2013 Papa said to me: 

To Know Me, you must first Know your Self. To see Me, you must first see your Self. For when you have seen your Self you have seen Me, because you are created in My exact likeness. Until you have seen and Known your Self you can in no wise see and Know Me. To see and Know your Self, you must Be your Self. Jesus is your exemplar for this, demonstrating, showing, Being Love, gentleness, humility, forgiveness; limitless, empowered by Truth; free of ambition or concern for self … 

The Self to whom He refers is, of course, not individual, persona self – you, me, any of us – but ALL of us as our true whole, unified, undivided One Self. That Self is Who we all are in reality, but it does not appear to be the case all the while we believe we are separate – i.e., not unified. Whole Self is not what we will become – maybe – at some indeterminate ‘future’ date; it is what we already are and always, forever, have been. We are now in the process of remembering that Truth. Happily, Truth and Love are indivisible, along with Life and Light, peace and joy, freedom and limitlessness, because they are unchanging, unending aspects, attributes of the Source of All. 

Also happily, unawareness of this reality is coming to its end as the Great Awakening from the dream of separation, death and hell progresses. It only appears to be progressing within the illusion of linear time. In reality there never was, is or could be an instant in which our One, whole, complete, unified Identity was not the Truth of ‘our’ Being – of all Being. Unawareness of reality does not render it unreal, any more than a cloud between us and the sun means the sun has stopped shining. We are Waking – some a little ‘sooner’, others a little ‘later’, but that means nothing because time does not exist in reality – to the Truth of our One Identity as Papa’s One Son, the Christ. 

Papa went on to say, in His message for each and every one of us, with all exceptions being impossible: 

You are My beloved Son, the Christ, just as Jesus. Accept this Truth unto yourself and acknowledge it; honour it, Be it, live it. Love it, own it, allow it. Let there be an end to denying it. For by not acknowledging and living it you are denying it. Instead, give a joyous welcome to it. Let nothing in you deny your acceptance of the Truth and you shall Know the Truth; and it shall set you free because you can only Know it by living, and thus experiencing, it.  

The ego will say, ‘How can we possibly Be it, live it, own it, allow it … when we don’t know what being the Christ means?’ That is merely camouflage for continuing in denial of the Truth of all Being, as One in God. It is our denial of – our resistance to – reality that causes unreality to seem real. We are no different from Jesus save in one respect: he acknowledges the Truth in himself, thereby allowing – i.e., Knowing – it to be the Truth for him; most of the rest of the fragmented Sonship is in denial of it as their Truth, the choice instead being for littleness, unworthiness, mortality … Not only does Jesus Know it is the Truth for him; he Knows it is the Truth for all his brethren in the Sonship. 

Further, nullifying the ego’s specious argument, Papa explained what Being it, living it, owning it, allowing it means and how to accomplish it, in this sentence from the top paragraph: Jesus is your exemplar for this, demonstrating, showing, Being Love, gentleness, humility, forgiveness; limitless, empowered by Truth; free of ambition or concern for self. Needless to say, the ego, desperate to keep us in its thrall, will respond, nitpicking at detail (the devil is in the detail!) with multiple ‘reasons’ we are not up to this ‘high calling’, being lowly and unworthy. Whatever terms may be used to define the Truth of our Being, the ego’s survival depends on its trying to persuade us otherwise.  

But Jesus reassures us in A Course in Miracles: All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. (From C-in.2). Our current, perceived level of ability (or seeming inability) has nothing to do with how ill-equipped we may see ourself for being the Light of the world and the saviour of the world – just like Jesus; it has everything to do with desire. Jesus/Holy Spirit respond to our desire, and enable the fulfilment of that desire in accordance with the potential we bring to embodiment.  

Most of us have little or no idea what our potential is at the outset, but that matters not at all because They Know, and as we are – become – willing to be led, They will lead us, one step at a time, to its development. If we have the desire for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the real world, the healed, forgiven, peaceful, Loving world, our individual contribution toward its manifesting will be – already is – essential, crucial, invaluable, however modest, however valueless we, as yet, might, from our ego-deceived perception, consider it to be. Assuredly, that is not how They see it, so who is right – our self-limited, little, misperceiving self or Their all-seeing, all-Knowing Self? 

Such misperceptions of ourself – and the world at large – are based on the past, so can have no relevance to what lies, eternally present, beneath the shadowy surface of the dream-world of conflict, deception, pain and suffering, awaiting the perfect moment to emerge, as a seedling from the darkness beneath the surface of the soil, to grandeur in the Light. Grandeur is of God, meaning there can be no limit, no order of magnitude to grandeur. Even when it may not appear to one or another of us in one embodiment, that does not mean the seed has not been sown, ready to germinate, grow, emerge and bear much fruit for the Kingdom in another, and yet another embodiment. 

Some – many, perhaps – Kingdom-furthering desires, aspirations, plans incubate and unfold during multiple incarnations, any one or more of which may show only ‘modest’ outward signs of the grandeur developing within. We can be certain of this as a point of principle because Jesus’ emergence as the developer and leader of the Great Rescue Programme arose over many millennia and many embodiments, culminating as the Awakened to the perfect-Love Jesus we know. Such emergence liberated him from all ‘ambition or concern for self’, as it does, and will, as our Awakening, under his worthy leadership, progresses.  

This becomes the case for us all as we grow in desire for, commitment to, focus upon, remembering, becoming, Being what we really are: the healed, unified, restored-to-remembrance-of-Oneness Christ-Self. Thanks to him and his example and leading, we can surrender all ambition or concern for little, ‘mortal’, persona, ego-driven self into his and Holy Spirit’s Care, Guidance and Protection. They will comprehensively care for, guide and protect us, and thereby enable us to outwork and fulfil our mission for the Kingdom. Everyone has a mission for the Kingdom – no matter how ‘small’, and thus of no consequence, it may seem to them to be – because everyone IS the Kingdom. 

Brian Longhurst 


Diary of a Christ Communicant 

P.M. March 7, 2013 

There will arise a desire only for giving when forgiving has been chosen. Only forgiving brings remembrance, restoration to Knowing, and therefore experiencing that only by giving can receiving be possible because there is but One Heart and One Mind. 

To receive Love more we have to give Love more, because in Truth giving and receiving are One. How can it be otherwise when there is but One? 

This is a discernment that a mind which believes it is a body will be unable to comprehend. It sees what it believes: bodies abounding, each different, each separate, each a potential threat, a possible danger, thus calling for defences to further the illusion of separation. And who would want to voluntarily give to another when that other may be wanting, intending to take from him by force or subterfuge, thus weakening and impoverishing – even enslaving or killing – him? 

Yet giving is enabled – totally desired, irresistible, even – when that mind chooses to believe that only Oneness can be real, and that therefore, separate, different bodies cannot be. Then, when he looks at his brother he will, for a fleeting moment, continue to perceive him as a separate, different body-identity. But now, emerging into clarity, his true perception will reveal to him a reflection of his Self, and he will remember that in Truth there is none other to behold. 

Intercourse with his brother will continue in bodily form yet awhile within the dream, but there will quickly emerge a state of harmony, resonance, defencelessness, joy, as the dream is transformed from one of separation, fear, scarcity, mistrust, withholding, misappropriation … to one of happiness and freedom. There will arise a desire only for giving when forgiving has been chosen. Only forgiving brings remembrance, restoration to Knowing, and therefore experiencing that only by giving can receiving be possible because there is but One Heart and One Mind.


Grateful thanks to all who have responded with such positive feedback on my ‘Sharing Your Passion’ interview with Glenn Moore on YouTube.  For any who may not have seen it and would like to, here are the links for Part 1 and for Part 2.  Please feel free to share them with any you believe might find it worthwhile.



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