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The objective of this site is to help all who are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life than is immediately apparent when we experience the world around us with our bodily senses.


This world of time and place is an illusory realm, occurring in our mind: a dream, just like a night-time dream. As Albert Einstein said, ‘A very realistic dream, but a dream nevertheless.’ We are now at the most crucial  and exciting time, or moment, in the history of humanity and of time: the moment of Awakening from that dream – a dream of separation from the Love and Light of Creation, from the Creator Spirit Who is the very Source of that Love and Light; from our true, undivided, One Self; a dream of spiritual darkness, guilt, fear conflict and ‘death’ – and restoration to remembrance of our true, unified Being in the ineffable reality of eternal joy, peace, Love and Life as One in the Heart-Mind of the Creator Spirit, our heavenly Father: Papa God.



Conscious awareness of this unfolding event began for me in 1967, when Jesus manifested to me in his glory, beginning a decades-long, still-ongoing journey with him ever since, during which I have placed myself within his care, guidance and protection, and have (mostly!) been following his leading.


Quote for the moment:

Even as you break bread with me, so do you break bread with Papa also; indeed, it is He who freely gives you of the bread, which is Life eternal, raising you up from the time and place awareness to the everlasting reality.

~ Jesus, August 3, 1997

This has brought incalculable benefits in the form of miracles, astonishing synchronicities, blessings, wise counsel, teaching and explanations of esoteric, mystical, eternal reality, which he described as the Principles of Life of the Father (PLFs), much of which is at variance with orthodox religious doctrines and dogmas about God, Jesus and Heaven, or eternity. All this was within a context of unconditional Love, infinite patience, gentleness, caring, lightness of heart and joyous, treasured humour. He told me he had come to lead me back to God, and that he was (is) my Guide to eternity. He won my absolute, undying trust and devoted Love for him from the beginning and ever since, revealing many proofs of the authenticity of his all-empowerment-by-perfect-Love.


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In Truth he is – or would gladly be if/when we are willing to trust him enough to follow his leading – the Guide of us all, his brothers in the Sonship of God. His purpose is to lovingly, gently, caringly restore us all back to the unutterable bliss of Oneness, with him in the Father Creator, that is the fully Wakened eternal Truth of our Being as the indivisible extension of God that we are.



Front cover of "Seek ye First the Kingdom..." One man's journey with the living Jesus

As a result of my experiences from following his leading I was prompted to write my first book, Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus. It describes the relationship with him that he so lovingly cultivated between us – and to which I so gladly responded and reciprocated. This book can be considered as helping to open the door to acceptance of the reality and accessibility of the eternity that is Heaven, and the Loving, benign care, guidance and protection that is freely available to us all, here and now, from There.


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Subsequently, I was inwardly prompted to write my second book, Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity, taking us deeper into acceptance and conscious awareness of the ever-present joy, peace and Love, of Heaven and the ease with which we can be returned to remembrance of the Truth of our limitless, radiant Being: the God-Self within.


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The next addition, Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality, is the third in what I have been made aware from Spirit is to become a series of seven ‘Kingdom’ books. They take us on a journey of progressive, unfolding, inspirationally-given insights into the transforming, healing, raising-up process of the split, divided, fragmented, separated mind of the Sonship of God, culminating in our Awakening and complete restoration to our true, eternal state of Oneness within the Universal, Unified Mind: the Mind of the Creator Spirit and His One Son, the Christ. This healed, reunified Mind returns us to Whole- or One-Mindedness – described by Jesus in A Course in Miracles as Christ-Mindedness – and thereby, to God-given, limitless power of creation. This healing, raising-up, encompasses every aspect of every seemingly-separate mind. It is a series of sequential steps from the ‘hell’ of belief in separation from our Source in our Father-Creator, back to the eternal bliss of Oneness in Him.

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This journey makes plain how true, unconditional forgiveness heals our minds from guilt, fear, conflict and belief in mortality, to perfect, unending Divine Love, peace and joy. Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality clarifies this deep mystical reality – from a sometimes personal, yet universal perspective – with humour that helps to lighten and facilitate elucidation of what for many can seem hard to comprehend.

The restoration process of spiritual Awakening to the reality of eternity is a mystical, not an intellectual or religious, one. It cannot be intellectual or religious because they are conscious-mind activities, which have no awareness of the endless Presence of spiritual reality, here in the midst with us, every moment.

This restoration, also known as The Great Rescue Programme (GRP), or Great Awakening, or final phase of the Atonement (At-One-ment), as described by Jesus in A Course in Miracles, is unfolding, moving toward Its liberating, limitless conclusion. And so our Oneness with It moves along too, because we are all integral, intrinsic aspects of – and contributors to – It. Hence this step-by-step series of books, to help us keep in step and up with the progress.

In our dense, embodied, somnolent state of forgetfulness of our true, immortal, spiritual Being, most of us can only encounter and assimilate the reality and experience of eternity – what Jesus calls the Kingdom of Heaven – in small bites, rather than all in one go. Hence our Awakening being a progressive, one-step-at-a-time process.


The fourth addition to this series of progressive steps homeward to timelessness is entitled Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering Our One Identity.


In A Course in Miracles Jesus speaks about rising above the battleground of this illusory, conflict-weary, shadow world. He also speaks of ‘the real world, the forgiven, healed world’ which actually is present with us right now, and always has been – in the midst. It is a state of Being that is undiscernible to our bodily senses because its frequency, vibration, energy is not of the fractured, broken, dysfunctional, guilt- and fear-ridden world our bodily senses show us. The real world – also described as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – is harmonised with the Loving, peaceful and joyous. There is no discord, no judgement, no inequality, no scarcity, no fear, no ‘death’ … All is in accord with the Kingdom of Heaven that is the timelessness of eternity – i.e., uninterruptible Love, peace and joy.

It is entirely possible for us all to attune our mind to this Utopian state. In fact it is inevitable that this will happen. It is already happening, and signs of its emergence are appearing everywhere, to all who so desire and are willing to function from a state of mind that allows the Light of Spiritual Discernment to enter. This will require a conscious choice to not allow the ego-driven peddlers of fear and destruction to hold primacy in our thoughts and attention. This is the choice to rise above the battleground and see, experience, have awareness of the real world as it IS.

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When we seek – and begin to find – the Kingdom of Heaven within, just as Jesus told us in the long ago that we would, we discover that there is, in Truth, nothing mysterious about It at all: that It is entirely clear, cogent, coherent, consistent, reasonable, relevant, unequivocal, uncomplicated, reliable, benign, perfectly structured … How could it be other, since it is the creation of the Creator Spirit – God?


Eternity, or Heaven, has never been hidden from us: it is in plain view, and freely accessible, to all. There are – and can be – no exceptions to this. We have merely been seeking it in the wrong place: without. The Kingdom is within us, but if we will not go within to find it, we will, literally, go without. It is, and has always been, our free choice. The inestimable value of the Kingdom is that it is the Truth of all Being, and that if we live that Truth it truly does set us free.


The purpose of the journey, following/walking with Jesus is, unsurprisingly, to arrive at our destination, with him as our guide. How else will we find our way? Our destination is God: ‘Papa’. He, our true and only Home, is not far away. He is as close as our next heartbeat: closer than that. He, like His Kingdom, is within us, even as we are within Him. He is not ‘out there’ and will never be found out there. He is the Great Treasure that, whether we are consciously aware or not, we all are seeking, and only when we have remembered that He is within us all, and we go within to find Him there, will fulfilment, completion, joy – far, far, far beyond any treasures we may believe this world has to offer – be our experience, our awareness, our reality, our Truth. Forever.



To provide a ‘flavour’ of the journey back to our Celestial Creator that awaits all who are ready and willing to embark upon it, copied below is an extract from chapter two of Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus, describing Jesus’ appearing to me in 1967. Please click here to see feedback from readers.



Following that is an extract from Finding the Kingdom Within ~ Awakening to Eternity. Please click here to see feedback from readers.



Next follows an extract from Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality explaining the front cover design shown in the above image. Please click here to see feedback from readers.



Then follows an extract from Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering Our One Identity explaining the front cover design shown in the above image. Please click here to see feedback from readers.




Extract from Seek ye First the Kingdom…” ~ One man’s journey with the living Jesus describing Jesus’ appearing to me in 1967:


Front cover of "Seek ye First the Kingdom..." One man's journey with the living Jesus…suddenly he was there, in the corner, manifested, superimposed in the place where stood a beech-wood chest of drawers with a mirror on top. He was in the midst of an aura of golden, living sunlight, which radiated out from him more than an arm’s length in all directions. He was about three or four paces from me.

As I became aware of his presence he began to move toward me. It was not a walking movement. He seemed to be above the floor a few inches, and he glided. The movement was relatively slow, certainly unhurried, but as he drew nearer he began to speak. I heard him with my ears, I experienced his speaking with my soul, with my heart; every cell in my body and every fibre of my being experienced his speaking. There was no part of my being that did not hear him. And every part of my being understood with a total certainty the meaning, at a soul-knowing level rather than an intellectual-knowing level of understanding, what was the true, mystical meaning of those words. The words that he spoke were, I discovered later, from Revelation chapter 3 vs. 20: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

To the best of my knowledge I had not read or heard those words before – so I discovered later – but at that moment they were a timeless part of my being and I knew exactly what they meant because his imparting to me of the words also imbued my mind with the meaning and understanding of them – his meaning of them. By the time he had finished speaking he had reached less than an arm’s length from where I was standing. His aura of golden, living sunlight had enveloped me, and the feeling of Love – of agapé – to my being was so intense, so powerful, so uplifting to my spirit that I felt as if my heart had grown to the size of a football and was going to burst out of my chest cavity. This feeling of all-pervasive, all-inclusive Love was complete, permeating not just my body but my entire aura in an orgasm of the soul, immeasurably more intense than any such physical experience. I was blinded by a waterfall of joyful, rapturous tears and every part of me was alive, electrified, as never before.

His presence was visible in the midst of the light of his aura, which was at least as bright as the sun but did not hurt my eyes at all. With me now fully enveloped by his aura, he stopped. His eyes were radiating the all-knowing wisdom of the ages, and love; personal love as well as universal, unconditional Love. I knew he loved me personally, in a way and with a Love that is utterly beyond any love I had ever known, heard about or experienced in this world. He embraced me; not with his ‘physical’ arms but with every part of his being – with his total, unconditional, intimate, penetrating, all-encompassing, all-pervasive Love.

I was a quivering jelly. Not from fear (how could fear exist in such an exquisitely beautiful, magnificent encounter?) but from being overwhelmed by the power of his Love. The moment of this embrace seemed to be timeless but was probably a few seconds of Earth-time. I remember reading at some later date, in the book of Revelation, chapter 1 vs. 16, …and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength, and saying to myself, ‘That is an exact and perfect description of his appearance.’

Then the manifestation gradually withdrew and disappeared from my sight. But the power and sense of his presence that was left with me, in me, lasted for at least an hour, probably two. I have never taken any form of hallucinogenic or consciousness-expanding drug, but I have no shred of doubt that this feeling was a ‘high’ beyond that capable of being induced by any such substance. I had to physically restrain myself from rushing – more like flying – upstairs, outside, onto the rooftops and calling to all the world, “He’s REAL!  He’s really REAL!” even though by this time it was well after midnight.

Eventually I slept…

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Extract from Finding the Kingdom Within, ~ Awakening to Eternity, explaining the front cover design:

My friend Michael Roads, is renowned for his ‘Five-Day Intensives’, during which he leads attendees on ‘inner exercises’. These are intended to help free the mind from self-imposed limitations and allow an unrestricted view of Self, Life, relationships, opening up a greater sense of spiritual purpose and direction. Theresa and I have attended these events when Michael, accompanied by his darling wife, Carolyn, comes to England, and I have undergone a number of mystical experiences during them.

On one inner exercise Michael invited the group to imagine a ride on a butterfly, to see where it would take each of us. A butterfly soon appeared to me and I immediately realised this was Jesus. He invited me to climb on his back, which I was, needless to say, overjoyed to do. He soared into the air and we quickly reached a considerable elevation. Although our direction was forward, he weaved from side to side, tilting, or banking, thus enabling my view first of one side and then the other as we progressed, giving me a broad vista of the journey. It was altogether a very gentle motion and I felt no concern at all for my safety, high above the ground. To my slight surprise no noteworthy panoramas appeared to particularly attract my attention.

This in no way detracted from the event; I was having the time – the ride – of my life as butterfly-Jesus’ passenger. Linear time has very little to do with mystical experiences such as this, but it seemed as if this journey took the equivalent of several minutes. In due course he alighted and I descended from his back, with a sense of elation filling and overflowing my heart and soul. He resumed his Jesus-bodily form and we sat side by side on an outcrop of rock on a high hill, overlooking the world below. He looked at me as if to say, “Well, did you enjoy the journey?” The smile on my face, the joy upwelling and spilling over from within me told him all he needed by way of a reply.

We sat there for a few more moments, simply absorbing the togetherness, exulting in the shared companionship, then he looked at me again with such Love, joy, gentleness, and yet with a sense of purpose in his countenance, and said, “NOW, we can go anywhere together!” He placed what seemed to me an inordinate emphasis on the word ‘now’, the purpose and meaning of which escaped me. Immediately he finished saying this we shot vertically up at breath-taking speed – ‘warp speed’, one might say – right into the Heart of Papa, in the very heights of Heaven.

One might be prompted to enquire what His Heart ‘looks’ like. I have no specific answer to that – especially one that could begin to be comprehended by a finite, limited mind, for how can the finite comprehend the infinite? But how our exalted Destination was represented to me visually was somewhat like photographs I have seen of the Orion Nebula taken through the Hubble Space Telescope, though much brighter, and alive. I experienced moving right into the midst of this… what words can describe this, other than an ineffable state of Infinite Being; of Life Itself; of Holy Stillness; Quietness and yet absolute Communion; Transcendence; Divine Presence; celestial peace; joy far beyond finite capacity to experience – and yet, all-embracing comfortableness, gentleness, acceptance

I was aware of becoming part of It, One with It, and It was – IS – Eternal, perfect Love. Limitedness, littleness – all the apparent traits of embodied, mortal humanness – cannot exist in this Presence, this state of Ultimate Being. To ascend to It permanently, eternally can be possible only by surrendering all the attributes, quirks, idiosyncrasies of the human persona; a total abandonment, renouncing of the ego. However incomprehensible that may seem to our Earth-mind consciousness, we have the perfect model for that in Jesus. He may have appeared in human form two thousand years ago, but his mind was – and is – in entire Oneness with this state of Being. And this state of Being is the final, eternal Destiny of us all, to which Jesus came to restore us.

This awareness was, in linear time terms, fleeting, yet completely, totally vivid, etched into my mind, my memory forever. Then I was back in my bodily awareness, feeling the indescribable vastness of the contrast between the two states of awareness.

I have pondered this majestic, magnificent event innumerable times since, and one aspect has puzzled me on every occasion; that I had no awareness of any landscape details as I soared high above the ground on butterfly-Jesus’ back. Then, while sharing this experience with our kindred-spirit friend, Deborah, in the autumn of 2015, the answer was suddenly, instantaneously with me. The soaring along, banking from side to side was Jesus showing me, symbolically – how else could it be portrayed? – that this represented the fifty years of my one-on-one journey with him since the 1960s, in which he has so lovingly, patiently, light-heartedly, caringly, perfectly led me from spiritual infancy to active, purposeful progress toward the Light of our eternal Home in our Father Creator. This explained his heavy emphasis on the word now – after five decades of his preparing me, leading me forward, one step at a time, toward Awakening.


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Extract from Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality, explaining the front cover design:

Jesus is recorded as saying: Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted [i.e., be willing to change your mind about who you believe you are], and become as little children [i.e., trusting, believing, having faith], ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Matt. 18:3). Hence, the inspiration for the cover illustration of this book, and its title, Entering the Kingdom Within ~ The Return to Reality. It portrays a vision I was blessed to experience a few years ago, in which I was observing this scene from about ten paces behind Jesus and the two little children.

They had ascended, and were standing at the top of, seven wide stone steps, with a broad tread, surveying – the children, in wonderment and delight – the scene before them, in readiness for their entering in to what was a place of Light, the brightness, the effulgence of which this shadow world has no knowledge, experience or understanding; a place of welcoming of such amplitude as to be irresistible; a place of Love, peace and joy inestimably far beyond Earth-mind comprehension. I instantly, intuitively Knew, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that this was the Kingdom of Heaven. How could it be other!?

Jesus had led – had been able to lead – these souls, in heart and mind as little children, to this place because they trusted him implicitly, unreservedly, wholeheartedly and Loved him totally, without question because they Knew he was trustworthy. This is because Jesus is, and emanates an aura of, an energy that is unmistakably, unmissably, all-empowered-by-Love. And Love is trustworthy. Without that Love and trust he could not have led them there. Neither can he lead any of us without our willingness, our desire, for such Love, trust and commitment to follow him where he will unerringly take us. How can he take us where we are unwilling to go?

The vantage point from where I was beholding this wondrous scene was ground level – from which the steps rose – and was twilight, symbolising the shadowland that is time and place; the illusory wilderness of spiritual darkness; a ‘far country’ into which the Son of God momentarily chose to venture forth, just as described in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11 ff). The little children, I inwardly Knew, felt, experienced, were Theresa and me, and yet symbolise, represent the entire, fragmented Sonship of God; One, appearing as many in an impossible fantasy of separation from the Source of All – our Father Creator; Papa. It is all the fragments – not one is excluded, nor ever can be – of the Sonship that are being restored to spiritual union, and thus, Wakefulness in our rightful, eternal Home: the ineffable rapture of Heaven; the Heart-Mind of God, which, in Truth, we, His One Son, never left.

Here, in book three, we stand at the threshold of the Kingdom within, from where, in response to our heart’s desire, we are invited to enter in. Entering the Kingdom within is not the completion, but a continuation, of our journey back into the eternity of our rightful Home: Heaven. With the essential Help from Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit that is freely ours for the asking, entering in is a quantum step forward to our Awakening, to the state of union – actually, reunion  of the seemingly separated, fragmented mind of God’s Son to wholeness; to Oneness in Him. Jesus says it perfectly in A Course in Miracles

God’s plan for your salvation [i.e., Awakening] cannot change, nor can it fail. Be thankful it remains exactly as He planned it. Changelessly it stands before you like an open door, with warmth and welcome calling from beyond the doorway, bidding you to enter in and make yourself at home, where you belong. (W-122.5)

As each inward step is taken, the Light within grows ever-brighter, illuminating our mind as we are lovingly drawn deeper into the Kingdom, until we realise that we are the Light – just as Jesus told us two thousand years ago (Matt. 5:14). So does our insight into, our discernment of, our Oneness with It grow and expand, until our destination is reached: full Wakefulness to Oneness in the Heart-Mind of God, our ever-Loving Father Creator.

This is a completely unfamiliar realm to minds that have been focused since time immemorial on an external, illusory, shadowy world of time and place, which is the entire reversal of eternal reality. Not only so, but the part of our mind that is split-off from awareness of eternity referred to by Jesus in A Course in Miracles as the ego – will strenuously resist our rejection of the temporal (illusion) and acceptance of Truth. It cannot, therefore, be overemphasised that learning – remembering – the Truth of eternity requires, of necessity, absolute commitment and exhaustive repetition. If we do not have a burning, yearning desire for spiritual Truth and a matching commitment to it, we may not yet feel ready to embark on this journey. However, Jesus and Holy Spirit Know the hearts and minds of us all, and many who may not, today, feel that they are entirely ready, might, tomorrow, be triggered, catalysed, into a conscious sense of readiness by some inner or outer event or experience.

 Our willingness first to trust and follow Their lead will then, at the appropriate moment, bring understanding as an affirmation that our trust was entirely well-founded. Trust, a willingness to believe our Guide, must come first because it is our choice for unwillingness to believe that blocks our discernment, our understanding of esoteric, mystical, eternal Truth.  

Willingness to believe opens the door in our mind to understanding, which always follows. There may, in the early days of our willingness, be a time lapse between willingness to believe and understanding. This is not God withholding our understanding from us; it is that our receptors to understanding have been blocked by our unbelief for so long that it may take ‘time’ for them to be gradually unblocked. Hence, our progress from the self-imposed slumber of spiritual darkness to complete, illuminated, spiritual Wakefulness – just like Jesus – being, of necessity, a one-step-at-a-time progress.

Trust has always been, and will always be, rewarded with growing awareness of the Love, peace and joy that is available to us all in and from our own within; the abode of our Ever-Loving Father Creator and our true, One Self.  

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Extract from Living FROM the Kingdom Within ~ Remembering Our One Identity, explaining the front cover design:

On Easter Sunday morning I awoke to the sense of being in a place of awareness, like a platform, providing an elevated view – about thirty feet (nine metres) above the surrounding area – of the events taking place in the world below me. This was not just a ‘bodily’ elevation but a perceptual elevation; a higher place of understanding of, perspective on, the events of which Easter is the anniversary of remembrance and celebration. I was in the Company of a group of others – perhaps a dozen, maybe more – from the Realms of Light, and also including Jesus himself, all of us in the Higher, Self, Son-of-God awareness. The vibration was entirely positive and peaceful; a peace that can come only from all-Knowing, of a certainty beyond doubt, that all was entirely well; of Knowing the end from the beginning; of Knowing that we are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that fear is an illusion, and therefore, along with illusory events that engender it, it does not exist in reality.

Jesus, with the rest of us, was observing the crucifixion of his body that was taking place down below us, and there was free-flowing discussion amongst us, including Jesus, as if we were watching the playing-out of a planned occurrence within the Great Rescue Programme. This, of course, is exactly what it was. There was no emotion, no distress, simply satisfaction that all was proceeding according to plan, though all present Knew that it certainly could not have been otherwise. The exchanges between those in the gathering were of a rejoiceful and thanksgiving nature, as of a job well done and a mission accomplished (‘It is finished’, John 19:30).

If there was any sense of wonder, astonishment, amazement, it came only from the earth-mind consciousness part of me, at the newness, for me, of such a perspective, and the recognition that this was/is actually the only true perspective: from the Kingdom of Heaven; the healed mind of Papa’s beloved Son; reality.

I said to him, “I now see, clearly, for the first time, that this, the whole Easter event, was not ‘special’ to you, as it has always been seen by your brothers from their earthly perception of the event. I have always marvelled that you could have gone through the Last Supper, sharing all that you shared, giving all that you gave, without a hint of distraction, of fear; always focused on what you had to tell your friends. Now, I see that the crucifixion and the process of resurrection is no more out of the ordinary than any other event, whether a miracle or a mundane happening.” He replied, smilingly, lovingly:

“You are right in your observation that there was nothing special or difficult about it for One who Knows the Truth of Eternity, who Knows Self, who is Self, and for whom time and place are no thing, do not exist.

“Now is the New Day dawning, and will never set. Now is the moment of Awakening. My brothers have – as they always have had – free choice to Awaken soon, or to remain stay-a-beds a little longer, holding onto the dream of littleness and fear. Or they can arise early, and venture forth into the glory of the beginning of the New Day, when the sun (Son) starts to rise and cast His newly-remembered Light on all His brothers, to help them stir from their slumbers.

“I rejoice, beloved, to greet you, to embrace you, to share with you our exultation together in the glory of the Dawn. Let us pause a moment in the unspeakable ecstasy of the Light of Truth arising once more in the mind of our brothers who begin to join with us. Then, let us, together, lovingly, gently, tenderly, caringly, softly, continue upon our task of calling to those who begin to rouse from sleep. Let us always be care-full, in this labour of Love, not to shake them too hard, for the place between sleep and wakefulness can be a confusing state of mind.

“Yet still, the Dawn Chorus of ministering Angels calls to them deep in their unconscious minds, ensuring that Awaken they shall, and rejoice at their remembering all once more. So arises the understanding that they, too, are not a body; that they, also, are eternal, invulnerable, indestructible; that they, too, can manipulate the stuff of dreams to their command – and then let them go completely, once they begin to remember who they ARE – from dreams of guilt and fear and death, to dreams of happiness, of Light, of waking to unlimitedness, from whence the transition to reality can be gently made.

“Resurrection can only be – or appear to be – after there has been ‘death’. Yet have I not stated from the beginning that there is no death, save to those espoused to illusions, to dreams of unreality? Whosoever lives and believes in the Son – that he IS the Son – shall never, can never, die. Thus, ultimately, can there be no resurrection, but only an Awakening from the dream. Let our gentle call therefore be, ‘Arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen within thee.’

“Peace and joy be with all my brothers.”

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These events, these experiences and myriad more symbolise and exemplify the journey and destination of us all, each in our own way. We may each begin from a different, separate starting point consciously, anyway but our common destination is One because Oneness is the eternal Truth of Being of us all.


All are warmly invited to visit the Messages of Encouragement and Diary of a Christ Communicant pages, as well as an array of further pages (see links below). And if you have any questions to ask, or wish to respond to anything you find on this site, or share any mystical experiences that are pertinent to the great desire and purpose of Jesus for the elevation of ‘all who will’ to the living awareness of what he calls ‘the Kingdom of Heaven,’ please e-mail me .

Love, Light, Peace and Joy bless and accompany you on your journey back to the Light of Eternity,


    Brian Longhurst


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