7: Deepening understanding



 GrasmereAfter about eighteen months living in Wiltshire we moved to Gloucester and rented an office in a refurbished Victorian grain warehouse in the dockland area of the city. We bought a house nearby and our material lives continued to progress.

Whenever we moved house and selected a suitable place to set-up our sanctuary of prayer and communion I always had a niggling doubt about whether the Lord and all our other loved ones in the Heaven realms would (re)establish contact with us in the new geographical location. How unfounded was my doubt — every time.

Looking back now I realise of an axiomatic certainty that such contact is nothing whatsoever to do with geographical location. As if we could ever become ‘lost’ to the Beings of Light in the Heaven realms; like we are driving along in a car and they are following (or leading!) and we take a wrong turning and end up in some place where they cannot find us. Such contact and the ability to be in a state of awareness of it is directly proportional to the desire of the heart and soul for there to be that contact.

To the Lord and the heavenly hosts we are never lost, in any sense of the term. Assuredly, the contact is not even dependent upon the establishment of a physical sanctuary of prayer and communion, although there is no doubt that such a place, set aside from the hustle and bustle — and all too often, clamour — of horizontal, or outward, earthly, activities and distractions, is highly conducive to such awareness. When a place is reserved for prayer, spiritual attunement and contemplation, a refined, uplifting and spiritually empowered psychic energy is created, and builds there.

A place set aside for sacred purpose deters other, less refined energies from infiltrating and diluting or dampening-down those exalted vibrations. This can then be used by those in the Earth life who are of one heart and one mind with those vibrations, to establish a greater degree of attunement with souls of like desire in the Heaven realms, including, and especially, the Lord Jesus.


It is our heart, the ‘seat’ of the soul, which is the meeting place with the Creator Spirit, The Holy One, God


But in reality it is not the location, prayer table or physical structure that is the sanctuary of communion with the Lord specifically, or the Realms of Light in general. It is our heart, the ‘seat’ of the soul, which is the meeting place with the Creator Spirit, the Holy One, God, or whatever name we are comfortable with in our communing activity. It is the sincerity of our heart which determines the clarity of the lines of communication between us and our heavenly Father, the Source of All. The Bible makes this clear throughout. Sadly, this message is sparsely received in today’s world. Two thousand years ago Jesus spoke of the people of his time as a ‘faithless and perverse generation’, and in that, very little has outwardly changed, though we shall see, as we read on, that this is in the advanced stages of a complete transformation.

Meanwhile ego’s maxim is ‘seeing is believing’ or ‘I’m from Missouri, show me’. Yet, again, the Bible is full of calls for people first to believe and then they will see. Jesus illustrates this with his repeated statements to those healed from their various infirmities by his responding to their supplications, Your faith has made you whole (Mk. 10:52; Lk. 8:48). When we truly seek after God and earnestly desire the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, there is nothing ‘physical, tangible’ to cause us to have such a desire. It is an inward feeling, and feeling is of the soul, which in reality is our Higher Self, or Christ Mind.

To reach, establish communion with, this part of our Being requires faith, trust, belief in and commitment to things which are not of the physical structures of the earthly life. Our five bodily senses are devised solely for perceiving temporal, illusory constructs, and have no capacity for awareness of the things of Eternity. It therefore requires of us faith that such a state of Being exists as reality at a higher frequency, which becomes discernible to us when we choose to refine our attunement to awareness of that exalted, elevated wavelength.

By faith, trust, believing and earnestly desiring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we create a tiny, yet spiritually radiant and powerful microcosm of that reality — Heaven — here, in our earthly lives. The Kingdom of Heaven, whether on Earth or in the spirit realms, is not a structure; it is a state of awareness of a reality which becomes our reality when we make the conscious choice to live in harmony, at one, with the qualities that make the Kingdom of Heaven what it is: a way of living and being in which souls radiate who they really are, brothers in the Sonship of God. Beloved, now are we the sons of God… (1Jn. 3:2).

The Kingdom of Heaven has nothing whatsoever to do with the practise of a formalised religion in the structured, institutionalised way it has become implemented on Earth, with all its myriad rules and regulations, musts and must-nots. These are of the external world, and not according to the words recorded of Jesus of Nazareth, who counsels us to Love God and love your neighbour as yourself; on these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. In other words, forget all the rules and commandments (he had plenty to say to the Pharisees about all that, none of which was complimentary) and focus on Love. When we come from the place of unconditional, Perfect Love, all the characteristics which are kingdomly will fall into place naturally, because, like our Creator, in Whose likeness we are created, this is who we really are, and we won’t even have to think about any rules and regulations, morals, behaviour standards etc. The Kingdom of Heaven is within (Lk. 17:21).

We all have the seed germ of it within us. It is love, compassion, goodwill; doing unto others as we would have them do unto us; empathy, understanding, a recognition that we are all One in spirit; straightforwardness and transparency; accepting and honouring others and allowing them their differences rather than fearing and hating them (the differences, that is, for if we fear and hate the differences, we will soon come to fear and hate the people exhibiting/expressing those differences); forgiveness (much more on forgiveness and its true meaning later), justice, fairness, generosity of spirit; tolerance, understanding, a deep resonance with and for the brotherhood of man. You have the drift; you can add your own perceptions of the facets that contribute to kingdomliness. There is no limit, even as there are no limits with God.

We all exhibit some of these qualities some of the time. When we all exhibit all of them all of the time, we will have the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, fully and comprehensively. How do we move from some of the qualities some of the time to all of them all the time?


How do we truly seek and earnestly desire them?

One step at a time, depending on the underlying strength of our commitment and motivation to this state of desire. If our desire is submerged in fear and other cares of this world that distract us, and dilute our focus on kingdomliness, then our desire is weak, lukewarm; but the Spirit of Creation does not interfere with that because that is our free choice and we are imbued, within the essence of our Being, with the freewill to choose. Everything. I say God does not ‘interfere’, but although a magnet does not ‘interfere’ with iron filings, it does exert a drawing power, by the very fact of its essential, magnetic nature.

In like manner, the Creator Spirit is inexorably drawing us back to fullness of awareness of, and oneness in, Him, and the end result is as inevitable as iron filings being irresistibly drawn back to the magnet. Ego may describe that as interference, but objectively, it is God simply being God, just as the magnet is simply being a magnet. Would we want our heavenly Father to be lukewarm in His love for us?

We will not be punished by an angry, wrathful, vengeful God for choosing freely, any more than a loving parent will angrily, wrathfully, vengefully punish a child for making a choice that is other than the parent’s choice. And we are the children, the offspring, the creation of the Creator Spirit. There are consequences to our decisions; good consequences when we choose that which is beneficial to all; less desirable consequences when our choices are to the detriment of another person or aspect of creation, but there are no punishments, judgements or condemnations from a vexed or capricious god.

These are perceptions of people from an earlier phase in the continually evolving, unfolding, progressing Great Rescue Programme, or GRP, for humanity from its illusion of separation from God (more on the GRP later). That programme, or process, has gone forward from there, and new revelations and understandings are now growing, unfolding in the spiritual awareness of humanity about the Creator and our relationship to Him. The perceptions of former times may have been serviceable to the people of those times, but it is not serviceable to mankind today to remain fixed in past perceptions, in an unfolding process that is going irresistibly forward.

As we begin to remember who and what we really are (the offspring, or creation, of the Creator), so do we begin to choose the things of which the Kingdom of Heaven is created, to be our raison d’etre, our motivating purpose in life. As we begin to experience the palpable benefit of this choosing, in terms of fear fading and inner peace growing in us, so does such become a commitment, a driving force for us, just as it was with Jesus. Why else would he have deliberately planned to have himself so brutally executed if it was not because of his unconditional love for us all and his commitment to his great desire for us all: our awakening to the fullness of remembrance of our oneness in the Sonship of God, and that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us?

The Kingdom of Heaven (on Earth or in Heaven) is not a state of solemnity, of outward piety and religious display; neither is it the holding of judgemental attitudes toward ourselves and our fellows. Rather, it is a state of joyful remembrance and awareness by each of us, that ‘I and my Father are One’; that we are all indivisibly connected to, one within, the Spirit of Creation, the very life force which keeps us upright, functioning and alive. The joyfulness which comes from that awareness is not something we can adopt at will, as if selecting an item of apparel from a shop.

It is an inward state of Being, our awareness of which grows in us as we remember, one step at a time, our true, eternal nature, heritage and destiny. Who, indeed, could not be joyful as the impact of such remembering comes filtering through the illusory conditioning we have all adopted over the years — and indeed, the lifetimes — and gradually transforms those illusory perceptions into the true Light of the New Dawn for mankind; the Kingdom Age? As this new awareness, remembrance of who we really are, grows within us and we become more loving, understanding and forgiving, so, conversely, do we gradually leave behind our burdens of guilt, fear and Earth-mind contrariness, which is the split-off, ego-dominated, judgemental, upside-down, wrong-thinking part of our mind.




In 1981 Theresa and I took the children to Vancouver for a visit. It was eleven years since we had left there, and I was curious to know how our feelings about the place would be, returning after settling back into life in England. I was also very eager to see Olga again; she who had been my spiritual mentor and ‘got me hooked-up with Jesus’.

It was a pleasant experience being back in our old stamping ground again. My memories of the almost-seven-years spent there in the 1960s were fond, and had been crucial in terms of the spiritual journey upon which, unknowingly at the time, I was then embarking.

It was a great joy to see Olga again, but of course, eleven years had elapsed, and inevitably, as we grow, the distance between us also grows, (except with a Life-Partner, with whom one becomes ‘as one flesh’). It is like trees in the nursery; as they grow, so they need spacing out, otherwise they crowd each other and hamper each other’s growth and the natural habit of that growth potential. I had moved on; wife, family, my own path of development to unfold and fulfil.

The five or so years of intensive mentoring by her for re-awakening in me my soul’s desire for Kingdom awareness and ‘citizenship’ and getting me hooked-up with Jesus, who would unfailingly lead me back to that state of remembrance, if I was willing to follow, had been the most wonderful, precious, invaluable time. Truly, she was my Godmother in a very real and meaningful way.

Olga was now ninety years old and getting frail, although still very much in possession of all her ‘marbles’! We had many belly laughs reminiscing about our former time together and she was wonderful with the girls, aged nine and ten. They held her somewhat in awe because I had spoken of her so often. The Rector had engineered an arrangement whereby Olga’s grandson’s best friend, Steve, now in his late twenties and qualified in home care for the elderly and infirm, had also become ‘hooked’ on the words of enlightenment and wisdom she imparted, and he had moved in to look after her. Steve and I had some interesting chats and got to know each other, a wonderful portent of things to come a few years later.




When I was back on the West Coast again on business in June 1985 I flew up to Vancouver from California for a long-weekend visit. Of course I went to see Olga — now ninety-four — and with Steve and our friend Pauline, we had Communion together. It was the most wonderful, palpably spiritually uplifting experience. There was Joy of Heaven to Earth come down.

In December 1985 Olga laid aside her body and in the summer of the following year, Steve came to England for a holiday and stayed with us. We showed him round the beautiful Cotswolds, a timeless, Old-World part of England that visitors from the New World find breathtakingly enchanting, and not without reason. Steve fell in love with England and at the end of his visit he went back to Vancouver, saved up, packed up and moved here.

Steve is very psychic, and his joining Theresa and me for our Communion hour really added power into the experience. He would have awareness of the people — the Master Jesus, the Teacher, the Rector and others in the spirit-world who participated with us, communed with us — describe what he was seeing/hearing/experiencing, and this would help us to pick up the vibes and get attuned to the events. At other times Theresa or I would have an initial awareness, share it with the other two and thus would the three of us ‘power-in’ on whatever was the ‘happening’ of the moment. This gave an exponentially greater focus on the process and was much more fulfilling and beneficial for all involved. In not many weeks we were all three operating at a level of dynamic, spiritual at-one-ment we had hardly experienced before.

During one period over a number of weeks I began seeing and feeling a gossamer film, or membrane, rather like a vast sheet of living-light silk, stretching away horizontally in all directions until out of sight. It was floating down from above our heads and over our bodies, as if we were passing through it. The first time I saw/felt it, it went to about our shoulders. Each week it came again and moved from above our heads down, reaching further each time. After several weeks it went down until it was beneath our feet. Although it appeared to be doing the moving — from above down — it felt as if we were passing through it. I realised this was us actually experiencing ‘entering into’ the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of refined, purified vibrations, for those who ‘espouse good and eschew evil’. Revelation 21:27 says it this way: And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie… What we were experiencing was how this works. That which, at the molecular level, is ‘refined’ can pass through a semi-permeable membrane, and this gossamer film was a semi-permeable membrane of spirit matter, through which those of one-pointed, committed desire for the Kingdom could pass, but through which souls of unrefined or unpurified desire cannot pass. Not because God is a judgemental, wrathful, condemnatory, partial god, which religious traditions and literal-minded interpretations of scripture would have us believe, but because it is cosmic law.

This is described in Jesus’ parable of the marriage of the King’s son, Matthew 22:11, as a guest at the marriage being found without a wedding garment and not being permitted entry (in those times this was a white, unspotted — clean — garment provided by the host for guests). It is also described a number of times in Revelation as being clothed in white raiment, garment, linen or clothing, symbolising purity of soul, undefiled by ‘unkingdomly’ qualities or desires.

Creation works according to laws governing every aspect of its being —the Principles of Life of the Father, or PLFs. Creation is omni-dimensional and can be so because of the cosmic laws that enable it to function as the precision instrument that it is in all its omni-dimensionality, most of which is at a frequency that we, functioning and conscious only through our limited, three-dimensional bodily senses, have no awareness. A precision instrument can only function as such by operating according to precise laws, or regulating procedures or principles.

So, that which is/those who are, spiritually unrefined — which defileth, worketh abomination or maketh a lie — cannot enter the Kingdom reality, not because God is playing favourites but because such are unable to pass through the semi-permeable membrane. Put another way, such cannot enter the Kingdom because they simply have no awareness of its existence or its presence, its close, ever-present proximity to wherever they are.

This is because they have chosen to focus their consciousness on another frequency, and if a radio is attuned to one frequency, it does not have focus on another frequency. That does not mean the other frequency does not exist. It simply means that to the perception of such a soul it does not exist. In one sense, they are ‘a long way from the Kingdom’ or ‘afar off’, but in another equally true sense, none of us is ever far from the Kingdom or from the King because God is never far from us. Indeed, it is impossible for Him so to be because the very life and substance of and in which we have our being is God. Nothing is not God and how could it be otherwise? As Paul puts it, …he is not far from every one of us: For in him we live, and move, and have our being… (Acts 17:27-28).




As the higher-powered psycho-spiritual energies that were created by the three of us participating together in the Communion devotions began to bring us to a higher place of awareness of the events taking place in our midst, and of which we were an integral part, we began to realise that we were entering a new phase of activity. This we came to describe as the Rescue work. It was the beginning of a prolonged phase of activity which was the answer to the desire that had been awakened in me by my encounter with Hugh Dowding, and his book Lychgate, in 1967.


Light generation by elevated desire-thought, is cosmic law.  It is generated by love, compassion, goodwill; all the qualities that characterise the attributes of the Kingdom of Heaven.


As had been the case with Bobby Kennedy in 1968, the energy generated by the desire-thought expressed in the words of the Communion Service manifests itself in the spirit world as Light.  This Light is not photons but is the very Light of Life; there is but one Life and that is the Life of the Creator, and to which Jesus referred when he told us that we are the Light of the world (Mt. 5:14). It was this that had attracted Bobby to us back then. This process of Light generation by elevated desire-thought is cosmic law; it is nothing to do with religious piety. It is generated by love, compassion, goodwill, an attitude of caring and giving toward our fellows; all the qualities that are kingdomly, or characterise the attributes of the Kingdom of Heaven and Its King.

Such qualities stem from an awareness that whatever appears to our bodily senses to be the state of spirituality of our brethren, we are, in the truth of Eternity, all one, the pure, innocent Christ; the Son of God. All appearances to the contrary are limited, ego-mind misperceptions. The form of words of the Communion service, selected mostly from Old and New Testaments, along with hymns, consecration, partaking and offering of unleavened bread and unfermented grape juice — as symbols of the Word of Living Truth and the Love of Heaven as demonstrated by and manifested in Jesus of Nazareth — are all, as an ordered, structured sequence, a mechanism for attuning our mind to the great desire-thought of Jesus for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

When our mind is attuned, operating as one, in harmonised manner, with the Christ Mind — as revealed in Jesus — all with the single purpose of truly seeking after God and earnestly desiring the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth, and expressing this desire sincerely through a form of words, hymns and symbolic gestures, we become a great and powerful dynamo, generating spiritualised creative psychic power (psyche is the Greek word for soul) which is visible to those in the spirit realms as Living Light. Further, when we do this in unison with another who is of like mind and desire, here in the earthly life, the power generated is greater than the sum of the parts; and when we do this with two others, a triangular spiritualised psychic power-generating unit is created that produces exponentially greater spiritualised psychic power than the sum of the parts.

It is worth being aware that at the present state of spiritual wakefulness of most souls in the Earth life, the greater the number of individuals who participate together in such a ritual attunement activity, the greater the chance of such soul emanations being in harmony decreases. This is because so few of us are actually, truly, comprehensively of one mind and one heart. Even those of us who truly seek and earnestly desire the Kingdom on Earth are, inevitably, going to have our own individual quirks and foibles at the ego end of our character spectrum, which will create small irregularities in the wavelength, that can distort the receiving and harmonising mechanisms of the ritual attunement (at-one-ment) process. This is why there are, and will always be, schisms in institutionalised religious structures: there are too many ego-distorted perceptions getting in the way of clear understanding of the Principles of Life of the Father. Ego is the separation consciousness and is always working to divide, or separate.




On an occasion in July 1995, when walking the dogs in the hills, with woodland and fields around me, I suddenly saw the Life Force coursing through every tree, leaf, blade of grass, wheat plant in the adjacent field, even the very soil in which all was growing. Everything that is, including the dogs and me, was this Force and It was all One, all connected to Itself as One, all connected to, receiving its livingness from, having its beingness in the Source of All; a Cosmic Umbilicus. Ever since then I have known of and from the certainty that the soul can have only when it has experienced such, that that is the reality: we are all One with, or in, the Creator, the Source of Life.

This reality is not dependent for its existence upon beliefs, or doctrines or dogmas or rituals. What, however, will be highly serviceable to experiencing that reality, for the purpose of spiritual growth and awakening, is to harmonise our mind and desire/get attuned with the ‘Good Husbandman’ (I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Jn. 15:1). This aligns us with the Mind of God, by the agency of the Holy Spirit and/or Jesus, and illumination can and will be given, in response to our sincerity, desire and commitment. That illumination becomes a living experience and then we truly know the truth, and cannot be diverted from our Path back to God by someone else telling us their truth, because this has come from the Source, through our own within.

If we resonate with someone else’s observations, that can lead to such an experience, but to accept another’s statements because they say it is true, as a dogma, even though one may not feel it is so, will lead to a fading of our innate faculty for receiving direct spiritual inspiration and illumination. Such religious processes then simply become an activity of the intellect, which is ego-mind. This was the yoke to which the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees had become attached by the time Jesus came upon the scene. It is now the condition in which most of the institutionalised church finds itself today.

Institutionalised religion tells us that we must all believe somebody else’s perceptions — or lots of other people’s (Abraham, Moses, Paul, the Pope etc) in the so-called* Christian religion — and those perceptions differ in some key respects from the Eternal Truth to which Jesus came to restore us. Our perceptions are, actually, changing at every moment, but the perceptions of the individuals upon whose life or lives an institutionalised religion is based do not change (according to that religion’s perceptions of them) because those perceptions are written down in a holy book and the religion accepts such writings as truth for all time.

It is inevitable that the perceptions and understanding of the living Moses, David and Paul (to name but a few) will have changed since their writings and/or experiences in the long ago — which have been adopted by religionists as unchangeable truth — because at the time of their writing their perceptions were incomplete. The vision of Jesus was not incomplete for those times or for ours because he was fully God-realised, living in and functioning, operating from the eternal awareness, right here in his earthly life. He did not come to start an institutionalised religion and he said so many times and in many ways; for example: 

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. (Mt. 6:6.)

Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (Jn. 4:21,23,24).

It is therefore highly serviceable for the ritual of spiritual attunement with Jesus and his great desire for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth to be solitary or near solitary, with preferably two people who are closely attuned to each other, such as man and wife in a strong, spiritually-founded and compatible relationship. The fact that Theresa and I were able to establish such a powerhouse of psycho-spiritual energy for accomplishing so much rescue activity in close harmony with Steve showed exceptional singularity of commitment to the Communion objectives by all three participants. Without that, accomplishments would have been proportionally, or commensurately, fewer.

It can be tempting to think that if two or three can generate much more spirit-power than one, why not get four or five, or twenty, or five hundred together? Jesus knew the importance of this when he said, For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Mt. 18:20.) Two or three are about as many as, at this stage in the spiritual awakening of mankind, can truly enter into the closet (the within) together in spiritual harmony at the soul-awareness level and perform a ritual of spiritual attunement that is truly of one mind and one desire.

Only when operating in this manner as a harmonised unit can spiritual creative power be generated for accomplishing miraculous, magnificent outcomes to the furtherance of Jesus’ Great Rescue Programme for mankind. It takes much commitment and practise for a solitary communicant to achieve this unity, or attunement, or at-one-ment, of mind with the Christ — or Holy Spirit — Mind, and a very high degree of commitment for two or three to achieve it together. It is not in accord with the agenda of the institutionalised church to perceive the words of Jesus as implying a maximum number of people, but that is clearly his intent according to the realities of spiritual, cosmic law.


If our heart’s desire is ‘to minister to the sick and fainting spirits of men’, then the power we generate will be used for that purpose.


The nature of our desire determines the use to which this desire-generated power is put. If our heart’s desire is ‘to minister to the sick and fainting spirits of men’, (it makes no difference whether such be incarnate or discarnate) then the power we generate will be used for that purpose. It is an automatic process, created by God and put into operation by the Holy Spirit. It works in exactly the way as described in Isaiah 55:11: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

So, imagine the power for good when not only three like-minded souls in the Earth life join in this activity, but do it in unison with Jesus of Nazareth and all the vast multitude of souls in the Heaven realms who have joined/espoused their lives to his (the ‘bride of Christ’, see Rev. chs. 18, 21 & 22) and are all operating in a state of at-one-ment with him. Then, one is really cooking on gas! And this is what actually happens and is the purpose for which the Teacher — whom Olga learned, toward the end of her incarnation, was/is one and the same man as John, the seer of Patmos, ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’, the author of the Fourth Gospel, the author of the book of Revelation, the disciple who outran Peter to Jesus’ tomb — put together the tapestry of fragments that is the Service of Mystical Communion with Christ as an instrument of attunement with the living Jesus on the Christ-desire wavelength.

It has been my observation over the decades since I first committed my life into the care, guidance and protection of Jesus, back in the early 1960s, that the so-called Christian church of Earth-life, in all its schismatic manifestations, is not consciously, actively definitive in its ‘mission statement’ that it is earnestly desirous of, and committedly working for, in espoused relationship with the living Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and in ‘communion with the saints’, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In fact, during my time as an active member of the Anglican Church, other than rote recital of the Lord’s Prayer, I never heard anyone in or connected to the church make any reference whatsoever to, or activate discussion about, the pivotal desire of Jesus, and therefore the pivotal importance to those who profess to be his followers (in these times), for the Kingdom of Heaven, let alone the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

It seems fairly obvious that the Kingdom of Heaven already is fully established and operational in Heaven; after all, two thousand years ago Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for us so that he could come back to receive us into that place. Any follower of Jesus who feels that Jesus, who is recorded as stating All power is given unto me in Heaven and in Earth (Mt. 28:18), would not yet have accomplished that objective (the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven) by now is surely not a serious follower of or believer in the power and authority of Jesus, who states Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven (Mt. 6:10) and this therefore is clearly his great desire.

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is actually only a staging post, or stepping stone, because we cannot return to our true Home in Heaven, or Eternity, permanently, until our apparently separated, individual, split-off-from-Truth minds have been fully restored to the unified state of Christ-Mindedness. That is what we are here on Earth to do. It has to be done here in time and place, so that we can be released from belief in separation from God and the oneness that is the Sonship, and leave illusion behind, to return to our true Home in the reality of Eternity. That is why we have to keep coming back here, because we have not yet achieved that state of fully awakened, re-unified Christ-Mindedness. When we have achieved that state, our true state of remembrance, we will be able to leave the illusory universe of time and place behind.

Without the help of Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit we may never be able to get there. With Their help we can save an indeterminate number of incarnations, but we can only ascend into the eternal reality of Heaven when we have returned to full remembrance, while we are here, in ‘egoland’, because it is only here that relationships between/within the Sonship appear to be broken. So it is to ‘here’ that we must keep returning, incarnation after incarnation, until we remember why we are here, and work to restore the broken relationships to wholeness.

Wholeness is oneness, not of body — because bodies are not what we are in eternal reality — but of Mind; Christ Mind. That is our spiritual birthright, heritage and destiny. With Their help we can get there immeasurably quicker. According to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) the healing process is possible only by a mechanism that Jesus calls ‘true forgiveness’, which is described in this writing at the end of chapter 11.

Just as with the prodigal son, who, only when he had ‘come to himself’ (awakened to the remembrance of who he really was), was ready (able) to return to his father’s house, so is it with us. When we have ‘come to our Self’, and only then, will we be ready to leave behind us this ‘far country’ and return Home forever. That is why we should pray, attune our lives with and work for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth  — so that we can, having arrived at that place, leave the Earth and all the apparently physical universe behind us and return to the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. Since this process has already been completed by he who incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, he is eminently qualified to help us, his brethren in the Sonship of the Father, to return to that Place.

Of course the ego does not want this to happen, so tries to persuade us that Jesus is not going to help us; he has gone away. Ego, through its construct, the institutionalised church, which has so misrepresented the real Jesus, has persuaded most of us that Jesus, as he is perceived through the false image made of him by Laodicean, ego-religion, is too confusing to follow, other than round and round in ever-decreasing circles.

The real Jesus is so different from the false image of him known around the world that if people actually knew him they would follow him joyously, without a moment’s hesitation. He is to be found in the within of each and every one of us. When we start to truly seek after God and earnestly desire the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Jesus, who stands at the door of our inner life and knocks, will be heard by us. And if we open our door and invite him in, he will enter and will fellowship with us, bringing joy, peace and love far beyond all the treasures of Earth. He will also bring spiritual enlightenment of which the world has no awareness. This will lead to our awakening and our readiness to ascend to the eternity of Heaven as one with him and all our brethren in the Sonship.

The Mystical Communion with Christ, in which Olga was instructed during out of body visits to the Realms of Light, is an attunement mechanism by which contact with the life and fully enlightened Christ-Mind of Jesus becomes meaningfully possible.

In Luke 12:49 he says, I am come to kindle fire on the Earth; and how I wish it were already kindled. That, assuredly, states how great is his desire for the Kingdom on Earth. Logic clearly indicates that it is the ‘on Earth’ part of the Lord’s Prayer that is the crucial part of the statement, since one can construe that our heavenly Father’s will is already (being) done in Heaven, because Jesus says as much in the same sentence. If the words ‘on Earth’ were not the crucial part of his great desire, why would he have gone to the trouble of incarnating and deliberately submitting himself to the brutal torture and execution as described in the Gospel accounts? He could have simply saved himself the trouble and waited in Heaven until each soul departed the Earth life and greeted and escorted them to the heavenly Kingdom.

But it is here, in the illusory world, and its etheric counterpart, that we appear to be stuck, and it is here that we need his help. So he had to come here and establish that link with us in the illusion that is this world, so that he could work with us while we seem to be here, to awaken us from the belief that we are here in time and place. This is because, until we have awakened from this dream world, we will keep alternating between Earth and its etheric counterpart — which is not the eternity of Heaven but simply the other side of the same, illusory, coin. So, however much we may have fellowship with Jesus, here in the Earth or its etheric counterpart, waking fully from the dream that we are here entails restoring the Sonship to oneness, with our full participation in that process, by the act, or practise, of true forgiveness.

It may seem that this issue is heavily laboured here, but this is because it is central to the life and purpose of Jesus, and therefore it is serviceable to us, his brethren, in these, as in all, times to be consciously focused on this matter. I do not see this as being the case in the leadership of the institutionalised church in the Earth or in its congregants in these crucial times of the outworking of the Great Rescue Programme. It may serve such better to be more mindful of Jesus’ words in Luke’s Gospel:

Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them. And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants. (Lk. 12:37, 38).

It seems apparent that we are, in these times, entering the ‘third watch’. More on the matter of ‘three’ and ‘third’ later, when Jesus’ parable of the three measures of meal is extensively discussed.


In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city after the fashion of the Heavenly


In January 1965 the Master gave the following message to Olga:

In the midst of the Earth ariseth my city

       after the fashion of the Heavenly,

Wherein the multitude of them that love me and keep my words

Minister unceasingly to the sick and fainting spirits of men.

The call goeth out continually, Come, O come ye to the waters

Everyone that thirsteth.  Buy milk and wine without money and without price,

And nourish your souls, and rejoice in health and joy;

For it is my Father’s good pleasure to bestow upon you

       the freedom of the city.

Here is freedom from sickness: whosoever will, let him be free.

Here are riches of wisdom and power: whosoever will, let him be rich.

Here is knowledge: whosoever will, let him know the secrets of God

       and the power and perfection of His laws.

Here is fulfilment: whosoever will, let him enlarge his capacity

       and his influence.

Here is Peace: whosoever will, let him meditate therein.


Grace be with you.

How poetically and perfectly this message describes the purpose of Jesus and of all who espouse themselves to him and his great desire.



There is no demarcation between our own life and the Universal Life Force. 


Here, then, were three souls of like mind, true and earnest in their desire for the Kingdom. How would we be serviceable to this desire? Remember, at the Earth-mind conscious level of awareness, none of us knew the plan, the programme, the power for good into which we were tapping and which is, in reality, within us, just as the Life Force, the Creator Spirit is within us all because it is one and the same force as — and indivisible from — our own life.

There is no demarcation between our own life and the Universal Life Force. Like most of us in the Earth life, this truth was rather fuzzy in our minds. But we had desired to get on the path to remembering clearly who we are, and had chosen to follow him who had remembered who he is and was manifesting that Beingness: Jesus of Nazareth, the Anointed Messenger of the Holy One. So, anything was possible! As Jesus puts it, With men this is impossible; but (in our oneness) with God all things are possible (Mt. 19:26) and If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth (Mk. 9:23).

The students were ready and The Teacher had come; we were not alone, not without help and guidance. These words of the Master were given to Olga Park for the encouragement of all who, of sincere heart and seeking mind, earnestly desire to know, or remember, Spiritual Truth:

Do not fear to tread the path I have marked out for you. Do you think it was only to men of old that I have shown myself? Have I not said that if any man open to me I will come in and sup with him, and he with me?

For I seek such and knock upon the doors of their hearts that they may open and receive me and know of a surety that I live. Blessed is he that hears my knocking; thrice blessed is he that opens to me.

I am the guide of many. Let no man confuse you saying, He is high and lifted up and cannot manifest to the children of men.  

 For though I speak through the mouth of an angel, and though I write through the hand of a messenger, it is I; for I also am of your brethren of Earth, and it is the will of the Father that all shall know me, from the least unto the greatest.

Come unto me, all you Little Ones, and you that labour, and I will refresh you with the joy of Heaven which I had with the Father before the time in which I dwelt with men.

Do not be discouraged that the revelation is imperfect in the beginning. Great things shall you do if your faith in me holds fast. These things have I spoken that you may know of a surety that I am the Messenger of the Holy One.

Peace be with you!

On the path of progress back to whence we have all come — eternal joy, in oneness with the Father Creator — we are led, taught, reminded, shown the Way by example and by experiencing; not by being told, as in a schoolroom. The Master has said to me many times over the decades that the path along which he has been leading me has been agreed ‘aforetime’, which is his way of explaining that before we incarnate, the purpose of our incarnating is agreed/decided by us; and for those who have chosen a high calling — such as in the service of others and for the greater good of mankind — that deciding will always have been in close consultation with those who will be our spiritual guide(s) during our earthly sojourn.

If we choose a path of Earth-life service or commitment that is at one with the great desire-thought of Jesus, then it is logical that it is likely to be Jesus — or at least, one (or more) from the Realms of Light acting under his authority, and the wisdom and spiritual empowerment that imparts — with whom we will desire to consult and agree aforetime as to what our particular mission will be and how it will unfold as our Earth life progresses.

The choice is always and entirely ours; no-one else ever decides for us. That is cosmic law. We have free will, always. There are no press-gangs in Heaven! Each step we take is of our own choosing and the overall direction of our life journey is influenced, nay, determined, by the desire of our heart, which is the seat of our soul in the Earth life. This remains with us throughout each incarnation, albeit most often as a ‘seed memory’, subliminal to our Earth-conscious recollection, but always there at the soul level of awareness. Our higher-Mind, or ‘Big Self’, will call into our Earth-life presence circumstances or opportunities for this aforetime-choosing to be brought back to the surface of our remembering so that we can then make free-will choices to travel in that direction.

This, by way of example, is what happened to me with the circumstances that brought me into contact with Olga’s book and also with Hugh Dowding’s book. This isn’t to suggest that a book will always be such a device for reminding us of our chosen path of experience, but it does suggest that a book — a recounting of someone else’s experiences — can be highly serviceable to such a process. If one strongly resonates with such recorded events it is very likely that one will desire to proceed in like manner. That is because the seed memory of one’s pre-incarnation choice has been triggered, ‘germinated’, by the process, and begins to grow in the Earth-life part of our being.

*’So-called’ because the church as it is and as it has been structured for many centuries, is in so many respects, not acting according to the life-example and teaching of the One they claim to be following. If they were, the pews would be full and the Kingdom would be here, fully manifested in our midst, in all its love, joy and glory.

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