9: Friendship, Angels and Revelations


This was a period during which we were not just involved in rescue work; it was a period in which our understanding and awareness of the close links and Woodland path - (c) FreeFoto.comrelationship between us and the Inner Plane Servers, our friends, loved ones, guides — all acting in unison of purpose and life with, and under the power, authority and leadership of Jesus — was growing.

My earlier perception, for many years, was that this was all the most wonderful blessing; that I had somehow, in spite of my assumed ‘unworthiness’, been chosen by the Spiritual Lord of mankind for some special, kingdomly service. I had hardly been able to believe that all this was really happening to me. And even if it was, would it continue? Surely, my luck would run out at any time and I would be back to reality with a wallop?

The implication, somewhere deep in my unconscious mind, was that what I had been experiencing was ‘a privilege’. The legacy of ego-constructed religionist doctrines and dogmas deeply ingrained into the cultural psyche of Western civilisation over centuries was, part of me believed, that I should be grovelling in servile gratitude, accepting any and every ‘crumb from the Master’s table’ without question, and blindly worshipping a deity that had graciously deigned not to destroy me with a thunderbolt for stepping out of line! None of that perception was supported by the evidence of my own experiences, but rationale seems to have little effect on ego-inculcated, cultural conditioning and mind-contorting.




In 1993 Steve and I spent a few days visiting the Lake District and other scenic and historical parts of the north of England. We set off from Gloucester in my car (Theresa was ‘holding the fort’ at home and in the office) and arrived at the Lakes late morning. There is an energy there that I have never encountered anywhere else on Earth (not that I have been everywhere else!) and it evokes joy from the heart which radiates from there and uplifts the spirit. After an initial stop to admire some views and let Steve gain a ‘flavour’ of the experience that is the Lake District, we realised it was lunch time. Heading off down a country lane we arrived at a pub nestled in the hillside, far from the madding crowd. How could we resist?

As we sat there enjoying our home-cooked meal and glass of traditional English ale, we became aware of John, Theresa’s brother. He was pacing around on the flagstone floor in the bar area; up and down, round and round, agitated with what was clearly a degree of excitement that was almost too much for him to bear. Eventually he sat down at our table on the bench next to Steve, put his hands on the table, palms down and banged his head slowly on his hands, up and down three or four times.

It was an act of someone so excited he did not know where to put himself. He knew something we did not; but we were very soon to find out! Moments later the Master Jesus came in the door to my right, at the far end of the bar, some six or seven paces from where we sat. I was on a bench one side of the table, facing Steve, who was seated on a settle against the wall.


The Master walked towards us with an expression on his face that was barely concealing his joy and puckish mood.


The Master walked towards us with an expression on his face that was barely concealing his joy and puckish mood. He was dressed as a head waiter in a black tailcoat with a stiff collar and bow tie. His hair was present-day, short back and sides, but there was no mistaking his vibration, bearing, demeanour; his very Being. It isn’t what one perceives with eyes, or other bodily senses; it is what one has inner-awareness of with the light of one’s spiritual discernment that tells us the truth about a brother. Over his left forearm was draped a starched white linen napkin, such as waiters use in expensive restaurants (this was a no-frills country pub, for Heaven’s sake!). He walked up beside me and bowed slightly, in a deferential manner befitting waiters, to speak to us.

Is everything all right? he enquired solicitously, in as serious a tone as he could muster in the circumstances. Then, after a slight pause, during which he was trying, but failing by this point, to maintain his straight face, he burst out with the words, Are you HAPPY!!!? Steve and I were deeply and profoundly overwhelmed by this light-hearted demonstration of the joy and fun that being in good fellowship with Jesus and all the hosts of Heaven actually is.

The purpose of this exercise, I realise, was several fold: to bring spiritual, heavenly joy to our already uplifted, holiday-mood spirits; to demonstrate that the fellowship of the Kingdom is a very non-pious experience, and full of lightness of heart and joy of living and being; to fulfil the words recorded of him in Luke’s Gospel: Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them (Lk. 12:37).

The reality of this experience was that this and all my encounters with Jesus and the ‘hosts of Heaven’ had been on the basis that they loved, honoured and respected me just as much as I loved, honoured and respected them. And further, that they were just as grateful to me for my one-pointed commitment and loyalty to them as I was grateful to them for their stalwart, unwavering, always-accessible love, help, encouragement, reassurance, illumination, inspiration, guidance and protection.

Rather than being an inferior, subordinate, second-class ‘go-for’ to these Beings of the Light in the realms of Heaven, they saw me as equal with them in this wonderful, co-operative partnership between this group of Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, of which they were domiciled in the ‘Heaven’ part of the Kingdom and I was domiciled in the ‘Earth’ part of the same Kingdom. Above all, they desire us in the Earth life to lighten up in our approach to matters eternal and spiritual! So many of us are so po-faced in our demeanour toward religious activities and commitment, even singing hymns of joy and thanksgiving as if they were a dirge. Jesus said, I am come that they might have LIFE, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Jn. 10:10.) Not religion, rammed down their throats ad nauseam!

During our time in the north of England there were several other happenings that were also greatly uplifting to our inner being.

Steve and I visited and walked along a stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, built across northern England by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the second century CE. As we walked along the top of the wall, soaking up the atmosphere of the place and its history, we became aware of a number of Roman legionnaires trapped in a time warp of the early part of the first millennium CE, still patrolling the wall. By our speaking with them, and with the help of Jesus and Theresa’s brother, John, and no doubt many others also, they were freed from being stuck in that era. There were about twenty legionnaires that we were aware of.

After much rejoicing and celebrating at their release from their predicament, most went their way, but one in particular, who we came to know as Claudius, remained with us. He and John struck up an immediate rapport, and when Steve and I got in the car to drive to a nearby pub for lunch, he and John sat in the back exchanging military anecdotes and experiences from two very different periods.

The following day we visited a place called High Force, a waterfall high up on the River Tees in County Durham. This is set in a well-maintained, wooded parkland area. After admiring the view from the lower end of the waterfall we climbed up the steep steps at its side to explore the top area. Steve and I sat on rocks beside the top of the waterfall admiring the view in glorious, late spring sunshine.

Suddenly my focus of attention was switched from the horizontal, Earth consciousness to the vertical, soul awareness, and something made me look up. To my awe and astonishment there was a giant cross of living-gold sunlight about four or five metres high with its base implanted in me. It was as if I was its earthly base or foundation.

At Communion not many days later I wrote:

At the symbol of the lights, the Master appeared to my left as he showed himself to John of Patmos (Rev. 1:12-16), in the seven branch candlestick, or menorah. To my right, slightly in front, was the giant cross of gold light that I had seen embedded in me at High Force. Then the Master moved from my left, in front of me, to my right, where he merged with the cross of gold light, and they became one. I knew that the cross represented the Father, and was a two-dimensional portrayal, or symbol, of intersecting Life lines not just in three dimensions or multi dimensions but omni dimensions, representing His omni-Presence.

Whilst in County Durham we also visited the Bowes Museum, near Barnard Castle. It was built in the 1800s by Sir John and Lady Josephine Bowes, in the style of a French chateau. It houses an astounding array of artefacts, collected by Josephine from all over Europe at truly staggering cost; indeed, sufficient to nearly bankrupt Sir John. All these treasures are displayed over three floors. Across the hall from the main entrance were larger-than-life, full-length portraits of the couple.

As Steve stood admiring the likeness of Sir John, suddenly he was aware of him standing there beside the portrait, looking quite sombre. Steve immediately said, quietly, under his breath, God bless you. This instantly caught Sir John’s attention and broke his muse. Turning to Steve and smiling, he said, Why, thank you, sir.

We duly began our exploration of this vast collection, and as we ascended a wide staircase to the next floor I became aware that we were being followed by someone from the spirit world. I had been aware of her speaking for some while but had not been focused on what was being said. On the stairs it came into focus, and to my amazement she was saying just one word, over and over, in a distressed, hopeless monotone: ‘Trinkets’. That’s all she said. As the impact of this lodged in my mind, suddenly it all became clear who and what this was about.

It was Lady Josephine. She had devoted many, many years to amassing this collection; it had been her life’s work. The intention was to display these priceless artefacts — paintings, furniture, sculptures, jewellery, clothing, ceramics and much, much more — for the edification of the poor and uneducated masses, to uplift their awareness and understanding of the wider world.

Of course, as soon as she departed this life for the next she realised that this had been a massive folly; the poor and starving masses would have benefited much more by help with employment, healthcare, nutrition, education, sanitation and the like. They saw her endeavours as the excesses of the super-rich class, and contempt was much more likely their reaction than gratitude.


...she could ask for help and release by Jesus and would be instantly rescued and restored to a place of peace and light


As all this sank in I became filled with compassion for this dear, lost and deluded soul, who had, she clearly now felt, spent her sojourn in time in pursuit of something purely to indulge her own misperceptions regarding the important things in life. She now realised she could have done something truly philanthropic for her less materially fortunate fellows. She was wandering aimlessly in this place that had now become her prison, bereft of hope for herself, and filled with sorrow at being unable to undo her ‘burdensome’ error.

As she followed us despondently about, repeating the word trinkets endlessly, she wrung her hands in despair. As I shared this with Steve he now became aware that Sir John also was with us and he was anxious for whatever help we might be able to give to his hapless wife, who was quite unaware of his presence. He stood there with a look on his face that betrayed a whit of hope amidst his otherwise joyless countenance.

Steve and I both spoke silently to Josephine, assuring her that there was no longer any requirement for her to remain in this place or this state of mind; that hers was a well-intentioned error and that no harm was done by it; that the poor would, as Jesus reminded us, be always with us; that she could ask for help and release from this by Jesus and would be instantly re-united with her beloved spouse and restored to joy, inner peace and love.

The utterances of trinkets ceased. Steve and I looked at each other and suddenly we had no heart for more of this place, though we had barely scratched the surface of all it proffered. We headed out into the sunshine, and as we walked around the chateau to the car park at the rear, there were John and Josephine, hand in hand, countenances radiant with life, love and joy. They waved exuberantly to us as they skipped like teenagers across the immaculate lawns, calling out their heartfelt thanks for our help.

No doubt Josephine has now consulted the Master Jesus for more serviceable ways to help her distressed fellow travellers on the Path Home to Eternity, ably aided and abetted by a delighted John.




A week or two prior to the short break with Steve in the north of England I had been to Poland on business. On the plane back from Warsaw to London on a Sunday morning there was terrific turbulence that tossed the plane about in all directions. I saw two angels, one each side of the plane. They held it in what looked like a giant ‘cat’s cradle’, which was supporting the plane and allowing it to move with the turbulence, whilst keeping it totally safe.

The angels were having a wonderful time, laughing and rejoicing, helping to reduce the effect of the turbulence on the plane by manipulating the cradle with their hands, rather like a puppeteer manipulates a puppet on a string. It was clear that the plane was so well within their protective care that there was absolutely no need for any concern whatsoever!

Soon the turbulence eased and being Sunday morning I decided to hold the Communion Service ‘in my head’. In my dual-conscious awareness the plane was full of Christ communicants occupying the seats, in place of the ‘ordinary’ passengers.

At the offering I saw the Master Jesus as a steward, walking up the aisle between the seats, handing out the eternal life bread and Christ-love wine to all the communicant passengers. At the end of the Service a rousing Three cheers for Jesus of Nazareth was given. He smiled shyly and modestly at this. He then walked up the aisle to where I was standing — in the dual consciousness — as officiant and put his arm around my shoulder, declaring of me to the communicants, My beloved brother.

His love overwhelmed me and I fell spontaneously to my knees at his feet. He reached forward and put something on me. It appeared to be a combination of an enveloping, etheric cloak and also a loop of ribbon with a cross of the most gleaming gold, about six inches/fifteen centimetres high. It seemed to be at one moment a simple cross of horizontal and vertical intersecting bars with the vertical bar slightly longer than the horizontal bar, and at another moment a ‘cross potent’ or equilateral cross in a circle. The ribbon and the cloak were of red, purple and blue. I interpret this as a symbol of being in the Earth (red), of Heaven (blue) and achieving balance between the two (purple).

The Master said, I give you this badge of office. I interpret this to mean as officiant of SMCC communion.

I said, Of myself I cannot do this, but by your love, grace and power so shall it be possible.

I have since come to believe the real badge of office is the giant cross with its base in me, and that which the Master put around my neck is a symbol.




I had been aware for some years that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth programme may well take a quantum jump in terms of some future event that will bring it more universally — or at least, extensively — into the awareness of the Earth’s inhabitants, which I now realise are the seemingly separated, divided, fragmented Sonship of God. But a number of experiences and messages about kingdomly issues had left me in no doubt at all that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us (all!) (Lk. 17:21) and that we don’t have to wait for any future, outer event to experience that truth as reality in our earthly lives, here and now, at any and every next moment.

It is, according to the words of he who assuredly knows, Jesus of Nazareth, at hand (Mt. 4:17) and always has been. Jesus, as Anointed Messenger (that’s what the title ‘Christ’ or ‘Messiah’ means), came to remind us of this, to call this fact to our attention and give multiple tips, hints, indicators and helps as to how we might become aware of its reality. All this as part of his being the Chief Executive Officer of his Great Rescue Programme for us all, to restore us to the eternal reality of Heaven, our true and only Home, forever.


The Creator Spirit withholds nothing from his children, in spite of Earth-life ingrained perceptions to the contrary


All that is required in order to experience this is to believe, and to be willing to receive and accept it unto our selves; to re-attune our minds to the wavelength upon which it exists, by truly seeking and earnestly desiring it. The Creator Spirit withholds nothing from His beloved Son, in spite of Earth-mind ego-ingrained perceptions to the contrary: Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom (Lk. 12:32).

If it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, assuredly it is the good pleasure of all who love the Father — whether in this life or the next — to also have this ‘Kingdom-giving’ ethos. There has never been a whiff of an indication that the Lord Jesus or any of the Christ-servers in the Realms of Light had any sort of ‘withholding agenda’. Quite the reverse has been my awareness, based on experience of loving contact with and from them, over many years. But it is clearly a principle, on which all enlightened souls work, that they do not push information at seekers other than in response to questing; Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Mt. 7:7).

In today’s world there is a demanding attitude widely prevailing that the answer to a question should be given immediately, verbally, literally, definitively. Such an attitude is not founded in spiritual humility. The approach of the Lord and the Christ-servers is more to inspire, encourage, gently point the seeker in the right direction and assist him to find the answer for himself. This, it is evident, is because when a person finds an answer for himself (with or without conscious awareness of help), the answer is much more meaningful and likely to stay with the seeker than if given, like a hand-out, from an external source. There is a great sense of accomplishment rather than of being ‘spoon-fed’.

One Sunday morning, in January 1991, during a contemplative time before beginning our Communion, I was studying the order of the Service and noticed particularly that a significant part of it consisted of extracts from the books of Psalms, John’s Gospel and Revelation. At the very moment this awareness lodged in my consciousness, the Teacher (whom Olga had come to understand in her latter years, from clues given her by him, was John, the seer of Patmos, who wrote John’s Gospel and Revelation*) burst, or more realistically, exploded, into my understanding the certain, absolute knowing that he was also one and the same as King David, of Old Testament renown.

This was not spoken as a statement, but given, placed in, revealed to my soul ‘knowingness’, which is not in any way an intellectual process. It is illumination, revelation; like a curtain being opened and instantly the reality is there, complete, and no step-by-step logical thought processes are used — or necessary — to bring one to that place of knowing.

The experience was so staggering — albeit, not in any negative sense but simply because it had been so sudden, unexpected and explosive — that I felt as if I was in shock and needed to grab hold of something to steady myself from falling off my seat. Although he had given me this information ‘unsought’ in one sense, it was in response to my seeking, questing into the origins and reasons for things being as they were in the order of the service.

During the Silence in the Communion later that morning the Teacher explained that he had used this opportunity to bring this revelation because it would be serviceable in the future for me to have this awareness; it would help to tie together what would otherwise later be seen as loose ends.

In 1996 I decided to read the Bible through from beginning to end, which I had never succeeded in doing before. Several changes in my perspective came about as a result of this. I had heard many theologians and other sincere seekers after spiritual truth state that they saw the God of the Old Testament as a God of wrath, vengeance and judgement; somewhat of a contrast to Jesus of Nazareth — frequently referred to by Christians as the King of Love and the Prince of Peace, not to mention ‘the Son of God’. Keep in mind that this same Jesus said, I and my Father are one, and If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.

Contrary to that perception of the Old Testament God, the overriding impression left with me from my reading was that the God of the Old Testament wished to be perceived by the people He had delivered from centuries of enslavement in Egypt as a loving, caring, solicitous, protecting, patient, forgiving, concerned Father (Deut. 32, esp. vs. 6; Jer. 7:23; Prov. 3:11,12) and that if the people lived a dissolute life, turning away from the guidance He had given, there would be inevitable consequences, which are entirely different from judgement, condemnation, punishment or retribution. Sounds like the average, concerned parent in today’s society, doesn’t it? He warned the people countless times and kept on sending His messengers to admonish them, and by and large they paid no heed. Sounds like today’s generation, doesn’t it?

Prior to reading the whole Bible through I had assumed it was Jesus who introduced the concept of God as heavenly Father, but in fact the first reference to this is by Moses (Deut. 32:6). Further on in the Old Testament, in a message to Nathan for King David, referring to the distant-future Messiah — Jesus of Nazareth, born about a thousand years later, a direct descendant, according to Scripture, of David — the God of the Old Testament, of the Israel people, said:

 And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy body, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name,+ and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men: But my mercy shall not depart away from him… (2 Sam. 7:12-15.)

Now, with the awareness that David was one and the same soul as John, the seer of Patmos, I realised that it was no wonder that he (John) was ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’ and that Jesus used the term Father to describe the Creator Spirit. From Jesus’ place of Oneness in Papa and spiritual awareness of those around him, he would immediately have known that John was one and the same as his ‘father’ or direct ancestor, David, who had been so crucial in securing the safety of the Israel people into which he, Jesus, would incarnate and establish his great God-mission for all mankind: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Without David’s mission a thousand years earlier this would not have been possible. How those words from 2 Samuel 7:12-15 must have resonated for Jesus when he read them, as assuredly he will have done, since he was clearly very well versed not only in the scriptures of his people but also of their arcane and esoteric meanings, which those lacking the light of spiritual discernment — such as the Pharisees — would have failed to see or understand.




During this time of reading the Bible from cover to cover, inevitably I came to the well-known story of Daniel’s three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who are thrown into the fiery furnace (Dan. chapter 3). Reading this again caused me great distress.

Here am I, I said to Papa, feeling satisfied that I am strong in my faith, trust, obedience and commitment, having trodden the Path for thirty-odd years, and suddenly I am reminded of what faith, trust and obedience are really all about. Where does this leave me? I definitely do not feel that I am anywhere near ready to be thrown into a fiery furnace for my faith.

I felt grossly inadequate, leaving much to be desired, wanting. He was clearly aware of all this and in characteristic manner was instantly there with the perfect answer.

You are not called to be tossed into a fiery furnace.

The reassurance and relief I felt at that was enormous, but He hadn’t finished. After a pregnant pause to allow the impact of this first sentence of His response to sink in, He said, You are called… pausing again to allow the drama of the moment to build, and although I did not see Him in the conventional sense of the word, I was aware of His smile and the humour in His intonation …to be patient, that My purposes in you might be fulfilled.

That had indeed seemed to be the story of my life! From the time of first encountering the living Lord Jesus in a basement room in Vancouver in January 1967, a fire of zeal for him and his mission was kindled that burned unquenchably in me. From that day, I had a desire to share with my fellows the good — nay, magnificent — news of his living reality. Not as presented by the institutionalised church, which is so embroiled in petty politics, rules, regulations, details of mundane matters, such as: should women be ordained (never mind whether the ordained person was passionately committed to preaching the gospel — literally, Good News — of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The gender of the person seeking to be ordained was somehow, ludicrously, made the central issue).

And, should practising homosexuals — presumably of either gender in order not to be ‘sexist’ about this — be accepted into its fabric? This has raised what is, for the church, the fundamental issue of whether those professing to be followers of Jesus and the scriptures they esteem as holy, should maintain allegiance as to the absolute accuracy and origin of the Word of those scriptures or move into a new place of selective allegiance, in accordance with the changing morality of society, thus, surely placing, for a person making such an allegiance-shift, a question mark against the authenticity and authority of any other part of those scriptures.

All my fire for ‘spreading the good news of the real, living Jesus’ was to find very little outlet into the world around me. Indeed, this was in accord with the counsel of the Master Jesus himself, throughout the decades since my fist encounter with his livingness.

In March 1968, a few days after I had moved into my own flat, there was a knock at the door. I answered it, thinking it would be for the previous tenants, since nobody knew I was there yet. When I opened the door a man and a woman were standing there, but said nothing. I interpreted this as surprise on their part to find me there when expecting to be greeted by the previous occupants. Still they said nothing. Then the penny dropped. They were proselytisers, most likely Jehovah’s Witnesses.

My assumption proved correct, and they began their routine. However, I was bursting with zeal for my own good news. Needless to say, they were not listening to my news and I had no interest in theirs! I had heard it before and it did not resonate with my own experience, which I was so eager to share with any and all comers.

It was a salutary lesson for me, and the Master spoke immediately the door was closed at their departure:

Do not go out looking for people to speak with and share your message; rather, I will bring them to you. For I know the hearts and minds of all, and will bring only those who are ready to hear your speaking, and will inspire you and give you the words to speak to their hearts.

Strictly speaking, I had, of course, not gone out looking for them; they had indeed come (or been brought — I was not able to tell which at the first instance) to me, but the message of the Master was not to be construed in that most literal of ways. What he was saying is, observe, and if a person whose path crosses yours gives some indication to you (it may be unwitting from them but discernible by you as a sign, if you are watchful) that they are ready to hear of the esoteric realities, then, and only then, speak more openly of them to the person. Further, if that person is ready, the Spirit of Truth will put the words into your mouth that will resonate strongly with the inner being of that person.

Later, when I recounted this experience to Olga, she shared with me a message given to her by the Teacher in 1948:

Guard thy tongue: especially to strangers to this way of life and the knowledge and wisdom of the spirit. Give place to the views of others, even though you know them to be in error. Send forth a prayer for such, that they may come to the fuller knowledge and the clearer sight.

On another occasion, the Teacher said to Olga,

Your heart outruns your head. You may stand at the cross-roads of life and offer your good things to them that inquire, but run not down every alley pressing them upon the halt, the maimed and the blind; for think you that your treasures will, as if by some magic, create in them a new set of values? You know within yourself that it is not possible, for it is contrary to spiritual law. As the Master taught, so we know — to him that hath shall be added.

Then, in the autumn of 1970, not many weeks before Theresa and I were due to sail back to England, one Saturday afternoon when Theresa was out and I was busy making a bread pudding (old family recipe!), it was as if a bell had rung in my head, to switch the focus of my attention from where it was lodged in the physical world, concentrating on my culinary endeavours, to the spirit realms, and the Master Jesus said, My son, I would speak with you. I immediately washed my hands to remove the cooking ingredients, went to the sanctuary, lit the votive candle (fire or flame is a symbol of the Realms of Light in the spirit world and a candle flame helps to focus the awareness on/attune to those realms), picked up my pen and opened my notebook.

He told me that when we returned to the land of our birth we would not find kingdomly fellowship there to the degree we had enjoyed it with Olga; that fellowship there would be, sporadically, but not at the level to which we aspired. We were not to be dispirited by this, but rather to turn more purposefully to the Heaven world within for fellowship at this rarefied level, and there we would always find food and drink for the soul to satisfy our hungering and thirsting.

Needless to say, I was surprised, somewhat disappointed, at this, although appreciative of the forewarning. With the benefit of hindsight I now see that my time with my mentor, Olga, had run its course, that she had, indeed got me hooked-up with Jesus and that it was time now to branch-out on the path of my own forward, spiritual progress and life-purpose, or birth vision.

Fellowship, in matters concerning the eternal and invisible, there has been since 1970 and our return to the land of our birth but, as predicted by Jesus, not, until several years after the turn of the century, at the level shared with Olga. For fellowship at a level satisfying to the zeal for the Kingdom that burned within me it was necessary to go within, to the contact with the Realms of Light, where dwelt Jesus and all our loved ones in spirit who were fellow servers of the Christ purpose. This was the perfect thing, for it was discipline without which I would not have been focused, one-pointed, able to grow in the facility for attunement with the source of my inspiration and guiding.

For all those intervening years it was my longing to be ‘out there, doing something, spreading the magnificent news’. But that was not to be in any substantial manner. I was limited to one-on-one, occasional encounters with those who were ‘brought to me’ — usually as one of those ‘chance’ encounters — as the Master had told me would be the case in 1968. Most of those who were brought to me were only ready to receive a few morsels from the banquet table the Lord was preparing for me — for ‘all who will’.

The lesson of patience was a hard one for me to learn, such was my eagerness for the Kingdom on Earth. The Rector reminded me, in 1976, of the importance of achieving and maintaining a balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’; that inward, spiritual peace is a state of being, not doing.

It is not easy to get the whole picture when it is a decades-long process and one is being led in ‘blind faith’. Only since the commencement of the new millennium has the whole purpose of this life-path of patience become clear to me, as the Master promised repeatedly that it would when the time was right. Now I am clear that it was agreed ‘aforetime’ that multitudes of experiences of the reality of the Heaven world and its proximity to (‘the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand’), its indivisibility from, its oneness with the Earth life, was my life path and purpose. This, to enable me to share them with my fellows in the Earth life — who are not at that place of awareness but are ready to begin the awakening process — from a position of authority born of experience.

There is no authority like experience, and I have experienced the living reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, here, in the Earth life, on many, many occasions over the decades. When one has had the experience, one does not believe it; one knows it, at the soul level of knowingness, which brings a certainty of knowing that is beyond all doubt. Any who have not had such experience of knowing can only imagine what such certainty is like. It is not a process of the intellect, which is an ego device, engendered to foment argument, debate, doubt and confusion.

No-one can take it away or argue from a textbook position, or from religious doctrine or dogma, that it is not so. My life has been a process of creating a vast tapestry of experience fragments that have now been lovingly, diligently and expertly sewn together to form a huge, synchronistic, cohesive, picture of that reality, thanks to the unwavering guiding, inspiring and revealing leadership of my life by Jesus.

That could not have been possible if I had known from the beginning what was to be the path, the process, the plan of campaign. My Earth mind, in its limited understanding of the path of spiritual growth, would have got in the way of the spontaneity of the unfolding pattern of life, living always in anticipation or expectation.

As it is, all the experiences of the tapestry have been unexpected, unanticipated, and that meant that my Earth mind had nothing to do with the forming or manifesting of each experience. I can say, with no hint of false modesty, that my Earth mind is nowhere near as creative as to be able to fabricate the wondrous experiences with which I have been so blessed!



* There are those who say that it is highly unlikely that the author of the fourth gospel and the book of Revelation are one and the same person; that their writing styles, vocabulary, etc., are entirely different. I had not made that observation about it (it seems to me that both documents present an esoteric perspective, which I believe is significant, whereas the other three gospels do not) but am willing to give place to the opinions of much more scholarly commentators than I. However, to that I would add several observations. Revelation was likely written decades after the fourth gospel.

He had undergone a massive expansion of spiritual awareness in that time, and that could lead to a different style of expression, especially as the experiences and encounters of Revelation are of such a fundamentally different nature from the gospel. This person is, as stated above, also the same who incarnated as King David. His manner of communication and expression to me, here, as ‘The Teacher’, has undergone an evolution over nearly forty years. That is substantially due to the evolution of my receptive capability in that time. Also significant is the great array of evidence that the church has interfered with the original manuscripts at various stages of its history.

+ It is worth also keeping in mind that when Moses asked the God who appeared to him in a ‘burning bush’ for His Name, the reply recorded (and therefore, it could be said, is ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’) is: "I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me." (Ex. 3:14.)



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