8: The Rescue Work Shifts Up a Gear


Grasmere - (c) FreeFoto.comAlthough there had been several rescue events over the years, such as Bobby Kennedy in 1968 and Rachel, the Dutch Jewess in 1969, now that Steve was sharing our Communion practice and we were so much on the same wavelength, it was time for the desire of my heart, for the rescue and release of ‘all sorts and conditions of men’, trapped in a time-warp of terror, or even if not terror but aimlessness, hopelessness, despair to move into a higher gear of fulfilment. This began in the late 1980s and progressed into the early 1990s, for a period spanning about five years.

One night in December 1991 I awoke in the small hours of Sunday morning with backache. As I lay there brooding upon the significance of why this had been part of my life experience since the age of ten (as a result of a gymnastics accident) and what to ‘do’ about it, it dawned on me that there are untold numbers of souls, in this life and the next, who are experiencing immeasurably worse situations than am I. This moved me to start praying that I might be serviceable to the help of such souls.


all parts of my body were becoming ‘electrified’ — charged with spiritual energy. 


As I did this, I became aware that all parts of my body were becoming ‘electrified’ — charged with spiritual energy. I could see it, like blue lightning, and feel it acting upon and filling the various parts of my body, including my back, up to the top of my head, arms to finger-tips, legs to toe-tips, with tingling, uplifting, healing peace. The aches and stiffness were washed away and within not many moments I was deeply asleep again.

During the Communion Service later that same morning, as I made the offering of the bread ‘for all those in need, sorrow, sickness or any adversity’, I was suddenly in the dual consciousness, where one wall of the bedroom in which our sanctuary was situated disappeared and gave an open view of the staircase, which was now two or three times as wide as its physical counterpart. Up the wide stairway toward us was proceeding a host of Vietnamese people — men, women and children of all ages.

It was not possible to count them, but my guess is that there must have been about three hundred souls. They at first came with diffidence, but I welcomed them sincerely and lovingly and bade them enter in to join the banquet feast to celebrate the marriage (union) of Heaven with Earth, as per the great desire of Jesus of Nazareth. This union is not of bodies, that, in marriage become ‘of one flesh’, but of one mind — Christ Mind.

I immediately realised this event had been orchestrated by John, Theresa’s brother, who had made five tours of duty in Vietnam with the US Marines during the 1960s and early 1970s and had laid aside his body in 1979, aged thirty-five, from a heart attack. Indeed, there he was, at the top of the stairs, welcoming these new arrivals with a smile and a heart brimming with love and joy, and, along with many other Inner Plane servers, was helping to set them at ease by creating a loving and convivial atmosphere.

John said to me, Brian, you and Theresa are right; it is Carl [a friend of Theresa’s who was in the US Navy and had been killed in Vietnam] and I, along with a number of buddies from ‘Nam days who have been working on this for a while. Our time there brought us a deep and abiding love of these people and their gentleness, and we could not turn our backs on their plight. Paul teaches us we are all one blood — one life — and brothers in Christ Jesus. That is to say by his love and enlightenment we become brothers, and differences of culture and skin colour are nothing. Indeed, it is soul colour, not skin colour that counts in the greater scheme of things. We thank you for your help in creating the bridge to enable us to go in and get our new and old friends out. The celebration is great today.

It was a deeply moving, inspiring, rewarding and joyous occasion.

Up to that time I had never heard the word bridge used to describe the process of an Earth-incarnate person acting as an intermediary between those from the Realms of Light and those who are in some dark and fearful place in the afterlife, having been dispatched there by traumatic means such as was the case innumerable times during the tragedy called the Vietnam War. As I have deliberated this since that occasion it has become clear to me that the term ‘bridge’ is interchangeable with link, agent, helper, intermediary or any other word to describe a person or situation which can be serviceable as go-between in bringing about a rescue, or change of awareness, perception, understanding or circumstance for a soul or souls.

‘Bridge’ is perhaps more meaningful, in that a bridge is something which is able to give support to those who are passing over a gap or chasm from one place of being or perception to another. Hugh Dowding used the term ‘Lychgate’ in his book of the same name, because for him a lychgate is a place through which one passes as one moves from one place into another (from the world at large into a place of prayer, contemplation and spiritual awareness).

John has been a true stalwart for bringing help, peace, freedom and grace to many souls in this life and the next over the years since 1979. On one occasion back in the late 1980s, when my parents were getting toward the end of their sojourn here, Theresa and I were driving down the motorway to spend a weekend with them, to give love and support in their enfeebled condition. I suddenly became aware of John being with us. He was driving a team of six horses from the front of a wagon, the type depicted in Western films about wagon-trains of migrants crossing the American continent.

He was having a wonderful time of this, standing, with reins in one hand, urging the horses to go faster, waving his hat in the other hand, hootin’ and hollerin’ to beat the band, a grin as wide as the Grand Canyon splitting his face. Then, as I became more attuned to this unlikely scene, I became aware that he was not alone! There were dozens of wagons accompanying him, each, as his, loaded with ‘victuals’ for Ma and Pop. The victuals were not food or other provisions in the physical sense, but love, goodwill, good cheer, tenderness and giving from the heart and soul from John and his associates toward my parents.

To my astonishment all the wagons were not following in single file, one behind the other, as depicted in the movies, but side by side, stretching out many times wider than the physical motorway, and about the height of our car above the surface of the ground. All the souls in the other wagons were having just as much fun as was John. This was an act of selfless giving, grace and tender mercy toward my parents which welled me up with gratitude toward all these dear souls.

Why are you doing this? I asked John in amazement. Ma and Pop are not your family.

He dismissed this instantly with the light-hearted rejoinder, Nonsense. You are family and your family are my family. We are all family together; God’s children one and all.

Clearly, he was not to be deterred, and I was not about to try to put him off this mission.

Theresa and I had a wonderful weekend, as did Ma and Pop, who, it was evident, were greatly uplifted in their spirits and restored to fullness of heart by the time we spent together. There was no doubt in my mind that even though they had no awareness of John and his wagon-train of love, that great infusion palpably contributed to the raising of their flagging spirits.

It is events such as this that make the fellowship of Heaven, experienced here in one’s earthly life, so indescribably enriching, uplifting, encouraging, reassuring and affirming of the inherent, fundamental goodness of Creation, the Creator and indeed, of all living things. With that as an accepted, adopted understanding of Universal Principle, it then becomes possible to look more clearly, meaningfully and constructively at any situation in life which appears to be in contrast to that Absolute Truth and see how such apparent contradictions could be so.

For example, a man might be hard on his wife and children, lacking in humour, tenderness, warmth and allowing for sparse quality time with them. This could be readily perceived as the man being ‘mean-spirited’, and many are often dismissed as such.

For one taking the time to look more carefully, that man may be living in a self-imposed consciousness of fear; fear because he actually loves his wife and family so dearly that he sees it as his responsibility to provide for them an abundance of things of the Earth life — a beautiful home, clothing, food, holidays, toys, the best education etc. — and is driving himself hard and relentlessly to achieve the wherewithal to enable this.

He may not be good enough at his job to actually achieve this; or his boss may have a grudge against him and be holding him back; or there might be threats of job cuts, all and more of which could be causing him fear… fear of failure to achieve these self-imposed commitments. In reality, his wife may love him so dearly she would much prefer that he be less concerned at how ‘successful’ he is at work, to be more relaxed and kind to himself (and his health) and be more the fun, carefree soul she married, with time for enjoying their children together.

This, in his heart and soul, is his deep desire, and he is wrecking his health and relationship with those he loves the most trying to get to the place where he can be what he knows himself to be, instead of sitting down with his beloved and opening his heart and soul to her, telling how he really is, how fearful he is of failure. She, perhaps, desires nothing more than for him to do this, but because he is so remote, unapproachable and moody, she is fearful of telling him how she really feels. His children maybe would love to also be able to approach him in a carefree manner, but also are fearful because Dad has been so testy lately, and snaps at them when they try to get his attention.

And so this artificial scenario is perpetuated and will get worse until health and relationships break down, all because of fear — fear of one of the things most serviceable to humanity: honesty.


People who are uncertain about the benign essence of the Creator, might be persuaded that there is inherent ‘evil’ lurking in the very foundations of Creation.


This is one tiny illustration of how today’s stress-filled society is breaking down at every level. Almost any and every example of dysfunction in society can be a cause for people who are uncertain about the benign essence of the Creator, to be persuaded that inherent evil lurks in the very foundations of Creation. Yet this has nothing to do with the Creator, but is the work of the ‘uncreator’; the destroyer, the upside-down, insane part of our mind that is operated by, under the control of, ego, the illusory antithesis of the Creator Spirit.




By early 1996 I had a growing sense of inward desire to know God in a more intimate sense than as God, Father, Holy One, Creator Spirit, or some such rather remote, formal term. Jesus is recorded as calling the Father ‘Abba’, a Syriac word, denoting filial affection and tenderness (Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament). I was half inclined to borrow Jesus’ word and tried this for a while but somehow it didn’t sit well with me; this was his term and I felt it was presumptuous to use what was personal between him and his Father.

At the time Theresa and I were soon to become grandparents and had been discussing by what names we would each wish to be called in this new status. We had referred to my dad as Pop and his father had been known as Poppa. I did not wish to be known as Pop because to me, this was my dad, but I liked the idea of Poppa because it had a family tradition about it but was far enough removed from my own experience (Poppa had passed away on my second birthday, so I didn’t really have much sense of intimate connection with him, as I did with Pop, even though I have enjoyed wonderful, personal, loving, fun contact with him in recent decades).

So we agreed that for our grandchildren-to-be, Theresa would be known as Granny and I would be known as Poppa. It had a warm, close, familial feel about it for our family circumstances and I resonated well with it as a term of endearment.

This desire for a term of equal endearment for my relationship with the Holy One grew and in February I asked Him for a suitable name by which I could show the personal love, honour and respect I have for Him. His instant response was, Papa. It was immediately apparent that there was a subtle but distinct difference in pronunciation between Papa and Poppa and yet the two are sufficiently close as to have an obvious connection. Indeed, the North American pronunciation of the two words would be indistinguishable. How characteristic of our loving, caring, heavenly Father to have selected a name which He knew would have such a close and personal meaning for me, in response to the desire of my heart. So, henceforward God the Father was for me, by His invitation, Papa.




...the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, commitment, obedience to My Word.


During our Sunday morning Communion Service on May 5, 1996 I was feeling very frustrated that after decades of faithfully following the Master Jesus, I seemed to still have many more questions, unknowns, than answers. I felt as if I was walking a treadmill; taking the steps but not getting anywhere, and I was fed up with the lack of apparent progress.

I said to Papa, Beloved Papa, heavenly Father, Creator Spirit: there is so much I don’t understand about You, the nature of Life, consciousness, peace and on and on.

As I formed these words in my mind I saw Him, appearing as a ‘Fatherly figure’. He put His hands on His hips, threw back His head and roared with laughter.

My son, the Keys to the Kingdom lie not in answers but in faith, trust, commitment, obedience to My Word. Because you are My children I love you, and you are responding, making yourself available by faith and obedience, to be drawn by My love.

I make the rules — you don’t; indeed you cannot because by your own acknowledgement you don’t understand. All I require of you is commitment to Me and I will fulfil your heart’s desire for righteousness, justice, goodwill; let not your desire, which I know is an unquenchable flame within you, ensnare you into the belief that you must accomplish it. I will accomplish it for you because of your desire and your commitment. And answers shall be the result, not the cause, of your fulfilment, of your desire.

This is cosmic, universal law; My law. It is perfect; your lack of understanding does not alter this one iota. Therefore, be at peace, relax and be glad that I am in charge and that I am able to accomplish all that I have ordained.

You are learning, slowly, to accept that My timing is not your timing. Continue in this way. Meanwhile, occupy according to that which is needful and My revelation shall be placed upon you as you are able to receive it. All is well. Rejoice and have no anxiety.




In the summer of 1999, as I walked with Susie, our little rescued Lhasa Apso dog, in the woodlands of the Cotswold Hills, suddenly a dump truck upended a load of bricks right in front of me. There must have been twenty tonnes of them. This was, of course, not a physical event but in the dual consciousness. The bricks were black and shiny, as are the bricks used in the damp-proof course of older houses. This load was obstructing the path in front of me. My initial reaction was, ‘Oh, no, another obstacle to progress along the path of spiritual growth.’

Why these adversities when all I seek is to be serviceable to the Kingdom? I asked Papa.


‘Do not fear adversity, for it is the very stuff of which opportunity is made, and without adversity there can be no opportunity.  Rather, welcome it and give thanks for it.’ 


Immediately He spoke:

Do not fear adversity, for it is the very stuff of which opportunity is made, and without adversity there can be no opportunity. Rather, welcome it and give thanks for it. Each such encounter is an opportunity to transform adversity into fulfilment and create some magnificent new structure to the glory of God and man reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. In truth We are a ‘Desire and Construct’ partnership, working together in creative unison. You may perceive Me as the Great Architect and you as ‘merely’ the bricklayer, but I say to you, how can the architect realise the grandeur of his greatest designs without the bricklayer to bring them into the fullness of their manifestation?

Another example of the ‘adversity into opportunity’ principle shown to me was the dunghill. This is an unsavoury phenomenon in the perception of most people; a thing to be avoided as full of disease, unpleasant smells, waste material. Yet, by spreading this onto and cultivating into the soil, it is transformed, out of view in a secret place, into nourishment for the crop, enabling the new life to bring forth a rich and fruitful harvest. In the natural order, without the dunghill, such would not be possible.


There is perfection in everything, everybody and every situation.  When we fail to see the perfection and see only adversity, we are not looking closely enough.


There is perfection in everything, everyone and every situation. When we fail to see the perfection and see only adversity, we are not looking closely enough.

Most people would perceive being flogged nearly to death as being adversity of the worst kind, but for Jesus, about to be nailed to a wooden cross and left to die what the executioners expected to be a slow and agonising death, the scourging by the Roman soldiers was the perfect thing because it so weakened him — surely as robust and healthy a soul as one would ever be likely to encounter — that it foreshortened his time on the cross by a great many hours. It is made clear in A Course in Miracles that pain does not exist in the presence of purity and innocence, making it evident that Jesus did not experience pain from either the scourging or the crucifixion, a blessing beyond human imagining. Nevertheless, the scourging would have brought a collapsing of the time required on the cross before he was ready to depart from his body; a highly desirable thing.

If/when we are prepared to accept that adversity is an illusion, then we can view it correctly as actually the perfect thing at the perfect moment. It then provides us with opportunity, the very raw material, the stuff, to demonstrate, to experience, our true, eternal, spiritual nature by transforming it into fulfilment. This is some ‘bountiful harvest’. Then, truly have we taken a major step toward being ‘like unto the Son of Man’ (Christ man — Homo Dei Spiritui — fulfilled man; man who has arrived at his spiritual destiny: Oneness with the Father Creator).




On another occasion, during Communion on Christmas Eve 1995, as I stood making the offering, suddenly I heard John’s voice behind my right shoulder. He was singing that soul-stirring hymn known as the Battle Hymn of the Republic, which starts ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…’ This startled me; it was not in the order of Service at all! As I realised what he was doing I also became aware that he was not the only one singing this hymn. In front of me unfolded a scene from the 19th century in the American west.

There was a group of about five or six US Cavalrymen at their frontier outpost. They were standing before the flagpole, performing a ceremony of raising or lowering the flag. They looked battle-weary; their dark-blue uniforms were dust covered and ragged. The impression I had was that they perceived themselves as the only ‘survivors’ of some recent encounter with the indigenous people, although clearly they had not survived bodily, but were unaware of this. The vibration indicated fear and uncertainty. The ranking officer was a sergeant. They also were singing this same hymn. John was in perfect time with them although they had absolutely no awareness of him and his singing.

Suddenly one of the men noticed me and fell back a pace or two, raising his arm in front of his face, partly as if to shield his vision from what he had seen, and partly pointing at me as, with a fear-filled, almost disbelieving voice he stuttered-out the words, L-l-look — an angel! I realised that from their perspective, I was certainly an ‘apparition’ from nowhere — a different time and place. Having no understanding of such ‘supernatural’ events, along with their seeing my etheric body rather than my physical, it would seem a reasonable conclusion for this hapless soldier to reach.

I immediately said to him and his colleagues, I am not an angel but I am a friend; an incarnate soul from another time and place. I have been brought to you to explain your situation and make you aware that help is at hand. You are what you would understand as ‘dead’ and have not realised it. You are stuck in the circumstances which you believe you are in, vainly awaiting help from your fellow soldiers back at base camp. I have here with me a friend who, like you, is in spirit. He has come to help you. His name is John and he also was a soldier in his earthly life. You cannot see him just now but if you are able to accept what I am saying you will become aware of his presence and then he will be able to help you and take you to a place where you will be at peace and can be restored to your loved ones.

At this, John stepped forward and I could tell they now were suddenly able to see him. He radiated peace, love and goodwill. This put these lost and frightened men at ease. John walked toward them, arms outstretched in amity and greeting, introducing himself, smiling in friendship and speaking words of encouragement.

They crowded round him, and stood listening to him for a few moments. Beckoning them to follow him, he turned around and walked back toward me, the men following a few paces behind him, with a look of hope and anticipation on their faces and the beginning of a renewed spring in their heels. As he got alongside me he held up his hand for a high-five and gave me a huge, theatrical wink, his eyes sparkling in love, joy and satisfaction at yet another co-operative rescue mission successfully completed. Glory be!

The amount of this type of rescue work that is continually taking place is mind boggling; assuredly the need for it is beyond the comprehension of most people in the Earth life, yet it is entirely and wonderfully in accord with the Master’s words to Olga Park in January 1965:

In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city

       after the fashion of the Heavenly,

Wherein the multitude of them that love me and keep my words

Minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men...

(see chapter 7) and is entirely in harmony with the loving, caring, compassionate Jesus of the Gospel accounts of his life on Earth.

Most people today are at the place of awareness which says ‘I feel bad/awful/terrible about all those being killed, brutalised, terrorised in wars, torture, natural disasters, famine, genocide etc., but what can I do?’ And there, sadly — and unnecessarily — it is so often left. It does not have to be that way. All of us are able to help, in some way, even if we are not aware that our help is being beneficially received. All it takes is a compassionate heart and a desire to help.

Desire is the beginning of all things and without it, nothing happens. If there is a single shred of compassion and desire to help those in distress — in the Earthly life or its etheric counterpart — a simple blessing, sincerely felt, from the heart and mind in unison, toward those in distress does, always, palpably help. There are, and can be, no exceptions to this. It is not necessary to see the help or be sensorily aware of the benefit provided. What makes the difference is faith — an absolute certainty beyond all doubt that the blessing, sincerely sent, does facilitate the help. The stronger the faith, the greater the help.

On one occasion during the early 1990s when John was in my thoughts, suddenly there he was, a few paces in front of me, radiating his joy out toward me and into the universe at large. As soon as I saw him I spontaneously said, God bless you. As the words were formed I saw a globule of what looked like golden syrup leave me and fly toward him. It was about the size of a gymnasium medicine ball, and moved through the air at about the same speed as if I had thrown such to him.

It caught him amidships and he staggered back under the weight and force of it, almost as if winded by its impact. I was taken completely by surprise at this, but it was a graphic demonstration to me of the actuality, the substantial, palpable nature of the blessing. I feel confident that its size and impact upon John did not hurt him; rather, my impression was that he responded as he did to demonstrate to me the very solid reality of blessing.

I had seen this golden syrup-like spirit substance before. I was walking our dog in the local, city greenspace, communing with the Creator and getting onto His wavelength of love, and there, in front of me appeared a wall of it about twenty feet/six metres high. It was moving slowly forward, like lava from a volcano, enveloping everything it encountered. As soon as it met resistance from anything or anyone unwilling to be enveloped, it stopped and waited until the resistance ceased, then it moved forward again. The vibration of this substance was — is — love; agapé, cosmic, eternal, unconditional, all-encompassing, Perfect Love.

I had, and still have, no doubt that this is the love of God, the Creator Spirit, which constantly, ceaselessly seeks all created beings, passionately longing to bring love, blessing and nurture; to embrace and enfold all within Itself. Yet, It will never force Itself upon those who are unwilling to receive It. Hence, It waits, endlessly, eternally, infinitely patient, until recalcitrance, fear, hate, guilt, judgement, antipathy — or whatever other ego-induced conditions are keeping the individual separate from his Creator — runs out of steam and subsides, leaving the soul who bore such misperceptions exhausted, bereft and unresisting.

Then It starts rolling forward again, enveloping and embracing, loving, restoring, uplifting, even when the recipient has no discernment of Its presence. It is this very Essence of Creation, the Stuff of Life, the Breath of God, which heals all: a broken bone, a broken heart, a dejected or fearful spirit. Acceptance of this unseen truth, and thanksgiving for it, hastens such repair work. This is why Jesus gave thanks for all the miraculous outcomes wrought through his presence and intercession.

So, when I said to John, God bless you, the globule of golden syrup that emanated from me and flew to him was the love of Papa within me, hastening to bestow Its blessing upon this, His beloved son, John.

The reasons it looks and behaves like golden syrup are: being spirit substance, it is translucent; the love of God is Golden, pure, refined, unsullied; it sticks to us and will never leave us if we are willing to receive it; it is adaptable, flexible, malleable, serviceable to all our moods and all our needs; it is solid enough to have substance, yet pliable enough to shape itself to every circumstance; it will envelop and embrace us but will never overwhelm us. Hence its waiting, with infinite patience, until we are ready to receive it, yet always there, available. It has two additional, distinguishing qualities of appearance that are not possessed of golden syrup: it is alive and it emits living light from within itself.

No wonder Jesus said Bless them that curse you (Mt. 5:44) and Paul writes to the Romans: Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not. (Rom. 12:14). Indeed, the scriptures are full of counsel to bless, at every opportunity. How greatly today’s world, at family, community, national and international levels, could tangibly benefit if only there was the faith and belief in the value and meaningfulness of such admonition.



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